Bruce N. Eimer, Ph.D. is a practicing Licensed Psychologist (PA & NJ) and a Pennsylvania State Police Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor and NRA Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor who advocates for responsible gun owNership and through gun education. He is the founder and President of Personal Defense Solutions, LLC, a professional firearms training company in the Philadelphia area. Their website is: Dr. Eimer also qualifies retired police officers to carry concealed firearms under HR 218 which is the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA). More information on this can be found at: Dr. Eimer writes a blog at
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  • The so-called Florida gun permit 'loophole'

    The so-called Florida gun permit ‘loophole’

    However, many politicians of the Democratic party persuasion have co-created and jumped onto a political soap box which they call “reasonable gun control legislation.” What makes this platform a soap box is that it based on faulty premises, built on emotional appeals as opposed to logical reasoning, and held together by falsehoods and lies.

  • Appropriate Restraint

    The basic right to carry a concealed deadly weapon such as a firearm for personal defense comes with a moral imperative and legal obligation to walk the moral high ground. Unfortunately, the road is not always well paved, and there are stretches where there is no road. So, how do we who go armed stay on the right path?

  • Home Defense 101: Sentinel or Sitting Duck?

    Whatever your state’s laws are with regard to "Castle Doctrine", the fact remains that your home is your castle. That means that, irregardless of your socio-economic status and where you live, you have a basic right to live in a safe and secure home.

  • What’s Your Stance?

    Your stance is your shooting platform for launching your bullets.

  • Choosing the Right Handgun

    Choices vary with individuals’ tastes, hand sizes and specific requirements or preferences. However, when beginners are given the chance to shoot different pistols, several keep coming up as top choices for individual purchase and ownership.

  • Big City Gun Crime, Gun Control

    There is little question that violent gun crime is a big problem in big cities. While myriad theories are offered about its causes and possible solutions, the reality is that law abiding private citizens living in crime ridden inner cities | Read More »

  • The Ultimate Pocket Holster

    A Review of Kramer Handgun Leathers Pocket Gun Holsters.

  • Carrying A Gun Responsibly Isn’t Simple

    You hear many clichés in the gun community. For example: An armed society is a polite society; Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six; A gun should be comforting not comfortable; Don’t draw your gun unless you | Read More »

  • Review of the North American Arms Guardian .380

    A stock factory and a factory customized NAA Guardian .380 semi-automatic pistol. The factory gun is seen in an Alessi sharkskin leather pocket holster. Guns & Patriots Photo by Bruce N. Eimer Small handguns work for me. I shoot them | Read More »

  • Self-Defense Against a Violent Flash Mob

    Wyatt Earp disbursed many a lynch mob with his resolute demeanor standing behind his Colt .45 six shooters or a shotgun. Was his threat overkill? I don’t think so! It worked and usually, not a shot was fired. Check that | Read More »

  • Review of the Kel-Tec P-11: A Pocketful of 9mm

    Have you been looking for a powerful and reliable, very affordable, high capacity defensive pocket pistol–one that you can not only carry in your pocket, but also clip inside your waist band? In this installment, we take a look at | Read More »

  • Living With Mouse Guns

    The author firing a Kahr PM380 I can carry any gun I want to carry. However, most times, I carry a small caliber gun, what some call a “mouse gun”, in my pocket. How is that? Stowe and go Small | Read More »

  • Kel-Tec produces compact, light weapons

      Small, thin, light weight pistols are in. That is because carrying them hidden is more comfortable and easy than carrying thick heavy ones. However, conventional wisdom used to say that such pistols would kick too much and be too | Read More »

  • Pocket Carry of Small Caliber Concealed Handguns

    Best of the breed small caliber handguns. Starting from 12 o’clock and moving clockwise are pictured the Beretta .32 wide body Tomcat, Smith and Wesson Model 317 .22 LR 8-shot revolver, Smith and Wesson Model 351PD .22 Magnum 7-shot revolver, | Read More »

  • A Perfect Concealed Carry Gun and Holster Package

    There is no perfect concealed carry gun or holster. Everything is a trade off and what works well for one person may not work well for another. In choosing the right concealed carry gun and holster combination for your specific | Read More »

  • Pepper Spray: A Non-Lethal Personal Defense Option That’s Nothing to Sneeze at

      Personal defense is a lifestyle. If you haven’t thought about what you’re going to do when the bad guys come for you, you will most likely be going with them. So, now is the time to think about what | Read More »

  • Hoplophobia Defined

    Excerpt: These theories essentially boil down to the idea that hoplohobes’ behaviors are driven by several conscious and unconscious psychological defense mechanisms. A psychological defense mechanism is a mental process, typically initiated unconsciously, the purpose of which is to avoid conscious conflict or anxiety. It is brought into play so that a person can cope with reality and maintain a functional self-image.

  • Hoplophobes Think Nobody Should Have A Gun

    Excerpt: “Let me set the record straight. Nowhere in last week’s column did I call for or suggest more government controls on gun ownership or on concealed or open carry. We have way too many already. We don’t need more. A good government trusts its citizens, and a bad government does not. This is because a bad government is not of the people, by the people, or for the people, but rather of itself, by itself, and for itself.”

  • Who Should Not Carry a Gun?

    With power comes responsibility. With greater power, comes greater responsibility. If you carry a gun, you carry the power of life and death. That’s a lot of power. Such power raises your level of responsibility such that you must be | Read More »

  • Why, How I Got My Nevada Concealed Carry Permit

    I attended the SHOT Show in Las Vegas this winter. It was a great show. I met up with a lot of gun people. I met old friends and made new ones. Many of these folks did not have Nevada | Read More »