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Dear Guns & Patriots reader,
This week we pay special attention to the end of the Marine Corps mission in Afghanistan, an event that truly reflects Shakespeare’s line: “Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.”Yes, it is grand that our troops are back with their loved ones and friends. But, on the other side of the ledger, we have said goodnight to Afghanistan before and methinks, soon enough, our boots will once again leave prints in that ground.

Over and over again, our military comes home from a strange land only to be sent back when our victories are wasted by leaders without respect or measure for the cost of young blood.

Ten years ago, the Marines fought heroically in the second Battle of Fallujah, a battle that was not only for control of vital urban center, but also for the soul of the Marines and the military. The taking of Fallujah established that all the chatter back home, the American fighting man and his fighting machines are the finest in the world. Fallujah was a victory of bravery, tenanacity and tactics—a city that was literally taken room-by-room, floor-by-floor, building-by-building and block-by-block.

The message to the rest of the world was that no one in their right mind should take on the victors of Fallujah. But, the subtext looking back is what was it all worth if our nation’s leaders throw it all away out of spite?

As the Marines fought along with Army Soldiers, it was natural to establish some boundries between the services. In the interest of unity of command and culture, Marines were took over Anbar from the Army as their own battlespace.

Later, in the same vein, Marines were given lead in Afghanistan, while the Army took lead in Iraq.

It should surprise no one that Marines took the fight to the anti-Afghanistan forces with the same power and spirit the brought to Fallujah, Iwo Jima or Belleau Wood.

Now, the Army is returning to Iraq as the Marines are marching home from Afghanistan.

We have been assured that Afghanistan is stable and our help is just getting in the way. OK.

Just so I can sleep at night, I am going to trust that my anxiety about this world of ours that President Barack Obama has set on fire is just a projection of my own turmoils.

We shall see in the morrow.

Right now, though, we have an amazing roster of articles for you to take your measure.


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