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Rising Stock Futures Predict Good Day; First-Time Jobless Claims Fell Last Week; Potential Italian Leader Slams Austerity

Rising Stock Futures Predict Good Day (Bloomberg)
Stock futures rose this morning, indicating the S&P 500 will continue its current string of positive days. “The majority of companies are continuing to beat expectations, so that’s a good sign,” Peter Jankovskis, co-chief investment officer of Lisle, Illinois-based Oakbrook Investments LLC, said. “The jobless claims were better-than-expected, so that’s providing some support.”

First-Time Jobless Claims Fell Last Week (Bloomberg)
Suggesting an improving labor market, the number of applicants seeking unemployment benefits for the first time fell last week and beat expectations. “The layoff side of the equation is improving quite a bit,” said Gennadiy Goldberg, a U.S. strategist at TD Securities Inc. in New York, who projected filings would drop to 340,000. “The big question is on the hiring side and whether that can actually pick up and bring down the unemployment rate.”

Potential Italian Leader Slams Austerity (CNBC)
Enrico Letta, Italy’s recent nominee for the post of prime minister, has already started talking about austerity. “European policies are too focused on austerity which is no longer enough,” Letta said. “The country is waiting for a government. Everyone knows this is a situation that cannot go on like this.”

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  • PR_Ohio

    Stocks are riding the “Dollar-Bubble” being created by multiple infusions of QE. Massive inflation soon to follow as this glut of valueless Dollars work their way into the general economies. Oh yeah, it’s all gonna be Bush’s fault.

    Jobless claims for April will be “unexpectedly” revised upwards in May. *U6 numbers will continue to be ignored by the MSM in order to protect their messiah. News at eleven. Oh wait…

    Italy joins the long list of European countries completely bankrupted by Socialism and the unsustainable spending that comes with it, not to mention the pampered spoiled children that are always the result of generations of government dependency and government unions. But then, people with a brain already know that Italy has been on the verge of bankruptcy for some time – and exactly why.

  • globalcrap

    People collecting their unemployment checks finally ran out .14.000 people unemployed in FL ,When liberal Rick Scott closed all the penny casinos . I guess he had to please all the Indian casino , who we’re losing business, but don’t pay taxes like the penny casino did.