Gingrich: ‘We have no evidence that Barack Obama is going to compromise’

Gingrich: 'We have no evidence that Barack Obama is going to compromise'

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich reiterated his position he laid out in Human Events on House Republican strategy when it comes to spending this morning on the ‘CBS This Morning’ news program.

“This president is deliberately seeking confrontation. I think he’s going out of his way to bully House Republicans,” Gingrich said in an interview with Charlie Rose and Norah O’Donnell. The former Georgia congressman went on to say that House GOP should pick the sequester and the continuing resolution as the pieces of legislation that are worth fighting over and standing tough on.

“Asking Barack Obama to not be a big spending, high-taxing liberal is a denial of everything we learned about him in his career,” Gingrich said.

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  • Altosackbuteer

    Copied over from my posting in Pat Buchanan’s article of today — Demographics are running against the Republican Party. The House of Representatives is still in Republican hands, but it’s time for that majority to face facts — they will shortly become the MINORITY party again, and they will REMAIN the minority party again for the foreseeable future.
    Given the INEVITABILITY of this, the current majority can therefore throw caution to the winds. They are FREE, as free as any lame duck politician ever was, free to do ANYTHING they like, free from worry about the consequences in the next election.
    So Øbama Øsama wants to FIGHT? Cool — then give him a fight. Because, if the Republicans are going to lose by playing nice, or lose by playing rough, they therefore might as well play rough and get it over with.
    No hike on the debt ceiling. Or, MAYBE, do what Dick Morris suggests — small, incremental, monthly increases, but much less that Øbama needs, and force Øbama to find ways to squeeze his own spending.
    Defund ALL programs which offend conservative sensitivities. Defund Øbamacare forthwith. Tell Øbama to implement this public law with no money, if he can. Defund PBS. Defund Head Start, which is a PROVABLE waste of money, since it imparts NO lasting education benefits. And there are hundreds of others.
    And finally, USE their MAJORITY to IMPEACH Øbama Øsama. IMPEACH him for gross and blatant violations of the War Powers Act when he intervened in Libya without consulting with the Congress or obtaining its approval. IMPEACH him for the Benghazi coverup. And IMPEACH Øbama for Fast & Furious, WHICH WAS NOTHING LESS THAN AN ACT OF WAR AGAINST MEXICO.
    Imagine the hue and cry there’d be if Iran, or Israel, for that matter, had smuggled weapons into the United States destined for American gangsters, and which were used to kill hundreds of Americans. That’s EXACTLY what happened in Mexico with Fast & Furious.
    And in the end, it may be that the Republicans will be thrashed for all of this in 2014, and lose their current majority by a landslide. BUT SO WHAT??? They were on their way out anyway. So therefore, they have NOTHING TO LOSE by throwing caution to the winds and going for broke.
    “‘Freedom’s’ just another word for ‘Nothing left to lose’.”

  • terry1956

    He is right the House needs to pick its fights better.
    They should not pass spending bills then come in later and say we are going to refuse to borrow any more money to pay for the spending.
    Pass an increase in the debt celing, then in March send the Senate a balanced budget without any tax increases, in fact include tax cuts and repeal of Obamacare in the bill plus no funds for Mass Murder INC ( planned parenthood).

  • 1tomritter1

    Liberals are consummate liars and anyone who listens to them is a major Kool-Aid drinker.

  • http://www.humanevents.com Adam J. Tragone

    Force the Senate to vote on a balanced budget? Would be surprised what Harry Reid would do?

    Not really.

  • corps_suk

    Except everything he has ever done as president. Obama will go down as the biggest compromiser in history, from detention centers to healthcare to tax cuts as stimulus…everything he does is moderate and compromised.

    Thats part of what makes him such a crappy leader…he thinks republicans have good faith, they dont, they just want to put him in his place.

    Newt, get out of the bubble, Obama is the Compromiser in Chief, always has been always will be…

  • terry1956

    the small increments would be a good idea, inform our troops, senior citizens and bond holders they will be paid on time.
    Trillions in short term bills coming due, we don’t want the interest rate to go way up.
    Robert Rubin started the short term bills big time ask the above to write him condemnation letters.

  • PR_Ohio

    Yes, I’ve suggested Suk seek professional help and medication on more than one occasion. Delusional doesn’t even begin to describe Suk’s mental disorders.

  • Patriot41

    Have to agree with Newt on picking a winnable plan. Why waste time, energy and support, on a losing battle?

    Newt is certainly right about Obama’s determination to raise the debt ceiling as Obama has firmly stated that he intends to do so. Bernanke and Geitner are both advocating doing away with the debt ceiling, so everyone including the GOP leadership, should understand what is coming from the opposition side of the aisle.

    Sequestration and continuing resolution are a winning fight and since Congress controls the purse, they can in fact, cut spending and force the president’s hand on the issue. If we are to believe that this was the GOP intentions when they caved and agreed with the opposition to raise the debt ceiling last year, then they had best follow through with their plans to start cutting spending through sequestration. Continuing resolution gives them the option of providing the necessary funds to sustain the govt., while trying to reach solutions on this nation’s debt crises. That fact should not be that difficult to arrive at.

  • Dustoff

    LOL….. lay off the booze, it’s affecting what little brain cells you have,

  • aballer1515

    The fact that you say Obama is a moderate, is all anyone needs to read to know that having any discussion/argument with you is pointless. You must have had some crazy parents/friends/schooling.

  • cliff2008

    Also, the argument could be made to the Democrats that if they don’t want to keep battling over the continuing resolutions, submit a damn budget….after all, it’s only required by law.

  • corps_suk

    Funny, you insist on insults yet offer nothing to refute the point, so here learn something about a couple issues:

    On healthcare he based his reform on corporate giveaways based on the republican created individual mandate, on freedoms he instituted a military study to allow gays to serve, on stimulus 40% of his stimulus was TAX breaks, on defense he ADDED troops to Afghanistan, left open Gitmo, and invaded Pakistan to get OBL, nominated a republican SoD TWICE, has agreed to $2.4 trillion in spending cuts during a recession, and shrunk government employment by 600,000 employees… total moderate.

    But go ahead and insults, it is after all what you’re all good at. Understanding facts and reality, not so much.

  • http://www.therightcommentary.com/ Dave

    Of course the Liar in Chief will not compromise. I thought that was a given. These House Republicans will soon have a task ahead of them. That task will be to impeach this President for high crimes (Benghazi) and circumventing the U.S. Constitution (2nd Amendment). I hope they are up to it.

  • Robert J

    It is pathetic that after these many years of dealing with this, we still need to have some guy in the Republican party play Captain Obvious to these weak leaders in our party. They still need someone to try to tell them, gee guys, Obama don’t compromise and he is out to destroy you. Then the geniuses on our side decide to just go along with whatever King Obama wants. Way to go guys! Go, Fight… uh, “get along”. Yeah, way to stop the bully! Or even better, my favorite part is when they turn against the conservatives. Then they lose the election. And then, again, here comes Captain Obvious Newt to point out that, gee maybe we should think about, I don’t know, fighting back? Maybe? Just an idea, just trying some different stuff out here. We are so doomed.

  • http://poorwilber.blogspot.com Poor Wilber

    The time to take a stand is now. Not wait until 6 months before an election. Force Obama to bend over…. now. The low information voter wont remember any of this vitriol 6 months from now, other than Republicans won…if they fight now. I don’t know what Boehner is afraid of. No one remembers who the Speaker of House was during in the Herbert Hoover administration, trust me. Herbert Hoover, the PRESIDEnt, got the blame…ultimately.

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