Mr. Thomas is America's most widely syndicated op-ed columnist. He is a commentator/analyst for the Fox News Channel and appears weekly as a panelist on "Fox News Watch," and an author of 10 books, including "Blinded by Might: Why the Religious Right Can't Save America" (HarperCollins/Zondervan). His latest is, "The Wit and Wisdom of Cal Thomas." Contact him at [email protected].
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  • How Do You Spell F-R-A-U-D?

    Fraud: “deceit, trickery … or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage.” The HBO movie “Recount” tells the story from the Democratic Party point of view that the 2000 presidential election was improperly | Read More »

  • Obama: See No Evil

  • God Bless Ted Kennedy

    These days, people on “one side” of the political spectrum are not supposed to cooperate, much less have a personal relationship with anyone on the “other side.” Siding with “the enemy” can get you branded a compromiser, a sellout, or | Read More »

  • GOP: Get Back

    “Get back, get back. Get back to where you once belonged.” — The BeatlesThe Republican Party is in distress. Doomsayers are everywhere. Republican National Committee Chairman Robert M. Duncan complains that conservative, pro-life, pro-gun Democrats won three special elections by | Read More »

  • McCain Joins Global Warming Cult

    In an effort to win over those “moderates” who believe that global warming is about to destroy the planet, Republican presidential candidate John McCain spoke Monday at a Portland, Ore., training facility for Vestas Wind Technology. He claimed, “The facts | Read More »

  • In Defense of ‘Big Oil’

  • Who’s Influential?

  • As Maine Goes…

    AUGUSTA, Maine — It is only partially true that in presidential elections “as Maine goes, so goes the nation.” The term emerged in the 19th century because at the time Maine held its elections for statewide and congressional offices in | Read More »

  • Obama the Inexperienced

    While the Rev. Jeremiah Wright continues to play out in sound bites on cable TV and talk radio, it isn’t Wright who might be president. It is Barack Obama who wants that job. Rev. Wright is consistent in his preaching | Read More »

  • H.O.P.E.F.U.L.

  • A Matter of Life and Death

    The Supreme Court has ruled 7-2 that the death penalty by lethal injection in Kentucky, which uses a cocktail of three drugs, is not a violation of the Constitution’s prohibition against “cruel and unusual punishment.” Other states, which had placed | Read More »

  • All Aboard the God-Talk Express

    Beware when politicians talk about “compassion,” especially when they hold a “Compassion Forum” to do it, which is what they did at the appropriately named Messiah College near Harrisburg, Pa. Politicians identify with the messianic because they think they are | Read More »

  • Obama’s Audacity

    We’ve heard about Barack Obama’s hope from his bestselling book “The Audacity of Hope.” Now we are getting a glimpse of his audacity. As the Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody first reported on Friday, Obama has decided to go after | Read More »

  • Civil Tongues

    In Abraham Lincoln’s first Inaugural Address, the 16th president appealed to the “better angels of our nature.” In a recent speech in Prescott, Ariz., where Barry Goldwater launched his 1964 presidential campaign, Sen. John McCain made a similar appeal for | Read More »

  • King’s Imprint

    Certain events imprint the mind with images time cannot erase. People of one generation recall where they were when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. People of another remember where they were when John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Then there was | Read More »

  • Conversion: A One-Way Street?

    Pope Benedict XVI last week baptized a man into the Catholic Church. The man, Magdi Allam, had converted from another faith. There is nothing unusual about that. People convert from non-faith to faith, or from one religion to another, or | Read More »

  • 4,000 Patriots

    BOSTON — Following Sept. 11, 2001, a day of infamy on which nearly 3,000 died at the hands of terrorists, The New York Times began publishing the names and pictures of the dead. I made a deliberate effort to look | Read More »

  • Typical

    I am a typical white person, as Barack Obama might say, and did say, about his white grandmother. Like Rev. Jesse Jackson, I, too, have crossed the street to avoid a group of young black men who have a certain | Read More »

  • Spending as if There Were No Tomorrow

    We’ve all seen or heard about them. Perhaps they are friends or family members who have demonstrated financial irresponsibility: a college student who has a budget and quickly exceeds it on wild partying; a cousin or best friend who asks | Read More »

  • Barack and the Bigot

    In his several explanations and denunciations of his longtime pastor, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama asks us to believe that he never heard any of the sermons in which Rev. Jeremiah Wright denounced and asked God to damn America. Neither | Read More »