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Dear Guns & Patriots reader,
In three weeks conservatives will be picking up the pieces from what the Republican leaders have wrought: another wasted election cycle.For supporters of gun rights, it means that the next Congress will not be as sympathetic as it should have been.

This was supposed to be the election year when the Republicans took control of the Senate. There are two major reasons for this. First, the GOP had such a bad year in 2008 that six years hence, it is only defending 15 seats. Second, in the sixth year of a president’s two-year term, the president’s party tends to do poorly.

Given these two structural advantages, the hacks at the Republican National Committee and its downtrace committees have spend the last year strut about as they had ginned the whole thing up themselves. The situation gave the GOP leaders their dream scenario: the chance to win without conservatives.

In safe Republican states, the GOP leaders moved money and people to defeat conservatives in the primaries, meaning that in the next Congress the Republicans as a bloc will be more liberal. In states with contested seats, the liberal Republicans will lose to the Democrat they are emulating.

Take for example the case of Republican Thomas R. “Thom” Tillis running against Sen. J. Kay Hagan (D.-N.C.). In what should have been her ticket back to private life, Hagan voted for President Barack Obama’s agenda to restrict gun rights.

It is hard to imagine Tillis believes anything he says, so let’s assume it was a consultant, who told him to announce he also would support restricting gun rights.

If you are confused why a Republican in North Carolina is against gun rights, understand this is actually the Republican strategy. This is what Republican call “taking the issue off the table.” The idea is the zero out the conservatives and make the fight between liberals and moderates. After recreating the political playing field, the Republicans use ridicule and personal attacks—not issues.

This is why there were many jokes about Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.-Mass.) telling people that she was part Cherokee, but nothing about her calls to take away gun rights.

In North Carolina, Tillis is making a big deal out of Hagan’s husband making money off programs she voted for. This is not the way to win over Democrats. This is not a scandal for Democrats. Making bank off the government is what unites Democrats. In the end, the all the onslaught of attack ads did was enrich GOP consultants who take a a cut on the media buy. The needle did not move.

Remember, more than 40 percent of North Carolina residents are gun owners, so in effect, the GOP would rather lose than win with a conservative candidate or with conservative voters.

Log it now: Hagan beats Tillis.

In Kentucky, where Minority Leader Sen. A. Mitchell McConnell is trying to lose, 48 percent of residents are gun owners—heard him calling for national concealed carry reciprocity? Nah.

Even so-called liberal states come into play when gun owners are energized and taken off the sidelines and put in the game. Check these blocks of gun owners: Minnesota 42 percent, Vermont 42 percent, Oregon 40 percent, New Mexico 35 percent, Pennsylvania 35 percent, Delaware 26 percent and California 21 percent.

Let’s hope I’m wrong, but you know I am right.

In the meantime, I am right when I say this week’s roster is top notch.


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Neil W. McCabe
Editor, Guns & Patriots

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