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Dear Guns & Patriots reader,
In this space I have beaten the drum for gun rights in those neighborhoods abandoned by the police in every city in America. In light of the mayhem in Ferguson, Missouri after the Aug. 9 shooting of Michael Brown, we need to expand our concern to those neighborhoods, where the police could become overwhelmed.

The multi-day mobs burned gas stations, looted stores, then burned the stores, broke windows, vandalized cars and generally turned the once quiet streets into the gates of Hell.

The question of Brown’s shooting will be resolved in good time, if only because the police union will not let one of its officers get rolled by the effort by the liberals and their puppet-slaves in the mainstream media to wrap up this case with the bow of racism—and move on.

Facts are changing quickly, but it is clear by now that Brown was a criminal menace and the “hands-up” narrative that portrayed an innocent Brown gunned down by a police officer in cold blood as he walked down the street, is no longer operative. In fact, by the time you have opened this email, that narrative will have been exposed as the fairy tale it was.

The shooting aside, the Ferguson police proved completely unable and unwilling to restore public safety in the minority neighborhoods whipped into the post-shooting uproar. Much attention has been given the St. Louis police riding in heavy with armored cars and flak jackets—yes, that is all over the top, especially if it does not work.

To the people of the Ferguson, city between St. Louis and St. Charles, a municipal named four years in a row a “Playful City” by the University of Missouri-St. Louis, the police were not the answer. They needed to take care of themselves.

It will be a few years before Ferguson is named a Playful City again.

But, I will bet you dollars to doughnuts before Ferguson gets that title again, there will be another city, and surely another, engulfed in the chaos as helmeted and well-armed police officers watch on.

As we brace for the next urban riot, there is some time to check out this week’s roster.



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Neil W. McCabe
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