Palin’s Plan — Senate in 2014?

Palin's Plan -- Senate in 2014?

Sarah Palin said she is considering running for U.S. Senate in 2014. Citing outside pressures, Palin said she is waiting “to see what the lineup will be and hoping that there…will be some new blood, new energy.”

In addition to Democratic incumbent Mark Begich, Palin would face a challenge in two fellow Republicans who have already declared their plans to run against Begich: Joe Miller, who defeated Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the 2010 GOP primary, only to lose to her after she staged a momentous write-in campaign, and Alaska’s current Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell.

Palin lead both Miller and Treadwell slightly in a poll conducted in May, but her support among Alaskans has been waning of late. Only 34 percent of all voters have a favorable opinion of her, though this information was gathered by the Public Policy Polling Firm, an establishment which describes itself as “Democratic leaning.” (By the way, how and why does a polling firm get away with proclaiming bias?)

Begich’s approval ratings, too, are up, and in a hypothetical match-up, the PPP has the Democrat defeating Mama Grizzly 54 to 38 percent.

And there is always the option of running as a third party candidate. Palin spoke earlier this month of the possibility of running as an independent if the GOP abandons its principles and “we have nowhere else to go.”

Still, such a radical move is unlikely. “The Republican Party is the Party of Lincoln and Reagan,” Palin said, “and the planks in the platform are right for this country. I stand strong on those planks. I just wish that more of our leadership, the movers and shakers within the Party, would stand strong on those planks with the rest of us…It tempts one to believe that if they in the Party abandon us, we have no other choice.”

Michael Barone says 2014 will be a year, like 2010 and 2012 were, that gives Republicans the chance to regain the Senate. Will Palin be Alaska’s answer? Is it all just a publicity ploy to plug her two new books, soon to be released? Time will tell, but in the meantime, Palin has vowed her commitment to “do whatever I could to help.”


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  • Tomas de Torquemada

    My God, how Orwellian!

  • Tomas de Torquemada

    Appreciate the advice.

  • Astrid Maria Rammo

    I’ve always preferred un-pasteurized fermented whole foods too!

  • Astrid Maria Rammo

    And anti-Spanish!

  • okokok

    u need a lot more–start over…you need to read for comprehension next time! lol lol..do you know what that is?

  • NB_Harry1

    Is she were to run and then win the senate seat, she would probably resign early into her term (as she did when she was governor) and then position herself for another White House run. She’s resigned before, she could do it again. Just sayin’.

  • cimiron

    I sometimes think Disqus delibertly trys to inflame us and then stops our retorts, I am beginning they are favoring the left

  • surfcat50

    Just to make your representative quote a bit more accurate:

    “Skawk. Xcep eye cint spel tu gud as ur cin lol lol”

  • Altosackbuteer

    You’re wrong. There is a long tradition of sitting senators not resigning when they run for the presidency.

    In the 4 years Øbama Øsama was a member of the US Senate, he missed the majority of his roll calls because he was too busy running for President.

    Liveshot Kerry didn’t step down in 2004.

    Hitlery Clinton didn’t step down in 2008.

    Senator for Hire Bob Dull didn’t step down when he ran against the aptly-named SLICK W¡LL¡E.

    Junior Quayle didn’t step down until after he was elected Vice President. Ditto Joe BiteMe.

    Hubert Humphrey didn’t step down when he was nominated for President in 1968.

    In 1960, neither JFK nor Light Bulb Johnson stepped down. In fact, LBJ was up for re-election, and he ran BOTH for the Vice-Presidency AND his old Senate seat.

    So why would Palin quit, in the event she were to decide to run for President in 2016?

  • Elizabeth M. Lane

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  • Controse

    You are reprehensible.

  • chillinout.

    I do find it odd that a polling firm would state they are “democratic leaning”, but their polls tend to be very accurate regardless.

  • jerryhulick

    All this drama is making me sick. Your either running or not, choose. Just sh** or get off the pot. I bbelieve you’d make a great Senator but the BS is just a little too much

  • Al Chemist

    Whatever she decides to do, she is going to be royally slimed by the democrats/liberals/commies. That will be if she survives the circular Republican firing squad.

  • SillieGander

    Sarah Palin a fool and a coward! What’s not to love?
    Sarah “The Quitter” Palin has no wisdom, no compassion, and no courage! The scarecrow, tin woods-man, and lion all wrapped up into one warped little right wing fool!
    1.) Every time she opens her mouth something ignorant comes out (there your proof of no wisdom), in a very friendly interview with Glenn Edward Lee Beck (1964 – ) she could not name one favorite “Founding Father” and why she liked that particular “founding father”, she foolishly replied “I like all of them” because “they compromised” with each other even though she herself DOES NOT BELIEVE IN COMPROMISE. She also could not name one good magazine that she reads (she does not read “Human Events”, “the National Review”, “American Conservative”, “the American Spectator”, or “the Weekly Standard” among others) which shows her lack of intelligence nor wisdom. This show she has no brains (just like the Scarecrow)!
    2.) As a right wing conservative she has no compassion on her fellow human beings which clearly shows her “Cain” “I ain’t my brother’s keeper” mentality of uber-individualism (Genesis 4: 1 – 25 (9)) which violates the second (2nd) commandment of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Judah) (1 B.C. – 33 A.D.) which is to love your fellow human being (Leviticus 19: 17 – 18) as yourself. This shows she has no heart (just like the Tin Woods-Man)!
    3.) She quit as the governor of Alaska on Sunday July 26, 2009 because she wanted to make more money on the book selling circuit (she wrote a book, but she doesn’t read books herself) and because she didn’t want to be “a lame duck governor” (at least Willard Mitt Romney (1947 – ) served his full term (2003 – 2007) as governor, whereas Sarah did not want to complete her full term (2006 – 2009 – 2010)). This shows she has no courage (just like the Lion).
    Sarah Louise Heath Palin (1964 – ) a fool and a quitter! What’s not to love!
    There are some very intelligent right wing conservative libertarian women out there (even pretty ones), but Sarah Palin ain’t one of them!

  • SillieGander

    If Sarah Palin does go to the Senate then she should get to work on two needed constitutional amendments:

    The Child Labor Amendment proposed in 1926 to bad child labor.

    Section 1. The Congress shall have power to limit, regulate, and prohibit the labor of persons under eighteen years of age.

    Section 2. The power of the several States is unimpaired by this article except that the operation of State laws shall be suspended to the extent necessary to give effect to legislation enacted by the Congress.

    The Equal Rights Amendment proposed in 1972 which is a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution that was intended to guarantee equal rights under the law for Americans regardless of sexual gender.

    Section 1. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.

    Section 2. The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.

    Section 3. This amendment shall take effect two years after the date of ratification.