On Markets and Self-Made, Manufactured Crises

It is said that man is a being of self-made wealth and self-made soul.

By “soul,” I mean a man’s conscious contents (and by “man” I mean human beings). So, when I see what looks to me to be a set of consistent self-made, self-inflicted wounds by the president of the United States, well, I begin to get worried on not just a political level, but on also a much deeper level.

Practically speaking, as a market watcher and purveyor of investing advice, I’m also starting to become concerned about the effect this has on our money. That concern has risen mightily over the past week due to the manufactured crises we’ve seen emanating from the White House.

First, it was the inelegant firing of FBI Director James Comey. It’s one thing to fire someone (which was the president’s right), but it’s another thing to have that person learn about their dismissal on TV, and not directly from his boss. Perhaps I’m just “old school” here, but if you have to deliver someone bad news, have enough guts to look into their eyes and deliver that news right to their face.

Then there were the most-recent revelations of perhaps why Mr. Comey was fired, which is extremely troubling. If you believe the latest news reports (and that is a big “if”) Comey was allegedly asked to back off the Trump-Russia probe. When he didn’t agree, the president terminated him.

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