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Bailout payoff: Chrysler gives employees the day off to vote

Chrysler, which is part of the “successful” Obama auto bailout that cost Americans $30 billion, is giving a little something back to its sugar daddy by giving all of its employees the day off so they can vote, according to a report at Politico.  There’s not much doubt about who they’re supposed to be voting for, since Chrysler’s CEO has been involved in a very public row with Mitt Romney over the potential relocation of Jeep manufacturing jobs to China.

It’s great that corporate welfare recipients can afford such extravagance, isn’t it?  Hopefully all the Delphi retirees screwed out of their pensions when Obama gave away the store to Big Labor will remember to vote too, along with anyone who still cares about that sort of thing.


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  • Concerned4America

    Seems like Reid got elected because the casinos bussed employees to the polls. Can we really consider Chrysler a private company that can do what it wants or since they still have our money is this illegal?

  • Melbo58

    When you guys lose tonight……… please don’t shoot up a church or a movie theater. So long to bad rubbish.

  • TheSkalawag929

    The article did say that Chrysler gave “ALL” it’s employees the day off to vote. So wouldn’t it be safe to surmise that some of those employees were republican and would vote republican. If that is the case what’s the beef?