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Last week, my article about the Bloomberg front group Mom’s Demand Action for Gun Sense in America bullied Panera Bread into requesting its customers not bring guns into its 1,800 stores and that the next target was Kroger, the Cincinnati-based supermarket chain.

At the time, I was not yet tracking the James Woods and his #holderchallenge.

The Holder Challenge is the demand that Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., apply the same aggressive towards black-on-white violent crime as he always does for those cases of white-on-black violent crime.

Woods is a strange and happy case. A lifelong social justice Democrat, he was a vicious critic of President Ronald W. Reagan and a passionate supporter of President William J. Clinton. While flying on Sept. 10, 2001, he noticed a group of Arab passengers acting strangely and giving him a scary vibe. When he landed he called the FBI, who blew him off.

Days later, Woods recognized the passengers as the bombers who brought us the Sept. 11 attacks.

The experience shook Woods up and in last 13 years, he have evolved into a cynical ex-liberal. But, because he was raised in the left-wing culture, he brings insights and analysis to the political debate that conservatives miss.

OK. The Mom’s launched their campaign against Kroger Aug. 18, so as this fake group of mothers, funded and scripted by former NYC mayor Michael R. Bloomberg was ranted about guns making Kroger supermarkets more dangerous, a mob of black teenagers beat a white Kroger worker to a pulp as he walked in the parking lot of his Memphis store.

The black female shooting video off her phone called out: “They got a white dude!”

The incident has all the markings of what liberals call a hate crime and if it were 11 white kids attacking a black kids—you might have even heard about this incident in the mainstream media.

Woods has tweeted relentlessly to bring attention to the attack with tweets such as the one from Sept. 10: “Mr. Holder, stand above politics and address the cancer of ALL racism in America. Go to Memphis. #holderchallenge #TheyGotaWhiteDude”


You will be stunned to learn that Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong will not investigate the attack as a hate crime, because, get this, the situation began as a fight between two groups of black females that evolved into a social media-fueled flash mob that turned onto the victim.

A single underage suspect was charged in the attack.

Well, Woods makes the point, I have made repeatedly in this space. The government is not going to protect you and cannot be trusted to bring people who attack you to justice.

To the Mom’s I would suggest that the young man cowering on the pavement as his attackers wind up and full-force kicked him might have wished he had a gun.

When the police arrived. It was all over. If that Kroger employee had been armed, it might not have started in the first place.

One place to get started, though, is this week’s G&P roster.


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