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  • Literally Shaking

    Until the nationwide protests of the last few days, I had no idea how bad the problem was, but our nation is drowning in drama queenery. The immediate reaction of most celebrities to Trump’s victory was: “THE WORLD IS WAITING | Read More »

  • President Trump's First 100 Days

    President Trump’s First 100 Days

    Well, that was the easy part. All Trump had to do was vanquish people too stupid to pick up the thousand-dollar bill lying on the sidewalk — smug, smirking, out-of-touch establishment drones.

  • My Final Argument For Trump: Humiliate The Media!

    For every argument the media make against Trump, Hillary’s worse.

  • Our New Country: Women And Minorities Hit Hardest

    Every ethnic group except whites bloc-votes for the Democrats. Coincidentally, the Democrats have brought in another 30 to 40 million nonwhite immigrants in the last few decades.

  • Hillary’s Advantage: The Media; Trump’s Advantage: The Issues

    Say, does anyone remember when Trump was the lightweight with no “policy specifics”? I have an entire chapter in my book, In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!, quoting media savants complaining about Trump’s lack of “policy specifics,” interspersed, by date, with his major policy speeches and papers.

  • Casting Call For Another Anita Hill

    Donald Trump is the only hope to save America, so the media have gone to war to stop him.

  • Media’s Outrage Should Start Working Any Day Now!

    Reviewing the state of the presidential race, I see that very little has changed for the past year. Every few weeks, the media roll out a new Trump “scandal” that has already been thoroughly covered, day in, day out, for the last 15 months.

  • How to Avoid Immigration, Terrorism, And Health Care For 90 Minutes

    At least we know Trump wasn’t lying when he said he didn’t practice for the debate.

  • Trump Busts Muslim Protection Racket

    Forty minutes after the explosion in Chelsea Saturday night, Donald Trump told a crowd in Colorado that a bomb had gone off in New York and said, “We better get very tough, folks. We better get very, very tough.”

  • Could Hillary Tell Us What Percentage Of Muslims Are ‘Deplorable’?

    It wasn’t just the well-heeled donors at the Cipriani Club who laughed and applauded when Hillary called half of Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables” — “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic.”

  • Every Word, Including 'And' And 'The'

    Every Word, Including ‘And’ And ‘The’

    The media’s daily slander of Donald Trump is hard to square with their increasingly frenzied assurances that he is going to lose the election.

  • Phyllis Stewart Schlafly, 1924-2016

    Phyllis Stewart Schlafly, 1924-2016

    Phyllis Schlafly, the St. Louis-born American intellectual who grew from a shy and beautiful girl to become one of the most influential political activists of the 20th and 21st century, died today, Monday, September 5, 2016 according to Eagle Forum.

  • Media Invented Lie About Trump Mocking Disabled Reporter

    Media Invented Lie About Trump Mocking Disabled Reporter

    Just when you think the media could not possibly become more loathsome, the Fourth Estate bullies prove you wrong again. The Washington Post’s latest ugliness was to exploit the disability of a newspaper reporter in order to smear the Republican nominee for president.

  • Trump: The Great Unifier

    Trump: The Great Unifier

    The modern Democratic Party is obsessed with voting blocs they call “Latinos,” “Hispanics” and the “blacks and browns.”

  • How The Media Work

    How The Media Work

    If the media can strangle Trump by terrorizing people about everything he says, then it’s already over.

  • GOP Blames Victim Of Media Rape

    GOP Blames Victim Of Media Rape

    Even having predicted that the media’s attacks on Trump would be unprecedented, I’m still amazed.

  • The Wrath Of Khan

    The Wrath Of Khan

    Khizr Khan, the Muslim “Gold Star Father” who harangued Americans at the Democratic National Convention, with a mute, hijab-wearing wife at his side, is just another in a long string of human shields liberals send out to defend their heinous policies.

  • When Do The Mothers Of ISIS Speak?

    When Do The Mothers Of ISIS Speak?

    Whatever questionable choices were made at the Republican National Convention last week, I didn’t hear of a single speaker whose sole accomplishment was raising a delinquent who attacked a cop.

  • Michelle's Speech Was Trite, Too

    Michelle’s Speech Was Trite, Too

    When MSNBC signed off at 3 a.m. the first night of the Republican National Convention, they were still talking about Melania’s speech.

  • Hillary Honors Dead Cops

    Hillary Honors Dead Cops

    The day after a racist monster shot 12 white policemen in Dallas, murdering five of them, in the worst mass shooting of policemen in history, Hillary Clinton went on Wolf Blitzer’s show and blamed the cops. Asked what she would | Read More »