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  • Krauthammer: The roots of mass murder

    Krauthammer: The roots of mass murder

    Every mass shooting has three elements: the killer, the weapon and the cultural climate. As soon as the shooting stops, partisans immediately pick their preferred root cause with corresponding pet panacea.

  • Krauthammer: The right-to-work dilemma

    Krauthammer: The right-to-work dilemma

    For all the fury and fistfights outside the Lansing Capitol, what happened in Michigan this week was a simple accommodation to reality.

  • Obama's fiscal cliff power play

    Obama’s fiscal cliff power play

    Let’s understand President Obama’s strategy in the “fiscal cliff” negotiations. It has nothing to do with economics or real fiscal reform. This is entirely about politics.

  • Cliff jumping with Barack

    Cliff jumping with Barack

    Obama’s audacious new gambit is not a serious proposal to solve our fiscal problems. It’s a raw partisan maneuver meant to neuter the Republicans by getting them to cave.

  • Why was there war in Gaza?

    Why was there war in Gaza?

    Israel wanted nothing more than to live in peace with this independent Palestinian entity. After all, the world had incessantly demanded that Israel give up land for peace. It gave the land. It got no peace.

  • The way forward

    The way forward

    In securing the Republican nomination, Mitt Romney made the strategic error of (unnecessarily) going to the right of Rick Perry. Romney could never successfully tack back.

  • The choice

    The choice

    An Obama second term means that the movement toward European-style social democracy continues, in part by legislation, in part by executive decree. The American experiment continues to recede …

  • Obama stoops, doesn't conquer

    Obama stoops, doesn’t conquer

    In the final debate against Mitt Romney, Obama showed himself – yet again – to be a petty president, more suited to the role of schoolmaster, than Commander-in-Chief.

  • The great gaffe

    The great gaffe

    The one thing Obama’s performance did do is re-energize his demoralized base — the media, in particular. But at a price.

  • The Big Bird counterattack

    The Big Bird counterattack

    Ever since last Wednesday, Democrats have been shellshocked and left searching for excuses.

  • Romney by two touchdowns

    Romney by two touchdowns

    Confident, smiling and nonthreatening, Romney didn’t look like a man who enjoys killing the wives of laid-off steelworkers at last Wednesday’s debate.

  • Go large, Mitt

    Go large, Mitt

    How far ahead would Romney be if he were actually running a campaign? His unwillingness to go big, to go for the larger argument, is simply astonishing.

  • The abandonment

    The abandonment

    As the U.S. continues to wait for Iran to live up to its “international obligations,” the same old arguments, old excuses, old pretensions have become ridiculous.

  • The empathy gap

    The empathy gap

    Given the state of the economy, by any historical standard, Barack Obama should be 15 points behind Mitt Romney. Why is he tied?

  • The ‘deterrence works’ fantasy

    There are few foreign-policy positions more silly than the assertion without context that “deterrence works.”

  • The Cordesman criteria

    The Cordesman criteria

    Either Israel is engaged in the most elaborate ruse since the Trojan Horse or it is on the cusp of a pre-emptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

  • Romney's excellent trip

    Romney’s excellent trip

    At his stop in Jerusalem, Romney’s speech was a masterpiece of nuance and restraint. Without directly criticizing Obama, Romney drew pointed distinctions deftly.

  • Busted: Mr. Pfeiffer and the White House blog

    Shortly after 9/11, President George W. Bush received from Prime Minister Blair a bust of Winston Churchill as an expression of British-American solidarity.

  • Romney -- not innocents -- abroad

    Romney — not innocents — abroad

    Unlike Barack Obama, Mitt Romney abroad will not be admonishing his country, criticizing his president or declaring himself a citizen of the world.

  • Did the state make you great?

    Did the state make you great?

    The greatest threat to a robust, autonomous civil society is the ever-growing Leviathan state and those like Obama who see it as the ultimate expression of the collective.