Mr. Moore is HUMAN EVENTS' economics correspondent and an economist at the Cato Institute.
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  • Needed: More Republicans Against Big Government

    We now have two big government parties in Washington. And we have only 25 Republicans in the House and four in the Senate who are trying to forcefully pull the Republicans in an anti-big government direction.

  • Will Teddy Kennedy Write the Medicare Bill?

    If Kennedy is allowed to shape the final version of a Medicare RX drug bill, it will spell disaster for America and the GOP.

  • Where’s the Fiscal Outrage?

    Congress is spending at a faster pace than any Congress since before the days of Woodstock and the Miracle Mets, and the GOP shares culpability with the Left.

  • Can Arnold Save California’s Economy?

    He may have been able to bench press 400 pounds when he was Mr. Universe, but he’s about to face his most Herculean task ever: lifting California out of its severe economic rut.

  • Drug Bill is Socialized Medicine

    Socialism is a failure in every area of life except health care, where Washington seems to be convinced that more socialism is the answer to all our health care problems.

  • Historically, Gasoline Prices Are Not Expensive

    Gasoline prices for this year’s Labor Day travel will put a dent in the wallet, but it’s not unexpected and it’s certainly not out of the ordinary.

  • Does the Bible Demand Higher Taxes in Alabama?

    In an attempt to find any excuse to raise taxes, Alabama Gov. Bob Riley (R.) is invoking Scripture.

  • Fly the Friendly (and Safe) Skies

    HUMAN EVENTS economics correspondent Stephen Moore examines the the airline industry’s safety record last year — the best safety record ever posted.

  • Bush Tax Cut Already Working

    Cutting through all the negativism from the naysayers of the anti-Bush, pro-tax Left, Stephen Moore examines why and how the Bush tax cut is already helping the nation’s economy.

  • Drug Plan: Prescription for Disaster

    Why is it that when it comes to medical care, policy makers in Washington can always be counted on to abandon every sound economic principle that works to create wealth and improve services in every other sector of the economy?

  • Tax Cut Opponents Cheat Their Own States

    Why are so many senators voting against the economic interests of their constituents on the Bush tax bill?

  • Remembering the Real Economic Legacy of JFK

    Defending Jack Kennedy against his youngest brother, Teddy, Steve Moore explains that the late President understood the economics of cutting taxes even if the Massachusetts senator does not.

  • Soak the Trial Lawyers

    In the famous tobacco litigation settlement, a small gang of several hundred trial lawyers walked off with settlement money of an estimated $10 billion to $15 billion. Now two GOP Senators are standing up to the lawyers.

  • The Tax Man Cometh

    Middle-income Americans work as large a share of the day to pay the government’s bills as their own because of a swelling overall tax burden.

  • Look for the French Label

    Look for the French label and then buy something else, says Stephen Moore, calling for a “blockade of conscience” against the French for stabbing America in the back.

  • Who Let the Hogs Out?

    New federal spending is up again, and only a few conservatives had the conviction to oppose it.

  • Forget About Greenspan, Too

    When the Senate Banking Committee laid out a red carpet for Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan last week and listened enraptured to his advice on the Bush tax cut, it shouldn’t have been a shock that he questioned the plan’s wisdom.

  • DeLay Plans to Hike the Bush Tax Cut

    If Tom DeLay has his way, the House will up the ante from the tax cuts Bush has proposed and send the Senate an even bigger reduction in taxes.

  • Bush Goes to War for Tax Cuts

    President Bush is going for the jugular with the new tax-cutting proposals he announced today, writes Stephen Moore. In spite of Democrats’ objections that it will only benefit “the rich,” Bush’s plan will stimulate economic growth and get the economy moving again.

  • New Economic Team Needs New Tax Policy

    President Bush should seize the initiative with his new economic team and propose three new tax cuts to boost economic growth, says Stephen Moore.