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State Dept. Says Hillary Clinton Is Not Celebrating in Dominican Republic as Reported

Earlier today we reported that although Hillary Clinton was too sick to speak with Congress this month about the Benghazi massacre she had traveled to the Punta Cana resort in the Dominican Republic to celebrate the New Year.  The story was first reported at Dominican Today:

Ex-president Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton are enjoying their year-end vacation in Punta Cana, in the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic.

According to press reports, the Clintons will celebrate New Year’s at the Puntacana Resort & Club and could also attend a fashion show scheduled for December 29, which will be held in honor of famous Dominican designer Oscar de la Renta.

Also expected to attend are American journalist Barbara Walters, Vogue editor Anna Wintour, Spanish actress Mar Flores and her husband Javier Merino, among other international jetsetters.

This afternoon the State Department wrote Human Events and told us Hillary and Bill Clinton did not travel to the Dominican Republic today as was reported. Philippe Reines at the State Department said the Clintons are not in the Dominican Republic. The Clintons are not going to the Dominican Republic. Phillippe then added, “We likely disagree on just about everything, but surely we can agree that posting a lie is far different than posting an opinion.” We are posting this as a correction to our earlier post.

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  • B Jenkum

    Does posting lies also apply to spontaneous riots from a video, Mr State Dept Spokeperson? Id really like an answer, so would Congress.

  • globalcrap

    America will celebrate when this socialist O Bogus marxist is convicted for the murders of the four American murdered Bengazi.

  • deeremeyer69

    Since the comments from Reines are obvious doubletalk to tell the literal truth while revealing nothing, namely where they ACTUALLY ARE, it’s a safe bet to assume that Hillary is not at “home” in the U.S. they way they’ve been implying and suggesting. Damn I’m getting sick and tired of b.s. and doubletalk from a bunch of so-called adults running the government and just as sick of nobody in the media calling them on it. 95% of what the media reports as “quotes” is being released to them via email or social media. They don’t have a CLUE what real life human being is “saying” what they’re reading instead of hearing.

  • BostonMary

    When pigs fly, globalC!

  • Deborah J. Boyd

    OK if you also prosecute Bush for 2 unnecessary wars and an unwatched Wall Street allowed to play risky business and almost throw us into a depression. Then he made it worse by throwing money at the banks that caused the problem with no strings attached

  • AustinAndy

    Bet you dollars to donuts that neither the Secretary of State nor the President ever tell us what really went on during, before or after Benghazi and their actions on it.

  • second_gen

    Hillary Clinton Admitted To Hospital With A Blood Clot Following Concussion

    CBS News correspondent Margaret Brennan tweets
    that a spokesperson for Clinton confirmed that the former First Lady
    has been taken to New York Presbyterian, and that the hospital will
    monitor her for the next 48 hours.

  • Daron Fraley

    And now she’s in a NY hospital with a brain clot? Sure she is…. I believe nothing from this Administration. Nothing.

  • D.a. King

    Blah blah blah.. Bush….get a new one, cupcake, thats so old and tired it has a beard.

  • BevfromNYC

    But then where was she, if she wasn’t in Punta Cana? I would say Philippe Reines at the State Department is a little short on details if he wants to call them liars.

  • globalcrap

    We are not talking about wars,America is talking about the four murdered American’s on your O Bogus regime watch. Now go cash your welfare check..

  • joeyess

    I only have one question: What does it feel like to be referred to as TDMOTI by not only one of the country’s political and sportswriters, but one of the finest satirical wits?

    Must be devastating.

    Do you have to wear a disguise when going out for lunch at Golden Corral? Oh, wait, that would me that your peers and readers would also think you a dolt.

    Never mind.

  • LaurenceGlavin

    These days, I believe recipients of welfare or unemployment insurance use Direct Deposit. Some people believed that the Year 2000 was actually the LAST year of the Twentieth Century, but 2012 is DEFINITELY part of the 21st Century and that how these things are done nowadays.

  • kochrepellent

    Sounds like you may have your very own brain clot, D’Ron

  • Patricia Wilson

    Are you ashamed yet? But I imagine not because that would mean admitting a sense of guilt for reporting untruths, which would require a conscience of which you all appear to be bereft of.

  • Patricia Wilson

    Good, but you forgot about the pre-9/11 warnings that G.W. chose to ignore, thus allowing the deaths of a couple thousand at the Twin Towers….and don’t forget Hurricane Katrina and how Georgie boy couldn’t get his a** back to LA from his vacay in TX and somewhat avert that disaster and perhaps save hundreds of lives…or the supposed WMD’s that turned out to be bogus, to get us into Iraq…or, okay, my arm’s getting tired…

  • Voice of Reason

    Like the constant Benghazi BS on Fox News. If they only spent 10% of their time looking into the atrocities that the republicans and Bush administration committed during the run up to the Iraq War you would see that Benghazi is not the mega scandal that the right wing media would like to think. The real scandal is why wasn’t that covered and why are Bush and Cheney getting a pass on the deaths of thousands of Iraqi and Americans in an illegal war.