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S.C. GOP poll: ‘Jeb’ leads White House hopefuls; Graham holds lead with 60 percent

S.C. GOP poll: 'Jeb' leads White House hopefuls; Graham holds lead with 60 percent
Former Florida governor John E. "Jeb" Bush (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

South Carolina Republicans like former Florida governor John E. “Jeb” Bush for president, while continuing to support Sen. Lindsey O. Graham for re-nomination against a host of conservative challengers, according to the March 6-7 Human Events/Gravis poll of 735 voters, who had previously voted in a Republican primary.

“Jeb Bush shows strength across many of the poll’s crosstabs and was the choice of 22 percent of the respondents compared to his 16 percent in our November poll,” said Doug Kaplan, the president of Gravis Marketing, the Florida-based polling company.

The the polls were conducted using automated IVR software, Gravis used current voter lists provided by the state of South Carolina to conduct the telephone survey, he said. The poll carries a margin of error of 4 percent.

Bush polled lead among Catholics with 18 percent to former Arkansas governor Michael D. Huckabee’s 15 percent, he said. But, among evangelical Christians Huckabee outpolled Bush 21 percent to 18 percent. Bush is a convert to Catholicism and Huckabee is an ordained Southern Baptist minister.

When the respondents are broken up by education, Bush beats Huckabee 19 percent to 17 percent, he said. Bush was the choice of 50 percent of voters with some high school and 21 percent of voters with post-graduate degrees, followed New Jersey Gov. Christopher J. Jr., with 12 percent of post-grad voters.

Huckabee led with 21 percent of high school graduates, Kaplan said.

Keith Appell, a political consultant with the Washington-based CRC Public Relations, said he is watching the race for the White House develop.

“This is wide open as the top three are all big question marks. Christie still has investigations hanging over his head, Jeb Bush isn’t running yet and there are a lot of problems awaiting him if he does,” he said.

“While there’s a reservoir of support for Huckabee left over from 2008 there are other conservatives likely to run who could strongly appeal to many of his voters,” he said. “None of this is really solid support and anyone who starts to get traction nationally and gets down there repeatedly to campaign can make a big move.”

“In the GOP Senate primary survey, Graham polled 60 percent against the field compared to his 54 percent in our November poll,” he said. In the case that no candidate receives more than 50 percent in the June 10 primary, the two top vote getters run in a runoff primary.

Jackie Bodnar, a spokeswoman for FreedomWorks, the Washington-based Tea Party information and logistics hub, said, “We are starting to see the Senate race take shape, but it’s still early.”

Bodnar said the field of challengers is still taking shape and shaking out.

“The filing deadline is not until the end of the month, and I think that’s where you’re going to see a lot of the grassroots start to unify around a single challenger,” she said. “Unity is going to be key in taking on an entrenched Beltway operator like Lindsey Graham.”

Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R.-S.C.) with a supporter

Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R.-S.C.) with a supporter (Courtesy of  Graham Campaign Facebook page)

Tate Zeigler, a spokesman for the Graham campaign, said, “It’s too early for a poll to mean much – even this one showing Senator Graham 50 points ahead and getting 64 percent of the Republican vote.”

Zeigler said the senator is still campaigning serviously.

“He continues traveling to every corner of the state, hosting events, listening to the concerns of voters, opening campaign offices, and talking about his record,” he said.

Senator Graham is a conservative, a problem-solver, and a leader who gets things done,” he said. “We’re running a grassroots campaign which is attracting new supporters each and every day and plans to peak on June 10 when Republican voters go to the polls.”

Appell said South Carolina Republicans do not yet know the candidates running against Graham.

“The numbers show Graham on the wrong side of some key issues and other polls over the past year have shown his job approval numbers dropping steeply,” he said.

“The primary isn’t until June and there’s a runoff if Graham can’t get above 50.  While he can take some comfort from these results he’s not out of the woods yet,” he said. “He’s vulnerable, but someone has to start putting lead on the target before too long.”

Kaplan said after Graham, respondents chose state Sen. Bright Lee, 10 percent; liberal operative Nancy R. Mace, 7 percent; Richard Cash, 4 percent and lawyer and Afghanistan War veteran Bill Connor, 2 percent.

“In our November poll, Bright was also at 10 percent,” he said. The undecided moved from 23 percent in November to 17 percent in March.

Bright said he did not have confidence in the poll results.

“These findings really stretch credulity,” he said. “There’s not a group of Republicans outside of the Senate dining room where Lindsey Graham is in the 60s.”

The state senator said, “Even Graham’s own polls show him closer to 50 percent. This is not at all consistent with any other polling, nor with what our campaign is hearing on the grassroots level.”

Michael Stevens, a campaign spokesman, said a February poll conducted by Ohio-based Wenzel Strategies had Graham at 45 percent and Bright at 17 percent.

Waiting in the wings, Democrat Thomas Ravenel said he is considering an independent run at Graham.

“Lindsey Graham is a polished politician with an affable demeanor who is running in a state with a rich military tradition,” he said. “Speaking in military terms he’s got a war chest of more than $7 million – with millions more in independent expenditure money waiting in the wings in the event he needs it.”

Ravenel said, “It’s no surprise then that many view his reelection as a fait accompli.”

But, the son of a Democratic congressman said he is not concerned with the poll numbers.

“If Lindsey Graham wins the GOP nomination and I decide to run against him as an independent, it obviously would not be out of an abundance of wisdom – but rather an abundance of passion for ideas I believe in,” said the former state treasurer.

“He is an adept politician, I am not. But I fervently believe – and history has repeatedly documented – that the free market ideas I’m advancing are more effective than the top-down central planning he embraces,” he said. “We at least need to debate those ideas – and then step back and see what the only poll that matters has to say about them.”

Professor Gibbs Knotts, the chairman of the College of Charleston political science department, said Huckabee benefits from name recognition and finished a close second to Sen. John S. McCain III (R.-Ariz.) in the 2008 South Carolina primary.

Knotts said the poll shows that the state’s Republicans are less excited by Tea Party favorites Sen. R. Edward “Ted” Cruz (R-Texas) and Sen. Randall H. “Rand” Paul (R.-Ky.)

The professor said Graham also benefits from name recognition and more than $8 million in his campaign fund.

“He is also a very strong general election candidate and has the ability to do very well among moderates and independents,” he said. “He has a record of reaching across the aisle. The national parties have become more polarized and South Carolina has moved more solidly towards the Republican Party, so this has made him more vulnerable.”

In a possible runoff, Knotts said he thinks Mace has a shot. “Mace is an interesting candidate. She’s raised some money and she has an interesting personal story as the first female gradate from the Citadel.”

Professor Scott E. Buchanan, who teaches political science at The Citadel and the executive director of The Citadel Symposium on Southern Politics, said the state’s population is growing and the political leanings of its residents are a function of geography.

“The biggest thing that surprises most outside observers is how much the South Carolina population is growing because of retirees or those coming here for jobs, Boeing, BMW, Michelin, Amazon, and others,” he said. “Most of these new residents are non-Southerners. They typically are Republican but more of the economic variety.”

Native white South Carolinians are typically more conservative on social issues, he said.

“The Chris Christie support is partially name recognition, partly Christie’s bravado, and partly a function of people from New York and New Jersey who have settled in the state,” he said.

“The other factor in state politics is the division between the coastal areas, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, and the Upcountry, Greenville-Spartanburg and York County, which is a suburb of Charlotte, he said. “The Lowcountry tends to be more focused on economics; the Upcountry on social issues.”

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  • lvdancer

    I don’t know where you live, but illegals are already voting in our elections!

  • lvdancer

    The same types who control the RNC here in Nevada. They care for nothing but the status quo.

  • globalcrap

    Bush married an alien. Christie voted for the “Dream Act”. Rubio won’t close the American borders. America needs help.

  • Tabitha Bliss

    Don’t think they do??

    Here’s the latest on illegals voting..They caught ‘em voting ‘in vast numbers’ in Florida!


    This has been going on for years!

  • globalcrap

    Soros, Kerry, Kennedy, Gore, Billionaire O Bogus liberals.

  • HDanny

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  • badgerpatriot1970

    Aren’t you scared your parents are going to find that Bath House Barry blow up doll in your closet?

  • jory12

    American patriots across the country must unite around Lee Bright, the only conservative challenger who can beat Gramnesty. No one who really cares can afford to just watch from afar. Lindsay Graham is a menace to the Republic.
    This is the only place and time to defeat him once and for all, in the primary.
    Go to Lee Bright’s website and get involved.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94rcOVJBMYQ Winston Blake

    Obama, McCain, Clinton, Romney, Bush, Kerry, etc. are all full of shít just like the European Union… I won’t fight a war for any of them, none of them are protecting the borders of the United States, they are all traitors and are not worth defending.

    You do find Russian soldiers on the Russian border and you won’t find any gay pride marches.

    The Jewish globalist financiers funding Sodom Hussein Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Salafist terror groups opposing Assad in Syria want control just like they wanted Libyan oil for the EUSSR…

    The European Union (EUSSR) is a greater danger than the Russian Republic could ever be.

    Who is defending the border of the United States?

    Who bombed Orthodox Christian Serbs for the Muslims?

    Die jüdischen Bankiers sind überschwemmen Europa mit Muslimen und Amerika mit Dritte-Welt-Papierkorb.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94rcOVJBMYQ Winston Blake

    Die jüdischen Bankiers sind überschwemmen Europa mit Muslimen und Amerika mit Dritte-Welt-Papierkorb.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94rcOVJBMYQ Winston Blake

    The Jewish globalist financiers funding Sodom Hussein Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Salafist terror groups opposing Assad in Syria want control just like they wanted Libyan oil for the EUSSR…

  • Altosackbuteer


    But what he CANNOT win is the general election.

    And the Republican Party insiders evidently are so badly out of touch that they cannot parse this difference.

    The Bush brand name is RADIOACTIVE.

    First of all, American does NOT do dynasties. This will hurt Hitlery too.

    Secondly, the Bush name is loathed widely in America’s Left.

    Thirdly, what Jeb Jong Un would HAVE to have as compensation for this is widespread support from the Right.

    But I have been perusing this site for a long time and for every single Bush supporter, there are are 50 people like you who are vehement in your denunciation of this Bush and the entire Bush family.

    How can Jeb Jong Un therefore possibly prevail in any general election?

    The answer is, he cannot.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Please pay attention to the tenor and timbre of the anti-Bush reactions you are seeing RIGHT HERE. Jeb Jong Un can’t even carry the Right Wing and CERTAINLY can’t overcome the country’s revulsion against the Bush brand name.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Rarely do I agree with you. But here I do.

    The reason there is an immigration problem is because of an unholy alliance of Left and Right. The Left likes illegal immigration because it feeds into their utopian dreams of a utopian world of universal brotherhood, universal peace, no borders, and full equality for all.

    And SOME of the Right likes it too, simply because illegal immigrants are an exploitable pool of cheap labor.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Oh — like my resident (legal) alien wife who was ILLEGALLY registered to vote after she obtained her driver’s license, via the execrable Motor Voter Law?

    I have NEVER heard of an illegal alien who was deported simply for having voted.

  • Altosackbuteer

    At least some of those illegal aliens are telling the TRUTH about not knowing how they were registered to vote. It happened to my wife via Motor Voter, which she did NOT check off.

  • Altosackbuteer

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  • Altosackbuteer

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  • Frank N Short

    It just makes perfect sense… President McCain, President Romney and now President Bush.

  • Altosackbuteer

    And what a RIDICULOUS Pink Nazi LIAR you are too. With a straight face, you actually expect us to believe that Jews are subsidizing the very people dedicated to their own destruction.

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    Gehen sie saugen eine Schrotflinte…

    Bir av tufegi emmek git, ibne yahudi…

  • Altosackbuteer

    For every one Bush supporter, I see FIFTY like you ON THE RIGHT who LOATHE the Bush brand name. How can Jeb Jong Un POSSIBLY think he can win a general election?

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94rcOVJBMYQ Winston Blake

    Bir av tufegi emmek git, ibne yahudi…

  • Altosackbuteer

    Schwuler Pink Nazi Lüger.

  • Altosackbuteer

    I don’t think the Site is doing that.

    This Comments section has literally dozens of anti-Bush Comments, but NOT ONE PRO-BUSH Comment.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94rcOVJBMYQ Winston Blake

    Ich bin der Orden des Drachen, liegen Jude…

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94rcOVJBMYQ Winston Blake

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    Or in Latin… Ordo Draconis… you filthy scum Jew…

  • Altosackbuteer

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    Have bun with the Boys in the BUND the next time you lads get together for another gay bash.

    It is a FACT — Nazi outfits are THE preferred costume which gays wear on Halloween.

    Don’t forget to wear the kind of Lederhosen with the snaps in the backseat area, so the pants can be swiftly opened for easy, convenient access.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94rcOVJBMYQ Winston Blake

    Ich bin der Orden des Drachen… liegen Jude…

  • Altosackbuteer

    Orden des Drachens oder NSDAP — es alle riecht mit dem gleichen Nazi Mist.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94rcOVJBMYQ Winston Blake

    Ordinul Dragonului… Romanian…

  • Altosackbuteer

    “Liegen Jude” ist sinnlos, du ungezogener Nazi Schwein.

  • alegalcitizen

    So who’s YOUR choice then? I don’t want Bush, OR Gramnesty to be in the Presidency and the Senate, they, push, push, and push for their amnesties, enough already, we have half of Mexico living here, many benefitting from OUR tax dollars.
    At least Rand Paul stands up for the PEOPLE.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94rcOVJBMYQ Winston Blake

    Muammar Gaddafi was pushing other Arab countries to adopt a gold standard currency which would have eclipsed the dollar and the euro.

    So the whole country of Libya was sacked in order to kill him… When the ‘rebels’ ousted Gaddafi, what was the first thing they did ? Form a new GOVERNMENT ?

    Nope. They formed a LIBYAN NATIONAL BANK… Now, why would they do that?

    And even though they ‘ousted’ Gaddafi, he remained sole proprietor of the Libyan National Bank (the original one) until he (and his heirs) died.

    So… guess what?

    The EUSSR needed Libya’s oil and since they have been on US military welfare since WW2, they had their dupe Sodom Hussein Obama arrange the assassination of their newly uncooperative stooge Muammar Queerdaffy, who they previously had on the UN Human Rights Commission.

    In Syria, nobody really wants to get involved because it would force them to admit that George Bush was right and the WMDs Saddam Hussein did have and did use on Kurds and Iranians went over to his friend (and formerly theirs) Bashar al-Assad in the Ba’ath Socialist party.

  • alegalcitizen

    IF you’re gonna post on here, make in a language most of us understand.

  • alegalcitizen

    IT was EVERY President looking the other way, don’t put the blame on just Bush.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94rcOVJBMYQ Winston Blake

    If Iran launches a nuclear weapon against Israel, the Palestinian fílth díes in the fallout… it is a win-win situation…

  • Altosackbuteer

    אם ישךאל חי לולאם ועד

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94rcOVJBMYQ Winston Blake

    Jeb Bush had no business letting that hurricane get past Florida…

    All those brush fires in the West are all the Bushes’ fault.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Sie sind ein Verbrecher gegen das Völkerhetzunggebot.

  • Altosackbuteer

    You’ll not find ME defending the attack on Libya (despite the fact that Khaddafy WAS operating Libya as his great rape romper room).

    On the contrary, I hold that it was a gross violation of the War Powers Act which ITSELF OUGHT to be enough to Impeach Øbama Øsama.

    And I think also, Europe’s primary interest in the attack was because Libya is close and has top-grade crude oil.

    And, per se, there is NOTHING wrong with that. OIL IS LIFE, and no nation ought to be faulted for pursuing its national existence.

    And I quite agree too that Sadam Hussein’s missing WMD wound up in Syria.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94rcOVJBMYQ Winston Blake

    I already told you, I have no cause to defend you… I wash my hands like Pontius Pilate…

    Your Golden Calf has grown up to be a hollow Bronze Bull.

  • chillinout.

    Conservative imbecile rule #1: Hide from the truth at all costs. Conservatives are notorious liars

  • chillinout.

    I don’t understand why you’re all fighting, you’re all human filth, no need to argue which one of you is the most degenerative

  • Altosackbuteer

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  • Altosackbuteer

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    Und was übrig ist, ist nur der gleiche kopflose Kuhmist.

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  • reddarin

    If Jeb is the candidate in 2016 the (D) will control the Oval Office for another 4 years.

    The only possible way he could win is if by some miracle he runs against some buffoon like Biden. The MSM couldn’t cover up that level of incompetence even if they desperately wanted to as they do with Obamao.

  • Altosackbuteer

    The Bush brand name is radioactive. It’s as simple as that.

  • abc2xyz

    S.C. GOP poll: ‘Jeb’ leads White House hopefuls; Graham holds lead with 60 percent
    Let’s hope that USA is different from S.C. …..
    JEB on the ticket ?
    Most of the Conservatives will vote on Primaries and November ABRD …. Anybody but JeB/Rinos or DemoRats …….

  • http://poorwilber.blogspot.com Poor Wilber

    Anoint the next loser RINOs, Jeb Bush ! I voted for John McCain, I voted for Mitt Romney. I will not be pushed to the despicable Left any longer…..this is as far as the RINO b@astards are going to shove me. Join the Democratic Party RINOs (like Arlan Spector and Jeff Crist) , because that is the only way you’ll ever see the inside of the White House again. The marriage between conservatives and liberal big government Rockefeller Republicans is over as far as I’m concerned….. with the coronation of either Christie or Jeb Bush.

  • http://poorwilber.blogspot.com Poor Wilber

    Another round of “compassionate conservatism”, which is NOT conservatism at all….but recycled big government Rockefeller Republicanism.

  • http://poorwilber.blogspot.com Poor Wilber

    As opposed to the Politico “lie of the year” …..envelope please…..awarded to Barack Hussein Obama.

  • http://poorwilber.blogspot.com Poor Wilber

    The slow walking of the IRS investigation (refusal to subpoena documents) illustrates clearly that RINOs want to target Tea Party groups as much as Democrats. Boehner and McConnell have made that quite clear in their own public statements. This is to coronate their own candidates in the primaries, by stopping these groups from raising money to fight entrenched incumbency…..the entitlement of the ruling elites.

  • http://poorwilber.blogspot.com Poor Wilber

    Will someone tell both the Bush and the Clinton dynesties, that they should kiss all our rebel arses……connected to those of us who do not consent to be governed by their benevolent lordships any longer.

  • http://poorwilber.blogspot.com Poor Wilber

    SC is bought off by billions of tourist and agriculture dollars that feed on cheap Mexican labor.

  • alegalcitizen

    This is what ole Teddy said in 1986:
    “this amnesty will give citizenship to only 1.1 to 1.3 MILLION illegal aliens” (yes he SAID illegal aliens) We will SECURE the borders, henceforth we will NEVER again bring forward another amnesty bill like this!!!

    He got the Republicans legislators to agree to amnesty in exchange for enforcement rules he made sure were written in a way that would NOT work.

    THEN after they got their amnesty they LOBBIED congress for family unity, bringing in their aunts, uncles, cousins, gramma and grampa.
    Mainly ONE culture, wanting to change OURS to what they left behind.

  • http://conservativetimes.org/ Local_Ale

    One of the bigger MSN lies is that South Carolina is conservative…

  • ursine

    Ihr Mund ist ein Toiletten. Es erklärt, was in Ihrem Kopf.

  • MoctezumasRevenge

    He was sleeping with Bill…

  • MoctezumasRevenge

    Look! It’s little Danny Spicoli!
    Hey Danny–where you in juvenile hall?

  • fedupMan

    Will someone tell JEB he country STILL does NOT want illegal immigration. The lame stream media will lay immigration traps for Jeb every day. The rest of USA does NOT want these people here. Another 20 + million Dem voters will kill the goose that laid the golden egg. We don’t want illegal immigration and OzeroCare.

  • Havoc


  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94rcOVJBMYQ Winston Blake

    evolution = heterosexual
    extinction = homosexual
    born gay = birth defect
    gay marriage = religious fággotry
    abortion = pre-natal summary execution
    death penalty = post-natal abortion
    moderate muslim = out of bullets
    naacp = kwanzaa kook klan
    judaism = anti-christ
    satanism = jewish cult
    more taxes = more police = more of a police state
    affordable housing = slaves’ quarters
    european union = eussr
    * bipartisan = twice as bad (p.j. o’roarke)

    (judaic bolshevist mammonism) baphomet = mahomet (muslim brotherhood)

    same devil

  • ShawnNJ

    I haver had enough of all the Bush’s….Time for them to be put to bed forever. They have done enough damage…Members of the Bildenburg Group…

  • Layla

    I have my doubts about this polling. Jeb Bush is not even close to being conservative. He is progressive. He is the force behind Common Core, Gov ed. He is so close to Bill Gates they are joined at the hip. How stupid can you be?

  • Layla

    I think the only way to stop this progressive takeover of the Republican Party is to start a third party that will carry the south. The time is now, Tea Party.

  • gmhunt4

    S.C. must be really happy with Obama…….if they like Jeb Bush & Lindsey Graham since they both “love” big government & Obama…..Muslims and illegals.

  • Robert_Fl

    Another Bush Presidential candidate will be the end of the Republican Party.

  • http://poorwilber.blogspot.com Poor Wilber

    Winston, a gold standard is insane. Gold has no intrinsic value, other than willingness of buyers to purchase it (like any other commodity). There are things far more valuable than gold, such as patents, technology, infrastructure, energy, etc. You cannot acquire enough gold based currency to expand a modern economy. In fact, to move to a gold standard would mean major gold producing nations would have vast economic power over nations who are not. If gold is so valuable, why would anyone sell it for worthless paper currency? Yet, gold continues to be sold. When the US currency was based on the gold standard, it was against the law for individuals to own gold or sell it. Think about it.

  • Ultracon

    What the H are you South Carolinians doing? Grahamnesty again? Good Lord, what is wrong with you morons?

  • AF Sam

    Thankfully this poll is seriously inaccurate and last figures I saw was Graham was only at 45% and slowly going down because many in South Carolina are finally waking up. The State GOP and some County GOP groups are made up of R.I.N.O.’s just like the National GOP. Thankfully, there are Tea Party groups all over the state that are putting out the truth concerning Lindsey “amnesty” Graham.

  • WhateversFair

    I certainly would like to be included in this polling. There’s two votes in this household that absolutely would not be cast for Jeb Bush or Lindsey Graham in a primary and only a 50/50 chance at best that we would vote for either of them in a general election. Being an election year, I see Senator Graham has temporarily abandoned his “RINO Two-Step” where he votes to invoke cloture, then votes against the bill and then sends out campaign literature telling his constituents he’s fighting for conservative principles and policies. What a crock!

  • Poodleguy

    Jeb is one Bush I don’t want to see in public office again, ever! There are a bunch of strong Constitutionally conservative republicans out there that outshine him. My bet is that he won’t even run & if he does, he will not get the nomination.

  • Poodleguy


  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94rcOVJBMYQ Winston Blake

    That justifies a political assassination?

    Because you don’t want to pay the asking price in trade?

  • reddarin

    Very true. Nothing would fire up the lib base like having a Bush name to run against.

    I think even if his name was McFly, the (R) would still lose with yet another Establishment candidate. McLame and McRomney cases in point.


    Add that to Ocumstain’s 12 million.


    Add that to Obambam’s 12 million!


    Why do you lapdog maggots rail against photo ids or ANY KIND OF DOCUMENTATION!!




    OH! It’s MRevenge…puking all over his sock and no one cares. A lapdog libturd maggot. (rhymes with f—–.)


    WOW! Rainbows and unicorns…the left is so groovy and cool…but ignore reality. THE WORLD USES BORDERS , BUT THE U.S. SHOULDN’T.???? FRIKKEN stupid libmaggots.

  • NavyBlue1962

    If this poll is not “tongue in cheek” the lunatics have taken over the state.


    Cain’t waint fo Ohillery….Will she bof all the young girl interns??


    Here is chittlin out again…..NOTHING!


    Are you truly proud of this administration? LMAO


    Oh! Hope and Change!

  • NJK

    They overwhelmingly voted for Obama.

  • Flavius Josephus

    I’m sorry but they are not pushing Jeb or Christie on us. If they think people stayed home when Romney ran stick Jeb or Christie out there and watch conservatives stay in bed that day.

  • IT IT IT 3


    ————–YOU —LOVE— being SHMUCKS!


    ————YOU LOVE IT!

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    Alex jones
    Informed Radio

    KEEP voting for the set ups!

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  • Altosackbuteer

    If YOU, the wretched Nazi pig that you are, are an example of an upstanding Christian, then I am only HAPPY to be anti-christ.

  • Altosackbuteer

    The Jewish vote for Øbama was down about 10 points in 2012, but still, about 2/3 of the Jews did vote for him.

    All I can say, it certainly calls into question the old stereotype about the Jews being intelligent.

    So why do they do it? I think, it’s because they continue to seek, in vain, love and esteem from the Gentiles. If only they can PROVE to the Gentiles how kind and tolerant and generous they are, MAYBE, FINALLY, the Gentiles will return the Jews’ unrequited love, and we can then all just get along with each other.

    Silly, f00lish Jews. Trying to buy the Gentiles’ love and esteem has NEVER worked, and never will.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94rcOVJBMYQ Winston Blake

    I already told you I am not here to “save” anybody… Ben Dragon Saparis duyuyorum,… Satanism is a Jewish cult, the Synagogue of Sodomy…

  • redware

    Your generic slam against South Carolinians is an insult to those of us who are working so hard to end the political career of this treasonous disgrace.Not all of us are morons, and we are fighting against an incumbent with an 8 million dollar warchest and name recognition.Maybe you could send a donation to one of his challengers instead of simply attacking all of us.

  • Altosackbuteer

    I never said you were trying to save anybody, you f00l.

  • reddarin

    I don’t think HC’s gate swings that way. Sure, she is about as far from being a lady as a female can be but she is no Director of Homeland Security.

  • CountryBoy

    We have Democrats that are to the RIGHT of Lindsey Gramm and Chris Christie here in Texas….

  • Roger Cotton

    Jeb Bush “leads WH hopefuls?”

    Please. This is ridiculous.

  • rockyvnvmc

    Bush and Graham are both ‘Progressives’.
    This poll was rigged, as most polls are, to come up with the result desired by it’s funders. I live in SC and I wouldn’t vote for Either of them for Dogcatcher !!

  • Moonbat Hunter

    This makes me feel ill. If the people of SC send Graham back to Washington than maybe the steriotypes of southern people are correct.

  • Bozeman

    You are a lamp of liberty, a shining beacon for all to see. Glow brighter, shine bigger: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • rocquedog

    What’s wrong with all those S. Carolinans? Both Bush and Graham are progressives of the highest order. Get some damn real conservatives in ofc. Not those phonies!

  • MACnasty

    Dear GOP:
    Knock off the shenanigans and get serious. We’re sick and tired of the status quo and the Bush dynasty. Want to lose again? Just keep it up.

  • mcbee555

    Well, the neighborhood NAZI is aboard, folks. He and I agree regarding the fallacy of the UN, but we separate when he starts his propaganda about Jews. However, that’s usually the crux of the propaganda when a NAZI has the same freedom of speech rights as we all do. And, according to our Bill of Rights, he does….even him.
    He even treats us to some of his topic in the German language, in case we didn’t understand his Jew-baiting in English. Those “Aryans” cover all forms of hate. They like to think they’re thorough….arrogance, you know.
    For such a supposedly learned creature, he actually didn’t know the correct spelling of Hussein’s (lately of Iraq) first name. Can you imagine, a NAZI confusing a city named in the bible with the criminal and deceased Iraqi ruler?
    I zink Vinston is not zo schmardt like he zinks. :):)
    I vill not pay for him attention. :):)

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94rcOVJBMYQ Winston Blake

    Ich bin der Orden des Drachen… liegen jude…

  • katekastorff

    If the GOP puts a rino on the ballot, I will vote Democrat for the first time in my life. Im sick of their crap and I will not play by their rules. If I have to have a Republican in name only in office, then just give me a Democrat. At least I know what I’m getting.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94rcOVJBMYQ Winston Blake

    Bestimmt… ja…

  • ConservativeJoe

    Altosackbuteer, if you are right in your thinking about the behavior of the Jewish Americans, they are asking for more than their due.

    No sub-group of Americans should expect anymore from other Americans than that they respect that group’s constitutional rights.

    The Jewish people in America don’t have to prove to anybody that they deserve this respect; they have the right to enforce their inherent rights anytime and any place in America.

    My Irish ancestors were despised when they immigrated from Ireland. It took decades before Irish immigrants were accepted in all but the lowest levels of society. They weren’t asking for esteem or love from other groups of Americans, they simply wanted to freely participate in the great experiment in liberty that was America.

    All Americans should have one expectation of other citizens and legal immigrants. Each one of us is expected to earn his or her own way and to contribute to the common cause of maintaining our county’s exceptional place in the world.

    The three charters of freedom are the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
    These charters, along with the 13th and 19th Amendments, are the guidelines for all American citizens.

    Of course, obama does not follow this criteria because he is a foreigner who naturally lacks an American ethos. obama acts like he still has his “coil of hatred” against White Americans and he constantly demonstrates scorn for our American traditions. The approval polls show that one or two additional obama voters are belatedly waking up to this realization each passing day.

    Altosackbuteer, I hope that you are right about the Jewish people eventually voting according to their conscience in the future. I also hope that Black Americans soon realize that obama is not helping them, he is keeping them in a perpetual state of welfare bondage.

  • ConservativeJoe

    Poor Wilber, I respectfully reject your opinion about the suitability of returning to the gold standard. You are right about the inherent value of this metal except for it’s one true value, namely it’s scarcity.

    Because the central banks of the world cannot print gold it is the ideal medium for backing the sovereign currencies. The estimated amount of gold in human hands is enough to fill two Olympic sized swimming pools.
    This along with the normal 100 million additional onces of yearly mined gold is and will always be exactly the right amount needed for all of the world’s currency needs.

    Let’s say that the United States decides to unilaterally return to the gold standard. The politicians would immediately lose their ability to manipulate the money system. Our society would live or die on being efficient enough, or productive enough, to maintain the value of our currency.

    The beautiful thing about the gold standard is that the dollar would rise or fall in value according to how competitive we are compared to other world economies. One once of gold might be worth $1,350.00 today and $15,000.00 tomorrow. And the next day one once of gold might be worth $500.00.
    The only thing that would change this ratio value is the productivity of our economy compared to the other economies of the world.

    It is the very scarcity of gold that would make artificial manipulation of the value of the dollar impossible. The only way our dollar would change in value is a change in the total value of our Gross Domestic Product.
    And that just happens to be what the world’s currency’s depends on today. Manipulation of one’s currency must balance out eventually, there are no free rides.

    But how would this affect world trade? NO gold could be demanded for exchange of sovereign currency. The only way to exchange international currency would be to sell or buy products from other countries. It would be impossible to create a trade imbalance because the foreign money reserves could only be used to buy products from the country that printed that currency.

    Can’t buy titanium from Russia because it’s too expensive? Tough luck, better improve your productivity to increase the value of your currency, or forget titanium. Wait a minute. You might offer a product that Russia needs like cotton for their titanium. Value is value, you cannot change the inherent value of products and services, at least not for long.

    Value and money are the two sides of the same coin. There are no free rides, you can not manipulate one without affecting the other.

    Can’t compete with the other economies? Welcome to third world living conditions. If you think that you have a right to a certain standard of living without working for it you are delusional.

  • Poodleguy


  • Altosackbuteer

    Your Irish ancestors didn’t have to live through centuries of anti-semitism from its Christian overlords.

    There is a story from the 18th Century which might illustrate the point.

    Around the year 1750, the Hapsburg Empress Maria Therese (whose bust graces Austria’s 2-euro coins at this time; Mozart’s bust is on the 1-euro coins) ordered all the Jews expelled from Bohemia, which is more or less today’s Czech Republic. This was in the middle of a very harsh winter, and several thousands of Jews died on the highways and by-ways of Bohemia until a team of diplomats, including the Papal Nuncio (The Empress was a staunch Catholic), talked her off the ledge and persuaded her to rescind the order of expulsion.

    Why would the Empress do that? It was because of her belief that “her” Bohemian Jews actually supported her arch-enemy Friedrich the Great in the war she’d recently had with him. That was the War of the Austrian Succession, which almost cost the Empress her life, and did result in the loss of the Austrian provinces of Upper and Lower Silesia to Prussia. (I myself live now in Lower Silesia.)

    And the truth of the matter is, “her” Jews probably DID prefer Friedrich to her. But WHY would they do that?

    It’s because Friedrich was the darling of Europe’s Age of Enlightenment. He was seen as the very model of a modern major monarch (expression borrowed from Gilbert & Sullivan). He was seen as enlightened and tolerant.

    And the Jews LOVED him for this, and flocked to him — because they so yearned to be free, FINALLY, from religious and economic oppression.

    The same thing happened when Napoleon swept through. MOST of the Jews supported him, despot that he was, because he represented the ideals of the French Revolution — Equality, Brotherhood, Fraternity.

    And for this reason, Jews flocked to the Bolshevik banner in numbers out of proportion to their population quotient — because Bolshevism too offered its own millennial promise of a paradise on earth. The Bolshevik promise resonated with the Jews’ own beliefs about the Kingdom of the Messiah.

    So if today’s American Jews too often support liberals, this is why. For a LONG time, Jews have been drawn to ANYTHING which promises toleration and equality, and you have to admit, liberals play this song a lot better than do conservatives.

  • ConservativeJoe

    Altosackbuteer, thank you for providing your insight about the Jewish desire for toleration and equality. And yes, the conservatives don’t go out of their way to make such promises.

    Perhaps that’s because conservatives intuitively understand that all human beings have certain inalienable rights. When you get right down to basic beliefs, all American citizens should also understand this, if they know the promise of their constitutional rights.

    But why are the liberals being so sensitive to the feelings of the Jews, Blacks, Hispanic, etc. groups? Do they feel a special empathy with these groups? Or are the liberals just playing one group against the other for political gain.

    Altosackbuteer, I dare say that you share my cynical view about the motives of the liberals. The deceitful liberals would crush the cultural differences of all minority groups, indeed, individualism itself, once they gain immutable power.

    In the socialist Utopia, EVERYONE must submit to the effort toward the common good. Anyone or any group that would dare oppose or even give the impression of opposition, would suffer an all-expenses paid trip to a Siberian-like resort where the food fare is spartan but the exercise regimen would more than make up for it.

    Unfortunately, The Jewish people demonstrate a cohesiveness and dedication to purpose that was perceived as being less than committed to the goals of the ruling hierarchies throughout history. Any group that stands apart in declining to worship the powers that be, becomes a target of such powers.

    In other words, the Jews make convenient scapegoats for the tyranny they exist in. Good and bad, right and wrong has very little to do with this situation. The Jews become the targets because they lack the means to maintain their independence from an abusive government.

    How is it that the citizens in Israel depend on the rifle for security but the American Jews tend to eschew the ownership of firearms? Individuals need security every bit as much as do nations.

    This is the conundrum in the voting habits of the Jewish people in America. They tend to enable the very group that would limit the Second Amendment and turn on them at first opportunity, in the name of the “Common Good”.

    Altosackbuteer, the “cold-hearted”, and “mean-spirited” conservatives that revere the Constitution, would be far better compatriots for the Jewish people than the socialists that call themselves liberals and progressives.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Raul Hilberg discussed this in his landmark “The Destruction of the European Jews.” In it, he said, when in Israel, Jews fight like lions, but when outside, are very submissive.

    Without realizing it, the majority of Jews are embracing those who would destroy them, spiritually more so than physically.

    I mentioned before the Jewish support of the despot Napoleon. He didn’t f00l all the Jews. The Lubavitch movement, which at the time was centered in White Russia but now is worldwide, sided with the Tzar in 1812. And it wasn’t because they had any illusions about the Tzar; on the contrary, they regarded him as a brute. But they regarded him as an HONEST brute. He was what he was. He was a PHYSICAL threat to Jews, but NOT a spiritual threat. The first Lubavitcher Rebbe regarded Napoleon as a greater danger because he represented forces which could undermine the Jews SPIRITUALLY.

    And of course he was quite correct, as we easily see in our times.

  • abby101

    I wonder if they loath Obama as much as me???

  • abby101

    Lindsey Graham is a RINO if they ever was one—to hell with him!!!

  • Robert Trusty

    Jed and Graham are nothing then dirt bags who want to enrich themselves.