SCOTUS resets Voting Rights Act

SCOTUS resets Voting Rights Act

You can tell how desperate liberals are for a distraction from the drumbeat of scandals, and a cause they can rally around, by their hysterical over-reaction to today’s Supreme Court decision on the Voting Rights Act.  Howls of outrage about disenfranchisement and the incipient return of slavery swiftly filled the air.  MSNBC host Chris Hayes pronounced himself “physically enraged” by a “devilishly clever” effort to scuttle the powerful Section 5 provisions of the Voting Rights Act by kicking the Section 4 formula “back to a Congress that will never come up with a new one.”

Presumably the alternative was to force America to live under the judgment of the 1964 Congress for the rest of eternity, denying all progress in race relations.  At issue is the formula used for determining which districts require special “pre-clearance” from the federal government before making changes to their voting procedures.  The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that the current formula, included in Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act, is unconstitutional because it relies upon 40-year-old data.

It’s a little sad that such a burst of common sense could only win over five of the Justices.  Race relations have obviously changed quite a bit since the Sixties, as the current President of the United States is normally eager to point out, when the topic of discussion is his own historic significance.  Today’s SCOTUS decision does not wipe out the Voting Rights Act, or “disenfranchise” a single person.  It also doesn’t give infinite latitude to voting districts to devise sinister racist vote-suppression systems.  It’s more of a “reset” than a nullification, telling the Congress of 2013 that it’s time to revisit the question of which districts are so besotted with institutional racism that the federal government can hold them guilty until they prove themselves innocent.  Funny, the self-described “progressives” are usually the ones clamoring for escape from beneath the dead hand of the past.

This has the practical effect of taking away one of the clubs Attorney General Eric Holder has been using to beat common-sense voter identification laws into the dirt; Congress can give it back by coming up with a new Section 4 formula that passes Constitutional muster.  If they’re politically incapable of drafting such a formula, that’s a problem between the voters and their representatives, not a hapless population of unworthy subjects and their black-robed Supreme Court overseers.

Fox News summarizes the case that came before the Supreme Court:

The latest decision came in a challenge to the advance approval, or preclearance, requirement, which was brought by Shelby County, Ala., a Birmingham suburb.

The lawsuit acknowledged that the measure’s strong medicine was appropriate and necessary to counteract decades of state-sponsored discrimination in voting, despite the Fifteenth Amendment’s guarantee of the vote for black Americans.

But it asked whether there was any end in sight for a provision that intrudes on states’ rights to conduct elections, an issue the” court’s conservative justices also explored at the argument in February. It was considered an emergency response when first enacted in 1965.

The county noted that the 25-year extension approved in 2006 would keep some places under Washington’s oversight until 2031 and seemed not to account for changes that include the elimination of racial disparity in voter registration and turnout or the existence of allegations of race-based discrimination in voting in areas of the country that are not subject to the provision.

The Obama administration and civil rights groups said there is a continuing need for it and pointed to the Justice Department’s efforts to block voter ID laws in South Carolina and Texas last year, as well as a redistricting plan in Texas that a federal court found discriminated against the state’s large and growing Hispanic population.

So the government’s justification for retaining an extraordinary emergency power granted nearly five decades ago was, “You can’t take this away, we’re still using it!”  The exercise of power becomes its intrinsic Constitutional justification, forever?  That doesn’t sound like what the Founders had in mind.

Not to mention that the sort of voter ID laws Obama’s Justice Department has been waging war against have not demonstrably reduced minority voting in the areas where they have been implemented.  Some have explained the increased minority vote in some of these states as an angry response against the voter ID laws themselves… but obviously nothing is preventing them from getting to the polls, not even the entirely subjective allegation that they would be somehow “intimidated” out of voting.

“The Fifteenth Amendment is not designed to punish for the past,” said the Supreme Court in today’s decision.  “Its purpose is to ensure a better future.  To serve that purpose, Congress – if it is to divide the States -must identify those jurisdictions to be singled out on a basis that makes sense in light of current conditions.”  If only more “progressives” could be forward-looking enough to understand that… or at least refrain from disingenuously claiming they don’t.

Update: A few words from Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote, who knows a thing or two about finding herself on the wrong end of easily-abused government power:

This is without doubt a step in the right direction for our Republic. In the months leading up to this decision, the nation has come to realize, through an assortment of scandals and revelations, just how far the federal government has reached into the daily lives of ordinary citizens. It is our hope that as the nation considers adjustments – we keep an eye toward our founding values of liberty, justice and common privacy. The process of reigning in federal abuses begins with our election systems – today’s decision serves as momentum in our favor.

For decades, voters in various states, counties and boroughs have been punished for the sins others committed in a bygone era. Washington has treated whole segments of this nation as guilty until proven innocent. Ideological bureaucrats have used this law to exact a form of racial justice on their presumed enemies while ignoring the country’s demands for basic election integrity measures. Thankfully, the Court stripped Washington of a power that was only being used as a weapon today.

An active electorate is the key to a healthy, representative republic. It is our responsibility to engage, serve and question our election systems. Today the average voter was returned an immense power in the American experiment. God help us if we do not use it wisely.


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  • Dustoff

    SWEET………. bet you blood is coming out of the lefts eyes.

  • HeadHunter54

    Liberals hate the Constitution when they need to ‘ augment change ‘ and love it when it supports their agenda. Go figure, huh ?………

  • Philo Vaihinger

    I agree this was a reasonable decision, given the rules relied on obsolete data. Nothing in it says current data could not support federal controls just as intrusive. And nothing in it says liberals cannot, if they wish, try to find such data and make use of them.

  • GeorgeStGeorge

    “The Obama administration and civil rights groups said there is a continuing need for it and pointed to the Justice Department’s efforts to block voter ID laws in South Carolina and Texas last year…”
    Interesting. Conservatives and States’ Rights groups point to exactly the same thing.
    For the opposite reason.

  • Dustoff

    Yes folks. O-dumber built this. Tell me again how our econ is improving?


    The economy isn’t getting better and the unemployment numbers we keep seeing are far from accurate. According to CNN Money, 76 percent of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck.

  • rrebelll

    Liberals hate the Constitution except the 5th .Period.

  • george

    Dusty, when its comes to race, I knew I would find you on this site.


    (1) Voting Rights Act.

    (2) decades of state-sponsored discrimination in voting, despite the
    Fifteenth Amendment’s guarantee of the vote for black Americans.

    (3) Give states like Texas and S. Caroline hostile state’s rights.

    (4) “Yes folks. O-dumber built this” ????

    Poor Dusty

  • george

    not really.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Assuming your premise is correct — that alleged voter suppression backfired in 2012 — you have just AGREED with what Hayward said above. He said precisely the same thing. And BOTH of you have just argued why the Supreme Court decision was the CORRECT decision.

    But your basic canard is just another liberal lie — on a par with “Bush lied, people died” or that he stole both the elections of 2000 and 2004, or that the Germans really won WWI but were “stabbed in the back” by traitors, defeatists, Communists, and Jews, just at the point of victory.

  • george

    i can say the same for conservatives.

  • george

    I don’t need to post conservative lies do I.

    In 2012, after trying to suppress votes it ENCOURAGED folks to stay in line for hours to vote. For all of the efforts that Republicans put into suppressing Democratic votes in the presidential election of 2012, the result may prove to be the greatest turnout of African American voters ever. Exit polls show that the black vote in this election appears to have exceeded the record high turnout of 2008, despite the fact that this year even more people had to wait on lines for hours, endured confusion at polling places, were told to produce IDs that the law does not require, and made to cast provisional ballots
    because of snafus at election sites.

  • JayC777

    The difference being that HeadHunter would be telling the truth and you’d be lying.
    But, then, what’s new?

  • george

    How would HeadHunter be telling the truth and I would be lying.

    Are you that Obtuse?

  • JayC777

    “In 2012, after trying to suppress votes”
    Talk about liars. This statement is a demonstrable lie and I’m not surprised that a liar of your ilk bought into it.
    Put the crack pipe down.

  • Danish0072001

    The only racists I know are black.

  • JayC777

    Because liberals hate the constitution and conservatives don’t. Under any circumstances. So, no, you can’t say the same for conservatives.
    Can you be more illiterate?”

  • george

    Well that about tells it all does it not? We know which side of the bread you butter.

  • george

    Give me some examples how liberals Hate the constitution and conservatives don’t.

  • george

    That right Jay, Put the crack pipe down.

  • george

    Just as I thought.

  • Dustoff

    So george.. the econ is poor and O-umber wants to kill the Keystone pipe line.

    Tell me again about Bush’s high gas prices.

    The poor get hurt even more under thins fool.

  • Dustoff

    You are typing?

  • Dustoff

    2nd amendment.

  • Dustoff

    Poor george. was your school so bad you didn’t even learn about who created the Jim Crow laws, who hung blacks, who created the KKK, who kept blacks out of parks & schools.
    Yeah that be your PARTY Dem-o-rat.

    I guess your lib teachers just couldn’t face the truth.

  • Dustoff

    The part george didn’t post


    Several recent polls and studies suggest that long waiting times in some
    places depressed turnout in 2012 and that lines were longest in cities,
    where Democrats outnumber Republicans. In a New York Times/CBS News
    poll taken shortly after Election Day, 18 percent of Democrats said they
    waited at least a half-hour to vote, compared with 11 percent of
    independents and 9 percent of Republicans.

    The best part of all

    The MIT study finds that inner city residents stood in line eight
    minutes longer than their suburban counterparts. With 80 percent of
    whites living in suburbs and 80 percent of blacks and Hispanics living
    in inner cities (see PBS source),
    wait-time differences are fully explained by congestion by location not
    by race. Additionally 43 percent of Afro-Americans vote early (versus
    20 percent for everyone else), and early voting has long meant longer

    Dem run cities…. Holding up your own kind. LOL

  • Dustoff

    HAHAHA.. In O-dumber own words.


    Our voting system is far from perfect. Vote rigging by entrenched political machines in cities like Chicago or Philadelphia is more than urban legend. Democrat big city bosses have a greater opportunity to manipulate the vote than others.

    In his inaugural address, Obama stated that: “Our journey is not
    complete until no citizen is forced to wait for hours to exercise the
    right to vote.” If Obama wishes to “complete the journey,” he must talk
    to the Democrat bosses who run our big cities and to those community
    organizers who promote early voting among minority voters. If not he,
    then perhaps the Supreme Court should order these “vote suppressors” to
    get their acts together come election time.

  • JCaude4553

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    “The Obama administration and civil rights groups said there is a
    continuing need for it and pointed to the Justice Department’s efforts
    to block voter ID laws in South Carolina and Texas last year…”

  • globalcrap

    How many voted more than once ? How many illegal aliens voted more than once ? Standing in line has always been, and probably always will. No excuses for not having I D. Cash a check –I D PLEASE. Cash a welfare check-I D PLEASE. Turn on the electric,-ID PLEASE. I D , has been here for many ,many years for the young and old. Just more O Bogus liberal BS, it’s a hardship having to produce I D….

  • globalcrap

    Your just stupid enough in believing your O Bogus ,your Messiah, and all the stuff you think he did ,which is nothing you can brag about.

  • Tomas de Torquemada

    The “dead hand of the past”… Hmmm, isn’t Roe v. Wade some 40 years and 50 million lives ago? Time for the “living, breathing” Constitution to do its bit, no? Guess not, given that the cynical and self-serving Left is only too eager to place the mantle of “Settled Law” about the bowed and creaky shoulders of not only abortion but also of the sclerotic Voting Rights Act.

  • globalcrap

    You cannot survive without the proper I D. Then again if your an illegal alien voter, or a welfare voter. Then it’s a hard -ship

  • http://democracylover.blogspot.com Charles D

    I would agree that applying the law differently on certain states and counties because of what they did 40+ years ago is a problem. However, we still have situations all over this country where certain groups of people are discriminated against in voting. Districts are created to insure that one or another party is sure to win over and over. Voting machines are doled out sparingly to some districts causing long lines at the polls while other districts don’t have these problems. We still have laws that prevent persons who have served time in prison from voting after release. We have requirements for identification being placed on citizens that impose more of a burden on some people than others. In most of these cases, a significant number of the affected people happen to be minorities, but it seems more likely that the intent of those creating the obstacles to voting is more partisan than racist.

    Of course, there is little likelihood that the Congress will be able to address these problems because they are partisan in nature. We could address this with a Constitutional Amendment simply guaranteeing every person the right to vote and to have their vote counted. Even something that simple is unlikely to get through Congress. What remedy would conservatives support? Or do conservatives even believe there is a problem?

  • Dustoff

    However, we still have situations all over this country where certain groups of people are discriminated against in voting.


    Yet (as usual) you offer no proof!

  • Dustoff

    Most people who would not have a B/C was born quite sometime ago and pretty must all of they have passed away. No excuse for most people to not have a record of your birth.

  • Dustoff


  • Dustoff

    Bingo… Just MORE excuses from the left.

  • globalcrap

    If the poor people can get welfare, along with the illegal alien criminal, you have to have I D..I cannot buy anything without the proper I D. Where does their big screen T V come from ,Phones, cars tags ,not with out I D..

  • http://democracylover.blogspot.com Charles D

    Contrary to your opinion, not every poor person is on welfare or has a big screen TV. The usual victim of this sort of thing is an elderly person who doesn’t drive, not a welfare queen of your fantasy.

  • Danish0072001

    Actually I don’t butter my bread. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, George. They are all race baiters and racists. My friends who are black never go looking for race in everything. But then, they work, are good family people, love the Country, and go to Church. Great people.

  • http://democracylover.blogspot.com Charles D

    I’m not in the business of doing your research. Google some of those and you’ll find numerous examples. I know you would rather deny the problem exists, but try to look around a bit.

  • Dustoff

    Doesn’t drive, yet can get get a ID.

  • Dustoff

    I’m not in the business of doing your research.
    Yeah. I’ve noticed.

    Doesn’t hold much water with most, because you can only give hear-say and no hard proof to back up your opinion.

    Now if you want to talk about the WA gov seat that was lost to a dem after 3 recounts and people who quit the election board because of the funny stuff that happened.

    I’m all ears.

  • globalcrap

    Just more liberal O Bogus BS, run by the liberal O Bogus democrat welfare cities of poor people who can cash their checks, drive their cars, and have no I D. Impeachment is way overdue…I had to send away for my B/C because I lost it, if I didn’t ,I couldn’t get my license, or tags .Proving that I was an American citizen.

  • Dustoff

    Same with me… People like charles have to come up with an excuse for any and everything.

    The fact it’s the dem’s who are caught time after time when it comes to voting fraud.

    It’s the only way they can win.

  • globalcrap

    O Bogus and his crew ,would call these good you know people, “”Uncle Toms.

  • http://democracylover.blogspot.com Charles D

    I’ll have to look into that one. It’s too bad our voting system is so opaque and so fragmented that we can’t prove who won most of the time.

  • globalcrap


  • Dustoff

    We are a totally vote by mail now. Yeah the libs in control of Olympia made sure of that one.

    Yet we still have more votes in some areas then we have people.

  • globalcrap

    So they never cashed a check ,or worked ? No social security card ? They lived ,where??

  • Dustoff

    PS… Every “American” has a right to vote. If you think every vote is counted, then you live in a lib city where that isn’t assured. Like say Chicago.

  • Dustoff

    Charles is just throwing spit balls now. Old dem talking points.
    As I said before, most people who were around before SS and just after that have passed away. How they were able to live without any ID is a joke.

  • Dustoff

    Well said… people like Jessie need racism’s because they can’t make cash without it.

  • globalcrap

    ONLY old liberals have hardships when you have to produce legal I D.No make that the young one’s also.

  • TanongSak

    You can say anything you want; and rational people can ignore you.

  • TanongSak

    Liberals hate life, they hate being human. No wonder, since they’ve had so little practice at it.

  • TanongSak

    If only it had worked better; then maybe you wouldn’t have voted, and others like you. Then we’d all be better off.

  • http://democracylover.blogspot.com Charles D

    If you think every vote is counted, you are living in a fantasy world.

  • http://democracylover.blogspot.com Charles D

    Social Security cards are not valid ID in most states that are passing these laws – no picture. Just try to imagine that no everyone shares your life experience.

  • http://democracylover.blogspot.com Charles D

    Still angry about 2004 eh? Well, in more advanced countries with better voting systems, you can make sure that close elections are truly valid, but that’s almost impossible in the US.

  • DanB_Tiffin

    Special rights are yours, if you fit into one of the liberals’ “designated victims groups” Yup, sure is!

  • JayC777

    Oh, you just have to look at how many times the left tried to shut down, and have succeeded on occasion, conservative speakers and how many times conservatives tried to shut down progressive speakers. And, please, stop considering yourself, and others like you, liberals. That animal is dead. You’re nothing more than a bunch of scumbag progressive socialists.
    You support the unconstitutional Maobamacare and all the other unconstitutional socialist wet dreams that the government has placed into law for the last 100 years.
    Give me a break.
    Now, cry me a river.

  • Concerned4America

    The one thing that Conservatives and Progressives both agree on but that also sharply divides them is that that US Constitution is an anchor.

    To the Conservative the Constitution was crafted after considerable debate and compromise by many very wise men that serves as an anchor that keeps us safe in the storm and prevents us from crashing on the rocks and being destroyed.

    To the Progressive the Constitution is a document written over 200
    years ago by a bunch of dead white guys that forms an anchor
    that prevents us from setting sail for the mythical land of Utopia
    that they know lies just over the horizon.

  • David White

    How many conservatives do you hear saying that the Constitution is a living, breathing document? How often is a conservative heard saying that the best thing about the Constitution is that it can be changed? Compare that with how many liberals you hear saying it?

    Observation: Liberals like the Constitution’s provisions for changes… so that they can change it. Which means? They dislike it as it is now.

    Conservatives speak often of returning to a stricter interpretation of the document. Not changing, not abridging it, not amending it, but following it as is.

    Observation: Conservatives like the Constitution as it is now.

    Conclusion: Liberals dislike the current Constitution, Conservatives love it.

    Next bogus argument.

  • GomeznSA

    We’ll never know for sure how many voted multiple times but we DO know that several have been sent to jail for doing so……………..
    Of course the ‘progs’ are using essentially the same type of ‘argument’ – ‘voter suppression/disenfranchising’ – which is no more provable than what they accuse conservatives of -’voter fraud’. Oh wait, there have been numerous cases of proven voter fraud, is anyone (except george of course) really able to prove that actual suppression has taken place – well except in Philly of course.