Former presidential candidate Mr. Gary Bauer is president of American Values and chairman of the Campaign for Working Families.
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  • Lying from behind in Libya

    In this season of endless political ads, be glad you’re not in Pakistan.

  • Who’s better off under Obama?

    Millions of people — taxpayers, the jobless, homeowners, recent college graduates, people of faith, to name a few — are demonstrably worse off than they were four years ago.

  • The post-Christian party

    The original exclusion of “God” and “Jerusalem” from the Democratic Party platform was not an “oversight,” but intentional.

  • A tale of two conventions

    Memories of the Republican convention are fading fast, eclipsed now by anticipation for the Democratic convention.

  • Botching the abortion debate

    The proper Republican response to the Akin incident is to regret the congressman’s ineptness while vigorously confronting the social radicalism of today’s Democratic Party.

  • When tolerance attacks

    The gay rights movement now embodies the intolerance it has always claimed to exist in order to fight.

  • Obama’s culture of dependency

    As president, Obama acts as if he no longer believes in the value of work. His only core belief, it seems, is that citizens should be dependent on government for all that they do. That’s the very definition of a welfare state.

  • Obama’s breakfast club

    If anyone’s financial backers can be accused of being out of touch with mainstream America and its values it’s President Obama.

  • Leftwing bigotry? Guilty as charged!

    The left’s response to Dan Cathy’s rather innocuous comment about marriage has once again exposed radical liberals’ intolerance for opposing viewpoints.

  • Obama takes a toll on small business

    Obama’s comments again exposed Obama’s disconnect from Main Street.

  • Rahm Emanuel stumbles into the truth

    Rahm Emanuel stumbles into the truth

    The modern welfare state fails to acknowledge, and isn’t equipped to address, the root causes of combat youth and gang violence.

  • A quiet victory for life — and the First Amendment

    The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Montgomery County, Maryland, cannot force a pro-life pregnancy center to post a public disclaimer that discourages pregnant women from using its services.

  • Beyond Obamacare and into the abyss

    It’s a cliché to say that elections have consequences, but it’s a cliché for a reason…

  • The imperial presidency

    The imperial presidency

    The trend in recent decades toward more power being concentrated in the executive branch has reached its high point in the current administration.

  • Obama’s man gap

    What do men want? Here’s a better question is: What don’t men want? The answer lives in the White House.

  • Obama risks national security to secure his own re-election

    Obama risks national security to secure his own re-election

    Congress needs to investigate the White House leaks, which Sen. John Kerry call “dangerous, damaging.”

  • Jo Ann Nardelli and the Democratic revolt

    “Faith is the reason I switched parties.” So said Jo Ann Nardelli on why she left the Democratic Party for the Republican Party.

  • Obama advances the Culture of Life

    No one would have predicted it, but President Obama has created a more pro-life America…

  • The ‘Wright Stuff:’ Examining the Jeremiah Wright election

    The Washington Post’s front-page story on Mitt Romney’s high school pranks proved that there is no statute of limitations on old political news.

  • No time to run from marriage issue

    Republicans usually stand to benefit whenever cultural issues arise in an election campaign. But they too often run away from debates over issues related to marriage, life and religion.