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Former Navy SEAL: America arms its enemies against its allies

Former Navy SEAL: America arms its enemies against its allies

Would we finally get it when the titles on our favorite magazines or websites read: America arms Egypt and and allies itself with Islam against its former ally Israel?

How about: The Constitution and anything Christian-Judeo are comdemned and punishable by sharia law?

Or: Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaida, Hammas, Hezbolah, Iran, Egypt amongst others are all our friends now…Now we can arm them?

Upon first glance, something would tell you that that headline is Absurd, wrong and that is just something that would never happen. The government’s do not match their actions. We are arming the enemy! Pay attention to this, it is important.

Please look at these facts and ask yourself what they say to you:

The leader of Egypt is Mohammad Morsi, and he is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is the parent group that created al-Qaeda, which is its armed wing. Morsi declared dictatorial Powers over his people. Morsi advocates fundamental sharia law, a system of jurisprudence based on Islam.

Isn’t the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Quiada who we are at war with called theWar on Terror? This is when a part of the Muslim Brotherhood called Al-Quieda killed 3000 of our peole in one day just in case you forgot.

This year Egypt is receiving 200 M1-A1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks from the United States. Now, compare that with the 150 that our own Marines have in service today. Egypt has the seventh largest tank force in the world, and this is with a population the size of a California, Texas or New York.

Now imagine if the state of New York maintained the fourth largest fleet of F-16 attack fighter jets in the world.

Egypt has 240 F-16s and another squadron is already on the way from America.

In a Nov. 16 speech, Morsi said to his countrymen that Egypt will continue to support the Palistenians in Gaza and oppose Israel.

“An official delegation has visited Gaza to express clearly our solidarity with the people of Gaza and state that what affects them, affects us,” he said.

“The price will be high if the aggression continues, Egypt is different from yesterday,” he said.

“We assure Israel that the price will be high for continued aggression, and we tell them you have to bear the responsibility,” he said.

One way to gauge the effect Morsi’s address is to consider that the audience started chanting in the middle of it: “Khaybar, Khaybar, Oh Jews, the army of Mohamed will return!”

This is the moral equivilant of chanting: “Auschwitz, Auschwitz!”

Now recall that Egypt;s leaders want to eradicate the Jewish religion and the Jewish people, the way Hitler did, and they are not shy about it either, except now its sanctioned by Allah in the Koran, look it up!

Let’s look at Israel’s tank and fighter jets numbers. Israel only has 350 attack jets in their inventory and an aging tank fleet that is mostly classified as obsolete.

My quick read is that in a direct war between Israel and Egypt, Isreal would take a serious beating–and it would be our fault. Why, because we are arming the enemies of our allies.

I would say that we have forgotten or is the fact more to the point that we, Americans help to create the State of Israel in 1948 to create of a home for the Jewish people after the horrors of the Holocaust. It is our prestige on the line to protect Israel as a refuge we created.

The last point I want to make, is the Muslim Brotherhood was founded by a man named al-Banna, who was a friend and admirer of Hitler. The two men, wrote to each other and shared many ideas and goals.

This may be the first place you read this.

Doesn’t it make you wonder why?

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  • RenegadeScholar

    Many Conservatives complain at excess foreign intervention no matter who does it. Most conservatives complain about excess spending no matter who does it.

    Leftists seem only to condemn what non-leftists do–even if it is exactly what a leftist would do!

    Leftists such as yourself condemn the idea of unilaterally assassinating a foreign leader in a friendly nation–unless a leftist like Obama does it. Then you CHEER it!

    Leftists such as yourself can’t bring yourself to praise Bush for his huge entitlement spending on prescriptions and AIDS in Africa–even though it’s exactly what the leftists like!

    You can’t condemn the EXPANSION of the patriot act under Obama, even though you condemned a lesser version of it under Bush.

    You can’t condemn the GITMO prison under Obama the way you did under Bush.

    You can’t condemn the incompetence of the Obama polices–all you can say is “hey–Bush did it too!” or at best a mild and meaningless rebuke like “America’s foreign policy achievements have often been fuzzy at best.”

    You are ideologically blinded by your cult-like adoration of this man.

    At least have some pride and self-resepect and be consistent in what you want and don’t want for the country instead of just having this childlike obedience to Obama.

    “Whatever Obama does is magnificent” is hardly a meaningful position to have.

  • Nubian

    Adoration of what? I’m just saying…its all happened throughout our history. Nothing is new. Obama is no better on the human rights front but he is no worse….at least not drastically. Maybe marginally.

    Same game different administration throughout history. Its not a left or right thing. Its a fact that its happened for ages so pointing to just the Obama actions is a bit disingenuous and um, self serving.

  • RenegadeScholar

    it is religious people who are dictating pro life on the masses of America and try and justify it to themselves

    A couple of things, Nubian:

    1) Religious people dictate what is right and wrong almost exclusively. It’s just that you AGREE with the vast majority of it. Most of it is so second nature to our culture that we can’t imagine any other way to be.

    The REALITY is the human sacrifice, child sacrifice, slavery and cannibalism were quite common around here for thousands of years. These are things that I’m guessing you find abhorrent. They didn’t vanish at random. Those with the morals that you implicitly agree with (Christians) displaced those who didn’t. No, Nubian–it wasn’t socialists and atheists who shaped our existing society.

    Make no mistake, Nubian: If you are against cannibalism and human sacrifice, you have Christian–not atheist, Aztec, or American Indian morals.

    Still no Sharia, though.

    2) Pro-life can easily be argued with no reference at all to religion. Here it is:

    a) At the moment of conception, a living organism with the DNA of Homo Sapiens Sapiens is created.

    b) a living organism with the DNA of Homo Sapiens Sapiens is also call a “human being.”

    c) We protect human life and make it illegal to kill other humans without due process.

    d) An abortion does not represent due process.

    The only counter-agrument that pro-abortionists have is that the human being in the womb is not a “person.” A “person” is a non-scientific, made-up concept. It is a myth.

    And how is a human being different from a “person?” Well–it’s not. Except where some other human being arbitrarily says it is. Not being a “person” is being a “non-person.”

    Do you REALLY want a society where we have one set of human beings deciding that another set of human beings are “non-persons?”

    See how that worked out for the Jews under Hitler or the political dissidents under the Soviet Union.

  • Nubian

    I argue that you are blinded by your hate of the man that you see anything short of hate as adoration. Did you see my last sentence?

  • Nubian

    LOL. Of course you do. LOL I love it when you change the subject b/c you dont’ want to deal with the hypocracy of your position. Its been around forever. Your misinformed outrage at the current happenings is just … misinformed. You lived through the generations that did the same thing so you should know… or are you just pretending not to know?

  • Nubian

    I love religion. I’m just wondering why you want to impose yours on others like the muslims want to impose sharia law on others. Changearoo of topics when you get caught in a hypocritical stance.

  • Nubian

    What else do you miss from back in the day aside from your “Christian” nation?

  • Patriot41

    Never once stated that I wanted to impose my faith on others. As for changing subjects, you take the cake. I doubt seriously that you love religion for any other reasons then to attack it. You seem to be against everything that it stands for. However that is your choice and you have to live with it.

  • Patriot41

    Many things that I do not have the time nor space to go into. It truly was a wonderful time in this country, many would say the Golden Era of our history and I would profoundly agree with that assessment. People with your attitude, have destroyed it sad to say and there is nothing I can do about it or you can be assured that I would.

  • Nubian

    People are against cannabalism only b/c they are Christian? Are you saying but for Christianity we would be eating each other?!?

    I love the use of scientific word for humans to say a fertilized egg is a human. You know that does not make it a scientific argument b/c science is about the process, not the word..LOLOLOLOL. hilarious. This made my day.LOLOL

  • Nubian

    The way you think is amazing! I can honestly say I have never seen this kind of reasoning. Is this the typical reasoning for pro-lifeers? Maybe they should just stick to religious basis for their position.

  • Nubian

    I don’t attack religion. I attack your forced imposition of religon on others….just like sharia law.

  • Nubian

    LOL. Did it ever occur to you that there is such a thing as a religious person who is pro-choice simply b/c they think they should not live in a sharia-like state that imposes their religion on others?

  • Nubian

    Yes. People who seek equality and rights. People who would like to live by the protections of the constitution. LOL. We are HORRIBLE!

    I think you are reminiscing about a time when you were able to impose your opinions and ideas on others and others had to succumb. This country is now much more diverse and much more free….land of the free. This was not the case when you were growing up.

    There are ills in society but what you are missing is the inequality and injustices of society that were so wonderful to you. Its great this country has grown out of your mindset.

  • Patriot41

    Never once have I advocated forced religion on anyone and you are making outlandish statements that are untrue. What seems to have hit home to your core, is the fact, I spoke about abortions and the killing of innocent life. Again, you do not have to be religious to believe in the sanctity of life.

  • Patriot41

    You are really being outlandish now, when speaking of a time when my views were forced on others. I don’t force my views on others, I merely stand up for what I believe. Like it or not Nubian, this was a Christian nation when I was growing up and my views reflected the very same views of my govt., and it’s people at the time.

    Yes indeed, this country has become a more diverse country and it has not been for the benefit of mankind in the process. There is nothing free about it anymore, as daily our citizens lose more and more of their freedoms.

    You want to talk about injustices, just look at what has happened to individual freedom. There is no longer any individual privacy, the govt., can monitor your phone calls, your emails and your bank account. You cannot go anywhere without govt., cameras following every step you make. You must use politically correct language or you are attacked by the socialist such as yourself in this society. The govt., is now in the process of setting up concentration camps while passing laws, that they can hold you without proper legal hearings for as long as they choose. I could go on, but what is the use when you refuse to consider anything that has a sense of truth to it. I do believe our conversation has come to an end, for speaking with you is useless.

  • sealordd

    There is only one person to lay blame on and that is odumbo. How could people be so dumbo to reelect that man? Four more years of him. Where will it all end? The complete collapse of our country? He is nothing but a socialist vile enemy of the U.S.

  • John David Hudson

    Nubian…these others trying to communicate with you are trying to use positive communications.What they fail to acknowledge is that they can’t talk to an individual that 1) doesn’t want to listen and 2) cares of nothing other than themselves….which means you are just a basic “stand for nothing of value” D** S***!!!

  • Davy2010

    For some ,that is like best of both worlds. The industrial complex arms a nation or nations ,which benefits all those involved in production ,including its spill overs. You send aid over to the third world including countries that would not hesitate to slit your throat, & the orders come back and production goes on. That is on a survival mode. The cheap stuff productions have been handed to the other sides of the globe through a system called globalization. The cheap stuffs come in & money goes out ;the big stuff goes out & money comes in . In the process ,everyone is happy looking up the results on Wall Street .The arms production also on long terms basis has its draw backs & trade offs have to be devised to deceive .Some ,without knowing made to compromise their culture ;some ,without knowing made to ,compromise their religion;some ,made to compromise their security & borders That ,all that ,is the crux of capitalism & democracy gone wild . But the cunning planners call it globalization, which they say like a mantra ,bringing wealth to the unfortunate peoples of the world .So,here we are in the 21st century not correcting the real problem of the world ,which is lack of freedom ; instead arm the tyrants or help to put tyrants in power and arm them to their teeth . Business as usual and the loud bell is sounded at Wall Street. Everybody here benefits ,one way or another ,the spill overs tricking forever : pension funds ,other funds ,etc,etc, and the spending goes on and the super markets & malls and all its employees ,like one happy family. How long before the capitalists decide to abandon & parachute themselves elsewhere to start all over again. It is globalization ,no borders ,they made it so easy for a safe haven for them and their money. So,everyone says Do Not touch the goose that lays the Golden Egg. They have already made Patriotism a dirty ;loyalty is none of their business

  • Nubian

    I disagree. Thanks for sharing your POV…as silly as it is.

  • Nubian

    You would like to impose your religious beliefs of pro life on others who do not share it. That is Sharia…only difference is the substance of the religion…the mechanism is the same.

    Truth is tough to swallow sometimes. Self reflection is the antedote. You have a horrible case of Cognative Dissonance.

  • Nubian

    Oh, its not hitting the core – its amused confusion that you cannot see the hypocracy of your stance. Get out of a woman’s womb. Try and do what your religion teaches you and help the poor that are actually alive now and suffering.

    Hypocracy is amazing…and amusing.