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We had another reminder of how far we have to go to restore American gun rights July 18, when House aide Ryan Shucard was arrested for having a handgun with him as he entered the Cannon House Office Building.Shucard, a Virginia resident, had the Smith & Wesson in a bag as he walked into the building, where he is the press secretary for Rep. Thomas A. Marino (R.-Pa.). After spending Friday night in the local jail, the aide was released Saturday afternoon.

To his credit, Marino voted July 16 to approve an amendment to the District of Columbia Fiscal Year 2015 that would have restricted the ability of the district government to enforce its administrative gun control policies.

Let’s put aside the fact that no charges or reprimands followed Capitol Hill police officers spraying dozens of rounds from their M-4 carbines in their tragic murder of a panicked motorist—yet, a Republican press secretary gets booked and jailed for an obviously innocent mistake.

The horse blanket of gun laws in America expose gun owners to legal jeopardy every day, all day. So-called gun free zones around schools or at restaurants make millions of gun owners law breakers as they go about their everyday lives. It is seriously a mess because for gun owners to comply, they have to constantly arm and disarm, ditch guns in the bushes, stick the piece in the glove box or under the seat—or if crossing state lines, well, whatever, right?

In the new Congress that takes over in January, let’s hope the new Republican majorities in the House and Senate move quickly and seriously restore gun rights and lift the burden from law-abiding citizens.

One hopes that Shucard pleads not guilty to all charges and forces the prosecutors to put the anti-gun laws he is charged with to the test. Too often, literally thousands per year, Americans are scared into pleading guilty to lesser charges by prosecutors, who know their gun laws are unconstitutional.

But, maybe that is too heavy a lift to ask of the young man. He has a lot on his plate right now.

I am convinced the articles in this week’s roster are weighty, but not a heavy lift.



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