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  • Memo to Congress: Repeal Medicare Drug Plan Now

    The House recently adopted an amendment barring Medicare (and Medicaid) from paying for Viagra or other impotence drugs. That’s all well and good, and certainly will garner headlines for some representatives. But while taking this small step toward sanity, the | Read More »

  • Electing Republicans Is Only First Step to Stopping Taxes

    Conventional wisdom holds that by putting Republicans in charge of government, voters insulate themselves from tax hikes. The record since 1994, however, when the GOP swept to power both in Congress and in many state capitals, provides a sobering correction. | Read More »

  • Congress Packs Highway Bill With Pork

    GOP Majority Celebrates Christmas in May

  • Congress Must Use Bush Budget Levels as a Ceiling, Not a Floor

    The critical need for spending restraint in the congressional budget

  • Bereft of Ideas, Democrats Looking to Dean for Leadership

    He offers nothing but failed, big government liberalism

  • The Vital Need for Spending Restraint in the Second Bush Term

    Tax relief didn’t give us deficits, spending did.

  • The Huffington Tax Dodge

    She has criticized wealthy taxpayers who refuse to pay their “fair share,” but in the past two years the multi-millionaire has paid no state income tax as a California resident and only $771 in federal income taxes.