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Dear Guns & Patriots reader,
Happy Thanksgiving!

Like many of our traditions, this simple one has been corrupted and spoiled, and yet.

Somehow, we lost Advent and after we clear the table at Thanksgiving, we go straight to what we still call Christmas—I think.

Yes, and yet.

There are drives and rides and flights and all the hassles of travel. There are hours of prepping and cleaning and cooking, and cooking. For what?

When it is all over, all of the hassles return, only in reverse, or worse—frankly, cooking is always more fun than cleaning.

The for what is that for at least one moment or two everyone looks around the table and says, like our Pilgrim forebearers: “We made it and wihout the help of our Almighty Father, we would not have.”

I have heard horrible things said at the Thanksgiving dinner table. I have seen relationship, familial and romantic, irreparably damaged. It seems the pressure of the day is too much, so that when we find ourselves absolutely not sitting in a Norman Rockwell painting, we are compelled to share thoughts best left unsaid.

Yet, we do it every year. We’ll do it again next year and the all the years that follow, maybe hoping to get it right.

Perhaps, most Americans get it right. Perhaps, my own experiences are just uniquely twisted—or maybe everyone else was having a good time and I am the one seeing and hearing things wrong. Could very well be.

Historically for our own context, the Pilgrims would have never made it if they did not have firearms.

The natives may have been friendly and kind, but they also had a warlike temper.

Today, many of our neighbors are friendly and kind, but with warlike tempers. In Ferguson, Missouri, we are standing by for the folks in that fine city to erupt in a warlike temper that will beat the band.

In the week between this e-letter and the next, I suspect it will be all over and we can sift through the ashes for lessons to be learned. But, before the first dry cleaners or hardware store is torched, we know it is better to be armed than not armed. We know the police and the Missouri National Guard are not going to risk their lives to protect the simple residents unfortunate to have to rely on them.

We shall see. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving! If you are traveling, be safe and aware. If you are hosting, be safe and aware. Having a feast with loved ones is a good thing—and just making it to another year is a great reason to pause and give thanks.

I would be grateful, too, if you would take pause to read the articles we have collected for you this week.



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Neil W. McCabe
Editor, Guns & Patriots

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