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Jesse Jackson Jr. and Wife Are Struggling to Make Ends Meet Before Sentencing

Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife were convicted of misusing $750,000 in campaign cash.

Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife Sandi are struggling to make ends meet before their June sentencing.
The Sun Times reported, via Free Republic:

Ensconced in the safety of their home in Washington, D.C., former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife, former Ald. Sandi Jackson, are struggling to make ends meet before their sentencing in June. ◆To wit: The shattered couple, who recently pleaded guilty to felonies, could lose their law licenses. They are desperately trying to pay the bills and figure out a financial plan for their two children. ◆Although writing a memoir is on the table if Jackson Jr. can find a publisher (or publish it himself), Sneed is told their major financial support now is Triple J’s devoted brother, Yusef, a successful beer distributor and businessman. “It is Yusef who drove Jesse to Tucson when he was falling apart mentally due to the federal investigation,” said a Sneed source.

Republican Paul McKinley is running to replace Jackson Jr. in Congress.

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