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  • Thanks to Modern Amorality, Weiner Isn’t Guilty, But He’s Still Going Down

    Psychobabble has 75 words for the “intimacy-challenged” lawmaker’s “self-medicating” actions. Back in the old school, we just call him a creep who blew it big-time.

  • U.S.’s Lose-Lose War Objective in Libya: A Tie

    With zero national interest in either outcome of the battle between Gaddafi and jihadists, Obama’s halfhearted effort obscures the real issue yet again: domestic energy development.

  • Let’s Get Our Priorities Straight in Egypt

    When it comes the the Muslim Brotherhood, the U.S. must value its national security over Mideast democracy that could lead to the death of freedom throughout the world.

  • Getting Back On The Bicycle

    Can America recover from a “progressive” disease?

  • The Character Of A Nation

    …Or the lack thereof.

  • Immoral Progressivism Failing Miserably

    What part of “running out of other people’s money” don’t they understand?

  • Sense or Censorship?

    Amazon’s removal of pedophile’s guide sparks debate on censorship, but the company is just pursuing smart business practices.

  • Wimps or Warriors, GOP?

    Compromising on conservative values will bring fewer votes to Republicans and a diminished quality of life to the American public.

  • Over the Cliff, or Back from the Abyss?

    The tough issues facing Americans this election season are likely not to be solved on the federal level as long as we have a President who is so out of touch.

  • Juan Williams: Victim or Enabler?

    What took Juan Williams so long to speak the truth about NPR’s bias?