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ETF Talk: Vietnam is another Asian Alternative

The past few weeks have taken us on a tour of investment opportunities in Asia and we now turn to Vietnam. The country is an agriculturally based, developing economy. Despite massive government interference, Vietnam is on-track for 5.65% growth this year. One way to invest in Vietnam is with the Market Vectors Vietnam ETF (VNM).

This non-diversified fund attempts to track the growth and performance, before fees and expenses, of an index of securities of Vietnamese companies. A company is considered Vietnamese if it is incorporated in Vietnam or if it generates at least 50% of its revenues or holds 50% of its assets there.

After enduring a slump this summer, VNM shares are up nicely from their August low. Last year, the fund logged a stellar performance of 23.71%. That return shows just how powerful the upside can be in the emerging markets of Asia.

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