Gillespie says Romney/Ryan will ‘reinforce specifics’

Gillespie says Romney/Ryan will 'reinforce specifics'

In response to public opinion, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will now commence a fresh phase of their campaign in which the Republican hopeful spells out the specifics of the economic agenda they have so far spoken of in rather general terms.

“Gov. Romney has a plan to turn the economy around and people are curious about details,” Romney strategist Ed Gillespie told a conference call of reporters Monday morning. He added that “the same is true for President Obama — we haven’t heard many details from him.”

Throughout the brief call, Gillespie pointed out that vice presidential nominee Ryan will be a major player in articulating the “Romney-Ryan” agenda and laying out the details. In effect, the veteran strategist was confirming what conservatives had been hoping for since Ryan was tapped for the No. 2 spot by Romney in August: that the Wisconsin congressman and House Budget Committee chairman would be the “point man” for details and the agenda for change that is the signature of the House GOP’s “Path to Prosperity” budget.

“A lot of those folks in the middle or undecided want to know the details,” said Gillespie, “and we have a running mate out there filling out specifics and doing so on social media — it’s going to resonate.”

Among the specifics Romney will spell out, Gillespie said, will be his plan to “limit spending for programs growing at an uncontrollable rate” by turning them back to the states and “reducing the size of government by 10 percent.” The eventual savings to the taxpayer will be $500 billion, Gillespie added.

Along with addressing specifics of his economic plan, former Republican National Committee Chairman Gillespie emphasized that Romney will “also discuss developments in Middle East (because) economics and foreign policy are both important.”

Gillespie said the time was ripe for the details from Team Romney/Ryan because of disappointing economic news coming from Washington. He noted that the Congressional Budget Office reported recently that “the budget deficit stands in August at more than $1 trillion and that’s the fourth trillion dollar deficit under Obama.” In addition, he said, the Federal Reserve Board pointed to “the lack of job creation in citing its unprecedented round of bailout (Quantitative Easing).”

“And,” said Gillespie, referring to an issue sure to be hit hard by the Republicans “the price of gas is now $3.85 per gallon — $2 higher than when Obama took office.” He used energy as an example of the details soon to come saying that Romney wants America to be “energy independent by 2020. (This means) approve the Keystone Pipeline, drilling off the coast in Virginia, lifting the moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico. Not rolling out new policy but saying ‘here’s what’s in that plan.’”

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