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5 things Millennials don’t know the meaning of

5 things Millennials don’t know the meaning of

Generation Y has a lot wrong with it. So does every generation. Some generations rebel and do strange and wonderful things. This generation, composed of Millennials (sounds sort of science-fictiony and ethereally inspiring, doesn’t it?) is just plain lost because we/they don’t understand the meaning of:

Forever- The divorce rate in the United States is the 6th highest in the world. Fifty percent of marriages in modern America end in divorce. No-fault divorce is as common as dirt. That means we Gen-Yers have grown up with every other family we know being a single parent family, or being set up in a separate-but-equal kind of arrangement. “Death” in “‘Til death do us part” has taken on the meaning of “my interest in you no longer satisfies my vanity.” It’s a sad state of affairs. (Puns always intended.)

Divorce used to be a scandalous thing. Nowadays it’s a matter of course. Do Miley, Britney, Jessica, the Kardashians, or any other darling who represents this generation scream fidelity and happily ever after? Divorcée is the new stay-at-home housewife.

We’ve all heard of the older generation retiring from jobs they’ve held for 30, 40, 50 years. I heard someone say in reference to an elderly retiree that, “His first job was also his last!” What a foreign concept this is to the current workforce. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the average person born in the latter years of the baby boom holds an average of 11.6 jobs from age 18 to 46. With the economy the way it is and Obamacare’s penchant for laying people off in scores, my guess is that this number will be much higher by the time my generation turns 46.

Patience- Remember when people would keep in touch via snail mail? They would take the time to sit down and form thoughts, words, heck! complete sentences, and send them off to all corners of the world. Then they would go about their business and patiently await the reply.

We don’t have to wait for much of anything these days. Food arrives fast. People move fast. News travels fast. Waiting for the morning paper to deliver your daily report of the state of things is so passé. People know what happened mere instants later, and sometimes, thanks to live-stream videos, while it’s happening. If our YouTube video doesn’t load in 10 seconds it feels as if the world has reverted to Dinosaur Times. Remember when you’d have to wait a week for the next episode of your favorite show to air? We aren’t trained to wait for anything. Text message took 3 minutes to send?! The horror! Remember when a message would take a week to be delivered?

There’s no more catching up, now only keeping up.

Hard work- Physical labor is an unknown to a lot of people in America. Technology is great for making back-breaking toil a thing of the past, but if you don’t get your hands dirty and break a sweat, who are you? Nobody really gardens anymore, people go to farmer’s markets rather than cultivate their own yards. Mow the lawn, chop some fire wood, do the indoor handy-work yourself? Meh. They make people for that.

Sure people put in long hours at the office. But this involves a temperature-controlled environment, an ergonomic swivel chair, and an order of delicious take-out delivered right to your cube.

There’s a big difference between hard word and busy work.

Humor- Everyone now days has to have a cause, a purpose, a “narrative.” (Worst expression ever.) Whatever happened to being silly for silliness’ sake? A select few hit the humor nail right on its head, but to find a comedic source not founded on promoting a political agenda or being blatantly vulgar is difficult. To be funny, you have to be able to make fun of things. (Not sensitive, not PC). Portlandia, The Office, and The Mindy Project are hilarious because they mock the PCocrity. Being subtly clever in the way Frasier so masterfully was requires intellectual sophistication, and I’d rather be texting…

The word ‘No’- There’s no such thing as the word “no” for the “Me me me!” generation. Saying no means you’re being insensitive. People aren’t wrong anymore, they’re not wild or degenerate, they’re just expressing themselves.

There were a lot of things our parents weren’t allowed to do, or that were frowned upon, that nobody bats an eyelash at now. Sex before marriage? Duh. Blue jeans to school, church, a wedding? Hey, at least they’re wearing clothes, right? Elbows on the table? It’s cool. Texting during a meal. Why not! Dropping the F-word in conversation with a parent? At least we’re talking.

It’s Christian and libertarian to be accepting, but that doesn’t mean we and our parents don’t set a high standard and say no! to everything that falls short. Improvements are made through limitations. Limiting yourself to what’s best.

Teresa Mull is the managing editor of Human Events. 

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  • Borghesius

    If my calculation is accurate, the pendulum will swing back, if at least for a little time. 8 years of democrat, the herd gets sick of them, loses interest or swings the other way. Obama doesn’t have the Reagan coattails. I can’t think of anyone who is excited over Hillary, just a kind of grudging acceptance. She won’t even get the dem nomination.

    Of course, the Republicans have to field somebody good enough to attract the herd.

  • Borghesius

    Not Jesus. This was how a substantial proportion of the general population used to be, it was a societal norm.

    The point is, the societal norms have changed, and people who have come of age since Monica Lewinsky don’t even know it, because they don’t have the frame of reference.

    You might get it when you are older.

  • Borghesius

    “Sorry I’m late, my walk was sillier than usual this morning”.

    And the point of the political commentary was… that the early 70′s British Gov’t was so bloated, with so many ministries and depts, to the point of ridiculousness, that they would even have a Ministry of Silly Walks. ( to be followed by Michelle Obama’s Lets Move campaign ).

    There is hope for you yet, Ed. ;-)

  • Citizen_Jerry

    Yes, it is their mess now. But sadly, the rest of us have to live under the same curse they brought down upon our heads.

  • Citizen_Jerry

    The picture says it all. A generation of clueless children, ready and willing to be suckered by a professional snake oil salesman peddling Dr. Barry’s Hopenchange Magic Elixir.

  • chillinout.

    I enjoy being told off by mentally inferior conservatives. Conservatives are the missing link, no wonder they hate evolution so much :)

  • Emil

    So how much does reinforcing the perception of Millennials as lazy narcissists pay exactly?

  • Alden Smith

    I’m studying to become a nurse. My Anatomy professor who is RC and has four master and worked in Medical community for years has been big influence on me. Because of her i have a low tolerance for stupidity in all shapes and forms. The Navy made understand the value of never giving up and relying on God in times of need.

  • Ed_USA

    More to the point, why didn’t a “conservative” like Theresa Mull pick up on it? It’s not that subtle.

  • David Rupert

    This is a stunning of summary and should be a must read for every millineal and every parent “Salt and Light”

  • Cuffs

    And we wonder why Barry is president?
    He entertained them, promised them
    and snookered them. What a cool,
    celebrity he is, and that is all that
    matters to this group who have been
    pitifully dumbed down by public
    education and look forward to
    voting on “Dancing with the Stars.”

  • ConservativeJoe

    Red, interesting forecast. Most of what you say is possible but I am a little confused about one thing.

    Perhaps you could explain the thinking behind your sentence, “Total outlawing and confiscation of all privately held firearms by 2018….”

    I live in the deep blue state of New York and the predominant attitude of our Democrat leaders in Albany is that private ownership of firearms is to be discouraged. Our Governor Andrew Cuomo already signed the New York S.A.F.E. Act that outlaws 140 different types of long firearms and severely restricts sales of ammunition, (no online ammunition sales at all).

    Obviously we upstate New Yorkers want to obey the federal and state gun laws, so some of us that have registered handguns keep them secured to prevent accidents and theft by criminals. We understand that our governor might still have to confiscate these weapons if another Newtown school shooting occurs. He made that understandable statement last January when he signed the new S.A.F.E. gun law.

    Never the less, I don’t have a firearm and none of my associates own guns. heck, I don’t think that there are more than a dozen shotguns for duck hunting in all of upstate New York! The New York City people haven’t been allowed to own guns since the New York Sullivan Law went into effect in the early part of the 20th century.

    So you can see why I am puzzled by your firearms confiscation comment. Perhaps you were thinking about the barbaric citizens that live in the unruly red states?

    You might recall the stories about those “survivalist” groups in the upper peninsula of Michigan that acquired huge numbers of firearms and vast amounts of ammunition. If I recall correctly, those people buried all of these items inside waterproof plastic drums in the forests where even dirt roads are scarce.

    Obviously, those Michiganders are not as civically inclined as we in New York are. (They are probably all troglodyte conservatives anyway.)

    My point is that the jack-booted thugs of the N.S.A. department don’t have to worry about the good citizens of New York. We are no threat to the liberal dream of authoritarianism.

    We really, really don’t have any of those dangerous rifles and shotguns that might represent a destabilizing threat to the lawfully elected government. Cross my heart and hope to die if I’m pulling your leg more than a tad.

  • Adam

    Durn kids! At least they have the decency to apologize…

  • HDanny

    chillinout is living proof that the ailment diarrhea of the mouth really does exist!!!!

  • HDanny

    Trollin’,trollin’,trollin’,RAWHIDE!!!!I hear your mama calling you,troll!!!

  • chillinout.

    I see your mama giving head for $10 ;)

  • chillinout.

    Someone’s miserable they haven’t gotten laid since 2004

  • Tony Donaldson

    Yep. You wrote correct. Now only some of them steal because they’re too lazy to work. Envy is one of the worst of the seven deadly sins. I look at the local jail intake weekly. More and more kids taking what they can from hard working people. I look at this at see their addresses to see if any live in my neighborhood. They aren’t scared of jail. It’s just another form of time out for them. How bad is it going to be? As bad as we let be. Time to quit being timid about how you deal with some kids. Be tough and say no. Then MEAN IT! Stand Your Ground. Keep catching them and jailing them until the judges don’t want to see them again.

  • Tony Donaldson

    I see this happening too. You can only stand a liberal far left admin for so long.

  • Tony Donaldson

    Take away the cellphones/ smartphones and millennials would have withdrawal symptoms like heroin addicts. I see this daily when a battery slave’s phone dies. Millennials are battery slaves.

  • chuckiepoo

    wow…..are you my husband using a new alias???…..agreeing 500%!!!

  • chuckiepoo

    i are a boomer army brat fer sher…brothers born in 47, 48,49…me in 53, and little bro in 57…i’ve always been confused by people who include 60s babies in the boomers…..guess they couldn’t find a cutesy name for them, so they got lumped in with us……but we always knew they didn’t “belong,” lol

  • Colin Lemon

    And a few more- – -

    ————————————-adn EUGENICS. . .

  • HDanny

    I’ve been laid more times by accident,than you EVER have on purpose,pukatoid!!!!!!

  • Poor Wilber

    Teresa, I save handwritten letters that I receive. Especially a wonderful thing to reread after the person has passed, to have their thoughts and expressions of love preserved in their handwriting. My wife has kept her Mother’s handwritten recipes….a fond way of remembering childhood.

    The hastily written tweet, email, will fade into cyberspace. Nothing preserved to remember. Every memory or thought concerning day to day living will be extinguished. From what I’ve seen of those thoughts….i.e. Cyrus style, are probably best left in the dust bin of history in any case.

    I still write letters, and enjoy getting them from people I care about. They are treasures to keep, and to give.

  • mbarnwell

    most couldn’t spell CAT if you gave them the C and the T

  • Chelsea Poole

    This is ridiculous. Not entirely untrue but still slightly ridiculous.

  • Red

    Explain how the Boomers spent the Millennials’ money?
    The fact is that the Boomers never got the right to vote until all of the so-called entitlement legislation had been passed. Most WWII soldiers weren’t furloughed until late ’45 through late ’46. The real brunt of Boomer births began in early ’47. Boomer births didn’t hit their stride until 1948. None of them were eligible to vote in a presidential election until 1972, the first presidential election in which they would have been eligible to vote. The voting age wasn’t lowered until after the 1968 elections. I know, I was there.

    The sad fact is, the so-called “Greatest Generation” sold out the Boomers to the LBJ-lead Democrat Party farces of the so-called Great Society…the Vietnam farce, Medicare farce, and the War on Poverty farce. It was these entitlement programs that plunged the US into irreversible debt. Entitlements are never reversed. Entitlements and interest account for 80% of the Federal budget.
    It’s hardly the fault of the Boomers that they had been sold out and duped before they were old enough to vote.

  • Red

    Au contraire. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were Boomers and they had accomplished a great deal by the time they were 30.

    The vast majority of Boomers (those who weren’t killed by LBJ in the farcical Vietnam War endorsed by the “Greatest Generation”) had graduated from college (real colleges with real educations…not degrees in Afro-American Affairs or similar nonsense), started their careers, bought homes, started families by their late 20s.

    Boomers have paid serious FICA taxes on almost every dollar they earned, not the trivial pittance paid by their parents and grandparents. They supported their parents and grandparents as their parents earned the title of “Greedy Geezers” for demanding hundreds of times more in social security payments than they ever contributed in taxes. Despite this overwhelming tax burden, Boomers built the most powerful economy that ever existed on these shores.

    Maybe YOU didn’t accomplish much, but I can assure you that the majority of Boomers accomplished a great deal. Your personal disappointments and flawed memory of the facts doesn’t cloud the accomplishments of the Boomers.

    Wishful thinking for the Millennials isn’t going to get it done.

  • Red

    S/B WWII.

  • Red

    The sexual revolution didn’t start in the 60s. Ever hear of Hugh Hefner?

  • Red

    Credit where credit is due. Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson coined that phrase.

  • Red

    True, but not for long. I’m 66 now (I was a bleeding edge Boomer) and now that Obama has essentially defunded Medicare for the Boomer generation, I don’t think I’ll be getting any life extending medical care from a government that has openly voiced it’s hatred for the elderly. On that count, I probably will not live as long as my parents or grandparents.
    BTW, Ms AFSpouse, Boomers are too old to have Mellinnials for children.

  • Red

    I fear the pendulum is broken. When people can vote themselves a wage, who will work for one? We have reached critical mass. No democracy has ever recovered from this point. Democracy in the US is toast.

  • Red

    Chillinout is way, way too dense to ever ‘get it’.

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  • Bill Hartman

    Indications are that Obama wasn’t actually reelected. Comparison of voter rolls between states suggest that Obama’s edge in key states was less than the number of people who voted in multiple states. (Trivial to do if you are a college student.) Polls showed Obama loosing up until he won.

    So the last essentially honest elections may have been a few years back. That people as a whole have rejected Obama may not be enough to result in a change in leadership.