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Dear Guns & Patriots reader,
Next week, the message is vote.Today, the message: Work. Make phone calls, plant yard signs and work to identify supporters of gun rights, who you can then bring to the polls Nov. 4.

The great war philosopher Sun Tzu tells us that when two armies meet on the field of battle, it has already been determined which one will win the day. All that is left to do is for the men to fight and die based on the preparations their leaders made up to the moment the first shot was fired.

We have no idea how it will play out until the votes are cast and it is revealed to us.

My own call is that up until the middle of October, President Barack Obama and the Democrats successfully ran different Senate campaigns in silos, isolated from each other.

Then, in a stunning “own goal,” Obama nationalized the midterms and put himself on the ballot everywhere—and he is unpopular everywhere.
Of course, the Republican leadership is looking to win without the support of conservatives, and least of all gun owners.

In the 2008-2009 Congress, Sen. John R. Thune (R.-S.D.) attached a national concealed carry reciprocity bill to the Pentagon budget. When the Democrats moved to end debate, Thune did not have the 60 votes he needed to sustain a filibuster—you’ll have to ask your grandparents what a filibuster is.

Thune got 58 votes. He needed 60. But, mixed in to the 58 were a number of Democrats from conservative states, who got permission to vote with Thune, once it was clear he would lose. The lesson here is that Democrats recognize that they will lose if they are on the wrong side of gun rights.

In the meantime, the GOP has picked up the House and increased its sway in the Senate.

In the meantime, the GOP has picked up the House and increased its sway in the Senate. Yet, gun rights have gone nowhere. If anything, it was the Republican leadership in the post-Newtown panic that nearly made the Second Amendment a dead letter.

This is strange, right?

Next week, we will seen Republicans lose very close races they would have won if they had been vocal about the need to support gun rights. No Republican has lost because he is too strong on gun rights. Plenty have returned to private life because they were too weak.

This week, you will find we have put together a very strong roster for your reading pleasure.


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