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The Koch brothers weren’t always ‘evil’

According to Politico, there was a time when the infamous Koch brothers were not the worst:

The Koch brothers are the Democrats’ public enemy No. 1. But there was a time not too long ago that billionaires Charles and David Koch were modest Democratic Party donors.

Though the Kochs have poured untold millions into conservative and libertarian causes over the years, the political action committee for their privately held Koch Industries also has given money through the years to Democratic causes and candidates — including Mark Pryor, Mary Landrieu and Chuck Schumer — as part of the influence-peddling game that many corporations and wealthy donors play.

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  • giveandtake

    It has been written that George Soros has taken over the WH and placed John Podesta in charge. What is his hope and change for America? Warren Buffet bought Burlington Northern rail lines and is hauling the Tar Sands. A billionaire professed environmentalist is putting up $100 million to stop approval of the Keystone XL, who also held lavish campaign parties for the President. Now it is pay back time. So what are all these wealthy peoples hope and change for we Americans? And allowing 30 millilon more immigrants into our country and the release of 68,000 illegals back into our country who they say only committed misdemeanors, what is the Hope and Change they have in store for us?????

  • terry1956

    Much to much as been made of the influence of the brothers.
    It goes back decades even in the libertarian and paleoconservative groups who did not get the funding from the brothers that the some libertarian groups got.
    The nick name given was ” The Koctapuss”

  • OpiumNights

    Just the title of this article is such a LIE!

  • Rufus Peebody

    Liberty empowers us to choose which goals to work toward, which efforts to undertake, and how to adjust our ways when confronted with dynamic circumstances we could not foresee.