Mr. O'Reilly is host of the Fox News show "The O'Reilly Factor" and author of "Who's Looking Out for You?"
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  • What Kind of a Country Do You Want?

    Throughout the ages, Robin Hood has carried a very positive image: a dashing hero who steals from a corrupt kingdom and distributes the loot to the poor.

  • Poverty and the President

    The problem is that Obama does not really understand what drives poverty and hopelessness.

  • What Gaga Owes Elvis

    Germanotta’s music is OK — a series of dance tunes that are almost disco-like. But her voice doesn’t come close to what Elvis had going.

  • Running on Empty?

    If the president loses and his liberal philosophy is repudiated by the voters, the media outlets that have promoted him will lose, as well.

  • Rapping at the White House

    Once again, we have an association controversy at the White House. This week, a rapper who calls himself “Common” was invited by Michelle Obama to read some of his “poetry.”

  • Truth vs. Ideology

    Frustrating! That’s the appropriate word for what is happening in the wake of the Osama bin Laden raid.

  • The President and the Preachers

    If anyone can explain to me President Obama’s choice of preachers, please do so because I am very confused.

  • Can the Republicans Save President Obama?

    Obama might be able to win re-election despite some misgivings from the vast majority of the American people.

  • School Lunch Madness

    According to an article in The Chicago Tribune, my standard lunch growing up would not have been acceptable at the Little Village Academy public school in the Windy City.

  • The Beck Factor

    When you get past all the rubbish, Glenn Beck is really Norm, the guy on the sitcom “Cheers.”

  • Leadership

    The last strong leader America had was President Reagan, who came across as tough but not belligerent.

  • The Triumph of Evil

    This is not a complicated issue. If America is indeed a noble country, it should act to save lives when it can.

  • Getting Gaddafi

    Being indecisive while people die is no virtue.

  • Charlie Sheen — Cable News Star?

    If I were an executive at MSNBC or CNN, I might be looking for a program host who is filled with tiger blood.

  • Look for the Union Label

    Capitalism is a tough system. It’s not touchy-feely like in Sweden, where cradle-to-grave entitlements rule.

  • Getting Schooled in Wisconsin

    In the future, if you want to teach kids you’ll have to accept less to do it.

  • No Offense

    Recently, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg showed up at the American Irish Historical Society to do a little schmoozing…

  • True Believers

    What happens when a leader is convinced they can solve the problems that they actually can not?

  • Talking with the President

    Depending on how you feel about the president, my questions will either be too soft or too intrusive.

  • Winning the Future

    Yes we can…?