Missouri’s Wagner declines congressional pay during shutdown

Missouri’s Wagner declines congressional pay during shutdown

This article originally appeared on watchdog.org.

One Missouri congresswoman is standing in solidarity with the numerous furloughed government employees.

U.S. Rep. Ann Wagner, R-Mo., sent a letter to Congress’ chief administration officerDan Strodel prior to Tuesday’s government shutdown asking that her salary be withheld during the hiatus.

“I have been informed that in the event of a government shutdown, Members of Congress would continue to receive their salary,” she wrote. “In the event of an appropriation lapse and a subsequent government shutdown, please withhold my pay.”

She’s among a handful of members of Congress who have stepped forward to decline their pay during the shutdown.

Members of both the Senate and House of Representatives earn $174,000 annually, or about $477 per day.

Wagner had a somewhat heated conversation with CNN’S Wolf Blitzer Monday night on the fight over the spending bill that led to the shutdown.

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