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  • Coercing Cable

    I know a lot of conservatives and family Christian groups are pressuring the FCC to require that cable companies offer some sort of "a la carte" feature to consumers. I for one would like such a feature and my local | Read More »

  • No More Soda for You!

    Today the nation’s major beverage distributors agreed to stop selling certain sodas and drinks to help combat child obesity. Apparently, school districts have begun restricting these types of drinks and the soda companies are taking preemptive action. The William J. | Read More »

  • When Will the Price Gouging End?

    I am outraged that in a time of war a company would gouge consumers and make billion dollar profits. They should be more sensitive to the needs of the people… Oh wait, this isn’t an oil company. Sorry. I just | Read More »

  • Polling the Media

    Reuters is running an online poll about media bias and the roll of media in society. So far over 38,000 people have participated in the poll. Here are some interesting results, so far. 40% of Europeans trust the national governments | Read More »

  • Deconstructing The Enigmatic Man

    Yesterday’s Washington Post had a piece on Claude Allen and his alleged fraud charges. The article chronicles Claude’s carrier and strives to explain the ‘contradiction’ of a black man working with Republicans — especially conservative Republicans. At one point the | Read More »

  • More Palestinian Attacks on Israel = More $$$

    Check out this report about unpaid security forces in Palestine. "The Interior Ministry has told unpaid security officers that the more attacks against Israel, the more money they would get from Iran and other countries," a Palestinian source said." Apparently | Read More »

  • Ann Coulter’s ‘Godless’ Making Waves

    Ann Coulter‘s yet-to-be released book “Godless: The Church of Liberalism” is already starting to gain considerable notice among conservatives and liberals alike. And it isn’t hard to see why when she makes comments like, “Democrats are unlikely to gain seats | Read More »

  • No, We Don’t Want to Succeed!

    Apparently Lou Dobbs has been speaking out on the issue of illegal immigrations — and bringing viewers to CNN’s otherwise moribund ratings. Yet, despite this success Jonathan Klein, the president of CNN/U.S. has this to say. Even as Mr. Klein | Read More »

  • When is Violence not Violence?

    Remember the four anti-war activists with Christian Peacemaker Teams who were kidnapped by insurgents in Iraq? (Yes, I know the irony). After spending a few months in captivity and having one of their members tortured and killed, they have this | Read More »

  • Hypocrisy with a Straight Face

    Yesterday Nancy Pelosi gave a statement outlining the rough draft of the Democrats agenda. During this statement she said the following: "I was told that an entry level person at Wal-Mart, who works his or her entire career at Wal-Mart, | Read More »

  • ‘CPAC’ for Wisconsin Conservatives

    Bob Dohnal with the Wisconsin Digest has put together a program for a Wisconsin version of CPAC. I urge you to visit the site and check it out. David Keene with ACU is speaking.

  • Cartoon Reaction Shows True Heart of Radical Islam

    I wonder if the apologists for radical Islam on the left and in the media will take this cartoon kerfluffle to heart. If Muslims are going to get this worked up over a few cartoons, it stands to reason that | Read More »

  • English Signs in Saudi Arabia

  • Dear President Bush

    Dear President Bush, I know you are working on your State of the Union speech right now. Would you please address the following points? 1. Make the tax cuts permanent. This can only be a winning proposition. I don’t know | Read More »

  • Palestinians for Hitler!

    Hitler is running for office in Palestine and it looks like he will get elected. "The candidate’s name is Jamal Abu Roub, but everyone here calls him Hitler because, well, that is the name he has answered to quite comfortably | Read More »

  • Judge Alito’s Secret Thoughts

    Watching the hearings today I was impressed by Samuel Alito’s polite, yet slightly interested expression through most of it–but you just know he couldn’t be that interested. So I put on my mind-reading hat and here is what I sense | Read More »

  • Sharon’s Medication, Arafat’s Secrecy

    Why is it that we now everything about Sharon’s stroke, down to what medications were administered — and we still don’t know how Yasar Arafat died? May God bless Ariel Sharon with a swift recovery.

  • Purple is the New Color of Bravery

    Initial reports look very optimistic about the elections held in Iraq. It looks like turnout may be even higher for this election than previous ones, considering the heavy Sunni turnout. This is very encouraging. Every time I think about the | Read More »

  • RE: Is Israel Moving Closer to Attacking Iran?

    Just a comment or two on Jack Langer’s posting. In order for Israel to attack Iraq, they will almost assuredly fly over Iraq. Would the U.S. allow them to fly over? If Israel attacks Iran — and the U.S. doesn’t | Read More »

  • I’ll Only Believe That Lying President Bush

    HUMAN EVENTS and her sister company Regnery have been offering a free chapter from Richard Miniter’s newest book, Disinformation. This chapter details some of the WMDs and chemical agents for WMDs that have been found in Iraq. Granted it isn’t | Read More »