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Democratic party loves
ill-informed voters

Democratic party lovesill-informed voters

Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor is worried.

In a recent speech at Boise State, O’Connor said: “Less than one-third of eighth-graders can identify the historical purpose of the Declaration of Independence, and it’s right there in the name. … The more I read and the more I listen, the more apparent it is that our society suffers from an alarming degree of public ignorance.”

This is good news for the left.

The ill-informed are more susceptible to emotional arguments. They are more likely to see life as a zero-sum game. They are more likely to believe that the prosperous become so only at someone else’s expense.

Take my Twitterverse “discourse” on the proposal to increase the minimum wage:

Elder: Obama said a higher minimum wage is vital to “a rising, thriving middle class.” Switzerland has no national minimum wage. Its unemployment is 3 percent…. U.S. had no minimum wage ’til 1938. How did it become so powerful?

Twitter respondent: America wasn’t close to the super power it is until after World War 2 — in 1939. And you’re supposed to be a journalist?

Elder: The U.S. became a “superpower” because of minimum wage? Adjusted for inflation the first minimum wage would be $4. And I’m not a journalist — I’m a commentator.

Twitter respondent: You asked how we’re a super power. We don’t recover from the Great Depression without military production in World War II and paying workers.

Elder: I repeat, prior to the 1938 introduction of minimum wage — which today would be $4 — how do you account for America’s growth?

Twitter respondent: I guess you didn’t go to high school like the rest of us to know there was no “growth” in the ’30s due to the unemployment rate.

Elder: So far, I’ve politely asked questions. Before the ’30s, we had a decade known as the “Roaring ’20s” — no minimum wage. Explain.

Titter respondent: We were “roaring” with a slave class. I don’t accept that as good policy.

Once people resort to terms like “slave class” in a discussion on minimum wage, it’s time to call the waiter and get the check.

Check out the “discourse” following my tweets on Aaron Alexis, the black man responsible for the Navy Yard killing spree. Did Alexis, as with killers Major Nidal Hassan of the Fort Hood massacre and former Los Angeles Police Department cop Christopher Dorner, receive less scrutiny from authorities out of fear of being called anti-Islamic or racist?

Twitter respondent: There is no dearth of pathetic Negroes like @larryelder willing to spout unsupported race-based guesses!

Elder: In your world is calling someone a “pathetic Negro” a brand of argumentation?

Twitter respondent (compilation): Pathetic Negro, a definition: To pander to racists using unsupported, fact-less race-baiting, eg. Your statement “in my world” is another Negro dog whistle to his masters, proving my point. “In my world” facts matter and your baseless suppositions of what others thought do not. Further, Negroes like you are always on hand with “observations” that “legitimize” Fox News views. Unless you’re lying about your background, I’m not from the ghetto, gangs or criminal, what “world” do you mean?

Elder: I mean in the world of people who don’t know how to craft an argument and instead resort to taunts and name-calling. That world…. Interesting that even the term “your world” disturbs you. Yet calling people with whom you disagree silly names is not disturbing.

Twitter respondent: I typically don’t waste time with Negro amateur journalists promoting @FoxNews race-baiting narrative. You have my opinion.

Elder: Are you so ill-informed that you don’t know the difference between a “journalist” and a commentator? As for my “race-baiting” narrative, here’s exactly what I wrote and said. (I gave him a link to my last column on the Navy Yard killer).

Twitter respondent: “Pathetic Negro” is not a taunt, it’s a term that describes Negros who fit their behavior to racist audience expectations.

Elder: Use whatever term you want for “pathetic Negro,” it is not argumentation. I attempted to engage you, but you’d rather name-call.

Twitter respondent: Let’s be clear. I do not “disagree” with you, Your “report” was base conjecture used as basis for race baiting “conclusion.”… Your term, “your world,” does not “disturb me” in the least. Like I said, I identified it for what it is, a Negro dog whistle…. You are neither and whatever you think you are, you are a pathetic Negro used by @FoxNews for “cover.”

Elder: This is what passes for discourse? I make an argument. You attack the commentator. And you don’t even realize it.

Democrats win because their narrative works on an emotional level — us against them. Bad, selfish people — known as Republicans — want to stop the good and the decent — known as Democrats — from their right to health care, right to a job, right to a job with a “livable wage” and the right to not only enjoy one’s own lifestyle but to brand critics as racists, sexists or homophobes.

Former Justice O’Connor is worried. We all should be.

Larry Elder is a best-selling author and radio talk-show host.

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  • 1tomritter1

    “(T)he more apparent it is that our society suffers from an alarming degree of public ignorance.”

    Our society has always been ignorant (of politics). That the principle reason the government needs to be small.

  • PR_Ohio

    So let me get this straight. Liberals see the government as the answer to everything (i.e. price fixing and wage fixing, and entitlements galore, etc.), Liberals are racists, and liberals hate FOX news because although they are liberal (70% of FOX employees voted for Obama, and FOX fired Craig James because he took a stand for the Biblical definition of marriage while running for the Senate last year) Fox does actually permit non-leftist viewpoints to be heard unfiltered by the “Ministry of Truth”.

    I’m shocked, Just shocked I tell ya.

  • pgp62

    If someone had posted such twitter about a “civil rights activist” like Al Sharpton or about a member of the black caucus, the FBI would probably be knocking at their door and they would be charged with a hate crime. Blacks only have that shield if they toe the lefts party line. Conservatives of any race or nationality are reviled by all of these so called liberals who supposedly love diversity and other points of view.

  • wiredone

    If we weren’t all ignorant there would be no Republican Party. We keep sending money to people who claim to watch our backsides. That’s why America is 17th in math and science test scores compared to other industrialized nations.

  • brotherfire

    Less than ideal….were the wages for most in the 20′s. A few slaves…sure..but who cares!

  • JayC777

    You prove the point.
    And don’t even know it.

  • GomeznSA

    Very good points, Sir. I’d be willing to go even further than the ‘d’ party loving “ill-informed voters” – they totally rely on them and even go so far, as Justice O’Connor intimated, help create them – public schools are no longer used to teach basic educational concepts (reading comprehension for one) but are used as indoctrination centers. Your accounts of ‘twitter’ discourse are ample proof of that.

  • Bruce Price

    100% correct. The public schools are committing “the deliberate dumbing down of America.” (Iserbyt quote)

    To get away with this, the Education Establishment keeps people sidetracked in endless discussions of finances, assessments, etc.
    Please forget all that.

    The people in charge are guilty of malfeasance and now we have two choices. Ideally, replace all these people with real educators. More practically, start systematically eliminating all the goofy ideas in the public schools – Whole Word, Reform Math, Constructivism, Cooperative Learning and all the rest. The second option is doable. You can start today.


  • mac12sam12

    The teacher’s union and the democrats are to blame for this. No matter how bad a teacher is if she has seniority they can’t fire them, hence, 17th in math and science. Get rid of unions and bad teachers and the educational system will improve. Have any other democrat low-information you want to lay out there?

  • dvgofAZ

    Larry you are an educated man. Stop calling them the ‘democratic’(adj.) party. They are not.They are the ‘Democrat’ (Noun) party and there is nothing ‘democratic’ about them.

  • RenegadeScholar

    Thanks, brotherfire !

    You are a case study in what Elder was talking about. All hate, attacks, and attitude–and no argument.

    But I’m sure your teacher told you that you were smart to help your self-esteem.

  • RenegadeScholar

    That’s why America is 17th in math and science test scores compared to other industrialized nations.

    Let me guess.

    What we need is: MORE SPENDING AND MORE GOVERNMENT…right?

    Education spending has skyrocketed and the federal government has become increasingly involved in education.

    And there has been no improvement in anything.

    Homeschoolers, on the other hand, are (on average) two years ahead of those in government herd-schools.

  • obadiah_edomite

    Conservatives are well informed because they listen to Rush and Sean and Fox (fair and balanced). Liberals are stupid because they follow the New York Times and the Lame Stream Media (anti-american). Conservatives follow great and noble leaders like Ronaldus Magnus, Newt and John McCain while liberals are toadies to people like obama (communist), clinton (sexcrimes) and al sharpton (all liberals adore al sharpton). Conservatives love the Constitution, especially the parts that protect the right to bribery possessed by superior corporate persons, while liberals want to stretch it out of shape to empty the prisons of drug addicts and to erode sacred property rights through taxation.

  • david b cordick

    I agree with most of what you say, but to call john McCain a noble leader is so wrong. he has turned anti American with the rest of the boys being led by obama

  • brotherfire

    You smart. Me dumb because remember wage suppression. Derp. I recommend Elder read Eric Foner’s “Reconstruction,” for a full run-down exactly how “less than ideal,” conditions were that led to the Gilded Age and the Roaring 20′s.

  • Turbo_lancer

    Liberal entitlements have a purpose. Credit standards have a purpose too. No more credit until they have paid for what they have already spent. The Liberal argument or platform, evaporates by the “math”. Crunch the numbers and they realize that esoteric talk doesn’t buy lunch.

  • drdbiggs

    That is the democRAT voter base!!

  • Torcer

    Socialism needs a mal-informed electorate that believes in it magical powers to make everything equal in the world – where is has utterly failed to do so in the myriad times it’s been tried.

  • SillieGander

    Both parties love an ill informed voters and both parties play on the ignorance and the emotions of their respective supporters. Both parties do not like their voters to be too intelligent.

    President Barack Hussein (Barry Soetoro) Obama II (1961 – ) was erroneously “lionized” by the center left into the White House (over Hillary Clinton) even though BHO was never ready for the job, nor will he ever be ready to be an effective POTUS. In the end, both the right and the left weren’t interested in trading their respective “dead wood” because the right loves the “Tea Party” too much and the left loves Barry “The Messiah” Soetoro too much (and both are needed to cancel each other out), and therefore America will continue to suffer through to 2017. The irony is that George Walker Bush Junior (1946 – ) on his best day (62 million in 2004) could not match BHO on his worst day (65 million in 2012).
    The problem for the GOP is this that the further to the right the Republican party goes the more moderate centrists (liberal Republicans and conservative Democrats) the GOP will lose in Presidentiads.
    Ever since we Democrats moved much closer to the center in 1992 (to become a truly center left party) we lefties have gotten at least 252 electoral votes (of the 270 needed) in every Presidentiad since (370, 379, 266, 252, 365, and 332). The main problem is that you right wingers erroneously refuse to allow your liberal Republican nominees to naturally run as true center-right liberal Republicans and you further saddle your liberal Republican nominees with right wing conservative libertarian platforms that a clear majority of Americans do not want nor desire which makes it much more difficult for the GOP to win over moderate centrist Democrats. There are simply not enough right wing conservative libertarians out there to win you rightists a Presidentiad anymore.
    You may have had liberal Republican nominees since 1988, but you have often saddled them with conservative libertarian platforms since 1992 which makes it VERY difficult for the GOP to win Presidentiads. It’s the platform, more so than the candidate-nominee, that voters tend to decide their vote upon.
    We leftist socialists have learned the painful lessons of division which cost us in 1968 and 1980 and of moving too far to the left which cost us in 1952, 1956, 1972, 1984, 1988, and it nearly cost us 1960 and 1976 too. It is when the left is truly united with the center and the right is too far removed from the center (as in 1964) that we lefties have maintained a virtual “death grip” on the Oval Office since 1992.
    In the end, and sadly for the GOP, there is no Republican than can beat Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (1947 – ) in 2016 or 2020, and she will be the one to ultimately fix Obamacare with Hillarycare 2, and she will be much more of a moderate centrist than BHO ever was, and she will be much more able to keep the liberal Republicans and conservative Democrats in the Democratic party fold by running to the center while the GOP runs to the right in 2016 and 2020. She will probably get 379 electoral votes by adding Arizona, Missouri, Indiana, North Carolina back into the Democratic fold (while the GOP will continue to lose New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Nevada, New Mexico, Iowa, and Colorado), and she will be a much better POTUS during her term (2017 – 2025) than BHO (2009 – 2017) or George Junior (2001 – 2009) ever were.
    Laurence Allen “Larry” Elder (1952 – ) harsh critcism of John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917 – 1963) for blundering during JFK’s service (1942 – 1945) in World War 2 (1939 – 1945) and during his Presidency (1961 – 1963) supposes than no one can ever learn from their own mistakes and weaknesses. JFK may have erred in 1943 but he ultimately saved his crew, and JFK may have erred in 1961 and 1962 but he ultimately learned from his errors and helped prevent the outbreak of World War 3 as Christopher John “Chris” Matthews (1945 – ) maintains in his JFK biography “Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero” (2011).

  • GomeznSA

    Ah but their mantra of ‘just give us one more chance and we’ll get it right this time, trust us we’re doing it for the children’ seems to retain just enough traction to keep giving them yet another chance. And that is in spite of ALL the failures…………..

  • Jerrybear

    Democracy is mob rule. The Democrats manipulate the mob by giving them free stuff. We’re at the tipping point where the dependent outnumber the self reliant. So I think it is a proper name. America was founded as a republic. Not the terrible form of government known as democracy.

  • Jerrybear

    John McCain is probably the slimiest politician ever to grace the Senate. There is very little conservative about him. I bet he would sacrifice his own children if it were politically expedient.

  • gary1224

    “They are more likely to believe that the prosperous become so only at someone else’s expense.”

    Only because it is true. One person’s profit is another person’s expense. Profits are not created in a vacuum. In order for a person to make a profit, someone else has to give that person remuneration of some sort for whatever good or service the profit maker is offering. I am not saying that is a bad thing, it is just a fact.

  • Defend Liberty

    In this YouTube video we find the Navy-Yard shooter – a liberal and Hussein Obama supporter named Aaron Alexis – arriving at the Navy Yard in his Prius: http://youtu.be/1dsLQLVk7nY

  • iShrug

    When a liberal/progressive/statist can’t formulate a rational argument with a “white” person with a conservative point of view, they resort to an accusation of racism. Woe be to the person of color who has that same rational, conservative, point of view: the label of RACIST is replaced with that of TRAITOR.

  • iShrug

    I have an enormous amount of respect and sympathy for Sen. McCain, and the pain and suffering he endured as a POW. This life experience, however, must certainly take its toll. I believe he suffers from Stockholm Syndrome, an is temperamentally unsuited for his supposed leadership role in the US Senate.

    He cannot automatically be respected in elected office, by virtue of his unfortunate experience in Viet Nam.