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Crime Pays… 13.87 Percent Quarterly, to Be Precise

Crime Pays… 13.87 Percent Quarterly, to Be Precise (DividendChannel)

Intersections Inc. (INTX) is a Chantilly, Va., security company with a twist. It provides property, real estate and identity protection services for both businesses and individuals, but it also plays the other side of the legal fence by providing bail bond industry solutions. And for income investors, wiring the game by playing both sides is pretty lucrative, as INTX offers a 13.87% dividend yield. Unfortunately, INTX shareholders probably wish crime would pay more, as its shares are down 24 percent year to date. However, corporate officers are optimistic that INTX’s new direct-to-consumer offerings will help. If true, then you’ll be able to get INTX shares at bargain basement prices, while still collecting 13.87 percent.

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