RedState relaunches website

RedState relaunches website

Today, we at Human Events would like to congratulate Erick Erickson and the whole team at RedState on their new website redesign — it looks fantastic!

The early morning change was undoubtedly a labor of love and a vision to bring one of the most important conservative blogs in the nation to a better, cleaner, faster and more engaging platform.

Erickson, in his acknowledgement of all the help and work that went into re-launch, remained forward looking, saying: ” … as we grow and head toward our first full decade, my mission for the site remains: educate conservatives, motivate them to participate, and activate them when needed.”

We congratulate RedState — which is auspiciously celebrating its eighth birthday today — on informing conservatives for so many years, and we look forward with anticipation to many more years of conservative commentary and activism.

Click here to check out RedState’s new look!

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