IRS loses $67 million out of billion-dollar ObamaCare slush fund

IRS loses $67 million out of billion-dollar ObamaCare slush fund

ObamaCare’s having a troubled launch when it comes to health insurance and medicine, but it’s great at making the government larger.  All kinds of money gets funneled to all sorts of agencies in this massive bill.  The usual careless disregard for taxpayer loot follows this money as night follows day.  No one in the federal government is ever going to care all that much about taking care of tax money until that money is treated as a valuable, finite resource whose rightful owners have a legitimate claim to it.

One of ObamaCare’s billion-dollar slush funds seems to be coming up a little light, as Americans for Tax Reform reports:

The IRS is unable to account for $67 million spent from a slush fund established for Obamacare implementation, according to a Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) report released today.

The “Health Insurance Reform Implementation Fund” (HIRIF) was tucked into Obamacare in order to give the IRS money to enforce the tax provisions of the healthcare law.  The fund, totaling some $1 billion of taxpayer money, was used to roll out enforcement mechanisms for the approximately 50 tax provisions of Obamacare.

According to the report:  “Specifically, the IRS did not account for or attempt to quantify approximately $67 million [from the slush fund] of indirect ACA costs incurred for Fiscal Years 2010 through 2012.”

It’s not as if anyone in the IRS, or any other agency, has to worry about suffering for incompetence.  Lois Lerner of the Tax Exempt Organizations Division was officially classified as incompetent by internal review, to protect her from charges of abusing her authority, and she’s riding off into the sunset with a $113,000 pension after years of earning over $170,000, having enjoyed several months of paid vacation to cap off her career.

Imagine a company where no one can ever be fired, everybody is guaranteed posh retirement benefits, the company has an unlimited line of credit, it can never go out of business, and it can raise the price of its “product” to a small subset of its “customers” with relative ease.  What do you suppose the customer-service and accounting departments would be like?

But wait, there’s more!  ATR quotes the Treasury Inspector General’s report dinging the IRS for pulling seemingly unrelated travel reimbursements for 38 employees out of the slush fund, which was large enough to hire over 1200 new agents, if the money had been spent for that purpose.  Apparently it was not, so the agency requested budget money for 859 new ObamaCare enforcers, but the request was denied.

The money from this immense slush fund has all been spent, but the IRS promises that if someone gives them another billion dollars, they’ll keep better track of it.  Too bad the missing $67 million couldn’t have been spent on getting the insurance exchanges ready.  Reuters reports several of the exchanges won’t be able to perform key functions – including the calculation of the new middle-class welfare subsidy much of America is about to become hooked on – when the system goes live on October 1.  You’ll have to buy your insurance blind if you want to purchase it online – and remember, if you don’t, those thousands of new IRS agents are standing by to asses a penalty… er, excuse me, a tax… no, wait, a penalty… for non-compliance.

If buying insurance without knowing its effective price turns you off, you can fill out a paper application and bounce it through a couple of bureaucracies, and you’ll get a response from off-line “experts” sometime in early November.  Among the affected regions are Colorado, Oregon… and the District of Columbia, comically touted as a showpiece of ObamaCare exchange performance until now.  Coloradoans will reportedly be able to get their subsidy calculations done over the phone.  Hopefully they’ve got some perky hold music picked out, and they’ve hired lots of new government employees to help everyone “navigate” the system.


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  • George

    I won’t bet on this. No one will get fired for this. Just like the U.S. Defense officials still cannot say what happened to $6.6 billion, sent by the planeload in cash and intended for Iraq’s reconstruction after the start of the war.

    No time for nonsense at this time Dusty.

  • abc2xyz

    A fifth column is a group of people who undermine a larger group, such as a nation or a besieged city, from within. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine. Forces gathered in secret can mobilize when coordination with an external attack requires and extend even to uniformed military operations as part of a coordinated campaign. They can be clandestine, involving acts of sabotage, disinformation campaigns, or espionage executed within defense lines by secret sympathizers with an external force.
    IRS is Obama’s fifth column used to do the dirty jobs as required by the x-in-chief. Not accounting moneys might be a clandestine operation .

  • KayK2

    Exactly. Plus our tax system is going to fail if the IRS keeps showing Americans that they are incompetent and corrupt. It already burns me up to know Lois Lerner is being supported by my hard earned tax dollars.

  • RenegadeScholar

    And somehow Pelosi says there’s no room for cuts.

  • Jim_Simson

    While I am totally disgusted by almost every department under the leadership of this administration, there has always been a lot of waste in the giant monstrosity that is our federal government. All of the waste and corruption is the best argument to downsize this government. I dont mind giving Obama a pass if the end result would be downsizing. We can pretend that all of these things are the direct result of continually expanding government mentality that he inherited and expanded and the only answer is to bring the federal government back into compliance with the US Constitution with defined limited powers.
    A megalomaniac like Obama needs to feel like every good idea is his and he alone came up with the solution. Fighting with this punk only makes matters worse. He needs to be coerced by fanning his greatness.

  • Dustoff

    So true Jim, yet under O-dumber it appears to have gone nuts when it comes to mistakes.

  • Dustoff

    George… if what “you” and you’re typical libs think that Cruz is doing is so bad for the Rep. Why cry about it. I would think you would be cheering instead.

  • BostonMary

    A $50,000 per year US Taxpayer-paid pension for this criminal and she escapes just before Obamacare kicks in. This corrupt B who helped re-elect Obama with her persecution of conservative groups should be going to jail for her criminal acts rather than into a comfortable retirement.

  • Concerned4America

    On a related note. All this discussion about raising the debt ceiling has to do with paying the bills we have run up and authorization to spend more. If we had a budget and knew where the money went (that is the tie to this story) we would not need to increase our credit limit because we would know what we had and what we could spend. This of course makes assumptions about the ability of the government to predict tax revenues, perhaps we should be on a pay as you go plan. I know there are people who live on credit cards with no thought of how they will pay them off and banks who just keep extending them credit but that is no way to run your life and it is no way to run a country. Lets be responsible.

  • Concerned4America

    Of course they will hid it but I believe every politician should be audited when they leave office and for any nickle’s increase in net worth above their salary they should be tried for fraud/theft.

  • globalcrap

    Working Americans don’t like O Bogus care. Illegal alien criminals, and their anchor carrying illegal girlfriends love it. Welfare baby makers having kid after kids love it, with no real men around paying for them. The basement zombies wanting “Free Stuff”, that Tea Party working Americans pay for.. Free Stuff , won’t last forever, if O Bogus can’t produce jobs, which O Bogus can’t

  • disqus_lJapfzCIUh

    Audit the IRS…Hire an International Audit Team…Those IRS employees used that money for their bonuses and acting lessons….how to lie….how to cheat other people’s out of their money….how to delay IRS Audits for as long as possible for higher fines for the suckers…Valerie Jarrett said before the elections in 2012….”After we win this election, it’s our turn. Pay Back time. Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be REWARDED, the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve. There is going to be hell to pay.”…I truly believe that the woman is a criminal…who is she to treat the We The People this way…I want her audited as I feel that she’s probably the one along with those Rat Party Senators who wrote to the IRS to audit those “Anarchist” Tea Party Members…Time for us to give her hell to pay…

  • JayC777

    “McCain and other reasonable republicans are now RINO’s”
    Only in the mind of r e t a r d s is McCain considered reasonable. Tell me, since when did people who support failure become reasonable?
    Because your very thought process is abject failure.

  • giveandtake

    Where has the 67 million gone? Maybe they should ask HHS? Lois Lerner? And the Administration. This is the peoples money. We were kept from voting on ACA, and those in the IRS are able to keep their jobs be promoted,or retire to escape telling the truth. Does Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and Dick Durbin know where all that $67 Million dollars went? Is it time for an Audit of the IRS? How does a Presidents Slush Fund work and who records how the money in the slush fund is spent and for what? It is the peoples money, or have they forgotten.

  • giveandtake

    And what happened to the protections that HIPPA gave us by law that would protect our medical records from anyone but our doctor. If HIPPA does not now exist or has been changed who has the authority to make that change in the law and were the American people told if their were changes made to the HIPPA law and given a chance to approve or disapprove the change? Was this approved by Congress without are consent of the people?

  • drdbiggs

    Hey, it’s not like anybody is going to get fined or go to prison, I mean it’s just taking and putting tax payer money to good uses, like persecuting TEA Party and conservative groups!!

  • drdbiggs

    She is knocking down a good six figure pension.

  • drdbiggs

    Why do you think they call it, Dope?

  • drdbiggs

    Google Harry Reid and how is net worth increased by millions since he has been an honest public servant.

    The really funny thing is when asked about it, he said it was because he was a good lawyer and his law firm did well.

    Hit me with a bolt of lighting, finally, an honest lawyer and democRAT politician!!

  • drdbiggs

    George: spend more time doing the things you have to do than trolling sites like this and posting incoherent babbling!!

    Just trying to help!

  • drdbiggs

    Maybe she is talking about her face and more plastic surgery?

  • drdbiggs

    You just described the democrat base!

  • Dustoff


  • cookiebob

    This angle of the incompetent IRS… and it’s targeting, should be milked a little more by the right.

    When I talk to liberals they actually have no idea that the IRS has anything to do with ACA. Somehow the administration has hidden that successfully.

    And no one likes the IRS. I don’t think that has been exploited enough.

  • bulge44

    They didn’t lose it — some people at the IRS stole it …

  • 2shinyshoes

    Bull shister!

  • Montesquieu

    In this YouTube video we have the Liar-in-Chief, Hussein Obama, lying to the face of the American people about cutting the Federal deficit in half: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jJvkkNmR_8&feature=youtu.be&t=1m29s

  • Denise Perez

    And they’re the watchdog in charge of implementing fines if Americans don’t want Obamacare and don’t sign up for it? Ha! Well, I do believe that’s one problem that’s already solved itself.

  • Denise Perez

    Acting lessons….. Now that’s funny!

  • Denise Perez

    Ha! Maybe the IRS will be pardoned by Obama on his way out! Simple solution. (They have really big rugs to sweep things under in DC)