Mr. Spencer is director of Jihad Watch and author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades), The Truth About Muhammad, Stealth Jihad and The Complete Infidel's Guide to the Koran (all from Regnery-a HUMAN EVENTS sister company).
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  • Most U.S. Mosques Teach Violence

    It’s time we demand that lawmakers and the media pay attention to this latest confirmation that jihadists advocate bloodshed and Islamic supremacy in 80% of mosques right here America.

  • Germany on the Brink

    I told them they wouldn’t like what happened to them when their friends took power, but by then it would be too late for them.

  • Egypt Rushes Toward Sharia and War

    Whether or not Abu Ismail is elected President of Egypt, the opening of the Rafah crossing indicates that Egypt has decided to adopt a belligerent stance toward Israel.

  • The Free Must Stand With Israel Against Obama

    Our indefensible President calls for indefensible borders. His pledge to protect Israel belies his call for a doomed two-state return to 1967 with the Palestinians.

  • Time to Cut Off Pakistan

    We’ve given billions to this lying and ungrateful rogue state that sheltered Osama bin Laden. It’s a no-brainer: Kick ‘em to the curb.

  • Obama’s Abominable ‘Respect’ for Bin Laden Burial Rites

    Who cares how we disposed of this bogus Muslim leader’s corpse. He had zero respect for the 3,000 Americans he murdered on 9/11.

  • Why Egyptians Want War With Israel: It’s in the Koran

    The vicious and virulent hatred of Jews found in Muslim scripture is the present-day guide for Egyptians disavowing the Camp David accords.

  • Osama Gets His Virgins

    While the death of bin Laden is fine news, and is certainly a psychological blow to the jihadis and a confidence-booster for Americans, it really won’t change anything.

  • Koran-Burning Pastor Jailed for Thoughtcrime

    This Orwellian crackdown on a protest in front of a mosque is a craven response to Muslim violence across the world that squashes freedom of speech here in America.

  • U.S. Intervention In Libya Aids the Jihad

    The failure of U.S. intelligence since 9/11 continues: Those who favor a Sharia state with zero human rights aren’t necessarily allied with al-Qaeda or any other terrorist group.

  • More Useful Jihad Idiocy at N.Y. Senate Hearings

    Accusations of bigotry and hate speech are predictably leveled against the wrong side, as deniers of our homegrown threat continue to toe the politically correct line.

  • A Koran, and Free Speech, In Flames

    Obama and leftist media put the blame for murders half a world way not on the savages who committed them, but on a pastor’s democratic, if disgusting, expression of his views.

  • Durbin Hearing to Fuel the Muslim Victimhood Myth

    The only question begged by any Senate forum on anti-Islamic sentiment in the U.S. is why are no responsible Muslims denouncing jihadist murderers?

  • U.S. Bombs on Libya May Backfire

    Judging from the jihadist sentiments of anti-Gaddafi rebels, we may accomplish with our Tomahawk missiles just the opposite of what we set out to.

  • King Hearings Shine Light on Muslim Evasion of Responsibility

    The meltdown by the Left and its Muslim supremacist and mainstream media allies says it all: The congressman is on to something.

  • Germany’s Jihad Murders Point Up the West’s Denial

    The “lone wolf” who killed two American airmen in Frankfurt is not alone in his beliefs, and the free world needs to press Muslims to take a stand against their own who use the Koran to justify violence and supremacy.

  • Obama’s Democracy Delusions

    All signs point toward fanatics, not freedom lovers, ascending in the Middle East, and the President’s hailing of the protesters does not bode well for him containing them down the road.

  • Egypt’s Islamic Supremacist is Man of the Hour

    A Muslim cleric with worldwide appeal has become a populist star, and his Hitlerian Jew hatred and calls for jihad solidify the violence and religious ferocity in the Mubarak overthrow.

  • Democracy is a Relative Term

    When the people of Egypt have spoken, the Free World just might not like what it hears.

  • Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Ties

    Our President has embraced this hostile and extremist organization in his own administration, so why would its rise in Egypt bother him?