• Cruz vs. Flake on how to resist Obama's amnesty orders

    Cruz vs. Flake on how to resist Obama’s amnesty orders

    Has Obama sacrificed the political cover he needs to veto conservative immigration reforms?

  • The week that was

    The week that was

    A review of the week’s top stories.

  • Obama's amnesty declaration

    Obama’s amnesty declaration

    If this is no longer a republic, then Obama is no longer a “president.” It remains to be seen whether Congress will meekly accept its new, subordinate role.

  • The GOP’s immigration nuclear option

    The GOP’s immigration nuclear option

    Republicans will have to respond quickly with a plan of their own in order to win the crucial media messaging battle.

  • Downing Street Gruber

    Downing Street Gruber

    Isn’t Jonathan Gruber worse than the Downing Street memo?

  • Keystone XL fails in Senate

    Keystone XL fails in Senate

    The pipeline will be back in the Senate next year, but Landrieu probably won’t.

  • Expert's Take: Stopping executive amnesty

    Expert’s Take: Stopping executive amnesty

    Is amnesty for 5 million illegal aliens inevitable?

  • Four killed at synagogue

    Four killed at synagogue

    The Obama Administration will try to firewall “moderate” President Mahmoud Abbas from this attack, but Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is having none of it.

  • ISIS beheads American hostage

    ISIS beheads American hostage

    Former Army Ranger, dedicated humanitarian, and convert to Islam murdered by the Islamic State.

  • Serving those who serve

    Serving those who serve

    To be a chaplain in the military is to follow “a vocation within a vocation.”