Jack Langer, Ph.D., is an editor for Regnery Publishing (a HUMAN EVENTS' sister company) and a freelance journalist. He can be reached at [email protected].
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  • Why Socialists Shouldn’t Run Big Comapanies

    LGF links to an interesting article laying out the evidence that Hugo Chavez is wrecking the Venezuelan state oil company, forcing Venezuela to actually import Russian oil so that it can meet its delivery contracts. The article claims Venezuelan oil | Read More »

  • An Academic Loses Control

    Iconoclastic journalist Christopher Hitchens yesterday published an amusing article criticizing Juan Cole, a prominent leftwing academic currently being considered for a position in Mideast studies at Yale, for relying on faulty translations in his argument that Iranian President Ahmadinejad did | Read More »

  • Who Lost Latin America?

  • Thief Steals Bolivia’s Gas

    Bolivia’s neo-socialist leader, Evo Morales, today nationalized his country’s entire natural gas sector and ordered the military to occupy Bolivia’s energy fields. After Morales was elected on a platform of anti-Americanism, establishing close relations with Castro’s Cuba and Chavez’s Venezuela, | Read More »

  • Left-Wing Optimism

    Just days after Iran bragged that it has enriched uranium, the unhinged Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave a speech today in which he "called Israel a ‘rotten, dried tree’ that will be annihilated by ‘one storm.’" Desperate for a positive | Read More »

  • Berlusconi’s Comeback in Italy

    Today’s elections in Italy are turning out to be a real thriller. After trailing to leftist Romano Prodi for most of the campaign, including in the initial exit polling, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi — perhaps America’s closest European ally aside | Read More »

  • Adventures in Soft Power Negotiating

    EU foreign ministers today decided to suspend aid to the Palestinian Authority. The move comes just after the EU’s MidEast envoy, Marc Otte, explicitly confirmed a point I have been arguing for some time (see here, here, and here) that | Read More »

  • RE: Hamas Tests the EU

    With the EU foreign ministers’ decision on eliminating funding for the PA due on Monday, Hamas sources are now making more insinuations that some day they might work up a plan providing for a procedure that allows the movement to | Read More »

  • Hamas Tests the EU

    The European Union has suspended aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA). The move comes in advance of a meeting of EU Foreign Ministers scheduled for Monday where they will make a final decision on whether to end aid to the | Read More »

  • Great Moments in Journalism

    A former Sinn Fein official who admitted last December to a 20-year career of spying for the British is found murdered after a journalist published his whereabouts.

  • Adventures in Russia

    Seven years ago, a British adventurer set out to walk around the world. Beginning at the southern tip of South America, he made his way up through Central and North America into Alaska, braving the Bering Straight as well as | Read More »

  • Putin Reels in the ‘Opposition’

    The Kremlin has resorted to a bomb scare as part of a campaign to oust the leader of an ostensibly independent opposition party. The party, Rodina, is widely believed to have been created by the Kremlin to drain support away | Read More »

  • Will the WSJ Praise This as the Free Market at Work?

  • Belarussian Leader Fears Protestors, Fashion

    After five days of protests, Belarussian dictator Aleksandr Lukashenko ordered the police to disperse and arrest demonstrators protesting his "victory" in that country’s latest rigged election. I was wrong — I predicted the protestors would only last two days before | Read More »

  • Out-of-Touch Dems Threaten Filibuster Over Immigration

    The Democrats are now threatening to filibuster an illegal immigration enforcement bill in the Senate. You have to marvel at the Democrats’ complete detachment from American public opinion. It’s almost as if they had a meeting to decide on the | Read More »

  • Hamas Continues to Refuse to Defend Israel

    Looks like we can already discount all the baseless expectations that gaining power and responsibility would moderate Hamas, as the incoming Hamas interior minister has just proclaimed that his government will not arrest anyone who attacks Israeli targets. Expect some | Read More »

  • ‘Revolutionary Tourists’ Buy Chavez’s Logic

    The New York Times has an article about naive Westerners going over to Venezuela to get a taste of the Chavez "revolution." The kids’ general impression of Chavez’s agenda is favorable, despite Chavez’s little idiosyncrasies like his suppression of the | Read More »

  • Anti-War Movement Fighting Internal War

    I’ve been wondering for some time now why the anti-war movement hasn’t been louder and more obnoxious lately, considering our recent problems in Iraq. Here’s why: the anti-war movement is fracturing due to internal feuding. The main dispute broke out | Read More »

  • Foreign Investor Banned from Russia

    Interesting story out of Russia today, where the CEO of Hermitage, Russia’s biggest foreign investor, has been banned from entering Russia. William Browder was known for his outspoken support of Russian neo-monarch Vladimir Putin, including Putin’s persecution of former Yukos | Read More »

  • Christian Zionist Explains Protestant Opposition

    A Christian Zionist puts forward an interesting theological explanation for the hostility shown by some Protestant denominations to Israel, as exemplified by the decisions (now suspended) of the Anglican and Presbyterian Churches to divest from companies associated with the Jewish | Read More »