Retail Sector Gets Down to a Six Pack

At some point, disruptive technology enters every industry that reshapes how business is done on a long-term basis.

Such a transformation is taking place within the retail industry, with the shift to online shopping taking hold of consumer buying patterns on a rapidly growing basis. Going to the mall is becoming more of an experiential trend, in which going to stores is akin to going to showrooms where coveted items will be acquired for lower prices from shopping on websites.

When most retail stocks that operate within the brick-and-mortar models are getting clobbered on a daily basis, there is little reason to fight that trend. Instead, run with it rather than hold out for a few bullet-proof, stand-alone retailers that still have consumers willing to put two hands on the shopping basket. Same-day delivery is already available in many cities and the ability to provide instant gratification is a powerful proposition for millions of consumers who desire this option. But millions of shoppers still may want to check out future purchase items firsthand before offering their Visa or MasterCard.

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