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Green Mountain Dems reject gun ban

Green Mountain Dems reject gun ban

This week, gun restriction advocates suffered a defeat in the Democratic controlled state of Vermont. Both houses of the legislature have been planning to introduce new gun control bills.  The Senate’s proposal was to go further than the House until this week when Democrats withdrew a ban on assault weapons.

The State House’s legislation, H. 124, cosponsored by 11 Democrats and one Independent, seeks to ban high-capacity magazines, require background checks, and require a firearm safety course for all those who carry a concealed weapon.

Vermont has the oldest unrestricted concealed carry laws in the nation; similar laws have recently been adopted in Wyoming, Alaska and Arizona.

The author of the House bill, Rep. Linda Waite-Simpson (D-Essex Junction) does give a little to gun advocates by removing the state’s ban on silencers.  The bill also has a provision that addresses mental health.

The Senate bill that was withdrawn by Senate Majority Leader Philip Baruth (D- Burlington) would have made it a crime to manufacture, posses or transfer semi-automatic weapons and large capacity ammunitions.

But even Baruth could not find the support in a Democratic controlled State Senate, where Republicans make up only 23 percent of the body.

Progressive gun advocates were outraged and planned on taking the fight to town meetings across the state — in Vermont, town meetings have the sovereignty to pass local laws.  One gun restriction advocate, Bob Williamson, said, “I’m pragmatic, and I’ve been at this long enough to know that I know it’s going to be a long haul.”

Williamson is originally from the suburbs of Chicago, where severely restrictive gun laws have led to more homicides than U.S. troop deaths in Afghanistan.

According to Valley News, Republican State Sen. Joe Benning said during a lunch with Baruth that the Republicans were not going to support the ban.  Baruth replied that he “couldn’t find anyone in the Democrat caucus who would support his bill either.”

Democrats in Vermont recognized that, being a rural state; there wouldn’t be intense support for such a law. According to Valley News, State Sen. Dick McCormack (D-Bethel) stated, “[In] 23 years, he has never supported gun control in Vermont, and it’s because Vermont is a rural area and firearms are part of rural life.”

Some other Democrats acknowledged firearms weren’t the only way to kill someone.  State Sen. Jane Kitchel (D-Dainsville) said, “I wish we could legislate against evil.” She also was opposed to the assault weapons ban.

Author Bill Kauffman wrote, “Vermont has long been a mixture of radical, conservative, and populism.”  It’s very much ingrained into the state’s character, which has allowed it to remain true to its roots, despite going from solidly Republican to solidly Democrat.  Vermonters who value their freedoms are not as threatened by any political party as they are by transplants from Chicago or New York who seek to impose the values and laws of the society they left on the new state they call home.

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  • Wxcynic

    My Sheriff put a notice in this week’s paper to the effect he will not administer a federal ban. This movement is gaining steam, and reminds all of us where the real police power resides. Even our local freemen respect the authority of a Sheriff.
    The Montana legislature is working on a couple of bills to authorize the locals to ignore the feds. Setting examples at the federal level to ignore laws seems to be backfiring. Who would have thought?

  • GomeznSA

    The comment by Jane Kitchel “I wish we could legislate against evil.” (umm don’t we already do that???) sums up the entire argument regarding ‘gun control’ – the progressives believe that they can legislate everything while conservatives believe that it is up to the individual to defend himself against that evil. Never mind that EVERY existing law supports the desires of the progressives – otherwise we would have NO laws – not even those most folks can agree on.
    Here’s an example: most (everyone?) agree that murder should be illegal. The sticky part comes into play when we try to figure out appropriate sanctions against murder – capital punishment, life in prison, slap on the wrist. And it gets even stickier when we try to figure out how to prevent it (‘gun control’ for the most obvious example). Logic goes out the window and far too often emotions rule.
    I certainly make no claim to having the answers but it is blatantly obvious that some issues defy over legislation (See: ‘gun control’ in chicago for a stellar example).

  • Melanie Alberto

    The bill also has a provision that addresses mental health.

  • Mike_in_Wasilla

    So Vermonters value their 2nd Amendment rights but what about our other rights? The democrats are after all of them.

  • PowerToThePeople

    This is not so good. I am afraid of guns.

  • JiminGA

    I’m afraid of people with irrational fears.

  • Richard Plantagenet

    “Vermonters who value their freedoms are not as threatened by any political party as they are by transplants from Chicago or New York who seek to impose the values and laws of the society they left on the new state they call home.” That is a problem that we see here in the South. Yankees who flee their high-tax, gun-grabbing, politically-correct crap hole home states to come here and transplant here the same agenda they found tyrannical enough to leave.

  • confedgal

    And they have the nerve to call us stupid because we fight them on it.

  • AZsmitty

    One of the biggest problems faced by the states are those who move in from liberal infested climates……….they fled their former states because of the burden of taxation, regulations and lack of jobs………they arrive in their new locations and begin trying to recreate the enviroment they fled.

  • Jen cos

    Did anyone notice that Williamson moved from Chicago to Vermont? that’s what they do, wreck their home, move somewhere else, and proceed to do the same thing. This is why we are likely to lose against such locusts. They totally deny what THEY did was the problem. Just wait until all the California locusts move into your land like they did Colorado. I grew up here. It was once very conservative until much of California moved in. All conservatives need to group somewhere like Texas and surrounding states and set up fences or use really good bug killer….

  • Toaster Crisp

    “The gods of the valley are not the gods of the hills, and you shall understand it”…Ethan Allen

    We fight the Marxist scourge everyday here in Vermont. Like minded folks are welcome to move here to beat back the demo-rats and the progressive agenda. The main source of demo-rat power here is state workers and welfare parasites. When the state can not continue to afford to pay ether constituencies, hello free Vermont….

  • Scotty Maloney

    That’s EXACTLY what Bernie Sanders did!!!!!! I’m surprised he’s pulled it off, because, frankly, he’s a New York nutcase & scam man.

  • 312qaz

    Its unfortunate that places like Vermont, Utah, Wyoming, etc, all lovely states have been invaded by folks from places like NYC, Chicago, California. All of them looking for a better place to live and raise their families. Unfortunately for the locals, they ALWAYS bring their urban, liberal, progressive attitudes with them and feel its their duty to ‘educate’ the people that were born and raised in those amazing places. Only to ruin them.

  • AuntiE

    Start a fund to help relocation costs for them to return from whence they came!

  • JJM123

    Appropriate description – LOCUSTS, lay waste to their homeland then attack green pastures with a vengence. Starting to believe that TX needs immigration proceedures before all the high population areas turn into wastelands.

  • JJM123

    IMO – the preventative medication would be a return to Morality, Respect, Golden Rule and 10 Commandments. If some people are incapable of being reponsible parents and proper examples, perhaps they should be banned from procreation.

  • HappyG

    Kudos to the Vermont Legislature…rejecting failed Chicago policies is a step in the right direction.

  • HappyG

    Exactly…that’s why so many are fleeing California too.

  • HappyG

    The man is a communist.

  • HappyG

    Hey AZ, I hear what you’re saying, but I’ve been a MA resident since birth and have voted against these moonbats for decades. Can’t there at least be a vetting process? Not all people in Blue states are nut jobs…but I will concede, most are.

  • HappyG

    Make no mistake, “mental health” is going to mean anyone who at anytime was ever referred to a mental health professional, whether needed or not…and it will soon follow that Katy Sebelius will rule that “all children” must have such evaluations, thus rendering them ineligible for permitting…It’s what the Progressives do best…doublespeak by wordsmiths as Americans loose their country in front of their wide open eyes.

  • Nick Furry

    Why to go VT resident!!

  • Blair Christensen

    Are you afraid of hammers, too? Guns are tools – they aren’t going to leap up off the table and start jumping on your head.. Go face your fears and take a handgun safety class. There are thousands of NRA instructors willing to take the time and show you how to properly and safely handle firearms. And trust me, safety is their primary concern. Mine chided me every time I had my plastic blank pointed at the floor (concrete = ricochet), but by the time he was done, I knew exactly how to look for safe zones, how NOT to put my finger on the trigger until I was clear and safe to shoot, and how to respect the power in my hands.

    You can control your fears or allow them to control you. Your choice.

  • Michael Guy

    Every Roman Dictator since Julius Caesar
    kept up the pretext of a Roman republic by affixing the letters SPQR to their
    tyrannical decrees. For the Senate and the People of Rome Adninistration and
    their Democratic The Roman tribunes and Senators were as ineffectual and
    vestigial after Cicero as our legislators seem to be. WE have a Socialist Sun
    King who can recite Louiis XIV wit equal Vehemance ,”Etate c’est moi” I am the
    state. His Administration armed Mexican drug lords in Fast and Furious. The rug
    lords make their millions because this administrations gives welfare, SSI and
    EBT to addicts. This administration tax extorts your tax money from tou and then
    gives it to parasites in the HHS welfare society so that these Obama voters will
    enhance the profits of violent drug gangs.So not only is tax money or loaned
    money from China filtered through to the vicious drug cartels but Eric Holder
    even armed these gangs with the same weapons he wants to confiscate from
    conservative, Constitution loving, law-abiding American citizens. Add to this
    hyppocrisy the financial aid and arms sent to the Sunni Jihadist in the Muslim
    Brotherhood and you can see this Democratic Administration wants to arm
    Saudi-controlled, Arab Spring” Sunni terrorist who will be killing Shia,
    Christians , Jews and socialists throughout the world, including America. But
    this Administration and its Democrats wnat to abrogate and nullifty our social
    contract, ie the Constitution with its Bill of Rights and confiscate property
    wto which citizens are entitled, especially the arms and ammunition owned by
    Christian, conservative, Constitution-loving Caucasians. Is this to make us
    subject serfs in a global Holy Roman Empire, ruled by elite liberal lords,
    Bolshevik bureaucrats and progressive plutocrats in the UN?

  • wyatt81

    Yes-the lib transplants are not satisfied with screwing up their home states-they have to export their stupidity and arrogance to other areas to make them equally miserable.

  • sliverlining

    “Vermonters who value their freedoms are not as threatened by any political party as they are by transplants from Chicago or New York who seek to impose the values and laws of the society they left on the new state they call home.”

    That says a lot about many political/union/religious/education/etc “situations”. I get protective as well as anybody when some craphead moves in and starts messing up things. People should re-learn to shut up. I mean, why move to an area you prefer only to screw it up? Why move there at all? Activists usually suck. And I don’t mean the people fighting back against activists who started the crap in the first place.

  • Phillip_in_TX

    I was just thinking the same thing. They “lay waste,” then split, not wanting to “reap what they sow.”

  • ConservativeJoe


    “Melanie” is after your bank account numbers and passwords! Do not click on “her” web site!

  • ConservativeJoe

    PowerToThePeople, what a liar! You really want the people to cede power to the authorities! You would make a good slave, you are too cowardly to face life on your own.

  • ConservativeJoe

    Michael Guy, you pretty much stated it as it is. The question is, will the American people wake up before we are all subjects in a socialist tyranny?

  • Al Roberts

    I was getting set to say the same thing. Egotistical arrognat elitists who can’t see that what they believe DOES NOT WORK. But they are Alinsky types and will never give up.
    “There is a way that seemeth right to man, but the end thereof is destruction.”

  • Phillip_in_TX

    Then don’t buy one. Nobody is forcing you to buy a gun.

  • Phillip_in_TX

    I believe, in what they use for a mind, that it is “nice to share.” Isn’t it ironic that they “make their own bed, then don’t want sleep in it?”

  • Phillip_in_TX

    Mike, off subject, I was stationed in Alaska for 4 years in the Air Force. Your Icon picture, how big was the bear?

  • Phillip_in_TX

    You’ve got that right!

  • socialismisevil

    here is why

    they figured there is no reason for them to risk any fallout as the feds will superceed anything they put into action

  • socialismisevil


    the key would be

    what would he do when the state makes the law


  • Seamus Harper

    We don’t need any new laws or bans just enforce the current laws we have and maybe pass a budget or secure the border before the Muslim bortherhood takes over the south west !

  • Kim

    so what is the status on H124? It’s not clear to me. Can I release a sigh of relief?

  • gawxxx

    yea like the “illegal ” scum that come across our borders and bring the filth of central and south america to this country !!!!!!!

  • Montie Rumsower

    Are you afraid of baseball bats to.

  • AZsmitty

    I feel your pain! In our travel rich career we spent way too much time in the state of Washington.

  • Tbark Knives

    think we need to pass legislation to restrict liberals to live in states like NY ca ill Michigan all conservatives move to conservative states an flush liberals out , then we could restrict most crime to those places sooner or later they would get the idea their own brain dead morals an practices are to blame ,t

  • badbob85037

    80 Democrats in congress are members to the Socialist or Communist party. A fact the Republican running for office against them fail to bring to light. Democrats that don’t support Socialism along with it’s gun confiscation is an exception to the rule.

  • Mike_in_Wasilla

    It squared 7′ 10″ and the skull was 22″. Not real big but “respectable” for the area.

  • Phillip_in_TX

    Definitely respectable, thanks for the reply!

  • HK G3

    The AR/HiCap Mag ban is based on ill-informed, technically inept, and lazy legislators. It is a great thing to do good and make a positive difference, but it is poor judgement to do something simply to be seen to be doing good.

    The task at hand is to reduce murders (including those by firearm) – across the board, young and old.  So if we look at the facts and technical aspects and ignore the sensationalism, we see (and much of this surprised me) that the FBI homicide by weapon type data shows:

    A) firearm murders have been GOING DOWN year-on-year for the last five years running, NOT UP.
    B) the proportion of total firearm murders caused by rifles was 3%, 2.6%, 2.55%, 2.8%, & 2.55% for each of the last five years.
    C) the number of people killed by feet, punching etc is TWICE as many as rifles…
    D) number of people killed by knives etc is 4.5TIMES as many as rifles…
    E) the number of people killed by blunt objects (clubs, hammers etc) is 1.5 TIMES as many as rifles.