The Paula Broadwell I know

The Paula Broadwell I know
Paula Broadwell, left, and the author, Jessica Peck, in Germany, 2009

I first met Paula by email in 2009.  In advance of a transatlantic forum engaging 25 young American leaders and an equal number of German counterparts in Berlin and Munich, she sent out a group email laying out the best jogging trails in each city.

Annoying, I thought.  This two-week adventure, hosted by the American Council on Germany, would conclude just two days before I would sit for the Colorado bar.  Who had time for working out?

Then I learned that she would be my roommate during the program.  The last thing I needed was a distraction from some exercise addict.  I had yet to write the remarks I was to present on race relations to an impressive audience of international journalists, members of the Bundestag, and some of America’s top rising political stars. I still have no idea how I somehow qualified to be part of the club.

And then she walked into our hotel room.  She’d just gone for a run. I was surrounded by bar prep manuals and listening to an audio lesson.  I immediately stopped.  Had Angelina Jolie just walked in?  No, this woman had more amazing skin and better arms. Truly enough for any woman to resent. But she didn’t let me. Her immediate sincerity in getting to know me and learn about my life was downright disarming.

INSIDE EDITION talks to Jessica Peck about her friendship with Paula Broadwell

And she was the real deal at the conference: She led a panel in Berlin about strategy and developments involving U.S. and German military operations. Paula and I never did go running, but we did bike together around Munich, and our conference experiences set us on a path of friendship going forward. I was in awe.

I wasn’t alone. Similar responses followed Paula not only throughout Germany, where she had been stationed with the Army previously and where she met her husband, but also in the years since. While she never bothered to mention that she was writing her own manuscript before it was ready to hit the shelves, she passionately promoted the autobiography of Wes Moore, a fellow American participant and author of the best-selling “The Other Wes Moore.” She also provided me generous insight as I struggled to complete my own book manuscript. Her own post-graduate study through the University of London was enough to inspire me to gain acceptance to a program there.

While I postponed my admission due to work and life commitments, Paula did not.  In addition to raising two little boys the same ages as my kids, she finished her post-graduate study at the university’s King’s College.  At the same time she was working toward her completion of a graduate thesis at Harvard. Oh, and of course, as the world knows now, the last three years have also included time spent embedded in Afghanistan as the biographer for General David Petraeus.

Paula Broadwell, left, and Jessica Peck, right, after the latter spoke at the Bundestag in Berlin in 2009

The first time I saw Paula’s book, the now-infamous “All In: The Education of General David Petraeus,” I was standing in a New York bookstore.  Mere days after it came out, it was already climbing fast up the New York Times’ Best Seller List. After the leaving the store, I immediately got on my computer. When I sent her my congratulations, she eagerly responded asking me how she could help me with my book.  My initial response: can you finish writing it for me?

Fast forward to this month.  I suddenly, through incredibly sad developments, learned that Paula is actually human.  Sitting in a beach restaurant while in Hawaii for a legal conference, I saw Paula’s photo flash onto a TV screen. The volume was muted, but it was clear what had happened.  She was the alleged mistress behind Petraeus’s CIA resignation.  I thought of her beautiful, sweet little family. I thought of the possible implications not only on her own life, but also on our own nation.  I kicked myself for not rescheduling work commitments that prevented me from seeing her during a handful of recent trips to Denver and Aspen.

Then I started crying. This is the woman whose strength carried me through the demise of my own marriage, a union that included publicized accounts of infidelity by my ex-husband. I did confide in her. It was in Germany, after talking with her my failing marriage, I realized I deserved to be happy. By the time we left Berlin, I was committed to do the right thing by ending my marriage. Over subsequent late night email and Facebook messages, she talked rarely about her own life’s struggles. Instead, it was all about how I was going to move forward. My heart breaks not only for her, but also for the Petraeus family as well.

When Gen. Petraeus resigned, we didn’t just lose his leadership. We also, and hopefully only temporarily, lost Paula’s. I know she’ll come back. While we’ve only briefly communicated over email in the days since the scandal broke (and we have not discussed her situation in any shape or form), I think as more details emerge, people will get a more accurate picture of the Paula I know.

Initially, she was painted as a jealous mistress, but I believe there is plenty more to be learned about the relationships and activities of Jill Kelley, who got the investigative ball rolling by contacting an FBI agent friend. I would see Paula as an incredibly protective ally, and even though she was involved romantically with Gen. Petraeus, I would say it’s also possible her actions were motivated by the desire to protect her friends in high ranking military positions from a threat we don’t yet know or understand.

Paula, meanwhile, has remained mum since last Thursday. A few months ago, according to government sources, she responded to an initial FBI inquiry into her relationship with Gen. Petraeus not by lawyering up like most public figures would. Instead, she sat down and told them the truth. When she was subsequently asked to let agents search her computer and email accounts, she didn’t demand a search warrant.  She opened the door for them.  While sensationalized reporting suggests that she may have gained access to confidential documents through her close ties to top officials, the FBI is saying this was not the case.

It remains premature to speculate about adverse motives by Jill Kelley or anyone else involved. So, where do we go from here? Do we abandon Petraeus, a proven military and civilian leader when we need him most?  What becomes of Afghanistan? Or Syria and Libya? Who will lead us forward in the aftermath of today’s announcement by Israel that it had taken down a top Hamas leader?  Similarly, do we toss Paula Broadwell aside, a woman who has proven herself as one of my generation’s most intelligent diplomacy experts?  Do we damn her to the Beltway’s outer fringes even after she admitted her poor behavior freely when approached by investigators?

If we are smart, there is only one reasonable answer.  Hell no, we don’t boot them to the curb.  Not at a time when our nation’s foreign intelligence needs are greater than ever before.  Paula made a huge mistake. She did not break the law. She did not stalk another woman.  She never lied to investigators.  Regardless, she will now find her footnote in American history, one of countless other patriots who returned to greatness after scandal.  I have no doubt of this.

Jessica K. Peck, Esq. is a Denver attorney.  She serves as executive director of Colorado’s Open Government Institute and is also a freelance columnist and public policy expert.

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  • Henry Ford

    Just like Clinton. He was “too good” to kick to the curb. We needed his brilliance and leadership while he occupied the WH diddling interns with cigars, stalking/raping women, and committing perjury. Right. It is a mistake to revere any of our “leaders” who are eminently replaceable each and every one.

  • http://paleosnus.blogspot.com/ Local_Ale

    ” Similarly, do we toss Paula Broadwell aside, a woman who has proven
    herself as one of my generation’s most intelligent diplomacy experts?
    Do we damn her to the Beltway’s outer fringes even after she admitted
    her poor behavior freely when approached by investigators?”

    For starters, yes and yes.

  • Abilene

    It’s probably just me, but every time I see a photo of Broadwell, I think of Canamits. Probably just the hair style.

  • http://www.facebook.com/randall.mccollum.3 Randall Mccollum

    The are both terrible people with no respect for oaths, otherwise they would not have betrayed the oath of marriage. Yes we toss them aside and hopefully find people who respect their own word and the promises made to others. I personally hope the general is brought up on charges in a military tribunal, he broke military law, as for her…..all I can say is she knowingly commited adultry, so she isn’t any better than anyone Jerry Springer every single day.

  • Dissipate Tyrannis

    Let’s wash the soap away. We are still left with an adulteress, a cheating husband, at least four cybersexing, married to someone else philanderers and probably at least two wrecked careers or legacies. No, I think Paula can fade away without us missing too much.

    Edited to add: Well, she is a hottie.

  • redware

    Bullcrap! She is a family destroying slut!So is her boyfriend,Petraeus.

  • Typical_White_Person_pa

    From what I’ve read about her biography, it is amateurish cheerleeding. No it isn’t so hard to go to graduate school, especially if you do not have to work or borrow money to pay for it and can use your husband doctor to pay the tab while you study, fly around the world and make a jackass out of him. Not hard to be a “supportive” friend via e-mail and facebook. Broadwell wants what she wants and gets it regardless of consequences to her family or the country.

  • AdamRobertRyan

    Why are we supposed to care who grownups sleep with?

  • http://paleosnus.blogspot.com/ Local_Ale

    In 2009, Broadwell was still with the globalist Jebsen Center for Counter Terrorism so just a guess, but the author here, Jessica Peck is another globalist.

    How much was Human Events paid to carry this bizarre article defending adultery?

  • justinwachin

    Paula has Paula to blame for her current state of affairs. She started the ball rolling by calling and threatening another woman to the point that the other woman called the FBI.

    After all, if the General had violated his commitment to be faithful to his wife by committing adultery with Paula, she should have had enough sense to figure he was not going to remain faithful to her either. Paula had also violated her marriage vows by participating in the affair.

    I’ve got a remark about a urinal but I will leave it out of this post.

  • Dustoff

    Your a nut… Everything to you is a (globalist)

  • Dustoff

    Very true… both her & Petraeus.

    I feel sorry for both families who have to deal with this. What i really want to know is the truth about Libya.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=736978064 Janice K. Hurst

    Let sleeping dogs lie. They weren’t the first and won’t be the last. My concern is for the country they both betrayed. She obviously got information on Benghazi from Petraeus. What is most dispicable to me is how this story has overshadowed where American minds should be: Obama’s “Benghazi gate”, his fraudulent election, and the utter mess our nation is in thanks to his abysmal leadership. I am glad at this point that Romney didn’t inherit all these messes. It is time for heads to roll beginning with Obama, Clinton, Rice, Holder and the Generals. I do not want the Generals to be court martialed, however, because they earned those stars and stripes and military pensions.

  • Dejonn


  • http://paleosnus.blogspot.com/ Local_Ale

    You were scared like a school girl about Iraq–and yet, still post on the Internet.

    Please save me John Kerry, Al Gore, Bill and Hillary Clinton from Iraq–oh wait now, please save me from Iraq George W.

  • Elle

    You’ve got to be kidding…really. People like Paula, a philandering sycophantic egomaniac who violated the laws surrounding her security clearance can, I suppose, still be a supportive friend. Clearly, she targeted Petraeus in order to climb the military social ladder and got her man… husbands, wives, and children be damned!

  • Dustoff

    That is you’re best answer.

    Please, move above your typical 3rd grade would ya. Still waiting to prove your last point.

  • Warthog0

    OMG Bensonhurst? or LES

  • http://paleosnus.blogspot.com/ Local_Ale

    Globalists are supporters of “free trade” agreements, endless debt financed wars for the enforcement of United Nations ‘rules’, gays and women in the military and gay marriage(the Cheney-Bolton wing–tell me, you thought Cheney was a conservative right? LOL, do you have an earmarked copy of Cheney’s wife lesbian novel ‘Sisters’?).

    The Jebsen Center if funded by an international Leftwinger, Jan
    Henrik Jebsen–a guy who loves Green Energy and arms sales–bet he has a drone angle–a guy who lives off government contracts. If you want to argue Jebsen is not a globalist, have at it, hippie.

    But just for the record, you were scared of Iraq, right?

  • Dustoff

    O-brother… Free trade works very well when it comes to food from say South America. I guess fools like you never noticed, when we couldn’t get fruits & vegs during the winter, we now can from the South. You’re just another 911 nut like RP.

  • bworei

    Um, no. Local just cleaned your clock and that’s all you’ve got? ;-)

  • sidjames

    Jessica, Actually the country will get along just fine without Petraeus. We don’t actually need to be bothered with the problems in the Middle east (there not our concern or business and only make them hate us, as the suicide bomber/pilots explained in their “martyrs videos” before flying into the twin towers and pentagon) we don’t need to be the worlds policeman and unpaid mercenaries for Israel. Your friend should not have had an affair with another women’s husband , it’s not “Real housewives of CentCom” honey.

  • sebeladi

    You are a beautiful person Jessica, a real human being and a strong friend to Paula when she needs it most. You know the real Paula like none of the other writers here do and that gives us a great insight into this amazing woman. I do hope that she will be able to get on with her successful life once the storm has died down. Her husband is a lucky man to have her and I hope that he has already forgiven her as she is an exceptional woman. We all have our human failings and I’ll wager a bet that most of those throwing stones at Paula live in glass houses themselves. Shame on them for being so inhumane.

  • Lola Falana

    Indeed. I suppose ALL of these jaded, self-righteous commentors are “christians”, too. What WOULD jesus do, my friends? Remember his dear friend, Mary Magdalene?

    I am particular disgusted by the assumption that “she” is responsible for all of this—comments like “skank” and whatnot…what are you, in high school?

    Jessica, I hope you are learning there is very little compassion–and large amount of ignorance–in this website, I am so sad for these people.

    Mean People Suck.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Oh, so Broadwell’s really gonna come back?
    I DON’T THINK SO. America don’t play ‘dat.
    She will ALWAYS henceforth be known as just another groupie to a famous man, a mistress, a WHORE.
    It’s too bad for her. She sounds like she’s an extraordinarily talented person. But she’s now tainted forever; that’s all there is to it.

  • britain

    God I hope all these bitches burn in hell.

  • Altosackbuteer

    How did the General break any military law, when the aptly-named BROADWELL wasn’t a member of the military, and wasn’t in his chain of command?

  • Altosackbuteer

    We care when certain grownups have highly responsible positions and can be blackmailed. We also care when there is an inherent disparity of power — which isn’t the case here, though it was with Clinton.

  • Altosackbuteer

    The United States has never fought a single war for Israel.

  • Altosackbuteer

    So too, evidently, do mistresses.

  • Altosackbuteer

    “She did not stalk another woman.”
    Uh, I beg your pardon, but those emails the aptly-named BROADWELL sent to Kelley DO, in fact, constitute STALKING. They are CYBER-stalking. That is compounded by the fact that Broadwell evidently attempted to conceal her real identity.

  • http://paleosnus.blogspot.com/ Local_Ale

    The topic was the loss of sovereignty to un-elected and extra constitutional trade regimes under the false rubric of “free trade”, and you start on about food from South America? That doesn’t indicate you understand the topic.

    As to 9/11, it was the globalist traitors in the Bush Administration (e.g. Doug Feith) who unleashed the 9-11 Truther myth to take all myths–that somehow Saddam was behind 9/11. I remember Rush Limbaugh falling for that Truther nonsense, duping his listeners into be scared about Saddam and getting on board with the Kerry/Clinton/Albright plan to invade Iraq and make it safe for Islam.

  • BostonMary

    The two Floozies are a convenient Distraction. Obama knows the more we focus on the juicy Sex scandal, the less we’ll search for the Truth on Benghazi. Cui Bono? Obama benefits and America loses.

  • Altosackbuteer

    This just in — according to Ralph Peters in today’s NY Post, BROADWELL DIDN’T ACTUALLY WRITE THAT BOOK ABOUT PETRAEUS — IT WAS GHOST-WRITTEN!
    Jessica Peck claims Broadwell is incredibly talented. But since when do incredibly talented people have their best-selling books GHOST-WRITTEN?

  • TK

    This sounds like a provincial 10th graders essay. Not sure if I should frown, laugh or puke while reading it!

  • globalcrap

    America knows that most of your liberal politicians ,and holly-weirds are immoral degenerates. What America wants is justice for the Four American’s murdered on this O Bogus liberal government watch.

  • Brian_in_VA

    Adultry is against military code, it doesn’t matter if it is with another member of the military or with Stalin.

  • Brian_in_VA

    Formerly Mrs. Peck, so now it is time to cash in on your “friend” huh? I guess she’d have done the same to you if she had the opportunity. People are just stepping stones you know.

  • ferryman

    So, it’s not bad enough that there are two calculating, ambitious, upwardly mobile MILFs involved with this sordid tale, now a third one steps up to defend one of them? Money and morals are infrequent bedfellows, yet the nation rejected Mitt? All three of these cougars are “once and done” material!

  • revrung

    WOW! I thought it was against H.E’s policy to portray two women making love! When Ann Coulter was asked by The View if she ever watched tow women making love she said “Not since I saw Barbara Walters interview Hillary Clinton” She could read this piece of work as well!

  • capri

    She sent *anonymous* messages to multiple people. That is not the action of someone acting honorably. If she wanted to protect them, she would have talked to them face to face, like a reasonable adult.
    Also she allegedly violated security laws about confidential documents. So not sure why you can say she didn’t break any laws.

    And her bio of Petreaus, as well as many of her past interviews, in hindsight, are downright embarrassing. She went on and on and on and on about her “access” to Petraeus. How embarassing.

  • capri

    Agree. “intelligent” would have not been talking publicly about the CIA holding captives. “intelligent” would be not having secure documents on your computer and in your home. “intelligent” would be not saying your role as a mother was your highest priority, while bringing such havoc into their home. one could go on about how “intelligent” and “Paula Broadwell” do not mesh, despite her academic credentials.

  • capri

    Well, I think people can come back. But Mrs. “Kelleypatrol” Broadwell has probably acted too poorly to come back in the public arena. In her case, it is not just the adultery, it is the egomaniacal public flogging of her “special access”, her unstable “Kelleypatrol” behavior, her public talk of CIA holding captives, her alleged security violation of documents. Her greatest talent seems to be in fitness (after all, she didn’t write the bio of Petraeus, just supplied the info, still doesn’t have a PhD as far as I know), so maybe she can come back in fitness. She has the looks and fitness to make a best selling fitness video.

  • Dustoff

    Responding to criticism of a report that linked Al-Qaeda with Iraq under Saddam Hussein,
    Feith called the office’s report a much-needed critique of the CIA’s
    intelligence. “It’s healthy to criticize the CIA’s intelligence”, Feith
    said. “What the people in the Pentagon were doing was right. It was good
    government.” Feith also rejected accusations he attempted to link Iraq
    to a formal relationship with Al Qaeda. “No one in my office ever
    claimed there was an operational relationship”, Feith said. “There was a
    relationship.”[17] Feith stated that he “felt vindicated” by the report of the Pentagon inspector general.[18]
    He told the Washington Post that his office produced “a criticism of
    the consensus of the intelligence community, and in presenting it I was not endorsing its substance.”

    Another typical 911 truther BS. You can’t prove it, so make up the theory.

  • Dustoff

    He did? How. 911 truther BS?

  • http://paleosnus.blogspot.com/ Local_Ale

    Paul Wolfowitz, Rummy, James Woolsey, Laura Mylroie–all globalist neocons who spread the lie that Saddam was behind 9/11. Doug “The Stupidest f’ing guy on the planet” Feith had spies working his office (Larry Franklin was convicted) and you take this bureaucratic white wash of his crime seriously? Whose side are you on? Doug Feith was the leader of the tinfoil hat 9/11 Truthers.

  • caskinner

    And her husband cheated on her.

  • richard_fl

    A paid political advertisement………brought to you by the “CYA” arm of the Republican party!!

  • John Gibson

    This “article” (if it can be called that….”slobbering celebrity worship piece” is more accurate) should cause the editors of Human Events, an otherwise decent publication, to be ashamed of themselves. Other than maybe advertising a children’s book (of all things!) by ANOTHER marriage-destroyer (Callista Gingrich) I can’t think of a better way to compromise a magazine’s reputation. Shame on you all.


    Paula Broadwell is a common ADULTERESS and both General Petraeus have committed this act, it takes two to tango. I feel sorry for the wife and the husband in all this mess, they are innocent victims.


    Yeah and now the whole world knows where Ms. Broadwell’s talents lay.

  • Liberal Soup N Crackers

    Is Alto your first name or should we call you Altosack?

  • Liberal Soup N Crackers

    Although she is a homewrecker, she is far from a skank.

  • rowdygirl726

    If you can hurt and betray the person closest to you (the spouse) what kind of person does that make you? How can you be a hero and wound your family, your children and your “country” for something so basic? Of course we’re all human and make mistakes, but if these people are so smart, why do they all keep making the same, stupid mistakes?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maurice-Marler/100002983238692 Maurice Marler

    “Let him who is without sin first cast a stone.” General Petraeus committed an egregious error in entertaining his relationship with Broadwell while simultaneously head of CIA, where blackmail/espionage might be expected (though in this case none is suggested). But his situation in not unique. Many military leaders have fallen into the same trap when faced with long periods of time away from their families. General Eisenhower is reported to have had a mistress when he was in Europe and away from his wife. And various Democrat notables (Kennedy, Johnson, Clinton etc) had affairs while much closer to their wives. Petraeus was thrown under the bus for testamony he might have given, and might still give, in connection with the Benghazi terrorist attack and the administration’s coverup of its before and after ineptitude.

  • GramE

    How much did you get paid for writing this “slobbering love affair”? There are millions of women in this country who do and/or have done this much. Without the benefit of money!

  • http://twitter.com/jaredpurdy Jared Purdy

    While I accept the fact that women are often maligned more than men when it comes to extra-marital affairs, particularly by the media, I believe that every case needs to be dealt with on an individual basis. We cannot paint all women with the same brush anymore than we can paint all men with the same brush.

    Paula Broadwell is a case in point, and she is no Monica Lewinsky. Lewinsky was a powerless 20 something year old intern in the White House. Broadwell is a 40 year old, married mother of 2 children, working on a (bogus) Phd, a storied military career with very high security clearance. There is no comparison between the two of them, other than they are both women who got involved with powerful men
    Any similarities stop there. The media has focused considerable attention on Broadwell, and I would argue, largely for good reason.

    Where is she? I mean seriously, where is she? Totally incognito, not a word, in hiding, yet she contributed at least 50% to bringing down one of the most powerful military careers in US history, and also contributed to de-railing Obama’s obvious need to get the ducks lined up right after the election. Add to that, the secret, joint gmail account that she had with Petraeus, the bizarre emails that she was sending to Kelly, Allen and other high ranking military officials in Tampa, fabricating information about a non-existent romance between Kelly
    and Petraeus, the potentially illegal classified military documents in her possession, and the fact that she submitted a bogus book, going on a national media campaign, lying to everyone she spoke to about the “authenticity” of the book, and to finish it off with what appears to be the revealing of classified information about an alleged illegal CIA prison in Benghazi during a speech that she gave to the U of Denver on October 26, and we have a very, very complicated person here. NUTS would be one way that she could be described, I mean – DERAILED. Narcistic, definitely applies to her.

    I could also add to the growing list of “accomplishments”, the recent
    “discovery” of her driver’s license in a park in Washington DC, which
    “coincidentally” enough is right around the corner from where she has been in hiding, and that it has recently been revealed that her father was charged with the same “crime” that she has been accused of: sending intimidating and threatening emails to someone in North Dakota where he lives.

    She deserves all of the negative media and public attention that she gets. And it’s not just media attention that she has garnered, she has caught the attention of her academic supervisors at King’s College London where she is currently enrolled in a Phd. program. Needless to say they frown on academic dishonesty, which she clearly excells at: her book cannot be, in the least, be seen as objective, journalism, or academic research, by any stretch of the imagination. And in that regard it is a gross piece of writing which fails the sniff test big time. According to her Linkdin site, she has 2 master’s degrees from U of Denver. That’s news to them, as they apparently have her listed having one. Did anyone say anything about shameless self promotion?
    She’s a neo-con war monger, who heaped praise on Petraeus for levelling entire villages in the middle east, she poses as a model for KRISS machine gun manufacture (and has that listed on Linkedin as one of her numerous “accomplishments”), and she claims to be a feminist. She does not know the meaning of the word. I wonder what she thinks of parenting? Will the real Paula Broadwell please stand up?

  • http://www.facebook.com/carl.benander.9 Carl Benander

    In other cultures the situation would be answered by a question. “Is she not a woman?”Jesus answered it by saying, “let him who is without sin cast the first stone. I think that so much damage has already been done that we don’t need any more. Also, what an incredible friend is Jessica Peck. Too bad that everyone doesn’t have a friend like her.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-McKeever/1805872249 Richard McKeever

    Peck’s objectivity is blinded by her devotion and loyalty to her friend Broadwell. No mention of the fact that Broadwell sent harrassing emails to that other woman telling her to “Stay away from my guy”. In this case, the guy to whom Broadwell alluded was General Petraeus. No mention of that in Peck’s article. Also, the FBI recently seized Broadwell’s computer which contains classified material that she was not authorized to access, let alone possess. What about Broadwell’s husband? What about the General’s wife? I hope they both sue their spouses for divorce. As for Broadwell, her fifteen minutes worth of fame will vanish, and she will become as obcure as Ex-Air Force Lieutenant Kelly Flinn.

  • caskinner

    You are not judging? Hope you don’t get a nose bleed way up there.

  • caskinner

    Also the children.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-McKeever/1805872249 Richard McKeever

    She cheated on her husband, and stored classified information on her home computer, And sent harrassing emails to that other woman! Nothing exceptional about that. Once the strom has died down, Broadwell will indeed get on with her life, out of the limelight. If I were that woman’s spouse, I would sue for divorce and I hope he does. And I guess you forgot about Mrs. Petraeus, or perhaps she does not count, eh? Keep drinking the coolaid.

  • sebeladi

    There is nothing unusual about a hot-blooded vital young woman falling for for a powerful handsome general in good physical shape. There is also nothing unusual about Paula having classified documents on her computer as she enjoyed high level security clearance. She may not have stored and secured these documents in the proper way and she should not have disclosed publicly the situation in Benghasi. She over-stepped the mark there and there is no doubt that there will be consequences regarding that. I am sure there are thousands of instances of that in the military. She is nevertheless an amazing woman and high-achiever and by all reports a great family and community woman. Paula’s husband might yet sue for divorce if her ongoing attitude towards him is brazen. If however, she is contrite and she asks for forgiveness, then thats a different matter. If he is a big man then he’ll get over it and try harder because he will not find another like her. Many couples in this situation make grand and lasting bargains and stay happily together. In any case, is this as one-sided as we are all being lead to believe. Did Paula’s husband ever stray? Many do. And that is reality. That would totally change our perspective on things wouldn’t it. But most don’t ever consider that as a possibility. Regarding Holly Petraeus, I regret to have to say it bit I will. Holly is totally forgettable and dropped out of the appearance stakes many years ago. She is no competition for any any woman who looks after her appearance let alone any smart young woman who catches the general’s eye. She is no longer the beautiful young blind she once was and doesn’t seem to have made any effort in that regard. Thats hardly the general’s fault is it? He has kept himself in great shape. I do realise that I will have a huge wave of disgust from women over this, but then I think about the millions of men and women who work hard at looking after themselves and I say to them, good on you.

  • Backgammon

    As a matter of fact, she sounds just perfect for one of the Administrations new post, it would make more sense to have Paula in DOD than John Kerry.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NR7WKWCD3O4HD3EWQOYMSHLZ4A what

    She is being used just like Petraeus as a distraction for covering up Benghazi. Sex is much more interesting than 4 murdered Americans to the stupid public nowadays.
    Petraeus will say whatever the regime wants him to say. Dont expect any big revelations.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NR7WKWCD3O4HD3EWQOYMSHLZ4A what

    Petraeus was just a political climber, he was never a leader.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NR7WKWCD3O4HD3EWQOYMSHLZ4A what

    Agree! Gag!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NR7WKWCD3O4HD3EWQOYMSHLZ4A what

    O.k., how about Clinton. he was the commander -in-Chief. Hmm?

  • http://www.facebook.com/virginia.detillion Virginia Detillion

    She should be busted out of the military and she should be court martialed

  • Speichera

    Intelligent? Riiight. Look, she cheated on her husband with the head of the CIA. That ‘s some real intelligent decision-making there. I mean, here’s a woman with everything going for her, who is apparently happily married, and has a great life and yet she decides it would be a good idea to hit the sheets with an older married guy with his loose skin and old balls. How do you think her husband feels now, knowing that his beautiful wife got mounted by and did who knows what else with a dude 20 years her senior? It must turn his stomach. Think about the effect on her family. She basically destroyed it. She humiliated her husband and her kids will spend the rest of their lives explaining to people about how their mother got shagged by a famous general. How nice for her “sweet little family.” Furthermore, in all likelihood she helped destroy the Petraeus family. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Petraeuses divorced over this. And think about their adult children getting stared at whenever their name is mentioned, not because their father is a great war hero, but because he couldn’t keep it zipped. Paula exhibited stupidity and appalling judgement. With any luck she’ll fade into obscurity. One thing’s for certain, she shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near “greatness” again.

  • Kelly

    funny! Agree with the sentiment~

  • celador2

    I am sorry to see Human Events a once moral magazine promote breaking the honor code as well as glamorize sins of which this Peck character is dismissive She wants us to think she is smart and all that just like Broadwell. .I see no signs of any work of merit but a lot of self serving exibitionism in both Peck and Broadwell. And now Human Events. Petraeus is OBama’s trophy to save.
    Panetta today urged the Joint Chiefs to speed up their review of a crisis in integrity in top commanders in miliary. The Allen and Petraeus events have demoralized military and civilians to the point the already crisis needs be done sooner to restore integrity to high ranks.
    The first demoralizing and angry sight I saw was how Petraeus dishonored the uniform as this story broke,. Drudge and others ran a picture well done of Petraeus posing with Brodwell in front of American flag It ran for days and was a lie, of course. .
    They are outside any honor, thay are liars, cheaters.
    America has no shortage of honorable people who find honesty a virue and no burden.
    Petraeus, get out of the way.

  • celador2

    We do not need to live by the lowest common denominator behvior. We have many willing to serve and they are ready to step up. Honor is a virtue and no burden. Petraeus step aside and get out of the way..

  • celador2

    Petraeus testified Sept 14 that there was no terror atatck and a demo killed the four amricans. Ground reports and a drione showed a terror atatck for hours. Amb Rice would parrot that Petraeus testimony on several shows as would Obama at UN.
    Has he changed his mond? He is a perjurer if that testimony was under oath.
    Who gave the order to not rescue my son, asked the father of a slain American. I too wonder. Petraeus was off dutyt for a long time.

  • celador2

    The females in the Allen Petraeus soap opera story stand out in comprison to the shileds they use like Hilly Petraeus–These women look and dress like hookers. Broadwell and Jill Kelly andher twin are not noraml military but on the make and take.
    ABC reports tongith a man named Victor was asked by Jill kelly to allow her to broker a deal for caol with South Korea at request of Petraeus but she wanted 2%. That was 80 mil dollars! They met at RNC convention inTamp at VIP section. Victor walked away and thought Petraeus had poor judgement. Yes let us count the ways he has slipped into moral degradation and pulls others with him.
    Another headline at ABC shows Broadwell cashing in on Peteraeus. She has loose lips and like to refer to Gen Petraeus says….

  • celador2

    Self centered people like the apologist writer and Broadwell have not matured and often appear boring to those who hope for an essay with a point and perspective more than me me mine..

  • celador2

    Does she have job or is she a student full time? That gushy petraeus book was co written, she can not even write her own research.

  • celador2

    Key point and one anyone in academia or journalism would note. Writers do not have ghost writers. They do not need them.

  • celador2

    Merit is not how she gets her interviews or access maybe.

  • celador2

    Code 134 makes adultry a code violation and is conduct unbecoming an officer. He broke it if he cheated in Afghnistan. Broadwell is in Reserves.

  • celador2

    It is a violation of honor which means everything to military.

  • celador2

    Birds of a feather stick together.

  • celador2

    I have read thast military familes are supportive of Holly very much. Imagine the warriors wounded at Walker Reed without limbs, blind and not able to pay rent. They hear their honor code, their leader and commander lived a lie and lives high on the hog, what a slap in the face Human Events would run an essay by a Petraeus apologist to make honor meaningless by saying it is relative?
    Join DNC HE!. Not all of us agree.

  • celador2

    Civilian but under same code.

  • celador2

    The point of view of the mistress is not a valid one and Human Events should not promote legitimizing Broadwell’s activities anymore than they would Jennifer Flowers and Monica Lewlinsky’s poor me side.
    I did not know Broadwell had a job that earned a salary. I never heard of Jebson Center for counter terrorism. What is it a think tank, contractors?
    I wondered if she were a career student to pass her time. She is a wannabe writer and reporter that produces gush and puff with help.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Well, that’s my answer, and I thank you and everyone else for the correction.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Miss Peck wrote a glowing column praising the incredible talents of Broadwell. But if Broadwell’s book were ghost-written, that puts the LIE to Peck’s claim. That’s why it’s relevant.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Mojor corporate executives, and military officers, have lost their jobs, because of sexual harassment charges. And the very definition of sexual harassment is, when a more senior person has relations with a more junior person in his/her chain of command.
    It is irrelevant whether the more junior partner freely consented because, in the eyes of the law, genuine free consent is IMPOSSIBLE, because the disparity of power prevents it. In the same way, underage children cannot legally give free consent because their is a presumption of inequality of power.
    It is impossible to think of a more unequal, disparate relationship of power than that between the President of the United States and an unpaid intern.

  • Altosackbuteer


  • Altosackbuteer

    Peck is indeed a very good friend. Even past the point where she says things that don’t make sense in her desperation to defend her friend.

  • Brian_in_VA

    What a brazen waste of thought your post was. The military and the church are two institutions where we cannot bear to have plain ordinary sluts and pimps reigning. Society may weather a bad president or a worthless piece of trash publication like HE has become but it WILL fall apart once the degenerates are in control of the institutions where we have to trust and depend on the leaders.

  • Brian_in_VA

    True, too true. It is pathetic what Human Events has become. The article is a reflection of the lack of morals in the leadership of Human Events.

  • celador2

    A republic is a self governing people. As John Adams said a moral people are the only ones that can handle a republic or are fit to govern ourselves. Jews 5000 years ago were given a code of conduct GOD to Moses we use today. That code Ten Commandments is based on trust and support. No one in our community has to worry about a friend cheating luring or betraying the group. Broadwell uses deceitful tactics to get ahead employed since time began. She is a predator who uses sex.
    The US is based upon merit to rise, merit based on trust.

    Human Events breaks down that trust with this apologia article saying Broadwell and Petraeus are too imporant to be punished. at a time they should boost the need for honor.
    Honor is no burden!. Broadwell and Petraeus are not having a good time nor doing much. worthy of note.

  • celador2

    Peck diminishes trust, morality and honor and says use sex to get ahead. Do not punish Broadwell or Petraeus. Peck makes no convincing case that Broadwell has produced one work of merit that gets high marks from journalists or scholars. Broadwell’s contribution as a diplomat and scholar set her apart, says Peck. For whom does Broadwell work? DOD? State? She is a Reserve officer and they do not do diplomacy do they>
    Broadwell has a fishy background like a career student with no real jobs to show for these studies. Then she got a job as Petraeus biographer. Unable to write a book or produce objective book she is a shameless Petraeus cheerleader for her own self serving ends is how it looks.

  • celador2

    I agree.

  • celador2

    This republic has many honorable men adn womn ready to step up and serve. Petraeus should get out of the way.

  • Brian_in_VA

    You call it defending, I call it shameless self-promotion.

  • Brian_in_VA

    If I had a friend like Peck, I think I’d join the Klan and go hang myself.

  • http://paleosnus.blogspot.com/ Local_Ale

    She was director at Jebsen and is now at some outfit with Harvard (I think Kennedy School for government.) She mostly attends conferences, networks, sells influence (contracts) as far as I can tell.

    One thing to look at, she applied to be an FBI agent, was accepted, and then decided on another path. She is some sort of spook is my guess.

  • Eileen

    Paula is not as smart as people think nor is Petraeus particularly for two intelligence officers. They could not even figure out how to hide their e-mails. Wow! I find their stupidity rather novice and I am amazed one had been a hero and the other a hopeful…

  • MiltonGlass

    Dear God, is this woman for real? There is more self-indulgence here than in eating in one sitting a half gallon of Haagen Dazs Creme Brulee. And it’s even more sickening. Peck worships Broadwell who worships Petraeus and Human Events somehow sees a tragedy in the ensuing comedy. Now maybe it will be possible in polite company to point out that his great trait was self-promotion, to willing courtesans (including Human Events).

  • http://www.facebook.com/tanit.zerga Tanit Zerga

    Henry Ford, you are outrageous. When did Clinton rape women? A womanizer, yes, but a RAPIST??? Besides, when Clinton DID lie, well, nobody died……

  • http://www.facebook.com/tanit.zerga Tanit Zerga

    @BostonMary:disqus Obama is not the only one to benefit from the America’s obsession for the juicy and the superficial: every president benefited from it before him. Self-righteousness and hypocrisy are a way of life for America.

  • Henry Ford

    You ever hear of Juanita Broderick? Google that name. The fact that you don’t know and are no doubt a voter is alarming. Get off HuffPo and look around. And your yardstick for the Liar-in-Chief is that nobody died? It is OK with you that the same offense (lying to a grand jury) that would send you or I to jail is OK for a Democrat and he should just get a slap on the wrist if that? Would you feel the same way if it was George Bush? If the answer to that question is no, why not?

    When a “little lie” (??!!) is tolerated in our public officials, the lies tend to get bigger. It strains credulity to believe that Obama or his administration knew nothing about the danger our embassy in Benghazi was in or that it was started because of a video. It also appears that help was actively denied by this administration and that lies were told to cover that fact up. What else is acceptable for your President to lie about? What does it say about you that lies are to be tolerated because you like that particular politicians views?

  • Carl Hopkinson

    If you like at her Twitter account, Paula Broadwell is all about “empowering women”. Apparently, for her, the ends of “empowerment” justify the means
    which can include using one’s sexual assets and opportunist “ethics”.
    It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if some of those “deep access” secrets didn’t
    find their way onto the state secret black-market auction block.

  • Carl Hopkinson

    If you like at her Twitter account, Paula Broadwell is all about “empowering women”. Apparently, for her, the ends of “empowerment” justify the means
    which can include using one’s sexual assets and opportunist “ethics”.
    It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if some of those “deep access” secrets didn’t
    find their way onto the state secret black-market auction block.