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The new gun culture

The gun community has forever changed.  Once in a supposed slow decline, the popularity of shooting and gun ownership has come roaring back during the past couple of decades.  Sales of firearms are setting all kinds of records, and gun ranges are frequently packed with people.

Michael Bane calls the latest generation of gun owners “Gun Culture 2.0,” which I find to be an exceptionally apt description.  Much like the move from the “old” internet, to the current generation of interactive and social web sites was called “Web 2.0,” the Gun Culture 2.0 is a similarly remarkable change in our own community.

But the new generation of gun owners no longer fit the old-school sportsmen look of yesteryear.  The new generation of gun owners are fiercely independent, yet socially active – especially in the online space.  The new generation comes from urban centers as well as middle America.  New gun owners are of all genders, colors, creeds and social strata.  They are not Elmer Fudd.

Unlike the reserved approach to politics that the traditional firearms lobby has taken, the new generation is outspoken, unashamed and willing to fight for what they believe.  They are educated on the origins of the Second Amendment and the fundamental right to be free.  They do not advocate for the Second Amendment as a right to hunt, rather they perceive it as a guaranteed ability to resist an oppressive government.

But, why the shift?  There are a variety of reasons, but I contend the internet is the primary reason for the revolution in the gun culture.

No single material thing is likely to have had a greater impact on humanity than the internet.  The internet, and more specifically, the world wide web, has allowed people to communicate around the country and all over the world with virtually no interference from the government.  Being able to come together and share ideas about politics, self defense and recreational shooting has helped cause a surge in new gun ownership – especially by people who have never been exposed to the “traditional” methods of introduction into our community.

Instead of the image of the white male father dressed in flannel taking his son off to the woods for the traditional deer hunt, the new image of gun ownership is much broader and more diverse.  The members of the 2.0 gun culture are more likely to own an AR15  with a suppressor than a Winchester Model 70.  And, you can rest assured that a new gen gun owner is likely to be carrying a Glock or KelTec when you run into them at the local coffee shop.

In today’s gun culture, there are many more women, a broader mix of races and a wider range of backgrounds.  Instead of being a clean cut poster child of the 1950’s many gun owners are bikers or body art enthusiasts covered with tattoos.  Others are fashion conscious while others still are computer nerds.  Members of the new gun generation range in age from teens to retirees.

The point is, our culture has changed.  And, it has changed for the better.  We attract all kinds of people into the gun world because all of the lies about us are easily disproven now that the mass media no longer has control over what people know.  The internet has allowed the truth about firearms to get out.

How the industry will respond to the culture shift remains to be seen.  Some companies, like Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC), have fully embraced the new paradigm.  As a result, they have gained the confidence of many members of the gun culture and have played a role in shaping the future.

AAC, for example, is a manufacturer of silencers.  Some 20 years ago, silencers were considered the tools of assassins and criminals.  Through the educational work of AAC and others like them, perspective on sound suppressors has radically changed, and they are far more common on the range today than they ever have been in the past.  Without embracing Gun Culture 2.0, the upswing in acceptance of silencers would never have taken place.

Others, however, have not made any moves to change with the times.  I fear that some of those companies will not survive.  I overheard two executives from a major firearms company discussing the internet culture in the airport after the SHOT Show this year.  It was obvious they had no idea how to approach the new crop of gun owners so they were trying to convince themselves that they didn’t matter.  I wonder if those two used to sell typewriters or pagers?

The gun culture has changed.  If you are from the old guard, reach out to the new shooters every chance you get.  They are a powerful force that can help safeguard all of our freedoms going forward.

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  • Ben Enjerry

    Miss “My Tat’s match the camo pattern on my M700″ is quite fetching. I wonder if Richard Johnson would bring her home to meet his mother? Coming from an Elmer Fudd, the Ted Nugent’s of GC 2.0 haven’t really been accepted by mainstream America yet. They survive and exist only in their internet forum world. Let them stay there, please!

  • Ed Haney

    The 2nd Amendment was never about the right to hunt. It is and always has been about the individual’s right to defend themself and their own against criminal activity and tyranny. Any one whoc an not understand that is neither educated nor enlightened. If gun manufacturers can’t get beyond the “Hunters” block they’ll end up out of business. Self defense is the market, especially with record numbers of female city dwellers buying guns for personal ptotection.

  • Kevin in Florida

    Good article…

    I’m disappointed in the Fudds (aka Elmer Fudds) who came
    before us for being such spineless fools when it came to surrendering their rights
    [which ultimately translated to surrendering their posterities’ (our) rights].

    Their willingness to accept attacks on the 2nd
    Amendment as long as they were given the false promise that their “Fudd Guns”
    would be left alone is nothing short of sickening. The 2nd Amendment
    is not and has never been about some contrived “right to hunt”… it is most certainly
    about the guarantee of an armed citizenry for the purpose of defense against a tyrannical
    government and for defense of one’s self, family, community, state and country.

  • Dave Geisert

    Re: “… Two executives from a major firearms company…”

    I’m willing to bet that they work for a company that borrowed heavily from the action of the USGI battle rifle they were contracted to build during the war years, blended with design elements lifted from the enemy’s battle rifle design, stuck a stock on it, and have been selling it ever since.

    If anyone (honestly) wants to figure what the second amendment was written for, look at the impetus of the amendment: At its core, it is meant to prepare a nation to wage , and win, in armed combat against an enemy. Do you accomplish that by weaseling out excuses to make that task harder for everyone, or do you do everything you can facilitate the opportunities for us become the better marksmen that our nation will need when all else has failed?

  • George Cottell

    <–Hunter, sport shooter, gun enthusiast.

    I'm not a fan of tattoos, but I am a fan of more people owning guns. Why can't you see that more gun owners is a good thing? Sorry Elmer, your kind is on it's way out.

  • Ben Enjerry

    Kevin, I don’t know if you are a native Floridian or a transplant, but up north here, especially in the overly-populated “blue states,” things are different, and have been for a VERY long time. Research the Sullivan Act for New York, it’s over a century old now. NYC and surrounding NY counties are pretty oppressed when it comes to their gun rights. Research the Sills Act for New Jersey (it’s been around since 1966; pre-1968 GCA, the really oppressive one that went after mostly those Fudd-guns you mock.) Some mandates have been in place for a very long time. Yes, damn those Fudd’s, they ruined everything.

  • Wxcynic

    Speaking as one of the Fudds Ben talks about, he made an excellent point. He did not miss the point at all, he added to it. That is what conversation should do.

  • Kevin in Florida

    Let’s be clear about the term “Fudd” when used in a
    derogatory context; it is not meant to include those who have a love for “traditional”
    hunting and weapons associated with “traditional” hunting yet still understand
    the real intent of the second Amendment and do not buy into the leftist /
    progressive definition of it as a “right to hunt” or any other such nonsense.

    The “Fudds” that I am referring to are those who sat back
    and allowed, without so much as a word in opposition, or even aided in, the past
    infringements on the 2nd Amendment… and they did so because the infringing
    actions weren’t targeting them… they felt that their so called “traditional” or
    “sporting” firearms were safe.

    Much like the quote from Pastor Martin Niemöller regarding
    his inaction when the Nazis started rounding people up “First they came for the
    socialists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist. Then they came
    for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade
    unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t
    a Jew. Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    During the debates that occurred prior to and following the
    Clinton gun ban I personally heard many such “Fudds” (in person and via media
    outlets) criticize so called “assault weapons” and tout that they had no place
    in the hands of civilians since they had no legitimate “sporting purpose”.

    I imagine that the same held true leading up to the 1934
    National Firearms Act as well as the 1968 Gun Control Act and the adoption of Hughes
    Amendment to the 1986 Firearm Owners Protection Act.

    The inaction and collusion of so called “sportsmen” throughout
    our history is deplorable.

    And while you might attempt to delegitimize, sensationalize
    and discredit those of us who believe in the true meaning of the 2nd
    Amendment by implying that we are all a bunch of lunatics who are in search of
    a “death culture” or preparing for the zombie apocalypse or the numerous dooms
    day scenarios… nothing could be further from the truth, and it just shows your
    closed minded distain for anything that doesn’t fit your mold of “traditional”.

    I was brought into the “gun culture” through hunting… my
    uncles were avid hunters and sportsmen and I developed not only a love for
    hunting but for guns in general as they are wonderful tools of a free people.

    I do not discriminate based on race, color, creed, religion
    or personal style choices when it comes to the natural right to keep and bear
    arms that is protected from infringement via the 2nd Amendment to
    the U.S. Constitution… I have a “Big tent” outlook when it comes to this topic.
    I welcome all comers as long as they are law abiding, peaceful citizens. No one
    is advocating for a culture of death, more a culture of self defense personal
    empowerment as opposed to a culture of victimhood.

    I’m thrilled that firearm suppressors are seen more as a
    means of hearing protection these days rather than the propagandized notion
    that they are “assignation weapons”… I’m thrilled that more and more people are
    peaceably enjoying things like 3 gun competitions, tactical carbine classes,
    1000 yard shoots, IDPA, Steel Challenges and the like…

    The idea of our founders was that it was imperative, in
    order to secure the blessings of liberty to a free society that we have an
    armed citizenry; Armed and ready to act
    in defense of themselves and their families against the many faces of criminal aggression
    and ultimately against tyranny.

    If you disagree with this then you disagree with the very
    principals upon which this country was founded and I’m afraid there is no hope
    for you.

  • Shawn Eng

    If you want to introduce friends to shooting, leave your views on everything else at the door. SImple as that.

  • Sky

    I’m a female and I’m right there with you David. COD is the one that taught me about the different types of guns available and how different and fun they are. Top that with having many members of my family and friends who have served in the army and it just made sense for me to try the real thing. Now I love going to the shooting range with my friends and just having a good time. I own several guns not just one. That has helped me just become more comfortable with them if I ever need to use them for self defense. I think getting educated on them is the first step to start feeling comfortable with the real thing and the internet as well as video games have helped do that. Although I think the video games have had a bigger impact.

  • Joe Moore

    I’m a Democrat & I love my guns. Sig, Benelli & beretta keep me company.

  • Rusty Texasgunforum Shacklefor

    Im pretty sure if you applied this article to a gun shop it would be mine.

  • disqus_17f439fndG

    For the record, the girl in the photo is Rachel, of AAC Suppressors. She is their star welder and poster girl.

  • Ed Clore

    Bottom line, all gun owners who truly believe in the Second Amendment, must not sit idly by and silently allow our Constitution to be chipped away one piece at a time. Democrat or Republican, you must know the stance of your respective Senators, Representatives, local officials, and US President and vote accordingly. That is why Obama must go. He will likely be in a position, if re-elected, to appoint 2-3 Supreme Court Justices. This scares the hell out of me since the DC v. Heller case only passed by a 5-4 vote. Guess where Obama’s appointees Sotomayor and Kagan voted. We are stuck with these idiots because they are appointed for a lifetime.

  • Bob Aronsohn

    I’m very pro 2nd Amendment and have been a life member of the NRA since 1978.
    I think it’s wonderful that generation x and the Millinials (hope I have it spelled right) are in the shooting sports. As the old saying goes, there is safety in numbers when it comes to new gun laws trying to be inacted.
    We all need to stand together as one. If it were not for the NRA during the past 40 odd years there would be no firearms in private hands.
    I like more traditional types of firearms with pretty french, english or turkish walnut in the butt stocks.
    If other folks in the shooting sports have different interests in firearms thats fine by me. People, we need not be judgemental about other peoples interests in firearms, all that does is divide us, we need to embrace it!

  • Kharon Anon

    To paraphrase Martin Blank (John Cusack) in “Grosse Point Blank”, “Those are nice guns. Nobody buys American anymore, huh?”

  • jarhead1982

    Based on facts and history, yes, THE MILITARY WOULD LOSE.

    Over 20% of insurrections have succeeded in history. 

    Taliban and insurgents have been fighting in Afghanistan since 2001, uh why hasn’t our military and technical might overwhelmed them?

    The US civilian population is the most heavily armed of any nation in history to date. 

    3 mil active duty military personnel in all 5 branches, 1/3 of which are combat ready, the remainder support. 

    30-35 mil ex military personnel in civilian population and all of them have had their skills and memories erased right! 

    40% desertion rate in our last civil war and what has been done to change that rate, oh right, nothing. 

    US civilians have been desensitized to the unleashing of military firepower on US soil, uh yeah right. 

    You can guarantee all military personnel would obey illegal orders to fire upon civilians eh, lol! 

    We see how effective our border security is letting 12 mil illegal aliens and $50 bil in illicit drugs cross each year across our Mexican border alone. 

    Yet you can guarantee township, county, city, state, and federal border control, lol! 

    You can guarantee outside forces wouldn’t provide technical and material assistance just as they do today in Iraq & Afghanistan, lol! 

    What would be the impact on the economy in the US much less globally were all 3 mil active duty military personnel to be recalled to US soil? 

    How many of the anti gun extremists who would initiate such an event would it take being shot to change their minds? 

    What makes you think the insurrectionists would fight out in the open, lol!

    What makes you think the insurrectionists wouldn’t take out the communists family members as a way to get to them, as frankly, nothing about war is civil.

    What makes you think lists of said communists who would initiate such a war are not already made?

    Besides, those who would initiate such an incident have to sleep sometime, drone operators have to go home, etc, etc, etc..

    What makes you think the media lap dogs of these socialists Nazi’s wouldn’t be one of the targets, lol!

    Have you documented, traced, and controlled every single piece of machine equipment that is capable of building a firearm, lol!

    Explain again how one corners a group of people, who unlike our own civil war, are not concentrated in a geographical area like the south, but in every single state, city, township, etc, etc, etc……

    How exactly are you going to pay for such an act, oh that’s right, you will be taxed more. 

    You really have no clue about what is or is not capable were such a situation to arise. 

    Oh so many other technical realities you failed to mention…

    You probably shouldn’t comment on things of which you have no clue about, makes you look rather more unenlightened than you are.

  • jarhead1982

    Hubba, Hubba!

  • jarhead1982

    The vote was on the legality of the Washington D.C. gun ban. All 9 justices did agree in this ruling that the right was, and always has been, seperate from militia service.

  • Ben Enjerry

    You’ve put a lot of thought into this, maybe too much; GI-rine. I’ll bet you have a copy of The Anarchist Cookbook in your footlocker. You sound ready to lead the revolution.

  • joedoakes202


    New York State Government
    Albany, NY

    June 4, 2008 (revised 5/26/11)

    Dear President Obama;

    Every year some new idea about how to make our streets safer via “Gun Control” arrives in New York. We’ve registered our guns. Violent crime continues. We’ve banned assault weapons. Violent crime continues. We ballistically identify our legally possessed pistols. Violent crime continues. There are 200 to 300 million firearms in this country – they are woven into the fabric of our society. For all the “wiz bang” technology that modern society has invented – rifles and pistols are still the foundation of our national and state defense. Thousands of times an hour they are used to dissuade another from pursuing an ill advised path; whether in the hand of a police officer or a private citizen. Yes – accidents and tragedies happen, and a mature society must look itself in the mirror and draw the proper conclusions from these horrible events, but to think that by passing law upon law the public at large will somehow be magically made safer via “gun control” is psychotic and dangerous.

    I and many of you witnessed the attacks on September 11, 2001. Had those pilots – many of whom were ex military officers – been required to carry a side arm; that day would have ended much differently. Imagine all the lives and treasure that could have been saved but for an irrational fear of the law abiding gun owner. Can any of you honestly say that over the past few decades your collective efforts have made New Yorkers safer? If any of you answered yes then you must take a close look at the FBI statistics on violent crime – you’ll find disappointment waiting for you. No law can urge the lawless to ask permission from anyone for anything. Remember ladies and gentleman criminals, terrorists, and sub human miscreants are dumb, but they are not stupid.

    The latest iteration of this policy is the idea that putting a serial number on a bullet casing as it ejects from a semi-automatic pistol will allow law enforcement to detect and thus incarcerate more criminals – this is also referred to as micro-stamping. So let us pretend that all of you are now criminals – how would you alter your behavior to avoid detection? Police your brass. Use a sawed off shotgun. Use a revolver. Gasoline and a match are very effective. Explosives work exceedingly well in motor vehicles. Poison – women seem to prefer this method – Spitzer should hire a food tester. There are very effective ways of killing people that never include a semi-automatic pistol. Not to mention the most obvious trick – remove the firing pin and file off the serializing mechanism. What about something even more devious – picking up used serialized brass at a firing range and place it at the scene of the future crime to throw off the police. Serializing casings of pistol cartridges not only will not work, but it will create more permutations of that section of the population of New York State that are hell bent on killing for profit or psychosis.

    New York State currently operates a system that ostensibly should be doing what micro-stamping or serializing a cartridge would do. That system is called “The New York State Combined Ballistic Identification System,” or COBIS. To date COBIS has cost the taxpayers of New York $30,000,000 and has produced only two matches in its database. It costs $4,000,000 per year to operate. We are not the only State to have attempted such foolishness – Maryland has attempted it also. The only difference is Maryland abandoned it because firearms possessed by law abiding citizens are use to commit crimes in infinitesimally rare circumstances. I could fill five pages with all I know of ballistic identification and it’s pros and cons – I sincerely suggest all of you educate yourselves and rethink New York’s current approach – last I checked New York was running a $5,000,000,000 deficit saving a few million here or there might start adding up to real money.

    Many proven methods work to prevent crime, a solid basic education in how to behave in civil society, economic growth, engaged and active parents, etc. But the most effective methods that exist for reducing crime is self defense and long term humane incarceration for those who cannot coexist peacefully with their fellow citizens. New York State concealed carry law is a mess – some counties provide permits to law abiding citizens with out much hassle while others, “you have to know somebody.” Fix this and you’ll have a safer society. Don’t get me wrong – have stringent rules and requirements that are not capricious for the officials as well as the applicants, but stop deluding yourselves in thinking that permit holders and firearms are in and of themselves the enemy – the opposite is true – concealed carry holders are the most productive and law abiding segment of society. Florida maintains excellent statistics on this point – less then one hundredth of one percent of all permit holders has ever committed any crime in its entire thirty year history of concealed carry! Before Elliot Sptitzers behavior was detected he let 200 murderers out of prison. These people did not steal a loaf of bread to feed their children – THEY KILLED AND RAPED PEOPLE. Fix this and you’ll have a safer society. Bring back the death penalty for criminals that take an officers life.

    Please stop attacking me and my fellow firearms owners we neither deserve your ire or your ad hominem attacks. Focus your efforts on what works and not what will get any of you reelected, stop using firearms as a means to win votes in an effort to demonstrate to your misguided constituents that you can save them from violent crime if only they surrender more of their forgotten liberty, when the opposite is true – even they at some point will recognize your hypocrisy for what it is.


    Joe Doakes

  • jarhead1982

    Being a realist like I am, having been in the military, which you by your response never have been, hanging around people who actually worked in military intelligence and have some realistic idea of what is or is not possible, yeah, I do have more than a clue compared to you. None of which you can refute in a logical fashion.

    All evidence points to the fact you put no thought into your statement the US military would do so and win, hence you are reading from your masters play book or speaking about something you know nothing about, you choose which.

    So when are you ready to lead the start of the next civil war?

    You going to be on the front lines attempting to confiscate all the weapons, no, your not capable of walking your talk.

    Then again, since the right to overthrow and resist a tyrannical govt. is enshrined in our US Constitution and BOR, it wouldnt be anarchy to do so.

    As to leading the fight, no. Then again, I am still willing to talk, and how to put it, attempt to re-educate those few individuals who havent a clue.

    My old DI in bootcamp, and my Gunny afterwards always had this comment, when you guys are bitching, I know I have done my job. When it gets real quiet, I get scared cause you boys are going to do something. Bored Marines are pretty mischievious, and on the serious side, when a Marine decides no more talking, the other guy usually gets hurt.

    So as long as the anti’s masters dont attempt to write the check they cant cash, the massive majority of us will keep talking so you have nothing to worry about, uh besides your own unsubstantiated subliminal fears that is.

    Besides, how does the government stop an army of one, all 3 million armies of one, LOL, they cant. The perfect sleeper cells wouldnt you agree, a person who has never blogged, never publicly commented, but then decides to act, impossible to stop such a lone wolf.

    Funny how hunting is not, nor has ever been a part of the second amendment, so please save the lame diversionary tact for someone dumb enough to believe it.

    Funny how we see from a recent Gallup poll, definitely not a gun friendly organization, that your claim that hunter numbers are falling, is rather wrong.

    http : // www . gallup .
    com / poll / 1645 / Guns . aspx
    Just take the spaces out and it pulls up.
    How does one eat an elephant, one bite at a time.
    So you will pardon us sane people for recognizing that fixing all the anti gun manuverings over the last 6 decades is done, one step at a time. Or have you missed the multiple court rulings, or the laws rescinded?
    Heller, Mc Donald, Tiahrt Act, Gun Owners Protection Act, concealed carry reinstated in 41 more states from 8 in 1987, concealed carry reinstated in eateries serving alocohol, 4 states and 200+ colleges. Concealed carry reinstated in National Parks, AMTRACK, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc…
    Not to mention self defense outside ones own home reinstated in 25 states with Stand Your Ground, 24 states with Castle doctrine of which 5 are pending changing to Stand Your Ground.
    Yet violent crime continues to reduce, and reduce all without the blood baths committed by the law abiding gun owners predicted by the anti gun extremists for oh what, the millionth time, yeah, sucks to be them.
    Just watch, as more and more cases are brought to the US Supreme Court in a fashion the antis cant defeat by legal manueverings nor the US Supreme Court can ignore. Such things take time, and money, but it will happen.

  • Ben Enjerry

    Having been drafted back in the 60′s, I was happy to just spend a year in the service and come home. I haven’t spent the remainder of my life fixated on gun-grabbing scenarios and stats. I guess I don’t live in that world. You have cogent talking points though. But people who tend to browbeat others on internet blogs through assertion and self-affirmation of their superiority, scare some people, which I suspect is the jazz you are looking for. That doesn’t say a lot for your character, which is unbecoming of a Marine. Most Marine’s I know aren’t like that.

    Hunter numbers – Keep in mind the NSSF study encapsulated and reviewed only 17 states in 2009. And the number includes “casual hunters,” those one-time-a-year pheasant preserve types. And not all hunters take to the field each year. Fishing license sales are up though. As long as money is going towards conservation funding and salaries to support such that’s a good thing.

  • Azazel

    “Fudd’s didn’t sit around waiting for their rights to be stripped.”

    On the contrary, they did. They sat around and let their rights be stripped from them on at least 4 separate occasions at the federal level: 1934 (NFA), 1968 (GCA), 1986 (Hughes Amendment), and 1994 (AWB).

  • NumbaWun Shocker

    The people who man the booths at SHOT show are nothing more (90%) than professional marketeers or salesmen. They don’t care whether they’re selling widgets or eskimo pies.

    This is the reason that real gun folks, eschew these dorks…

    (since it’s obvious that the big breasted model and the tailored-suited, slicked-haired gladhander either don’t know which end of the tube the round comes from, or aren’t interested in talking to you unless you’re a buyer from Wal-Mart with a checkbook in your pocket and an order for a kajillion units)

    …and head to the tables staffed by the owners/families of small businesses like Tactical Innovations, Sun Devil Mfg, and countless others. Folks who’ve saved up all year for this one chance to reach a much broader cross-section of wholesalers, retailers, enthusiasts, LE and Military than they could ever hope to at their local Gun Show.

    It’s the hundreds of small booths that make the SHOT show worth the trip. Not the million dollar plus Remington/Winchester/Smith and Wesson palaces set up on the floor.

    Salesmen who are used to endless meetings and microanalytical marketing minutae don’t know how to relate to regular folks? This is very easy….

    1. Know the product
    2. Go test the product and have fun with it. (a problem since many of these guys live in Commie states where the stuff they sell is illegal)
    3. Talk to everyone, inked up, gauged out, T-shirt/suit/polo shirt like their careers depend on it.
    4. Relax and enjoy how awesome the Shooting Sports industry is.

  • NumbaWun Shocker

    Still a douchebag company…they do have the coolest boxes in the suppressor industry, too bad the box doesn’t make up for their deplorable customer service. Every since I saw ATF forms with Brittingham’s “X” on them, I knew the kind of dinglebobs make up this outfit. If cool stickers, neat boxes and endless gamer-fag self-supposedly superior promotion made suppressors work quieter, they’d have no competition whatsoever.

  • jarhead1982

    Ah, you did serve, I am suprised, but thanks for serving, whether you chose to do so or not.

    Asserting facts is a fixation and brow beating, LOL, really, that is rather humourous, but whatever.

    As to the gun grabbers, they exist, and they wont stop, they have proven that, so why should we.

    They get their way, there will be a civil war, you ready to have that happen in the US?

    You ready to see women, children, innocents caught in the cross fire? You ready to come face to face with what real war is?

    Not if we can help it, besides, the govt. and politicians dont have the stomach for a prolonged fight, especially most of this generation.

    I did refrain from labeling you an anti at least.

    Then you put forth your opine in public, and last we looked, there is no inherent right not to get corrected.
    The real question though is this, will you continue to claim the military would commit such crimes as directed by a minority group of politicians and in your fantasy win, or are you going to reflect on real world facts, tactical realities, etc, etc, etc and re-evaluate your future responses, yes or no?

    Cause if you do continue to believe the same, have at it. Doesnt make you right and then any sarcasm or belittling responses reminding you of facts not considered you get is earned by your own actions.

  • NumbaWun Shocker

    Better keep them freaks from getting to those guns. Better include those darkies while you’re at it there, Benji.

  • ConservativeJoe

    Hey, Jarhead, excellent posts! You are reaching those citizens that are ambivalent about our right to bear arms. Your arguments are clear and compelling. However, you seem to think that arguments based on logical progression will also impress people like poor Ben. Ben is an anti-gun liberal and as such is unable to comprehend logic. He can not name a Founding Father who addressed and identified the 2nd Amendment as anything but the inherent right of an individual to protect himself from criminals and domestic tyranny.
    Ben and the delusional socialists like him are fellow citizens who have the 1st Amendment right to make fools of themselves. Like all socialists they would subject all of us to Lenin’s dream. He said “The goal of socialism is communism.” Liberals, progressives and communists are all peas in the same socialist pod. We should all applaud the efforts of people like Ben who try to use their 1st Amendment right to undermine the right to bear arms because they identify themselves as the enemy of the all who revere liberty. As long as we can vote in legitimate elections Ben and his like-minded comrades will remain the frustrated socialists that they now are.

  • ConservativeJoe

    Richard, good report about silencers for firearms. As you have noted the AAC device is actually a sound suppressor. The bull-whip like noise that the bullet makes when it breaks the sound barrier can not be silenced. Still, this device is desirable because it reduces the irritating and ear damaging sound that the propellant gas makes as the bullet leaves the barrel. The communities that exist nearby the rifle ranges should not have to suffer these noises. This is why sound suppressors are so popular at the European rifle ranges. Indeed, the European target shooter that does not use a suppressed rifle is regarded as an irresponsible citizen.
    Target shooting is a good way to become a proficient user of firearms. It is the mark of a responsible firearms owner to seek such experience and the training in the safe use of his or her firearm. Note, such a firearm is NOT safe for the home invader when it is in the home owner’s hands!
    As you also noted, firearms and ammunition sales are going through the roof. It is a sad commentary to realize that the people who are buying these guns distrust the creature who sits behind the desk in the Oval Office. I would have used the title President, but this man is not my president! Obama referred to certain citizens as the “enemy” on October 10, 2010 while addressing an Latino audience. If resisting Obama’s suppression of my liberty makes me his enemy, I wear that charge with pride!

  • CaptainHarley

    I was always laboring under the assumption that there was a Federal law against silencers. [ confused look ]

  • Jake

    I wanna date that girl in the picture.

  • James Oates

    I certainly welcome all into the gun culture…

  • Charles Bennett

    “As you have noted the AAC device is actually a sound suppressor.”

    I used to correct people about this, but you know the invention and the device that was patented was called and trademarked “The Maxim Silencer”

    So I just let it go now. As long as they don’t call a magazine a clip I’m ok and the eye twitch remains under control..

  • Robert

    The blame for losing ground on our gun rights can predominatly be placed on the NRA’s failure to stand up against the steady encroachment . They were instrumental on several occasions helping to whittle away rights in the interest of compromise and pacification of noisy left wing gun grabbers.
    Suppresors are safety equipment pure and simple so why do they have a $200 registration fee and put your fingerprints and other information in a permanent file unrelated to NCICS checks? As for the Elmer Fudds, I suppose there are some uncaring individuals out there but for the most part that perception is driven by the media to help their gun robbing political agenda along. As any American should already know the 2nd amendment was never about hunting it IS about the final option for when the Soap box and the joke that is the Ballot box fail (and they will) Then we use the Bullet box to regain our country and our government from the Usurping Oppressors of both present Socialist parties. A good article and I hope young people really are engaged and enlightened enough to see through the lies of media and government to the real meaning of 2A . ps check out JPFO.ORG free online short films “No guns for Negroes” and “2A for the USA”

  • John Mullendore

    I too am an enemy to the president, speaker of the house or any other politican that will sign over any of our resources to the rest of the world, nobody will apoligise for me or my brothers that fight for freedom, win and enjoy a unique way of life. I want all that is granted by my countrys constitution, it is a birthright, not all have this, SOME even lie about having it. The reason they don’t have it, is because they don’t understand it, Eric Holder can get anyone killed, leagally, he does not deserve freedom, his BOSS OBaama does not deserve the freedom, but as Americans we let them have it anyway, SHAME on us. They should have to pay for the young mans death. Remember Degan, he was on the recon team at the weaver cabin, we will put his children through the learning instatution of their choice. It all really discusts me. It is my right to say so. I wonder how we as a nation will react to the death of the young border agent, by allowing illeagals to stay, some lop sided crap there huh. Anyway welcome 2.0, I truly mean that, learn to shoot well, if you need that skill some day you will always have it. Even if you stop for awhile, after the basics, you will do well after just a couple sessions, better with more. And by and large thank you DEMOCRATS for another bumper year of gun sales, ammunition, and all else that goes into being a shooter. I am proud of being an American, son, father, grandfather, uncle, shooter, hunter, all of our kids learned about firearms as soon as practical, Teach your kids to shoot also. It is great fun. GOD BLESS AMERICA EACH AND EVERYONE.

  • Matt Parkhur

    I know! Look at that gun!

  • David Haydell

    “But, why the shift? There are a variety of reasons” because americans are tired of the antigun nuts and all the “guns are bad” bullchit

  • Bimbam

    Our nanny Demoncrap state (You know Demoncraps love to keep you barefoot and pregnant mentatity) does not allow sound suppressors. I love them because I hate loud noises except when it’s over the enemy territory.

  • JoeTexan

    Doesn’t matter what they were doing. The intention of the writers of the Second Amendment was to recognize that citizens have the right to bear arms against a tyrannical government, including their own. Whether citizens would prevail doesn’t factor into it.

  • Joe Zimmerman

    ODUMBA has done more to increase gun ownership then anyone else has done ,, his evil plans have woke up more silent majority voters then ever thought possible ,,,, so in a back handed way thanks ODUMBA ,,,,,,

  • Jimmy D’Alessio

    I Am a “Fudd” Type , but don’t be fooled by us “Mossbacks” with “Mossbergs” , we won All The Battles Before You little Brats got Your New Euro-Toys !

    And “One Shot , One Kill” is Important when the Ammo Runs Low , “Semper Fi”
    From a “New Style” Refinished , and ready for Battle FUDDY DUDDY !

    So when that AR-16/M-16 runs low , our Mod.70 Winchesters in 30-06 , will Still put Meat on The Table !

  • Jimmy D’Alessio

    One Hell of a Lot that were Surveyed recently at Camp Pendleton , Marine base in Ca. , and They Were “Into It” , These New breed of Marines are Not near as Disciplined as Our Gen 1 were , We Took our oath to follow All the Doctrine in the Constitution , and Not just what we felt “Convenient at the time , or in Vogue , Half Those “Assholes ” are Former “Gamers” , and are just waitin’ to plug anything with a pulse !

    And I AM A Former Marine Mustang Lt.Col. with 20 Years of the best training Your Money can buy , You Would Not stand a Rat’s chance in a cat Breeding Facility , ever see an “Apache” in action , Check out some Real Vid’s on the YOO-Hoo Tube , and You Can see what Machines can do , and the Trigger Gamers are back in camp piloting the Drones , DUDE !

  • Ron Rucshner

    We are fixated on our freedom and that is it. We will die to preserve it .The military will not turn on its citizens. It will assist in cleaning out the traitors, communists and muslim fanatics.

  • Jimmy D’Alessio

    You Ever try to Tell a Kid Anything ? do Yourself a Favor , and Teach YOUR children , not doing someone else’s job , Will Preserve Your way , and Traditions , F**k the “So 27 seconds ago” guy from the “New Facebook Gen X’ers ” !
    I Posted nabove , and I Too am originally from “Filthydelphia” so No Explanation is needed !

  • Jimmy D’Alessio

    WHOA Sarge , Stand Down , No Victor Charlie here , You Didn’t hear the kid out , Semper Fi, D’

    Yeah , From the Footprints to the Field , 20 years checkin’ wet pants !

  • Steven

    In 1980 I was a Liberal that got mugged by reality. I put a stake in the ground and took ownership of my rights and responsibilities.
    To the Balrog gun-grabbers, I quote Gandolf the Gray “I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the Flame of Anor! The Dark Fire will not avail you, Flame of Udûn! Go back to the Shadow! You shall not pass!!”

  • AKgunguy

    First I want to say Semper-Fi Devil Dog! I also served in our Beloved United States Marine Corps, although for only one enlistment. I was a COmbat Engineer from 92-97.
    I had not seen any info on your reffered survey. I am inclined to question that so many Marines would turn on Americans.
    That all being said I believe I struck a nerve which was not my intention. Yes, I have seen some Awesome action, however from the old Cobras, as they were more in use during my time of service. I think what I was trying to communicate is that
    there are still Marines, (mostly in leadership roles) that would not violate the trust Americans have in them. Maybe I am wrong, I pray that is not the case.
    Once again Semper-Fi and thank you very much for the dedication and sacrifice you gave to the great nation.
    Ryan Clark USMC Vet

  • Oldawg

    Great, well-written post Joe! I this is seen by some of the people responsible for current and future laws!

  • Andrew Whitehead

    When the California economy collapses, who will be the last man standing?

  • joedoakes202

    Thank you . . . we must elect Romney to further protect the Second Amendment . . . not to mention the rest of the Constitution . . .

  • Mike Butler

    Nope, only 11 states outlaw them, but they are legal under federal law with the required $200 tax stamp.

  • Jimmy D’Alessio

    Does it matter what I Type , you moderating Ones are gettin touchy as ABC , CBS, and the rest , why bother , I was thinking you were open minded ? BUT WRONG AGAIN !

  • Jimmy D’Alessio

    Discussion is for Adults , Not Children , and Censorship is Why we Have a “Moslem” for President of the United States of America , Teddy Roosevelt would Commit suicide if he were alive Today !

  • Jimmy D’Alessio

    You May not see this , BUT This has been Censored !

  • ConservativeJoe

    I noted a down vote to my post about the relationship between the liberals and other socialists. I want to thank the person who cast that down vote. He or she is obviously a liberal that actually took the time to read and consider a conservative criticism. It has been my experience that most liberals temporarily lose their sight and hearing when reading articles or engaging in discussions that challenge their beliefs.
    If more liberals took the time to really consider the other side of politics they might reassess their affinity to socialism. Socialism only survives as a theory because the proponents do not understand the concept of unintended consequences.
    OK, let’s try to illustrate the point. When this country was founded those unfortunate people that were unemployable due to poor health or being of unsound minds survived on the financial assistance of village and town governments and the charity of the local churches. There were also poorhouses and orphanages in every community. Today, we have a more organized system to deal with the disadvantaged. The federal, state and local governments tax those with jobs to support those in need. These taxes are used to “help,assist, aid, benefit”, and otherwise insure the well being of the unfortunate in our society.
    What has changed about the subject of welfare since 1776?
    A competent person used to be embarrassed about being a burden on society and did everything he could to regain the self-respect of a person that contributes to his community.
    Today, a healthy person with average intelligence expects the same support as a matter of entitlement. They think that government support in the form of a monthly check is a right and, as such, nothing to be ashamed about.
    The unintended consequence of unlimited welfare is a growing percentage of citizens that think they have a natural right to take tax money from the people that actually work to earn their keep.
    There is another unintended consequence on the horizon; the ever increasing taxes needed to fund this welfare system will cause a revolt among the working class. This is the point where all socialist governments collapse. Some of these governments manage to extend their life through brute force but they always end up badly.
    When the liberals, progressives, Marxists and communists employ excessive taxes to further the cause of socialism they are stealing the worker’s compensation. When the taxes reach a certain point that worker effectively becomes a slave. No one agues against support for the truly disadvantaged. Those citizens that are unsound in mind or body deserve our help. However, the people who are able to work and still abuse the welfare system are human parasites. It is the duty of every citizen to get the training needed to seek work. Pushing a broom or flipping a burger is far better than taking someone else’s hard earned dollar.

  • ConservativeJoe

    Why the down arrow? Rachel is gainfully employed in producing a legal product for our government and civilian use. Furthermore, Rachel’s body art should not be a concern for any other person. I am sure that Rachel appreciates all of those up arrows but her left ring finger shows a definite social commitment. If an anti-gun person is casting a judgment vote against using a young woman posing with a firearm, get over it. A growing percentage of gun buyers are females looking for a credible means of self defense. There was an old saying that was popular during the first half of the 2oth century. “Heaven help the working girl.”

  • MikeCumpston

    ” . military force should they decide to come and take your guns away? ”
    We found out what locals with basic arms could do in Viet Nam and the Russians had the same experience in Afganistan. The professional military is a two-edged sword. When the Soviet Union went into its long and probably temporary colapse, soldiers turned on the central governement and rather than killing their fellow citizens actually joined them. It is highly probably that a substantial number of our heavily armed government agents consider themselves to have more in common with stalwart free citizens than with the low devious sissies that have tricked a stupid electorate into giving them power.

  • Brian Hager

    Great Post!! Thank you for serving!!!

  • Melissa Smith

    About time someone recognized this and published it. The culture has to change in order to survive. I used to belong to a range where the old school mentality was the standard, and if you wanted to practice defensive pistol work, or anything similar you had to go find another range. This is because they had the old shooters mentality (hunting and target shooting) while nothing inherently wrong with this, but they have limited their members and thus membership is declining.

    The culture has to have new individuals, the up swing in female firearms owners is a good thing. If you truly want to enhance the sport then you have to promote it to all who would be interested, doesn’t matter what ethnic background, social sect, gender, (or anything) that these new members hail from. Promote the sport, the culture and the individual responsibility that it requires. The only thing that should matter is that the person is a responsible , law abiding citizen and willing to learn and exercise the rights guaranteed in the US Constitution (with in the limits set by your state). If your an instructor, RSO, vet, gunsmith, gunshop owner, etc get out and get involved. Do what your comfortable at but promote the sport and culture in a positive light. Whether its helping the so called “fudds’ sighting in their 40 year old bolt action, instructing teens in safety (and that they are not in a COA game), the women’s biker group practicing for a 3 gun match or a group of cross dressers learning defensive pistol and tactical movement , promote the sport so the culture can grow and ALL of us can dispel the myths and lies that have been told in the past couple of decades.

  • Dallis Miller

    I didn’t serve but my kin did all the way from the Civil war up to Iraq. Thanks to all of you who did. I agree that Apache helicopters and other military weapons are no match for civilian weapons. Thing is if I remember correctly the Soviets got their ass handed to them for thinking that might would overpower persistance and just being pissed off in general. Stakes would be high on both sides but it would be a war the elitist liberal goverment could not win.

  • ColdDeadHandsAdmin

    I would like to address an issue I have with this article. While I
    agree with the over all premise that there is a greater love and
    appreciation for our 2nd amendment rights.
    We are not a changed and updated version 2.0
    We are the original old school version 2nd Amendment.
    that the said Constitution be never construed to authorize Congress to
    infringe the just liberty of the Press, or the rights of Conscience; or
    to prevent the people of the United States, who are peaceable citizens,
    from keeping their own arms; …” ~Samuel Adams

    Perhaps it took a tyrant to make us appreciate the values of the
    liberties and rights that our Founding Fathers recognized and drafted
    the constitution to protect.
    “What country can preserve its
    liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their
    people preserve the spirit of resistance. Let them take arms.”~Thomas Jefferson
    perhaps it was advancements in the gun culture with games and
    competitions that inspired us to get off the couch and head down to the
    range and join shooting clubs.
    “A strong body makes the mind
    strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this
    gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and
    independence to the mind. Games played with the ball, and others of that
    nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the
    mind. Let your gun therefore be your constant companion of your walks. ~Thomas Jefferson
    Whatever the reason, the education on why the 2nd amendment is growing.
    longer do we swallow the meme dictated to us from the Left that the
    second amendment is about hunting. Or that it was made in a day when
    Indians were a threat and the threats then don’t exist today.
    Now we
    have the tools to reach back into the past and bring it forward into
    relevance today and we are recognizing that the most important reason
    for the second amendment was and is “being necessary to the security of a free State.”
    preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people
    always possess arms and be taught alike, especially when young, how to
    use them.” ~
    Richard Henry Lee
    We know this because it was
    under that duress that inspired our founding fathers to protect that
    right, which exists beyond the boundaries of any government entity as a
    Fundamental and Unalienable right given to us by our Creators.
    the resolution of enslaving America was formed in Great Britain, the
    British Parliament was advised by an artful man, who was governor of
    Pennsylvania, to disarm the people; that it was the best and most
    effectual way to enslave them; but that they should not do it openly,
    but weaken them, and let them sink gradually…I ask, who are the
    militia? They consist A militia, when properly formed, are in fact the
    people themselves … and include all men capable of bearing arms.”~ Richard Henry Lee

    This is why we are here.
    Not to change the face of the nation. But us back on the path we never should have left.
    We are not simply advocates of the gun, but of our Rights and Liberties the 2nd amendment protects from government tyranny.
    “The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the Constitution.”~Thomas Jefferson
    are here to bring every gun lover under one umbrella to support issues
    that EVERY AMERICAN should agree on. To educate those who disagree, and
    to oppose those who stand against.
    It will be from our Cold Dead Hands that you can take from us our Liberty

  • Aussie Guns

    The only comment I have is i think the girl should have camo tatts. Oh and the pic looks silly having scope rings without a scope.

  • Gladstone Payton

    Wow. Pretty balanced article for this right wing trash.

  • Dallas Wiebelhaus

    Thanks for noticing! but hey, I’m somewhere in the middle, I’m kinda like a young Elmer fudd with tattoos who works in IT.


    Tell that to Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, et al.

    An armed citizenry is a backstop against tyranny by virtue of its existence. Any would-be tinpot dictator or rogue general has to contend with an instant uprising if he goes too far.

    This is the very thing that makes liberalism and nonviolent change possible.

    Yes, there are plenty of Teabillies wanking about the NWO and dat ole debbil the UN takin’ their guns and religion and givin’ all the god fearin’ folk gaybortions.

    But do not imagine that they are a majority of second amendment activists.

    Or that authority is all powerful.


    Only one of which infringes on our rights as gun owners.


    As usual, we liberals are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    We are wasting an opportunity, and handing the conservatives more base-energizing (and expanding) ammunition in one incompetent stumble, cheering all the while.

    Most of us aren’t getting the terms of this discussion wrong, we’re getting the problem itself wrong.

    Further restricting firearms ownership when the problem is actually the social darwinism at all levels of society that leaves people to become so broken and desperate that they give in to their sick urge to take lives, does nothing.

    The only two things that could actually significantly reduce firearms deaths – ending the Drug War and implementing single payer healthcare with on demand mental health and addiction services – seem mostly neglected in these discussions.

    Anyone that actually cares about reducing violence of all types, and gun violence in particular, should be focusing on the CAUSES, not the SYMPTOM.

    We should be flogging how the ACA would improve these services, not fapping about restricting the rights of the law abiding. We should be pushing to expand it to further improve these services.

    We should be having the discussion about ending the drug war that creates the black market that creates and feeds the cartels and their satellite gangs and distribution networks. The flawed laws that cage casual users with hardened criminals in prisons that are more run by gangs than wardens or guards. Ie, the cause of most violence, particularly firearms violence.

    We are the single largest consumer of black market drugs in the world, and therefore the largest market for same.

    Their illegality has done nothing to prevent their use or sale, while costing a trillion dollars so far, leading to the worlds largest prison population (disproportionately minorities).

    And creating, as gun control activists are fond of pointing out completely absent context, the greatest number of firearms deaths in the ‘civilized’ world as cartels and gangs literally fight in the streets for that $400 billion black market.

    Momentum is on our side, it’s up to us how to use it, how we frame the issue.

    But here we are, discussing the symptom instead of addressing the actual problem.

    It’s as if two sides of a partisan donation machine – the NRA and the equally malevolent Brady anti-gun lobby – are cynically manipulating their respective demographics for profit. Have no doubts, each requires the other to stampede their respective constituencies in the desired direction.

    Focusing on any reactions beyond closing the gunshow loophole and improving mental health reporting will do absolutely nothing to curb violence. We MUST focus on the actual issue.

    CT is rated to be the fifth “best” state for gun laws according to the Brady Campaign which means they are more restrictive than 45 other states on various laws relating to firearms.”

    Clearly that worked well for them on Friday.

    An assault weapons ban or attempts to restrict magazine size will *cause* violence in the form of right wing terrorism, as demonstrated throughout the 90s.

    An all out ban will cause even liberals like myself to think twice about the reasons behind the open insurrection that would result. And that doesn’t take into account the thousands to tens of thousands of lives it would cost.

    The greater good would not be served.

    Assuming you could actually get any of these passed, common sense or not.

    A complete waste of political capital.

  • Azazel

    Really? All four infringe/d on the rights of gun owners. The NFA created a $200 punitive tax for hearing protection. The GCA created the “sporting purpose” test which bans the import of firearms that fail to meet a completely arbitrary set of standards. The Hughes Amendment prevents people from registering new machine guns. And the AWB (which thankfully died) banned the manufacture of standard capacity magazines.

  • Don B

    My comment would be that the gun community has been a leader in diversity, not a late adopter. My blog post about this:

  • Richard

    I never understood the down votes on this comment. That was a great line from an ingenious movie – and it fits as a perfect response to Joe.

  • Kevin I. Slaughter

    So you get snarky and poo-poo someone’s assertion by implying they haven’t thought about it enough.
    When someone else clearly bests you with a well considered retort you reply “they’ve given it too much thought.”

  • ForrestHorn

    I’m kinda partial to the “double-tap,” but “one shot-one kill” works well, too!

  • ForrestHorn

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but go perform an impossible act upon your own body.

  • ForrestHorn


  • ForrestHorn

    Fascinating! : )

  • DucatiRider

    This is great news.

    It’s nice to not be the only white collar gun owner covered in tattoos.

  • socialismisevil

    when at the range I am telling you this article is right on target I see more families practicing and more families signing up

    the dems are loved for their “freebies” but hated for their love of criminals on the streets

    the gun culture attests to that

  • socialismisevil

    the people owning weapons would indeed present a danger to ANY action

    also, many in the military would side with the people

    you make many good points

    but that wasnt one of them

  • Donald York

    Hone your skills, proficiency is a must in today’s world.

  • pappadave

    If you’re a gun owner AND a Democrat, I’d say you’re a bit schizoid. Democrats HATE guns and the so-called “gun culture.” If you elect them, you’re cutting your own (and our) throat.

  • ForrestHorn

    I sincerely hope that my skills will never be needed in the US.

  • Parker Orfield

    The hatred and the propaganda against the NRA is so massive from the Obama Administration, the left, from gun grabbing, gun control/ gun violence advocates and even the main stream media that would love nothing more than destroy the NRA and totally put the NRA out of business forever or at least shut them up till they could find a way to confiscate, destroy or sell almost ever single privately owned gun in the U.S. (No joke) Fighting for the 50 states and territories of the U.S. in court trying to defend gun owners rights on like ” Stand Your Ground” and The Second Amendment is an almost impossible task even for the NRA. It takes smart lawyers, massive amounts of time and money, for which the NRA can’t do this task alone without YOU, the people that are actually willing to stand with them and fight for your rights! Obama and his administration, Liberal Democrats and gun grabbers like billionaire Michael Bloomberg, Dianne Feinstein from many states, from the mayors, to senators, to citizens to many, many organizations like ” The Mayors Against Gun Violence” that have almost unlimited resources and lots and lots of money. To even the main stream media have launched an all out, no holds bared, offensive against the NRA ,gun owners, gun owner rights and The Second Amendment. They are using any and all tactics such as propaganda and even lying trying to take our guns, our right to own a gun, to defend our family, our home and ourselves away from all of us with this all out fight! I really don’t think the NRA is doing such a very bad job with the oppositions that they are up against!


    @Ben: You have more sense than most in this thread.
    @Jarhead: Like many Marines that I knew, You believe your John Wayne type publicity a little too much.


    @Azazel: How did/does the NFA of 1934 involve “hearing protection”.

  • ForrestHorn

    Well said! :)

  • Parker Orfield

    Thank you!

  • HWGood

    “The new generation comes from urban centers as well as middle America.
    New gun owners are of all genders, colors, creeds and social strata.
    They are not Elmer Fudd.”
    Welcome! To all of you!
    From one of the ‘Elmer Fudd’ generation. (Although I always rooted for the wabbit.)

  • Azazel

    Buy imposing a $200 tax on firearm suppressors.


    What a stretch!

  • Katja Triebel

    We in Europe need a “good reason” to have guns. In most EU countries most types of guns are registered and some are forbidden.

    EU Home Affair wants to ban even more types of guns. EU also does not like the “good reason” self defense at all.

    In Germany we only have the “good reason” hunting and target shooting and therfore only 3% have guns for that reason. And the government boasts itself to make this number smaller every year.

    Don’t let this happen in your country!

  • GRA

    Very good article. I just want to add that this also happens in other countrys especially in countrys in the EU.

  • jlbraun

    I find it funny how New Yorkers bend over backward to support handgun bans, when the first one in their fair city was the Sullivan Act, passed by racist classist Tammany Hall Democrats to oppress blacks and immigrants. It’s like they have blinders on, they can’t see how racist they’re being by supporting Bloomberg and his cronies.

  • ForrestHorn

    Very true, and very sad.