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  • Libertarians versus conservatives

    Libertarians versus conservatives

    Why assume government will do better next time?

  • Eat without fear

    Eat without fear

    It’s easy to scare people about what’s in their food.

  • Good news

    Good news

    Almost everything is getting better, even the things that people thought were getting worse.

  • Marriage: It's complicated

    Marriage: It’s complicated

    Be very suspicious if government says it’s bringing the perfect gift to the wedding.

  • Offensive speech

    Offensive speech

    Fight bigotry with more speech.

  • American dreaming

    American dreaming

    Government mostly hinders us, and then brags that it is waiting to take charge when we fail.

  • Privacy, please

    Privacy, please

    We can never tell government to butt out.

  • Earth daze

    Earth daze

    Poverty, not fossil fuels, is the real threat to the people of the world.

  • Taxing life away

    Taxing life away

    I don’t like that I have to have an accountant.

  • Gambling and government

    Gambling and government

    It makes little sense for government to barge in and tell people how much money they can risk, or where they can do it.

  • Bullies rule

    Bullies rule

    Protectors quickly become bullies.

  • Spring clean government

    Spring clean government

    When government is big, we become smaller.

  • War on women

    War on women

    Turns out that there’s plenty of science documenting that men and women are just programmed differently.

  • Budget baloney

    Budget baloney

    Does Obama think we have no memory, or that we’re just ignorant?

  • Codgers freaking out

    Codgers freaking out

    Crotchety old geezers always complain about “the kids.”

  • Students for liberty

    Students for liberty

    Libertarianism grows fastest among the young.

  • The privileged people

    The privileged people

    Politicians constantly pick winners and losers.

  • Reputation versus Regulation

    Reputation versus Regulation

    Bureaucrats and the media worry that dinner parties are not regulated.

  • Re-state of the Union

    Re-state of the Union

    You own your own body and mind. If more of our policies respected that fact, our union truly would be strong.

  • Chill out

    Chill out

    Let’s chill out about global warming.