Brian H. Darling writes the "Legislative Lowdown" column for Human Events. Follow him at Twitter: brianhdarling
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  • Obama’s ‘Tax Cut’ Just One Item in a Holiday Spending Spree

    Liberals are working hard to strong-arm a Christmas list of unfunded benefits through Congress.

  • Guns & Patriots Podcast Episode 25

    Brian H. Darling and Neil W. McCabe discuss new happening on Capitol Hill, and Neil interviews Chris DeRose about his new book “Founding Rivals: Madison vs. Monroe” and historian Robert J. Laplander features two Marine heroes in his Medal of | Read More »

  • Europeans and Guns: It is time for Europeans to support the natural right of human beings to protect oneself with a firearm

    Mitchell is right. Americans have a right that may need a second look by Europeans yearning for more freedom and fearful of economic collapse. Europeans may want to empower citizens by recognizing the natural rights of all people to protect themselves from harm in the very near future.

  • Guns & Patriots Podcast Episode 24

    Editor Neil W. McCabe interviews William C. Triplett II, who with Brett M. Decker, co-wrote “Bowing to Beijing” and talks to Brian H. Darling about the failure of the Super Committee. Neil also interviews Robert J. Laplander about the hero featured in this week’s Medal of Honor Roll Call.

  • Tune In to GOP Debate on Defense and Foreign Policy

    Republican hopefuls will lay out their plans Nov. 22, as Dems play hardball on spending.

  • GOP Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory

    Republicans wave the white flag with a weak Balanced Budget Amendment and tax hike–two fatal mistakes.

  • The Failure of Trickle-Down Obamanomics

    This evil twin of its much-derided free-market version has proved catastrophic via the last stimulus.

  • Politicians Forget Why We Need A Strong Balanced Budget Amendment

    The purpose of a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution (BBA) is to limit the size and scope of the federal government.

  • G&P Podcast Episode 21

    Editor Neil W. McCabe and Brian H. Darling, Senior Fellow at the Heritage Foundation will talk about concealed carry nationwide and in Wisconsin with John Velleco from Gun Owners of America. Later, Brian and Neil talk to historian Robert J. Laplander about soldier, scholar and president Theodore Roosevelt whose heroism at San Juan Hill made his the focus of this week’s Medal of Honor Roll Call.

  • Tuition-Loan Nightmare on Occupy Wall Street

    Obama embraces the horror show by pledging a 10% annual cap on student loan repayments.

  • G&P Podcast Episode 19

    Editor Neil W. McCabe and Brian H. Darling, Senior Fellow at the Heritage Foundation discuss pending gun legislation. Neil also interviews Robert J. Laplander about historic Medal of Honor recipients 1st Lt. Goettler and 2nd Lt. Bleckley.

  • Occupy Wall Street, Liberal Allies Need to Clean Up Their Acts

    Protesters stormed D.C., where Sen. Harry Reid’s been inspired to quash GOP rights.

  • Class Warfare Lite

    The Senate’s pushing an enervated jobs bill that waters down Obama’s second chance at stimulus.

  • Secret Super Committee Negotiations

    Who gave Congress the right to legislate for Americans in privacy?

  • Guns & Patriots Episode 16

    Listen to the Guns & Patriots podcast this week to hear G&P editor Neil W. McCabe and Heritage Foundation senior fellow Brian H. Darling discuss the political machinations on Capitol Hill. McCabe also interviews historian Robert J. Laplander about thiis | Read More »

  • Candidate Obama’s Class Warfare

    The President’s doomed bills will pit the have-nots against the Tea Party until election time.

  • You Say You Want a Revolution?

    Obama’s stimulus graft and a do-nothing Congress. We all want to change the world these days.

  • Obama Campaign Speech to Lay Failures on Congress

    The President, with a dismal 12.3% approval rating, will blame U.S. morass on partisanship.

  • Guns & Patriots Podcast Episode 12

    Listen to the Guns & Patriots podcast for Aug. 30, 2011. In this episode, G&P editor Neil W. McCabe and Brian H. Darling, a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation and the author of the Human Events “Legislative Lowdown” column, talk about Hurricane Irene, the D.C. earthquake and the POTUS on Martha’s Vineyard. McCabe interviews Xavier Pick, the London artist he escorted to Iraq in April. Pick was also the official artist for the British Army in Basrah. He also speaks to historian Robert J. Laplander about his project publishing stories by World War I P.O.W.’s.

  • Earthquake, Hurricane, Libya Don’t Drag Obama Off the Links

    Obama’s nonchalance in the face of natural, domestic and global upheaval says it all about Americans’ disillusionment.