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It is Tough to Beat 526 of Anything in a Row

It is Tough to Beat 526 of Anything in a Row (DividendChannel)

For income investors, consistency in dividend payments is paramount. In fact, many investors would gladly give up a few points of yield in exchange for a sense of certainty when it comes to their dividend check. Even in the world of real estate investment trusts (REITs), this sentiment is alive. Take Realty Income Corporation (O), for example. This REIT offers a yield of 5.12, which is less than half of what some of the more high-flying REITs are paying. But here’s the real value of O: when it pays out its 5.12 percent dividend on May 15, 2014, that will be its 526th consecutive monthly dividend payment. That’s 10-and-a-half years of consistency, stability and income for you.

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