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  • Why Craig Needs to Go

    United States senators are elected to show good judgment and good character. I know many of them don’t. But the day we throw up our hands and merely laugh at their intellectual, moral and ethical transgressions is the day we | Read More »

  • Why Craig Needs to Go

  • Teen USA Quiz: The Real Answer

  • Hasta La Vista, Alberto

  • The Many Faces of Mitt Romney

    I’m astounded. I don’t know how else to say it. I just continue to be amazed at the number of Republicans who are so easily conned, duped and hoodwinked by Willard Mitt Romney. I’m not sure there are any facts | Read More »

  • Hillary Gets Her Wish

    Now that Hillary Rodham’s Wellesley College thesis on her radical hero, Saul Alinsky, finally has been made public, it appears her fondest wish in 1969 was to have a “loving wife” to keep “the children away” while she took on | Read More »

  • What Is a Progressive?

    Hillary Clinton says she doesn’t really like the descriptive word “liberal,” preferring to be characterized as a “progressive.” “You know, (liberal) is a word that originally meant that you were for freedom … that you were willing to stand against | Read More »

  • Between the Lines: A Big Problem for Democrats

    A ranking Democrat has finally admitted what we all should have realized: The worst nightmare for the party of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid would be victory for the United States in Iraq. In an interview with the Washington Post, | Read More »

  • Between the Lines: The Day “New Media” Was Born

    Everyone recognizes today we are in the midst of a media revolution. But has anyone considered when that revolution began? What was the opening salvo? What event triggered the amazing communications explosion we are witnessing? I think I know the | Read More »

  • Between the Lines: Why We ‘Lost’ Iraq

    I take a backseat to no one in believing victory in Iraq is essential to America’s national security. I would love to see Iraqis all get along. I would love to see Iraq become a free and independent state or | Read More »

  • Reaction to Pope’s Comments Proves Not All Fundamentalists Are the Same

  • The Speech Bush Will Never Make

    President Bush’s public approval ratings are at an all-time low. It’s difficult to imagine how he could improve them dramatically with just about 18 months left in office. But I do believe there is one speech he could make that | Read More »

  • Shocker! Bloomberg Quits Republicans

    Stop the presses! New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has officially quit the Republican Party! I couldn’t believe it. Why am I so shocked? I was surprised to learn he was a  member  of the Republican Party in the first place. | Read More »

  • Breaking the Hillary Code

    Hillary Rodham Clinton is speaking in code. Because I learned this code as a youngster, I thought it would be a public service for me to translate for Americans who may not understand exactly what she is saying and exactly | Read More »

  • Middle East Reality Check

    I don’t like to spend too much time reading U.N. pronouncements. It makes my blood pressure rise. One inadvertently crossed my path the other day. Sure enough, a one-paragraph blurb set off this 650-word tirade of a response. It seems | Read More »

  • Google as Big Brother

    There is no better illustration of Google’s corporate immorality and avarice for personal, private information than Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt’s latest announcement about where he wants to take the company. He told journalists in London the company’s goal is | Read More »

  • The ABCs of Evangelicals

  • Why Democracy Doesn’t Work

    It pains me when I hear President Bush and so many others talk about the need to spread democracy around the world.America’s founders knew what a rotten and corrupt system of government democracy was and did everything in their power | Read More »

  • Laws For You, Not Them

  • VT Slaughter: Unanswered Questions

    With all of the media interest in the Virginia Tech massacre, you would think our understanding of what transpired there would be relatively thorough. Yet, I find there are dozens of unanswered questions — maybe even unasked questions. Following the | Read More »