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‘The Amateur’ to debut at Number One on the New York Times bestseller lists

Edward Klein’s new book about President Obama, The Amateur, has already made some news, particularly with regard to allegations that an ally of Obama’s offered the odious Reverend Jeremiah Wright a $150,000 bribe to keep his mouth shut during the 2008 presidential campaign.  And the title of the book is a quote from Bill Clinton, who was said to be urging his wife to challenge Obama for the Democrat nomination in 2012.

That’s pretty sensational stuff, but the media has been studiously ignoring Klein’s book.  NewsBusters noted on Tuesday that none of the mainstream media networks have interviewed Klein on the air, or offered a serious discussion of his work.  ABC News very briefly mentioned the “amateur” quote from Clinton on their website, but that’s about it.

Needless to say, that’s very different from the way the mainstream press treats provocative books about people they dislike. 

It looks like the public hasn’t been ignoring Klein’s book, however, because Regnery Publishing (around whose metaphorical water cooler we Human Events writers gather) announced today that The Amateur will debut at Number One on the New York Times nonfiction and e-book bestseller lists for June 03.


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  • Terry in GA

    The #1 spot on the debut list is exactly what I expected.  Nobody I know ever said advertising on left leaning and mainstream media was a requirement of success.  In fact, there are some among us who are of the opinion that it is the new media that rules the world.

    Proud to be a devoted follower of the Breitbart Empire.  In fact, I’ll be thinking of the boss man this weekend for some very special memories.  

  • goodtoberight

    I enjoyed watching Klein being interviewed by Hannity the other day. Klein presented a very compelling and cogent argument proving the absence of knowledge, honesty, experience, ability and leadership in obama.

    The tragedy is that obama answered an employment ad in the NY Times that read:  “U.S. President WANTED:  No experience necessary.”

    Why and how did America elect a totally inexperienced, marxist dolt? The highest office in the land is now occupied by a marxist with ZERO experience, NO leadership ability, and is as Klein concisely demonstrates, a complete AMATEUR.

  • postofficemike

    They think they can ignore all negatives and they will not be real.  Works a lot of the time for them. Let’s make sure they don’t this time!


    FORGED Birth Certificate: Confirmed.
    FORGED Selective Service Registration: Confirmed.
    CT. SSN 042-68-4425 FAILED E-VERIFY: Confirmed.

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio: “10 Times Worse Than Watergate; Biggest Media Blackout In History.” – BirtherReport. com

  • TruthDetector

    Sorry, but the American electorate is even more culpable than were media vis-à-vis the political ascendancy of this failed, racist, wee-weed up, America-hating, self-anointed socialist Obamessiah.

  • Christopher Gadsden

    “In the tank”. Herr Soetoro must be protected at all cost by the ministry of truth.

  • AgentMeatball

    Yes, this country has a long-tradition of biased media. But in today’s 24/7 news cycle, the media has a duty to provide their fair share of unbiased news.

    The result of all this dishonesty in the media today is a growing distrust by the public of their “trusted” news anchors. And people are manifesting this distrust by fleeing to alternative media sources. So these clowns in the media should enjoy it while it lasts, because it’s not going to last much longer… just sayin’.

  • Tom Menino

    The media is ignoring the book?  LOL.  Not more than most Americans are ignoring THEM!  The leftist mainstream media is on life support.    Obummer is toast.  The stench of FAIL is scaring away all but the loons and the entitlement whores who can’t live without his free giveaways.

    // One term and out. 

  • Christopher Gadsden

    Barry Soetoro was groomed from birth to be president. His CIA roots run deep. Do you think his mother was some globe-trotting hippy? She worked with little timmy geithner’s father unseating (to put it kindly) African political leaders. You are all so simple.

  • HWGood

    It would be amusing to find images of three major Left Stream Media individuals with their eyes, ears and mouth covered.
    For the police surely is “See no liberal evil, hear no liberal evil and speak of no liberal evil”.

  • carl6352

    the history. even hillary was screaming for vetting no luck. alot of american voters were conned and the 6 trillion added to debt will be felit by our kids for our stupidity. i did not vote for the clown the minute i heard wright opened his mouth. you dont sit in a hall with a racist lunatic and not get the anger passed on to you! unless your stupid and mute. i guess the last 3 plus years shows the stupid and mute!

  • Boregardless

    Even got a lot of the Democrats both sorry & scared.

  • 1PissedAmerican2

    People who give a rat’s butt knew Barry was an empty suit the moment he broke onto the national stage. His dangerous foreign policy, clownish economic policy and arrogant governing style add up to Jimmy Carter 2.0 – but a hell of a lot less likeable. Plus he throws a baseball like a sissy.

  • Tomtom28

    ” the odious Reverend Jeremiah Wright”
    Excellent use of adjective.

  • darrylsee

    I’m buying this book!

  • Ted Kennedy’s SEARCH+RESCUE

    I think, sadly, Andrew is rolling in his grave at the current state of the Breitbart Empire.  They come out last week with the “Born in Kenya” story, but with a ‘We are not Birthers’ and this is not ‘birtherism’ Editors Note. Please.

    Were Andrew still alive, I find it hard to believe that he would not be running with the MOUNTAIN of EVIDENCE from Sheriff Joe and exposing the media cover-up. After all, he had called Sheriff Joe, the day before his death.

  • FFlintstone

    I heard this guy on Michael Medved’s show today. The book sounds excellent! It’s also encouraging to know that the mainstream media’s influence is dwindling. They just can’t find ways to suppress America’s feelings any more.

  • clifton

    Will there be a coloring book adaptation for Obama’s masses released at the same time?

  • Dustoff

     Not quite. They were just showing that O-dumber uses his I was born???? to make himself look good.

  • Marc Lamb

     You obviously missed the story inside the “Born in Kenya story.” At one time it was hip for Obama to hype his African creds… sorta like that gal running for senator hyping her Cherokee creds. What’s so amazing is how well these Democrats can so easily lie with a completely straight face.

  • leonardtachner

    Just finished it last night. Every thinking American should read it. Will open your eyes in regard to how important it is that we reject a second term. If you want to avoid a weakened America, a catastrophic economy, giant energy costs, a corrupt Justice Department, a European-style socialist and intrusive federal government, a failed health care system and an end to American exceptionalism, read this book and vote for Romney. Lincoln was right. You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

  • AmericanMan2012

     And the Left is in denial !  What else, he is making it all up, probably bought the book to highlight all the spelling errors, and make a list of all those interviewed, so that Obama can put them on a hate list.  Typical !!

  • Sam E Moore Jr

    Life it’s self is about correcting our mistakes and moving on.
    In this case most of Americans were totally on purpose mislead by the media .
    Over the last 42 Months we have seen a Pathetic  mindless Obama the media can no longer hide, Spin and twist his God awful Presidency  and endless none stop Lies .
    Now that we “”Understand ” who finally  the real Obama is and  I predict  a Romney win by 6-11 Points .
    5-7 Former Obama states are goner’s as well as Wis  and Florida .now knowing what
     Obamacare means to them … One big lie with far higher cost to everything one  .  
    Why ? The white middle lower ..middle and upper middle class are 68 % of all Voters .
    Romney wil get by a land slide there and 5-7 % more the Evangelical , Christian ,  Catholic , Hispanic and Jewish Vote , 
    Most of us have painfully watched Obama close 78 major Coal mines in 13 States while our Electric Bills have gone up 17-24 % . Food 21-31 % and Gas Double …
     while Obama pushes Algae and Blocks Keystone and drilling ? 

  • szore

    Because it was ‘anybody but Bush’ BS mentality. 

    We are awake now…

  • 2fastball

    Hey, look. Give the guy a break. He actually did something unprecedented right out of the box on day one of his presidency. 
    On his first day in office he moved his mother-in-law into the WH, lock, stock and barrel. That way she could eat, drink and be merry, rent free, just like the rest of the Obama freeloaders.

  • billsbowl

    Think they can get Uncle Omar to narrate the book-on-tape version?

  • Ted Kennedy’s SEARCH+RESCUE

    No, I did not miss it. I just think all the evidence belies their conclusion. They think he lied about Kenya just that one time. When in actuality he had been saying that for most of his life and was attending college as a foreign student. And AMERICAN CITIZENS, with valid identity documents, don’t FAIL E-Verify.

  • me_gusta_mucho

    USA! USA! USA!

  • greyfox

    “Why and how did America elect a totally inexperienced, marxist dolt?” Chicanery, stupidity on the part of the electorate, deceit, ballot box stuffing, white racist guilt, water carrying MSM, the Hollywood left and a gigantic dose of “coolness” and celebrity, provided by the press, the puppet masters behind the scenes, and a calous disregard for the truth.

  • docky

    media cannot silence every outlet…. not yet, anyway.

    make your vote count…. freedom is the choice, or should be, on every ballot.

  • Larry Larimore

     Under Obama: 30 Worst Months of Employment in the Past 25 Years FAIL

  • Robert Abramson

    Gee, what the hell took so damn long???? Better late than never I guess……

  • Brian Konash

    Ask Osama bin Laden how amateur Obama is.

  • docky

     are you still talking about the EASIEST CALL OF ALL OF TIME?

  • Ping2007

    Sadly, this country can be damaged by the incompetence of the electorate. Carter and Obama are the most recent examples, but not necessarily in that order. It boggles the mind there are polls showing Obama getting any positive ratings. I can partially understand the black community support, which one can argue is racist in nature. There can be no argument that Obama is a socialist. Many of us questioned this prior to 2008 but he removed all doubt by 2012.

    I throw my full support behind Romney although I wish he was more conservative. But I believe it’s possible after his inauguration he will go further right as the conservative movement continues to grow.

  • Brian Konash

    If the raid had failed this book would have been called “The Amateur: How Obama Killed 40 Seals in 30 Minutes.” Fair people would give him credit for a tough decision. Unfair people would accentuate the negative and ignore the positive.

  • docky


  • heathen_liberals

    The pure evil FILTH that is liberalism has no boundaries.

    America knows too.

  • Brian Konash

    Like I said, biased people. Obama ain’t perfect. But compared to the economic and foreign policy chaos that came before him, I’ll take it.

  • Ted Kennedy’s SEARCH+RESCUE

    Your answer can be found at HowObamaGotElected. com

  • john beckenhauer

    Ask the U.S. Economy how amateur Obama is.

  • docky


  • Gas_Passer

    Everything about Obama is a lie or forged.   Obama can proudly claim a lot of first.
    First black president
    First commie president
    First homosexual president
    First president never vetted to become president
    First president with a beastly looking wife.

  • heathen_liberals

    LOL………Panetta made the plans and made the call.

    Keep spinning son.

    Too funny !!!

  • MA

    The people in this country know more about Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, etc.  If they had paid A LITTLE ATTENTION to the information about this man and who he hung with, he wouldn’t have gotten in.
    Agreed completely.

  • docky

     not panetta, actually…. but a combat general.

  • john beckenhauer

    C’mon konash, where’s the witty retort?  

  • Lon Jowett

    One would have to be borderline retarded to fall for the scam that the corporate media is “leftist.” It was a brilliant move on their part to perpetuate this myth, but the reality is the Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same corporate military coin. By creating a sock puppet “leftist” outlet, the real left is completely marginalized. Obama can continue on the exact path Bush was on before, and people actually believe that there was a change.
    And the stupidest ones of all get their panties in a knot because they think he’s a socialist. LOL    

  • Brian Konash

    You should read the new book “Manhunt: The search for OBL” because you seem to be laboring under delusion.

  • Dan Olson

    Pretty stupid, Brian. Seal Team 6 found him, not Obama. All the president did was give the very easy decision to take him out. President Bush deserves more credit than Obama because it was a continuation of his terrorist policies that allowed our military to find him.

  • Brian Konash

    Is that so? The economy was in recession already when he took power, and now it is not. Who is the amateur, exactly? Sounds like the last guy if recession and economy are your benchmark. Look it up on Google. Recession ended in 2009.

  • Loganman

    Oh, this was not on the job training?

  • Crampon

    How insulting for the amateurs, to be compared to Obama.

  • Jim

    It should be
    entitled “The Fraud”. This guy makes amateurs look professional. He
    is about to be completely exposed for the whole world to see, not even Hitler
    could hide his maniacal obsession with socialism forever.

  • Vuil

     Oh, but don’t forget that the wife – the thug – was voted the 11th most beautiful woman in the world by the MSM.  Truly they are so in it for Obama that only their feet show.

  • Dan_Lef

    Excellent Book.  Well documented.

  • PresidentDorf

    Hopefully, we won’t make the same mistake twice.

  • docky

     sure it is…  inflation is 10%….  growth is 2%…. net recession.

    actually worse than it was….

  • libsrclowns

    Obama hates wealth and success. He’s worth 10 mil. Fraud.

  • Loganman

    Oh, this was not on an on the job training position?

  • docky


  • Brian Konash

    Facts are enough. I live in the reality based community.

  • formerusaf

    Their is nothing amateurish  about Mr. Obama nor His staff &/or various department secretaries.  This is a very keenly astute political tactician that has obtained His intended economic & political successes (otherwise known as disasters) here and aboard according to His stated intent to “transform  America”.  He depends on His critics to continue to ignore His intents and objectives for this country and dwell on supposedly “rookie mistakes” as the U.S. degrades to a second-rate economic & military power.

  • Jack_Kennedy

     let’s ask obama’s aunt and uncle……………he can’t seem to find them to deport

    but, he does not have Seal Team Six doing that work for him like when Team Six took down OBL

  • Daniel Bryant

    New York Times..This is wonderful.  Americans want to know the truth. Obamazombies just want to ‘believe.’ Mr. K interviewed over 200 people for book.
    Liberalism is irrational.  Complete opposite to what we’ve been told all our lives.  Conservatives love facts.  Libs adore dogma.

  • john beckenhauer

    Give me a break konash.  Anyone… repeat ANYONE… would have made that decision (except for Bin Laden, my 10 year old son quips).  If it was tough, then it was because he didn’t want to really make the call in the first place.  And why would that be, I wonder?

  • docky

     the one crying “I am sane” is always the craziest.

  • PresidentDorf

    While the rest of the them, including Obama, Clinton, and Biden, wanted to wait.

    Dumb_ass Libs insist on trying to rewrite history.

  • Brian Konash

    You should read the new book Manhunt: The search for OBL. Seal Team Six did not “find” Bin Laden. The CIA did. That’s what JSOC is all about, “joint,” action. If you are getting basic facts wrong, what else are you missing? Ask yourself that before posting uninformed comments like the one above.

  • Vuil

     Sorry to hear Brian that you have bought the Obama Kool Aid – the man is an incompetent with less management experience than the guy who runs the corner store.  At least he has to earn a living. 

    Obama lived on grants and back door deals. So that’s how he thinks the economy works.

  • docky


  • Lon Jowett

    I agree. OBAMA in 2012! Easiest Call of All Time!

  • Gas_Passer

    Where’s the birth certificate?

  • Dan_Lef

     Well even though President Bush inherited a recession, and we got hit with a horrible attack that almost destroyed the airline industry, he got us out of it before the end of his first term.  If you call this a recovery, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn real cheap.

  • Vuil

     Careful using a term like ‘Blackout’

    Soon the MSM will accuse you of being a racist. 

  • Lon Jowett


  • john beckenhauer

    put down the bong, konash.  It ain’t good for the noodle.  I’ve seen cases like yours, and you’re heading nowhere.  If you think the little ‘bamster has been good for the economy, just back away from the drugs…  

  • docky

     well… for the deceased in florida maybe… since others will be voting for them.

  • Bruce Geiger

    the democrat party is without gravitas

  • Gas_Passer

    Progressive/liberal/commie women are hard on the eyes to look at.   Hillary Clinton is an eyesore.  

  • Lee

    Tell me MSM, what is it like to be enthusiastically digging your own financial and reputational graves, as the public which you had fooled for so long, catch on to your bias and watch with glee while you prepare your own wake?

  • docky

     without veritas too.

  • john beckenhauer

    dillweed: what foreign policies are you referring to?  Like GTMO?  Did your dear leader close it down?  Oh, he ended the Iraq war?  Really, numbnuts, no more buds…  If you think he did a good thing there, then go visit.  But then, you don’t know how it was during the war, do you?

  • john beckenhauer

    easiest joke of all time

  • docky

     would have to be funny, or at least witty, to be a joke.

  • Gas_Passer

    How is Obama going to win without cheating? 

  • Unliberalistic

    The Thug in Chief would have never even sniffed Osama BL if it weren’t for Bush, End Of Story. Wake up and quit drinking the Kool Aid!

  • M

    Joe Arpaio himself is a corrupt elected official whose expertise is based mostly upon self promotion. Look into his past at DEA Mexico City and how by lying to DEA HQ at Quantico, he sidetracked his boss and allowed himself to take over. 

    His fiscal mismanagement at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office is legendary. The number of validated tort actions against him is proven to be higher than any previous MCSO Sheriff, even with population factored. 

    I know personally because I worked directly in Maricopa County Arizona area law enforcement for 25 years and with the DEA for two years.

    To quote this man referencing Obama is to quote Nikolai Ceaseceau complaining about the excesses of Josef Stalin. 

  • billyfisc

    Your delusional. It’s not the easiest call. Close race to the wire. Cheering is juvenile
    We need meaningful debate.

  • sleaford

     Are you kidding….Obama…whose half-page resume consists of missed votes and community organizing….he’s history!

  • docky

     you won’t get it from a zealot like lonny.

  • Cka Redstate America

    He and his fellow travelers count on Americans thinking he’s a buffoon, amateur, idiot, whatever.

    By doing that, they expend precious energy and resources that would be better spent combating the anti-America, anti-American, anti-Constitution, anti-capitalist, racially and socially divisive, anti-working-person, anti-family, anti-security, champion-of-infanticide, mendacious, Marxist, megalomaniacal dreg from the sewer called the Chicago Political Machine.

    By doing that, they help Obama and his thugocracy win.

  • john beckenhauer

    OOO!!  OOO!!  Hey konash!!  Question: when you refer to little ‘bammy’s great foreign policy, are you referring to his comment that he will be more flexible to Putin after he’s re-elected?

  • Anyone but Obama

    Non-fiction while Obama’s book, Dreams from My Father was moved to the fiction section in the past few weeks. It surely can’t be a biography anymore since there were so many, many lies uncovered in it.

  • john beckenhauer

    OOO!! OOO!! Hey kony!  Question: is what you like about little ‘bammy’s foreign policy his propensity to bow deeply to foreign dictators and thereby demeaning the office of the United States?

  • Unliberalistic

    Here is a fact Jack, the Moron in charge has created more debt in less than one term than Bush did in two terms, oh and more than all presidents combined, not to mention he lies thru his teeth about our energy situation.

  • Gas_Passer

    It is amazing how the MSM thought that a Communtity Agitator was better qualified to become a president than a Governor. 

  • Unliberalistic

    Hey BK, the recession started in about 2007 after the house and senate was given to the Dumocrats in 2006…and the recession hasn’t ended Einstein.

  • mmmilesll

    Love it. This should piss off all those libs. About time people found out what an ass they elected

  • TomGenin

    The American Amateur Society has filed suit for defamtion.

  • Cka Redstate America

     Konash and his ilk do not understand or don’t want to understand what you said about any president making that call.

    For them to do so means they would have to remove Obama from his seat on high and acknowledge he’s a mere mortal with the spine of a jellyfish.

  • isnrblog

    I read the book. Great stuff.

  • JohnWolf6547

    I am about 10% into it.  It is pretty mild.  Pulling the punches for Obama.

  • vincehugh

    The NY/Hollywood media ignoring this book is not a surprise.  Why?  Because the media knows they made a serious mistake in making sure Obama got elected by spinning and influencing naive viewers of the ‘greatness’ of Obama and the ‘horrible’ of McCain/Palin.  The media was so much in the tank for Obama that they have no choice but to continue to hide all the negatives that have been shown about Obama that they either knew about or should have.  Therefore they are in a desperate attempt to ignore and not report anti-obama data because it reflects on the media itself for a major unforgiving blunder.

  • Steve

    Obama can save us! I love Obama! I love Obama! I love Obama! I love Obama! I love Obama! 

  • JohnWolf6547

    Obama can only win with MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD. 

    Even more than last time.

  • kevintheelder

     The truth is that you can’t blame Obama for taking the job; you must blame the American Public for voting the incompetent into office. What’s worse, even in realizing the grave error they made, most of those who will turn against him still haven’t learned that voting for the President is a serious thing. Few have changed their ways in studying current events. Sad really.

  • JohnWolf6547

     Pretty funny

  • heathen_liberals

    LOL…….obammies reelection platform is to run against capitalism…..the engine that drives America.

    Sad yet telling huh libs ?

  • Steve

    Bring back Reagan!

  • Jay A. Klein

    And just WHO are YOU, M?  (Don’t you just love the anonymity of the internet?)

  • john beckenhauer

    they didn’t have the crosshairs on Illinois, just the United States.

  • Gas_Passer

    Ain’t that the gospel truth!

  • JohnWolf6547

    Hey, give Obama a break.

    He must be legitimate.  He has four (4) different birth certificates to prove it.

  • isnrblog

    All Obama did was say “yes”. And he no doubt only agonized over what impact this would have on the election. The only “brave” thing he did was take a political risk.

    The professionals were the Seals and their support, which Obama had nothing to do with.

    He is the definition of Amateur.

  • JohnWolf6547

    If you want to make a Conservative mad, tell him a lie.
    If you want to make a Liberal mad, tell him the truth.

  • docky

     what?  dumbest comment of the day…. congrats.

  • JohnWolf6547

    Quoting someone else;  “I voted for Obama to prove that I am not a racist.  Now, who do I vote for to prove that I am not an idiot?”

  • Xpat48


    More narcissistic than “Narcissis.”

  • JohnWolf6547

    Why does Obama and Holder want to stop States from enforcing VOTER ID laws.

    I wonder what they are up to.

  • JohnWolf6547

    I have a company in Central America.  Even those people know that we have a Marxist – Islamic President.

    Why are the Obama supporters so ignorant of the facts?  What is going on here?

    Everyone else in the world knows that we are idiots, except for our own Liberals.

  • James

    It’s all the same in this cycle, yet they are in a dead heat. Maybe it won’t work again.

  • Gas_Passer

    I like how Sheriff Joe Arpaio is slow leaking of the truth about Obama.  I bet Obama and Eric Holder are biting their fingernails like sissies!

  • rfrapal


  • FRS22

    The most interesting part was wright saying that his Muslim upbring and leanings were hard to overcome and he (Wright) didn’t know whether he was sincere about being Christian.

  • Daniel Martin Gray

    You’re RIGHT, MA!

    OK already, stop NAGGING…We’ve been lazy and lax and we took our eyes off the ball. We let ourselves be bought with bread and circuses. We allowed ourselves to slip into apathy, and FORGOT that WE own the government; that America is US!

    But we always WERE a last minute, come-from-behind, Hail-Mary kind of people, and we’re WAKING UP, just in time to snatch CONSTITUTIONAL VICTORY from the jaws of 100 years of “Progressive” defeatism.

    WE WAKE!   WE RISE!!   WE FIGHT!!!

    We will WIN.

    And I’ll bet “The Amateur” does a whole lot better than Facebook!

  • FRS22

    Let’s just make sure he doesn’t get a second term.

  • mertsj

    Thank you.  You have just identified yourself as a member of the Liberal Mob. 

    Inability to think logically, you see.

  • Arthur Smith

    The most fascinating thing about the way the mainstream press has dissed author Ed Klein is that he’s one of THEM! He’s former editor of the New York Times magazine! Shows you what lengths they’ll go to to cover for their Dear Leader.  

  • FRS22

    It isn’t that the left is dumb, it is just they know so much that isn’t true.

  • JohnWolf6547

    Obama and Michelle have not been on vacation for at least five weeks.

  • theGOONIES

     have you seen the commie throw  a ball or ride his bike ???

    i think he qualifies accurately as a sissy  AND  a commie

    whereas romney qualifies for neither of those discriptions

  • Mel Wahl

    As usual liberals are masters of the obvious!  I could have written this book before he got elected but telling the truth in today’s liberal  America just gets you branded a racist.

  • theGOONIES

     i think they need to first get reading comprehension and 1 2 3′s  first

  • Clover1111

    They will deny.

  • theGOONIES

     maybe they are wondering why obama’s only reletives living in the US currently  ARE BOTH ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS

  • IH8Liberals1

    This book exposes Obama for the clown, the in-prepared Commander in Chief. If America knew him the way this book does, he couldn’t get a job as a janitor,

  • rlc14433

    Calling Barry Obama “an amateur” is a great compliment for this PARASITE. An unqualified, compulsive lying, class warfare and race baiting, hypocritical, flip flopping, constantly campaigning and fundraising, Anti-American, self serving W H O R E is a much more accurate description for this affirmative action disgrace. 

  • JobsAre4Fools~Click2SeeWhy

    Careful Klein.
    Speaking ill of Dear Leader might get you arrested!

  • Dingmans

    It is a title that will live in infamy, the progressive liberal fascist could have nominated a two headed talking frog and the fascist media would marvle at its ability.

    The world will shortly suffer the appearence of the anti-christ, it’s a very short list, you will know him by his fruits. The forty two month clock begins this summer.


  • Gas_Passer

    Folks, I think that the Obama’s partying days and nights and dining on fine elegant dinners at the White House are coming to an end in the near future.   They’ll have to return to the old days of partying by feasting on a bucket of KFC chicken wings and washing it down with a cheap bottle of Thunder Bird wine.

  • IH8Liberals1

    If you think Obama is stupid, this book will make you feel like you gave him way too much credit. If Americans knew Obama as Klein exposes him to be, he couldn’t get a job at McDonalds (my apologies to those who work at McDonalds). Klein should have weekly speeches so that the election will be full of facts, not progressive BS.

  • redright88

    Face it. The guy is a dumbbell.

     Dems gave it shot, He got exposed.

  • Ibulena

    We know what O has been doing. What do you think Michelle has been up to? Gardening in her WH organic garden? Collecting some manure for his campaign???

  • Hobbes Wayne

    None of Obama’s past, what we know of it, has driven his presidency. That is the main reason for teleprompted speeches. HE IS NOT JUST AN AMATEUR, HE IS A PROXY. For who, we don’t know, but his actions have created a global entropy and in the U.S., an Elitist Corporate Government with the hostile takeover of the auto, financial, healthcare and energy industries using $5 trillion in tax payer debt. Whoever is behind him intends on turning the nation into a tax indentured, entitlement dependent proletariat, subservient to that Corporate Government, without a voice in the economy although we are the shareholders. Since he has ceded U.S. global primacy to the regional powers, one can only assume that the Corporate Government will be negotiating economies government to government with the regional powers under a global governance. Since he is ignoring the Constitution, this seems to be the objective of those behind his  “finishing the job” and off mike flexibility. 

  • Ibulena

    We know what O has been doing. What do you think Michelle has been up to? Gardening in her WH organic garden? Collecting some manure for his campaign???

  • tom swift

    That’s it? The great accomplishment of his presidential career? What’s he going to run as, George Bush Lite?  That’s if it’s even true, of course. Obama has not exactly built up a reputation for candor. So all we have is a boast, and no body. Big f’n deal.

  • Ibulena

    And Holder will be done!!!!

  • 14401

    All Romney has to do is keep flashing quotes from 0′s own books and that national debt, thrown in with a few fibs here and there on a big screen behind him wherever he goes and that should be all the advertising he should need.

  • welovetheUSA

    Yes……wondering the same thing… did this phoney radical get elected in America? I did not fall prey to this Obama and his lies…I listened to my eveything I could and said..whoa who is funding this man..I watched out country being down graded and laws passed without congress..I watched illegal activities pouing out of the Obama white house..zars who are unelected making thousands of new laws everyday..our freedoms being taken away and perks given to illegals..I watch the stealing of our tax dollars being shoved under the doors of pet lobby groups and trillions of dollars set to countries like Egypt..China..Russia..etc….I watch a president than makes me sick to my stomach for his ideology and communist back ground and the people like Bill Ayers who sits at his dinner table……less than 160 days left to change the direction and clean out the scum in our White House……….VOTE


    The Obama legacy will be that Blacks will end up more socially segregated, economically ostracized, and intellectually mistrusted than ever before. I fear that in light of recent “Trayvon” mob-rule “get-the-White-man” events, that White vengeance will dominate the next several years.

  • MaroonVee

    And Biden will be gone!

  • MaroonVee

    Maybe if the cover had been one with Obama with a rainbow halo… they would have been stampeding the book stores.

  • TeaPartyPatriot60005

    BHO has organized the Unions to advance the Pillars of Communism. Search “The Little Red Library” to find actual copies of seminal issues circa 1920s, published in Chicago, rallying AFL-CIO Communist “WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE!”
    All the BS about calling people who have jobs “Workers” by conservative talk show and news hosts pisses me off every time I hear it! To them I say, stop using Socialist/Marxist/Communist language to describe people who work or are looking for work as “WORKERS.” We are American EMPLOYEES, not friggin “workers.” The US pays unemployment insurance for employees looking for work, it does not pay unworker insurance, for God’s sake! The only guy who calls working people ‘employees’ is Mark Levin.       Live Free or Die!

  • Ibulena

    I agree with you about people thinking for themselves and being influenced by the media. ….but you lost me with Jesse Ventura. That is like saying don’t believe all those who preach in the name of God, but listen to the clown in the room.

  • dswx

     Nope.  Obama will win re-election easily.  Just look at the electoral college map.  No way Romney can run the table on the states he needs to win.  And btw, the mainstream media are heavily slanted to the right.  It is not even close. 

  • Chuck Upster

    I fear it could take 4 more years of O for citizens to wake up and participate in government. How many of your friends contact their congressmen? Did you donate to a conservative (or any anti-O) group? It takes more than just a simple vote in Nov.

  • Larry Kelly

    Klein should have included a chapter on Palin. #catnip

  • Kipapa111

    Obama, the affirmative action President – Unprepared and undeserving of opportunities never earned.

  • MarkSteveF

    Great title!  Thanks, Bill! 
    This guy is going to fight dirty to the bitter end and he knows how coming from Chicago.  Be prepared for one ugly campaign season.  Barry will get desperate when he senses an impending loss and he’ll declare martial law in major metro areas on or soon after Election Day as his citizen army raises havoc “on his behalf”.  He’ll declare that the votes won’t count during this “national emergency” of his making.  He is going to ignore the peaceful transfer of power that is a hallmark of the United States government system just like he has ignored our constitution.  I fear this man, what he can still manage to do while in power and what he will do to remain in power.

  • John Jensen

    I got the book downloaded on my Kindle the day it was first released.  A good quick read because it is such a page turner. 

  • Maria Soto

    I love it when the media tries to ignore something they hate and it come’s back to bite them on their ass

  • JimInIndy

    Not to be a Birther, but does anyone know when and where BHO was baptized? W/O documented baptism, the Muslim-raised son of a Muslim father is a Muslim. (And a “baptized” Muslim is an apostate, subject to a death fatwa.) Just wondering.   

  • dswx

     Because it is true.  The results are clear.  The country is better off than it was.  Fact, not opinion.  Despite the efforts of the Party of No, the recession ended.  The stock market is way up over where it was.  Jobs are being created instead of lost.  Bin Laden was killed.  Financial reform was passed.  Heathcare was passed.  And no, the MSM did not think Obama was more qualified.  Real Americans did.  Overwhelmingly.  More so than when Reagan won election to become president too.  BTW, Reagan was also a strong supporter of the need to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans.  Guess he would be booted out of the GOP now.  And one more thing: Federal taxes are now *lower* for most Americans since Obama became president.  Fact.  As of April 2009.    As for the debt, you can thank 2 unnecessary wars by Bush, tax cuts for the wealthy that did nothing to create jobs and an unpaid prescription plan for the cause.  Overwhelmingly.  Yet the GOP did nothing while Bush was president to either stop it or complain about the debt limit.  They raised the debt limit over and over again.  It is only when Obama was in office that they began to whine about it, after they had created the problem.  Remember, Bush inherited a budget surplus from Clinton and promptly destroyed it.

  • docky

     no surplus, a sickening lie.

    clinton left in recession…. you failed to mention that fact.

  • Lewis

     McCain is a decorated war hero, a former POW.  To call him a phony as big as Obama shows that you are a liberal who wants more socialism.

  • Bruce Josloff

    If Obama is an “amateur” than George W. Bush is “mentally challenged.”

  • duke5015

    yo M- is no Pelosi, for sure- AND I would not use facts about a sheriff to the worst prez ever!!  I do not care about the sheriff, ys know? he does not run the country! Get on the ball What Obonehead has done thus far ha been a joke, and clowns like you try to liken it to nothings-by the way, do not care about my gas prices, food prices, garbage in the middle east and Washington- gays marrying is the big thing! air sickness bag please…….

  • Guinness_Beer

    Now you know why CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PMSNBC, Current TV, and Air America earned the title of “Lamestream Media.”

  • tpc4545

    After the Bush years, the people were so sick and tired of the BS that was going on, that they would have voted for Daffy Duck.Little did they know, that is exactly who they did vote in office. The sad thing about our elections is that,  the only choices we are given, are the Walt Disney Loony Tunes.

  • Bruce Josloff

     Clean out your cortex.   It was the Tea Party shenanigans last year that resulted in the U.S. losing its Triple A Rating with S & P.

  • Dlanor

    Why wasn’t he vetted?  Answer:  The international crony billionaire canopy predators put him in office and did not want him vetted.  They knew they could sell him so long as he read his cue cards.  Predator Nation is an interesting read, but it’s wrong.  We’re not under a predator nation.  We’re under an international system of predation.  This is not about civilized decency.  It’s about business.

  • Bruce Josloff

    You are nothing but a peasant to the One Percent.   They could care less if you live or die.

  • TeaPartyPatriot60005

    Mentally challenged? You showed yours, Bruce, by using ‘than’ rather than ‘then’. Try using MS Word and grammar/spellchecker first, then copy and paste your comments for better results next time.   

  • dtom2

     The only way in which I could possibly add to your insightful, well stated profoundly accurate post would be to hit the “like” icon ad infinitum..Sadly once is all that is permitted. Kudos!

  • jackb333

     Typical not-so-smart liberal….figures.

  • DennisW

    How did he get elected??
    It is simply the “soft racism of low expectations”. Nothing more, nothing less. Although I was not a McCain fan – McCain by landing a jet on a Carrier “one time” did more than Obama did in his whole life. And the Left mocked Herman Cain. A man with a Master of Science Degree in Engineering from Prudue.  

  • 3rian

    No need for name calling. Just because Romney said he was more worried about upsetting Musharraf than getting high value targets in Pakistan? That doesn’t make him dumb. Respecting national sovereignty is an important issue.

  • Mikeys1

    Yea, and you’re just Stupid!

  • Gas_Passer

    I hope Obama doesn’t get too mad and kick his dog Bo after everyone is calling him the amateur that he really is.

  • jackb333

    You weren’t alone.

  • craigs

    This book could have a number of various names; I wonder how they decided on just one. Someone could write a book just based on what the title of a book about this president could be called.

  • craigs

    What does africa and kenya have to do with one another? I know the left doesn’t see a difference since they just see a skin color but they aren’t the same thing.

  • Alan N Kachalsky

    Do you have any actual facts to support your conclusion, Bruce? I’m pretty sure you’re just spouting the typical liberal ‘bumper-sticker’ slogans that have no factual basis, but sound intelligent to morons.
    I won’t hold my breath for a reply

  • craigs

    And do what? Hand it to the republicans?

    Haha; you’ll see me voting for obama before I let that happen again.

    Lesser of two evils my rearend. It’s all the same and the republicans will continue to run to the left while the left will continue to run further left. Have to give credit where it’s due and it’s not to the republicans.

  • Da Kingfish

    You are right on, but do you think the libs can comprehend this.

  • craigs

    No; we are right back to where we were during the last presidential election. “Anybody but obama is all the right has to run on”. And heck the right can’t even get that right going around like mccain did saying how nice of people the obamas are.

    You won’t see the obamas talking nice about the romneys.

  • Jerrry Jerry

    the whites that voted for obama is not racist; they are fools.  Otherwise I totally agree with what you said.

  • Da Kingfish

    No, the thief in chief has stashed and stolen enough to live very well.

  • craigs

    His duties of expanding un/under funded robin hood social programs, starting wars, and bailing out corporate america?

    Yep I guess Bush did succeed in those regards.

  • Julie Anne Curristan

    You forgot The Amateur’s love of smokes and vacations and parties all about him and swooning fat women.

  • Da Kingfish

    She has been sitting in the cucumber patch, yelling, grow you damn cukes.

  • Da Kingfish

    They and the press will be glad to go down on him.

  • Hobbes Wayne

     Aw come on, even Tom Hanks has said that Obama has quit blaming Bush. Yeah, right

  • Shawn Pelletier

    Racist in nature? hahaha dude you just said that black people vote for Obama cuz he’s black, which you dub as racist. Here’s one positive rating for ya… He’s created more jobs than Bush, and spent less government money as a portion of GDP as Bush as well. Holy shit who’s racist for real.

  • jmlsmb

    The Justice Dept. alone is reason to get rid of this corrupt administration!

  • Da Kingfish

    He is a prodigy of a communist plot to destroy the country within, they have been working for this ever since the early 1900′s. They figure they have dumbed down America enough to pull it off.

  • Gary

    Ted Mack would have loved this Marxist POS..

  • Da Kingfish

    The communist organization, if you think i crazy, just read for your self, you will be enlightened.

  • Ernest

    I agree the all the dissatisfied bloggers; however, Rush and I were thinking this 4 year ago!

  • Ernest

    Simple: they hope to have the illegal vote.

  • Shawn Pelletier

    Being a birther has little to do with whether Barack Obama is Muslim or not. He could be the biggest muslim supporter and promoter in the whole world and still qualify as POTUS.

  • Ernest

    But aren’t we also proud that he’s our first black, kenyan, mooslim, irish, gay president?

    I would add that he’s a pusillanimous profligate.

  • Discovega

    People, don’t lose focus here, the goal to make obama a one termer…we all know he’s a bag of crap, now, the thinking public must stay focusd and fire the fool.  Stay focused people, with all the smoke and mirrors, stay focused.

  • Shawn Pelletier

    Firstly, I have spent my whole life in the live free or die state. Secondly, you think Obama’s use of the term “workers” in place of “employees” is his master plan for making this country communism? You’re friggin paranoid as fuck.

  • Joe


  • PierceEye

    yup your one of the problems…..take your hands off your eyes and do something worthwile in your life….

  • Guest

     People wanted change and they got it. Time to spend some time and do some research for yourself.

    Go to : Dailyjobcuts com


  • Mike Clarke

    What job creation has taken place? Is that why we had a 5% unemployment when Bush left office and now we have an effective 15% rate of unemployment?

  • Gary

    With just a little luck, the dog would rip him a new one…

  • matt marone

    the Left who think they are enlightened intellects always reject those who shine light on them with true intelligence.  Bunch of poser the left is, bunch of posers.

  • Mike

     Idiot.Watch Rome burn and keep stoking the fire.

  • Ernest

    At least this fool is willing to identify himself.  I think everyone that voted for obama should have to pay the debt he has saddled us with.  But liberals  are all about SELF: except self-control, self-responsibility and all too often, self-reliance.

  • headlessjester

     Tired, lazy, and illogical argument.  Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of politics knows it’s not that simple.  But keep trolling and hoping the lowest common denominator will buy what you’re selling dipsh!t. 

  • matt marone

    u are obviously a thoughtless person…we all know politicians suck, but to put a usurper, marxist, liar back in the seat…show’s you are brainless as well.

  • Mike

     When 98% of blacks voted for obama, I call that racist. It not only looked like a duck, but it walked like one as well. You can call it what you prefer, I’ll stick to what I see.

  • airmanc5

    SOLYNDRA, Lightsquared, MF Global, MURDER(fast&furious) voter fraud, Acorn


  • matt marone

    don’t know about racist, but I do know about lying…all the things you said obama did are outright lies.  In fact if you include those who havent worked due to drug addiction to the folks who have lost their jobs in the past 2 years the unemployment is almost if not over 1 million, and  furthermore Obama is happy about it.

  • Mike

     Attacking the messenger is an old Democrat trick that has played out for some time now.
    Let me guess, we need to “pass the bill before we can see whats in it” again, right ?

  • matt marone

    hows that suit u for making crap up as i go…get some  real facts and come back shawn me boy…otherwise go to the kitchen and  help the ladies.

  • headlessjester

     If our country isn’t awake by now, we’re done. I was surprised we (as a nation) were dumb enough to elect him in the first place.  Maybe my expectation of American intellect or perception is too high.

  • FRS22

    There is no record of Wright or anyone else baptizing Obama. Wright did marry and baptize his two children but, there is no admission that he performed baptism on Obama.

  • matt marone

    well he sucks rather bad and if you suck so bad that anyone with a pulse could replace you I guess the mantra of anyone but Obama fits.  However, we don’t want anyone but Obama, we do want a republican…

  • matt marone

    no Via or vitas either.

  • Da Kingfish

    Do a search for Fema coffins.

  • Gregg Mcphedrain

    It does account for people dropping out those unable to find more than part time and those not being counted due to their more than two years of unemployment –
    go drink the kool -aid obama’s rectum misses your head up it
    thanks for playing 
    who’s willing to show their stupidity – you won by the way

  • matt marone

    sorry, it wouldn’t make him qualified it simply wouldn’t cause him to be excluded.

  • galocke

    I honestly don’t think that even Obama has the gall to do as you say — but I do expect a lot of voter fraud (courtesy of ACORN and Chicago-area cemeteries), and I suspect we’ll get October Surprises like we’ve never imagined before.

  • Ernest

    The “Rail Splitter” would not like that you are using his image to propagate socialist philosophy.  I’m sure you can find a photo of Marx easy enough.

  • matt marone

    and you are asleep as fook, wake up shawny, ur losing the live free portion of your motto fast.  Obama’s gonna wipe his ass with it.

  • RockDaHouse

    YOU’RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRE Kidding!  A politician paid or took a bribe?

  • Gregg Mcphedrain

    you won’t vote ron paul – cause you;d have to get off welfare you won’t vote for romney cause you hate successful white businessmen
    so you’re a biggot who votes for ideology – not qualifications based on your statement.

    got it

  • docky

     mensa estimates obama’s IQ at 105…. same number used by russia and mossad.

    bush scored 130 on his military asvab (3 points better than kerry on the exact same test)

  • galocke

    He DID get a job at McDonald’s, at least by proxy.  Checked the size and content of your Happy Meal lately?

  • Grendel007

    But the people behind the obama are James Bond villains

  • docky

    that’s some defense…. other people do it….

    bet you let bush slide with the same excuse, right?

  • Gregg Mcphedrain

    the libs here are afraid to work – they want food stamps and welfare and babies mamma’s getting free abortions 

  • matt marone

    funny M, i spent over 10 years going to Pheonix working K9′s with folks from both the MCSO and PPD, never once heard a bad  word and often heard great things about the sheriff.  If I could venture to say, u spending two years with the DEA probably got your ears full of FEDs that Joe stood up to and hurt their little girl feelings.  And by the way, I did 4 and half years with the DEA on the same kind of TF you would have been on and the DEA guys there love Joe too.  Plug ur heart  M it’s bleeding.

  • galocke

    Uh . . . don’t forget that the guy is apparently worth $10 million now.  His lifestyle ain’t gonna deteriorate any time soon, even if Bernanke’s incipient inflation does cut his worth down to size a bit.

  • Ernest

    You’re a gas!

  • Gregg Mcphedrain

    not according to arizona today – guess you missed it working the fryer… 

  • matt marone

    It took me 3 minutes of listening to him talk about what he would do and I had his whole agenda figured out.  Ruin the country…tell me was I wrong?

  • galocke

    So far, that applies only to school-aged kids — being taught at an impressionable age the painful price of straying from the liberal plantation.

  • FRS22

    You’re in for one big surprise November 6.  Jan 20, 2013, your deportation papers will be ready, do you prefer Cuba or North Korea?

  • matt marone

    what planet r u on?  even the media fools who openly fawn over obama would be insulted to hear u say that.  Slanted to the right…BAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAW…funny

  • Gregg Mcphedrain

    yet your here and not saying this to any media outlet (with information like you claim to have I would think you would be credible… what did you get fired for being a jackass with a badge?  Or is the DEA so corrupt and obeying obama that you couldn’t get through to anyone – are you in hiding – have you gone to media outlets outside your state
    or did you take retierment for money and silence - 

  • Grendel007

    Completely inaccurate post. Almost makes me sad

  • galocke

    If I remember correctly, Hillary broke all the White House ashtrays by throwing them at Bill.

  • matt marone

    I’n  going  home from Iraq  in a few days, I’ve got  a friend who is gonna  pick me up a copy, can’t wait to read it and help it to become a best seller….The Amateur, sounds….eh…so true.

  • Ernest

    The MSM also compared them to Jack and Jackie Kennedy.  What does obama have to do with John Kennedy, a decorated war hero that loved America.  And never mind comparing godzilla to Jackie.

  • matt marone

    and spending the taxpayers dollars  to do it.

  • FRS22

    No need anymore, we know enough not to drink hemlock this time around.

  • matt marone

    Damn, wish i had said that…nicely done.

  • matt marone

    good news brucy…you live in a free country…you can be the one percent then…dipwad.

  • matt marone

    btw, im a 99 percenter and i feel that way about you.

  • Ernest

    And the few good looking liberal women; for the most part are skanks or look like and behave like hookers.

  • RockDaHouse

    I don’t play your politics…  I live in the state of MD… it wouldn’t matter what I thought…  I don’t even have to go to the polls…  Obama will be the MD electorate no matter what…  get rid of electoral college & lets go to national majority.  That said, I was just being sarcastic & won’t be voting in November for any side.  I only have one side, my side….  I do what I want.

  • Kevin Kelly Green

     Not any normal politician.  This is Obama a lying treasonous commie, America hating , muslim sympathizing, ungrateful aid receiving, Fraud.  Don’t shame all other politicians by comparing them to Obama.

  • matt marone

    no kidding, I sure resent it…and I’m a hell of a lot more qualified than  him.

  • matt marone

    obuttnugget simply needs to go away, did anyone see the pic of  him in Denver…it looked like he was going to cry.  Barely put himself  into the task of giving a speech because he knows he’s spinning his wheels in a fruitless  chore…

  • Ernest

    Certainly you can find a photo of Marx; Abe, after all is an honorary TEA party member.  The tenets of the TEA party were articulated by the “Rail Splitter.”

  • FRS22

    So you prefer ObamaCare? And as for starting wars I guess you are too young to remember 9/11. Bailing out corporations  – you mean kind of like funding Solyndra or forcing thousands of car dealerships to close? Before you comment you need to learn what your talking about and not repeat Democrat pundits who get paid for their ignorance.  

  • SocialismSucks2

    Bo has no idea how much danger he is in being around a guy with such divergent tastes.

  • Gas_Passer

    I read something like 550 highrollers didn’t show up to that fundraiser in Denver.   Let him cry away….

  • matt marone

    ive got a new hobby, I go into as many liberal polling sites  as  i can and  vote down the line like a flaming libtard…then I do it over and over again  on the same websites cause they don’t believe in only giving you  one  vote (just like the election).  So after a few thousand of those in areas I know the president is gonna go to the results aren’t worth a crap.  Hopefully his fool campaign will spend more money on that  crap and  do a wee bit a planning and wasting money with it.  Everyone  should try it at least once when your bored.  Such a waste of time but it makes me feel like a real libtard when i do it, cause we all know they  have all the time in the world to cause mischief.

  • john beckenhauer

    really Bruce?  (You damned idiot).  They could care less, eh?  Did you by chance mean, “They couldn’t care less..”  You smart little lefties are really pretty stupid.

  • Gas_Passer

    Obama is the cult leader of degenerates, atheists, anarchists, agnostics, misanthropes, racists, bigots, communists, and other societal rejects.

  • lugnut4

    And I and my family will cancel your vote…enjoy!!

  • lugnut4

    Obama is my shepherd; I shall not work.
    He keepth jobs out of the hands of the people,
    Which leadeth the country to class warfare and polarization.
    He encourageth sloth; he leadeth the government to new heights in deficit spending.
    Yea, though I walk in the shadow of Economic collapse,
    I shall fear no depression: for Obama is with me.
    His handouts and monetary indiscretion supplement my income.
    He maintainest spending increases in the presence of insurmountable debt;
    He punisheth businesses with excessive regulations;
    And giveth the hard-earned fruits of labor to the unproductive.
    Surely, handouts and stimulus payments shall follow all the days of his administration;
    And I will stay unemployed forever.
    Lack of leadership, the first-ever federal credit downgrade, a failed debt deal, unemployment nearing record levels, fresh warnings of a double-dip recession, and the most toxic political climate in Washington history . . . can you trust President Obama?

  • lugnut4


    “I predicted the 2010 Tsunami…I am now going to predict another Tsunami for the worthless Marxist Democraps….here’s why: Democrats are pinning their hopes on making a comeback after their disastrous 2010 election results, and they have selected 60 Republican-held “battleground” districts to try to make that change. Well, they can HOPE for CHANGE in the results all they want. According to a Democrat pollster, things look even worse now than they did in 2010. From National Journal comes the news. One of the Democratic party’s leading pollsters released a survey of 60 Republican-held battleground districts today painting an ominous picture for Congressional Democrats in 2012. The poll shows Democratic House candidates faring worse than they did in the 2010 midterms, being dragged down by an unpopular president who would lose to both Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. Pollster Stan Greenberg released the poll with some sugary spin for Democrats, downplaying the results by arguing that the president’s jobs plan will improve the party’s fortunes. How’s that working out for you? Yeah, that “jobs” plan is going over like a lead balloon as Senate Democrats are loudly declaring “No, you don’t”. And those lead balloons tend not to bounce all that well. But the numbers – at least right now — are troubling for Democrats, and echoed some of the takeaways from the GOP special election upset in New York City . Instead of an overall anti-incumbent sentiment impacting members of both parties, voters are taking more of their anger out on Democrats. When voters were asked whether they’re supporting the Republican incumbent or a Democratic candidate, 50 percent preferred the Republican and just 41 percent backed the Democrat. Voters in these districts said they were more supportive of Republicans than they were during the 2010 midterms, when 48 percent said they backed the Republican candidate and 42 percent said they backed the Democrat. (Republicans won 55 percent of the overall vote in these 60 battleground districts, while Democrats took 43 percent.) In 2010, Republicans netted 63 House seats – their best showing since 1948. So, according to a Democrat pollster, the voters are two percent more likely to vote for a Republican and one percent less likely to vote for a Democrat now than in 2010, the year of the TEA Party-lead Republican tsunami. No, the Democrats will have to forget about trying to win back seats and start to figure out how to save what Democrat seats they have, because 2012 is lining up to be another year of across-the-board Republican gains, led by the TEA Party/Conservative grass-roots wave.” 

  • TechArtists

    You can get arrested for calling Obama an Amateur.

  • Buck Ofama

     >Klein presented a very compelling and cogent argument proving the
    absence of knowledge, experience, ability and leadership in obama.

    So did “Lefty” Wright!

  • Philip U

    Just picked the book up at WalMart, last night, 
    very revealing.
    I hope the people are awake now.

  • TruePatriot

     LOL… a reference to that teacher yelling at that kid, I presume?

  • Shawn Pelletier

    those two figures are using two different methods of measuring unemployment. you cant compare unemployment with Bush and then use “effective unemployment” with Obama. 

  • Rusty Doggett

    @ Shawn Pelletier: What planet have you been living on?  Obama is a worse President than Jimmy Carter was; and that’s hard to believe after living through the Carter years.  Black people did vote for Obama because he is black, there’s no doubt about that, but black people didn’t elect Obama, stupid white people put him in office.  White people who think it’s stylish and trendy to vote for the black candidate out of some sense of self-loathing white guilt.

    As far as Obama creating more jobs than Bush, maybe you’re right if you’re talking about job creation in China when they start making Government Motors cars over there.  This idiot has created more debt than all of the modern Presidents combined and that is what will eventually destroy our country.

    Go back to your occutard protest or opium den and stop bothering the adults.

  • TV Executive

    He is a Communist. A proxie of China and Russia for a Global Communist Cancer to spread evil. The only stopping China and Russia from total global domination is what’s left of the U.S.

    The U.S. and the World must get rid of this CANCER or the World as we know it will fall into a hole so deep that WWII will have looked like a walk in the park.

  • Oneolddude

    Only person ever to be elected the President of anything entirely based on the color of his skin.

  • Shawn Pelletier

    In honesty, although I was supporting Obama in my statement, that was not my main point. I was just upset that someone would state that black people vote for Obama because Obama is black. That is not accurate at all, and is offensive to opinionated and educated black voters in this country. Of which there are many.

  • Shawn Pelletier

    but he won the election. qualification met.

  • Twoiron

    Amateur is a poor choice of nouns to describe Hussein Obama. It implies he has some skills but just needs some experience. What he needs is a one-way ticket back to some street corner on the South Side of Chicago…where he was “discovered.”    

    He invited the voters to show him the door “if, in three years, I don’t have the economy on track.” F-A-I-L! Hussein Obama, the door is that white thing in the middle of the wall over there with a shiny, brass doorknob on it. Beat it!

  • Shawn Pelletier

    come on man make a point dont shit talk. make a point. i can respect a point. 

  • Bill Mccormick


    A puppet, a black guy, an illegal alien, a Muslim and a Communist walk into a bar.

    Bartender asks ….

    “What’ll it be, Mr. President?”

  • Shawn Pelletier

    under the Obama administration I do feel like I am losing my “live free” portion of my motto. but it isnt because Obama is a communist lol

  • slaveraidr

     I agree that Obama has created more jobs in the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT than Bush ever thought of doing. However, when it comes to private sector job creation it is a different story.

  • Shawn Pelletier

    why would Obama be happy about unemployment? he needs it for the good of the country. and even if he didnt care about the country he needs unemployment to be low to promote all his communism… right? 

  • Tellum Sumpthing

     Qbama Youth  Shawn? or just one of the ignorant lib sheep

  • rustdog00

    I agree with you with regard to cutting spending and I think taxes should be lower.  The problem is that all of the politicians, both republicans and democrats, refuse to face the real issue of our skyrocketing debt and the exploding class of people who sit back and let the government (which is really all of us taxpayers) take care of them. The social programs which provide cradle to grave income to people who refuse to work need to go away completely and people need to either fend for themselves or face the consequences of a slacker lifestyle.  

    Bush was no conservative when it came to spending, he spent like a democrat, especially in his last term but nobody can come close to Obama as he systematically destroys what is left of our once great country.

    I don’t believe in the government keeping any kind of surpluses for any reason.  That money does not belong to the government, it belongs to the taxpayers and government should not be in the business of making a profit.  Surpluses should be refunded to the creditors, which are the U.S. taxpayers.  

  • sparkyva

     Hopfully this gay marriage thing will split the black vote, and they (those that consider themselves black before American) will begin to make their choices and votes based on reasoning out what is best for their country, and not just their racial pride.

  • Robadude32

    Your darn right Shawn – Obummer doesn’t care about about us, the country, only wasting more of our hard earned tax payer dollars.  I hope he takes a hundred more vacations.

  • mark1702

    “You can get arrested for criticising the President of the United States…. There was people arrested for criticising Bush. You need to have respect for the President.”

  • Political Hostage

    Oh, you mean democrats.

  • John Ohlmann

    That person sounds wonderful. He also sounds nothing at all like Obama.

  • rustdog00

    I don’t know or care why you voted for Obama, I only care about the disastrous consequences that it created.  Yes, I do believe a good number of whites voted for Obama out of some mis-guided self-loathing white guilt.  It’s better than believing the alternative, that many whites in this country are more gullible than I ever believed.  Despite the media blackout on negative coverage of Obama, everything concerning what kind of President he would be and the type agenda he would pursue was out there if people would have only stopped watching dancing with the stars long enough to vet him just a little bit.  That vetting should have been done by whites since based on the fact that 90% of blacks voted for Obama, it wouldn’t have taken place in the black community.

    As far as being ashamed of the past, I am an over 50 white male and I am not ashamed of my past or the past of my ancestors.  However, I didn’t nor would I ever vote for Obama.

    I am curious about one thing, what pride is it that made you vote for Obama?

  • Jon_Babtist

    Equal opportunity misery.

  • JapesMacfarland

    Good reminder… :)

  • Jon_Babtist

    Few people know that Michelle was disbarred, same as her charming husband.

  • steve_W_7

    If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you weren’t a racist, you’ll have to find someone else to vote for in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot.

  • Bob Ballou

     I agree.  His goal is to destroy the United States, and he IS doing it !

  • Bart_man

    “Every lane widened on the highway means one less truck wasting gas and one more product cheaper for the average American.”

    Ummmmm- how so?

  • Bob Ballou

     Funnyyyyyyyyyyy !

  • Jon_Babtist

    If they are arresting people now for unkind words about the Great Leader,
    the FEMA camps are going to be filling up quickly. Oh, I forgot some
    people believe the camps are part of a eugenics de-population program.
    Could it happen here?

  • Pauper

    Do you have a source for that claim?  If so, I’ll be happy to proliferate it.

  • Jon_Babtist

    Those involved in global domination are not limited to China & Russia.
    The NWO has tentacles worldwide. Obama is definitely an agent of evil.

  • ComOnSense24

    Here guys when are you going to learn that nothing much is going to change in government until the drones and lawyers in congress are made to have the same crappy retirement packages as the middle class.   Vote in term limits, and restructure the  benefits of our wonderful gutless congressman and women have and bring back the morals of serving the American people, not the other way around.

  • ChiSoxMike

     Nobody was ever arrested for “criticizing Bush”.

    There is a difference between respecting the office and respecting the office holder.

  • jjauregui

    What?  You mean the National Socialist Totalitarian People’s News Service wouldn’t review this literary masterpiece.  I don’t believe it.

  • Jon_Babtist

    In other words – Bill Mahr, George Clooney and David Letterman.

  • Jon_Babtist

    Also possibly, likely, Murder Inc (Breitbart)

  • mark1702

    I guess you didn’t see my quotation marks.. Do you know where those statements came from?

  • Mike Heuer

    I’m no Obama fan, but neither was “disbarred.” I’ve seen that false claim before. Plenty of legitimate criticism of Obama to avoid the invalid ones.

  • Jon_Babtist

    Their master’s master plan is the destruction of the Constitution. Obama is the perfect agent to speed along their plan, since he  was breast fed on Marxist propaganda.

  • Jon_Babtist

    All you have to do is look at Obama’s Islamist cousin Odinga who he supported in Kenya and the rioting and killings that took place when he lost the election. Jerome Coursi revealed Obama’s emails that showed he not only supported the killings and rioting but suggested and encouraged  it.

  • Bruce Josloff

     Only morons who have read Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” and who maintain that this is great literature and that economic policy should be based upon Rand’s sophomoric narcissism, would vote for the “Ryan-Romney Budget.”  Once team Obama weds Ryan to Romney the game is over, because most Republicans will not know how to explain to mom and dad that Medicare is going bye bye.

  • bloo2

    I guess dignity isn’t very valuable these days-you need to have had it to know it’s gone

    and to know you are paying the price for “equality”

    damn damn damn

    This country needs a leader :(

  • Osamas Pajamas

    OhBummer is a b00b and a fool for attacking the American Tea Partiers.  Heck, he thought that he had all of us hoodwinked, hornswoggled, and bamboozled.  He’s annoyed that the Tea Partiers are not grateful to him for hijacking the American healthcare system — the greatest act of vandalism perpetrated upon the American people since a gang of jihadi frootloops and loonytoons hijacked some planes and crashed them into the World Trade Center towers — and the Pentagon, and made a failed attempt to crash into the White House — and instead drilled a hole in a Pennsylvania farm thanks to some very courageous American passengers.
    And — now widely seen for what he is — the president presents a problem for the Democrat-captured media.  They pump out his propaganda for him — and, like the opinion monitors in Ayn Rand’s novel, “Atlas Shrugged” — they are dodging brickbats and rotten vegetables.
    He’s pompous, pampered, and pretentious — a pseudo-intellectual fop. He’s a glorified, smooth-lyin’ dandy, and slicker than Sick Willie Clinton.  He’s a dictator-on-the-make, a bloodsxcking, predatory humanitarian thug, and a low-down skunk.
    He’s a fraud and a swindler. He lies when he inhales and he lies when he exhales; his oxygen is the falsification of reality. He lies, placidly and laconically, as if deception were a soporific drug.
    He’s a friend of the poor and the downtrodden — indeed, you can hear the milk of human kindness sloshing around inside of him when he walks.
    He declares himself the post-racial leader — “Let me be clear!” he intones — and he hides behind his race, daring his critics to put their reputation for fairness at risk.
    He pauses to ponder the portent of his propaganda — and it is fakery; he smiles and his mendacity comes shining through.  Shake hands with Barak Hushpuppy OhBummer — “The Mistake of ‘08” — the illegal alien squatter in the White House until his “papers” have been lab-tested for age and chemicals, etc — the community organizer of the OhBummer Wrecking Crew, the more-fascist-than-socialist Fleabagger-in-Chief, the closet Muslim with the mix-and-match morality, the King of The Republic of Lies — and America’s first and last Arab president. Now count your fingers.

  • Mark Karol

    The Dems took control of both houses in 2006 and had the presidency and super majorities in both houses in 2008 for 2 years!

  • michael

     As Winston Churchill insightfully opined: Socialism is just spreading the misery.
    In America those institutions which have effectively been socialized, like education for example, are a dismal failure. From first to 37nth in the world after WW2 behind nations who spend far less per student than we do. Obama is a living embodiment of affirmative action mediocrity, both intellectually and morally. His father was thrown out of affirmative action program at Harvard for lying , cheating, and stealing. Like father, like son.

  • Robert Johnson

    Read the definition of “Psychological Warfare” and you will see the “main stream media” described. It’s not “bias” anymore. They have been bought and paid for and are being used as tools of psychological manipulation, just as the Universities were taken over decades ago to indoctrinate our entire educated leadership structure. Hitler said it was easy to take over Germany: “…once you control the media and the schools, you control the country.” 

  • Pouncekitty

    Wrong, uninformed, ill-conceived.  Anything else?

  • Owen Riley

    Think it’s a little more than that. 3 Trillion over Bush’s full term in office. And on the campaign trail Obama had the audacity to call that record unpatriotic. 
    By the President’s own standards, Obama is the most unpatriotic President ever elected to the office with a whopping spending record of over 5 Trillion dollars over just barely 3 years. 

    Clinton was right –he’s an amateur. 

  • Pouncekitty

    silly comment.  You have problems, dear.  Get some help.

  • Osamas Pajamas

    Poor Bruce Josloff, you silly goose.

    Alas, the Ryan plan does not go far enough toward restoring sanity to the budget, but it is a step in the right direction.

    If Medicare goes belly-up, it will be because YOU bloodsucking, tax-eating Democrats have steadfastly refused to address entitlement reforms.

    I’m no fan of Medicare — but because a large population now depends on it, it must be preserved while an alternative is adopted for younger generations — so that they won’t have to live at the mercy of you axxwipe spendthrift Democrats, in the future.

    Your shrill and hysterical attack on Ayn Rand, her novels, her books on capitalism, and her philosophy, is revealing.  OhBummer has also denounced Rand — which means that everyone should go out and read her books — and discover why she was “a better man” than OhBummer has ever been or is ever likely to be.

  • Osamas Pajamas

    The Democrats have this “enemies list” — denominated in epithets and insults aimed at the people whose wallets they wish to hijack and take up residence inside.  You can be a “Racist!” and you can be a “Terrorist!” and you can be a “Dictator” and you can be a “Hostage-taker!” and you can “Wear a tinfoil hat!” and you can be a “Homophobe!” and you can be a “Teabagger!” — a homosexual man taking his partner’s scrotum into his mouth. You can be “Selfish!” and you can be a “Wacko!” and you can be a “Hick!” and you can be a “Rube!” and you can be “Uneducated” and you can be an “Extremist!”  You can be a “Right-wing-nut!” and you can be “Mentally Ill” and you can be “Deranged!” and you can be a “Flake!” and you can be a “Warmonger!” and you can be “Unenlightened!” and you can be a “FatCat!” and you can be a “Greedy!” member of the productive class, and you can be a “Nazi!” and you can be a “Fascist!” — although no one more closely approaches the precise description of “Nazi!” or “Fascist!” than the usual Democrat propagandist — either official, or self-appointed.
    Lies, after all, are the heart and soul and the sword and shield of the Democrat party.
    So all you have to do to occupy multiple epithets on the Democrats’ enemies list is to insist that they take their hands off yourself, off your wallet, off your property, off your kids, off your diet, off your healthcare, off your household appliances, off your car, off your bank account, off your weapons of self-defense, off your liberty, and off your freedom of speech. Insist on all these good things – and that qualifies you to be spat upon by nasty, mean-spirited scum — by The Friends of All Mankind — by a gang of lying, thieving, dope-smoking, pill-popping, coke-snorting, sticky-fingered, bloodsxcking, tax-eating, gun-stealing, predatory humanitarian hoodlums, thugs and gangsters — by the Democrat party, in other words.  No political party in the history of America more profoundly deserves absolute and outright destruction.

  • Osamas Pajamas

    Conservatives and libertarians should stop calling Democrats “liberals” —- because they are helping the Democrats with this label — not hurting them.
    While many Democrats and other leftists agitate in favor of socialism or communism [distinctions without a difference], the majority of them prefer the Nazi / fascist economic model — which works out in practical terms to the “crony capitalist progressivism” now practiced by Barak Hushpuppy OhBummer, the OhBummer Wrecking Crew, the Democrat party at-large, and the “establishment” / “RINO” [Republican-In-Name-Only] Republicans.
    Keep in mind here that Hitler and Mussolini launched their political careers as Marxist communists and later they adopted political disguise for their agenda of moral cannibalism and “eating the rich.”
    Does this sound familiar, given who now controls the White House and the US Senate?
    Note that progressivism, socialism, Nazism [“national socialism”], fascism and communism are all joined-at-the-hip in their common contempt, enmity, and disdain for human rights. More on this, later.
    Now, the Democrat [and other leftist] technique for character assassination is what it has always been — a barrage of outright lies, half-truths, misrepresentations, innuendos, misinformation, disinformation, and poisonous propaganda — all of that directed at anyone who obstructs their access to our wallets and our other property — and especially any public figure who rises to fight them with any prospect of beating them and liberating the American people from the Democrats’ kleptocracy.
    In the past thirty years or so, from Ronald Reagan going forward, the technique has been to try and destroy anyone before they rose within striking distance of the Supreme Court, the Congress, or the White House.
    These Democrat propagandists could and can count on the corrupt, complicit, and compliant sycophants in the Democrat-captured media to help keep their propaganda afloat and their dictatorship fastened on the backs of the American people.
    Listen up, if you are a privately-employed, non-government taxpayer— and thus a member of America’s # 1 class of victims.
    We are ruled by armed force and by fraud by lying, thieving, arrogant, bloodsucking, greedy-for-the-unearned, tax-eating government hoodlums, gangsters, and thugs, by spies, spooks, and snoops, and by their sticky-fingered constituents and assorted limpets, lampreys, barnacles, parasites, and other hangers-on.
    And they are our “protectors!”  Just ask them and this predatory humanitarian Mafia will tell you so.
    Who protects us from our protectors?  The outspoken American citizen under the First Amendment — and the armed citizen under the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.
    Little wonder, then, that the Democrats seek to destroy the First Amendment — in order to silence their critics by prohibiting “hate speech” — and that they seek to misinterpret and destroy the Second Amendment in order to disarm their intended victims — those whom they intend to silence and to plunder.  Freedom of speech works best when millions of guns in private hands are aimed at our rulers.
    Now, are you ready for this?
    What this country needs is a truly LIBERAL president and congress and judiciary! And I forgive the reader for suspecting that this must be some kind of bad  joke!
    But the Democrats believe in “statism” — not “liberalism.”
    Strip them naked of their “liberal” camouflage and behold their ugliness.
    They benefit from the imprecise American political terminology —- we say “the government” here in the USA —- rather than “the state.” And that’s a dangerous problem.
    Famous brands of statism in recent centuries have been Nazism, socialism, fascism, communism, progressivism, and welfare statism —- these last two are mixtures of fascism and socialism.
    Liberalism, on the other hand, is a political philosophy of small, cheap government —- it is a constabulary —- and the job of a liberal government is to enforce human rights within its own jurisdiction.
    What “human rights?”
    I speak of the unalienable and perfectly-natural and universally-valid human rights of life, liberty, private property, and the pursuit of personal happiness.
    A slave is owned by someone other than himself — but a free man owns himself.
    The first article of private property is “the self” — and all other rights are derivatives of and flow from these cardinal rights.
    These rights —- The Rights of Man —- are the gift of nature or of nature’s god —- and they belong to all human beings, everywhere.
    Show me a Democrat who subscribes to all of the above, without qualifications or weasel words.
    The words “liberal” and “liberalism” were hijacked by the Democrats, socialists, progressives, and fascists, long ago —- and it was the mistake of conservatives and libertarians to let them get away with it.
    It is long past time that liberalism be reclaimed, defined, and explained by its rightful owners —- by the champions of freedom, i.e.: not by Democrats.
    Friends of freedom! Friends of peace-through-strength! And friends of prosperity!
    Declare yourselves to be “liberals,” then —- and kick over the bloody coffee tables — and overthrow and trounce the Democrats in 2012!  Destroy them!

  • Randy111

    The economic debacle occurred in 2007 and its consequences were quite clear well before the the 2008 Presidential campaign was over.  So “Experience” rather than an “amateur” candidate  should have easily carried the election, right?

    But in fact, “Experience” did not even matter to an elecorate reeling under an economic calamity.  Instead, the voters happily picked a black “amateur” who was”like a rock star”,   a radical big city community organizer who loved Rap and Hip Hop music, and would be “America’s first black President”.

    “Expereince” was not what elected barack Obama, because the voters did not care about expereince in their President.  They wanted someone they could idenitify with.  And I think the people who voted for Obama in 2008 will vote mostly on “Identity” again in 2012.  They may not be as enchanted as they were  four years ago, but as the polls continue to show, Obama’s support remains well above 40% and it has almost nothing to do with Experience.

    The 2010 elections were not about “expereince” either. They were about ideas–living under our Consitution and its guarantees of individual liberty, limited government, a free society and free economy, frugal government and ending the deficit. And Republicans did pretty well, even trouncing the Democrats.

    If the 2012 campaign has Republicans running on “the most experienced canidate”, the 2012 eleciton will be a replay of 2008.  The amateur will win again. The American people do not care any more about “experience” than did the Russians who flocked to Lenin in 1917 or Hitler in Germany in the 1930s.

  • 7whatsup7

    Rave on McDuff, the bar ain’t closed yet.

  • Robert

    How many people have dropped out of the labor force since Obama has been trying to lead?  People have simply given up looking for a job and thus are not counted ; that’s why unemployment % has gone down.
    Ineptness permeates Obama administration; EPA and DOJ are prime examples.

  • 7whatsup7

    You’re nuts.

  • mark1702

    I guess you too didn’t see the quotation marks.

  • Mikki Dean

    It is really sad the way Mr. Cain was railroaded by the American press. He is a very intelligent man and deserved more than what the leftist political hacks allowed him.
    Let us just face the facts. Anyone who is smart enough to lead this country out of this mess will never be allowed in the White House agian. I’m afraid the voter hand outs have paid off, the scales have tipped toward a freeloading republic and unless the well goes dry….
    Wonder who might stop getting the checks the soonest, the Politicians? the Jack Boots who server them? or the Projects?

  • nathant

     It is even worse that that.  The Obama administration has added more to the national debt than every other presidency combined, from Washington all the way through George W Bush.  And how ridiculous is it that Obama doesn’t believe spending cuts are the answer… he wants to raise our taxes and spend more and more of our money.  What an arrogant ass. Saying he’s an amateur would almost be paying a compliment to the man, considering what he’s done to this country.

  • mark1702

    “isn’t” closed yet.

  • Wally Lind

    Hardly surprising, considering how hard they have been working at re-electing Obama. It’s a wonder they aren’t actively trying to smear the author, but I suppose they still have time

  • 7whatsup7

    And may the fleas from 10,000 camels infest your armpits.

  • 7whatsup7


  • 7whatsup7

    Any non vote is a vote for Obama. Are you really that dumb?

  • Robert

    Really look at his qualifications, why else do you think he was elected. Look at his record as a senator and his accomplishments; has he ever displayed any leadership ability?  Why do you think people voted for him???

  • Baloneycheck

    And some voted against him because of pride.  Not guilt.

    Some people are still proud to be white.

  • nomonkeydreams

    Who is John Galt?

  • jmmspeaks



    There was a time when reporters understood their role in our Republic. Then, they were not afraid to question high government officials in such a way as to provide a check on the abuse of power by fearlessly uncovering the truth. Today, they seem to be so preoccupied with preserving positive relationships with powerful people and institutions that they are prepared to forego the task of making people uncomfortable as they do their jobs of getting to the truth, or as some have put it, the “inconvenient truth.”

    Some have spoken of the failure in 2008 to properly vet the current occupant of the White House. Does that mean that important questions that were not asked then are somehow now beyond the reporters’ statute of limitations? The public doesn’t think so.

    Some questions have cried out for an answer from the President for a long time, but no one has had the guts to ask them. I set out a few of those questions here in the hopes that there may be at least one reporter left in the White House Press Corps who has the courage to fulfill his or her noble calling. A big smile and demeaning expressions that may accompany any response should not be allowed to marginalize the questioner or otherwise to evade these questions.

    1. Can you explain why your paternal grandfather’s third wife (“Granny Sarah”) and the American Ambassador to Kenya spoke of you as having been born in Kenya, with “Granny Sarah” initially saying she was present when you were born (though a correction later in the conversation was made, stating that you were born in Hawaii)? Why did your publicist promote your writing by saying that your were Kenyan born?

    2. Have you, in writing or orally, represented yourself to anyone (including educational institutions) as being either foreign born or a citizen of a foreign nation? If so, please tell us when this occurred, under what circumstances, and whether it included renunciation of other citizenship.

    3. Have you (or someone acting on your behalf while you were a minor), in writing or orally, described yourself as a Muslim? If so, please tell us when and under what circumstances.

    4. Have you or others acting on your behalf accepted or benefited from funds given for your education that were provided by someone not related to you? If so, please identify such persons, the monies provided and explain the circumstances.

    5. Have you at any time distributed or sold any cocaine-based substance or other illegal substance to anyone? If so, please identify such persons and explain the circumstances. When was the last time that you used an illegal substance?

    6. You have described your decision to involve now convicted felon Anthony Rezko and his wife in the purchase of your Chicago home as a “boneheaded” mistake. Are there any other “boneheaded” agreements or transactions that you have made with anyone else, including corrupt politicians, that have resulted in your or a close family member’s receipt of something of substantial value or in the advancement of your career?

    7. Please explain whether there was any correlation between Mrs. Obama’s employment by the University of Chicago Medical Center in the field of “community and external affairs,” which at one point accounted for an increase in your household’s income by over $ 300,000 annually, and your efforts to secure a $ 1,000,000 federal construction grant for the Center? Please explain, to the extent that you are able, the fact that your wife’s position apparently was created upon her employment and eliminated upon her departure?

    8. You have said that, despite your close relationship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright and your membership and attendance for over twenty years at the church he pastored, you were unaware of his anti-White and anti-American Government views until the public learned of them during your 2008 presidential campaign. Do you continue to make that claim, and if you do, how long have you been aware that Rev. Wright subscribes to “Black Liberation Theology” and do you join him in doing so?

    9. Did you support your church magazine’s decision in 2007 to confer upon Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan the “Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Trumpeter Award” for his “greatness” as a leader, and if not, what steps have you ever taken to express your disapproval of the conferral of that award?

    10. Did you support your church bulletin’s publication in 2007 of an anti-Semitic article authored by a leader of Hezbollah, and if not, what steps have you ever taken to express your disapproval of the publication?

    11. Rev. Jeremiah Wright has claimed recently to have been offered a $ 150,000 payment in 2008 to decline to speak publicly until after the November Presidential election to advance your candidacy. Did you ask someone to make that offer; if not when did you learn of it and how do you account for Rev. Wright making this claim?

    12. Recently, you have described a budget plan designed to reduce your administration’s deficit spending and revive the American economy as “Social Darwinism.” Do you believe that capitalism is the best and fairest economic system for the United States and, if not, when do you intend to inform the American people of the economic system that you do support?

    13. Your administration has not denied recent reports that it supports a reduction of our START arsenal by as much as 80 percent. Do you favor such drastic reductions in the US nuclear arsenal and, if so, please explain how you would defend America and its allies in the event that we are the victims of a multi-region threat by nuclear terrorists or a rogue nuclear regime?

    14. Please tell us how much you, or others acting on your behalf, have spent fighting to keep facts and records about your past secret from the American people and when you believe American citizens are entitled to learn those facts?

    15. Are you prepared to condemn without qualification the inhumane aspects of Sharia law, including imposition of punishments that include amputations and stoning, and especially its brutal and discriminatory treatment of women? If not, why not?

    16. Are you prepared to condemn without qualification the inhumane persecution of Christians by Islamic states or groups, including the securing and setting on fire of churches filled with worshiping Christians? If not, why not?

    JMM 2012

  • BalkanDeputy

    Chains You Can Believe In.

  • Jullou

    Just look at all the liberal-run cities/states versus the conservative-run cities/states and you have the answer.  The liberals only tax hard and spend hard and eventually there are huge deficites and chaos.  Conservatives normally do the opposite.  This is happening at the federal level with Obama.  The proof is when you compare status of various cities and who is running them. 

  • Cassandra251

    Half_Centurian, what’s your backup plan?  Plan A is not going to happen.  Romney was not my first choice either, but he is undoubtedly better than Obama or Clinton.  (It wouldn’t surprise me if there was a floor nomination of Clinton at the last minute.)

  • Whodat1

    If Nancy Pelosi looks like the wicked witch of the west, then Hillary looks like the wicked witch of the east… after Dorothy’s house landed on her.

  • Elem187

    I smoke cigars.. do I get to decide too?? hold on my tin foil hat is loose… Now where was I?

  • Jay17145

    “My friends” (phony), McCain is just as liberal as Obama.  Every campaign McCain has ever run has been the campaign of a sniveling coward, not of a decorated war hero.  Are you not aware that the traitor John McCain is nothing but a slimy Arlen Specter?  McCain has threatened to “become” a Democrat (actually he is already a Democrat in his politics), and I for one wish he would make that move because he is STINKING up the GOP.

    The worst Democrats (like John Kerry) hide their cowardly liberal politics behind their military service, and it’s about time they were ALL smoked out of their hidey-holes, including that sniveling Obama butt-kisser McCain.

  • Sacs

    This is a cute little blog

  • Cassandra251

    I am glad that greyfox mentioned the “coolness” factor.  Seems to me that Obama voters fall into 3 categories:  (1) people who expect the gov’t to support them (e.g. welfare recipients and Solyndra/Goldman Sachs types who get taxpayer money for nothing), (2) people crazed for power and control (George Soros, labor unions, Chicago politicians, etc.), and (3) people who just want to prove how “cool” and “hip”  they are by voting for the black candidate (all of Hollywood, upper middle class folks who wanted to fit in at wine and cheese parties, etc.).   I’m not sure which category the mainstream media lackeys are in…maybe all three.

  • knighttemplar01

    The part of the story I find most interesting and compelling is, the book coming out at #1 on the times bestseller list juxtaposed with zero media coverage. This single fact should terrorize the administration and quisling media, the people have written off this presidency as the greatest failure
    in our history(carter is relieved) as well as the media for their collective failure at journalism 101 and objectivity. Good-bye to both.

  • Billrakes

    When have 98% of white people ever voted in an election? NEVER. You are an ignorant institutionalized racist. If anyone of any race voted for someone solely due to their skin color, they’re racists. Ginny, the first step is admitting your problems which are clearly racism and defensive mechanisms such as projection, denial, and professional victimization. Say it with me, “I’m a closet racist and a feeble-minded troll.”

  • Beckslee

    I’m hoping ‘president’ Zero goes down in a blaze of glory during this fall’s elections.

  • Dustoff

     It’s a OLD blog too.

  • Desward2012

    if you people don’t open up your eyes and see that the republicans run up big deficets and then scream about physical resposibilty and say we need to cut the programs for the poorest americans in this country some who are also white then your just brainwashed by the bull that rush limbo , shawn hannity and the rest of those right wing racist jerks.

  • 57Bootsy

    Bravo matt & bleedbabyblu, glad you’re out there!

  • WhoHasMyChange

    Nah, I hate his white half too.

  • Desward2012

    Before President Oboma there was only white candidates. So who did they vote for then, you are as dumb as a rock. Black people vote the same reason you vote because they feel that person has the best interest at heart. They don’t vote like you, on skin color. That’s the problem with you right wing idiots you can’t get past color

  • dixhandley

    Liberals are bottom feeders. Liberals don’t desire to learn the truth because it doesn’t mix well with their agenda of dumbing down America!

  • Desward2012

    I know that your ignorant and listen to fox news because you can’t compare Mexico with america. When people are gainfully employed the economy flourishes and when you have unemployment and underemployment you get what bush left us

  • Steve Dufau

     Bingo! there it is. the race card!
     If you don’t agree with Obama’s Marxist policies you, of course, are a racist.  Throwing inane insults only shows that you have no answers for the epic failure of Obama’s Presidency

  • lkl mwm

    We got the Bamster because thousands of people like Tony Dungy, an otherwise principled guy, abandoned his core beliefs for the sake of race alone!

  • Steve Dufau

     Well said.  I would add Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell to your list.

  • jvnvch

     Without even checking the records I can tell you the Republicans haven’t held the presidency and both houses of congress with a filibuster-proof majority since at least 1932, when FDR was first elected.

  • steven

    Well I’m happy to see that we who post on Hussein are pretty much all of one mind. I only hope we and all of you turn out at the polls in November for the most important election in America’s history. 

  • Steve Dufau

    Sources please! Latest department of labor statistics show no job growth under Obama.  The chart nosedives in 2008 and never recovers. 

  • Steve Dufau

    What is this obsession the left has with race?  I don’t vote for people based on their race.  I don’t care about peoples race!

  • TheTruthIsNotPC

    It would be fitting for Obama’s nomination acceptance speech this time around to be set to a backdrop of Greek ruins.

  • Mel Wahl

    It is a sad day when it is clear that so many of the well educated in this country are more concerned about being on the “right” team as opposed to making sure their team leader is right.

  • NOLA_41

    Actually, I am a gov’t employee.  While a large portion of gov’t employees do vote for their own benefit, there are an equally large portion who vote for our country and its future.  Many of us are Tea Party supporters.  I will say though that those of us who stand with you are very tired of being lumped into the mass of “gov’t workers” who need to be fired and who are union hacks.  I am not part of a union.  When I had the opportunity, I refused to join it.  Although I can’t get into the specifics of my job, I can assure you this country does need many of its gov’t employees that do jobs the private sector doesn’t and can’t do.  I, and many like me, have the same complaints as you about the gov’t, and I see a whole lot more waste than you do. However, to say we are all “blood sucking” is ignorance on your part.  Who comes running to your aid when others are standing and watching or running in the opposite direction thinking of only their own safety?  It’s a gov’t employee.  Who responds to the natural disasters when anarchy is about to take hold in certain areas? It is gov’t employees – who leave their homes and families for months at a time in order to help you and your family for months at a time – all while you condemn us as anti-American blood suckers. As I tell many of my friends who make the same kinds of rants that you made, ask yourself who is responsible for the majority of gov’t waste.  It is the politicians and the bureaucrat big wigs.  Aside from some isolated incidents, the “workers” have very little say in how gov’t is run.  We just do our job the best we can because we were driven to serve the public.  I agree with cutting gov’t dramatically.  I agree with cutting salaries.  I agree with eliminating whole departments and/or other smaller agencies.  But this crap of pile on the gov’t worker is getting old.  Sure, cut our salaries and benefits – I AGREE.  So what does that get us?  What, a couple billion in savings??  The gov’t spends that in a DAY!!   Sure, we are the punching bag right now, but you fall into the politicians’ traps when you go after “the gov’t worker” because the expense there is MINISCULE compared to what our real problems are, i.e. welfare programs, entitlement programs, liberal programs, grants, foreign aid, politicians committing crimes right under our noses while people like you scream about “blood sucking gov’t workers”.  Try a little harder to convince people to vote the right way rather than just get on the internet and run your mouth about generalities that you know nothing about.   I recommend you think before you speak and before labeling all gov’t employees as blood suckers.  Like you, I liked Cain and Paul (aside from his Iran stance), but those like you who call for disbanding gov’t only ask for anarchy.  Whereas you have valid points, you discredit them by speaking from ignorance by recommending an all or nothing approach.  I hear people talking about disbanding entire agencies, and yes, many gov’t entities should be disbanded – however, unless the LAWS are repealed or altered, your gripes will continue because politicians will have SOME OTHER AGENCY enforce those laws or regulations.  I recommend anyone reading this reply to educate yourself on where the real problems are and how to really fix those problems.  Don’t fall for the straw man arguments like so many people do.

  • Vinny Papagiorgio

    Wrong title.  Should have been “The Puppet”.

  • mike morris

    How is it that everything old wild Bill Clinton says is perfectly spot on. Whether its the classic, “it depends on what your definition of is, is.” or calling Oblama “the amateur.”

  • Heb

    This “Thing” in the white house is a cheap political hack of the worse sort. It slithered out of the Chicago slime toinfect the mindless, the inexperienced, the desperate and the easily fooled with empty, meaningless slogans like “hope” (hope for what?) and
    “change” (change from what to what?).  The idea was to just keep saying those empty words over and over, allowing the gullible to fill in what ever they wanted them to mean!  Beyond that despicable mannerism, NEVER forget the main stream media which has actively supported and pushed him and
    still do!  They are just as culpable and corrupt! Never forget that they said he was like “God” looking down on the rest of us!  That the left gave him the Nobel peace prize FOR NOTHING!  He himself said that with his election the (phony) warming of the earth would cease and the (phony) rising of the seas would end!  NEVER FORGET the postures of him looking longingly to the sky, always with some sort of graphic behind him making it look like he had a hallo around his head!  Never cease to be embarrassed if you fell for it and voted for him!   Finally remember that the democrat/liberals/progressive/socialists had both the congress and senate for FOUR FULL YEARS up until last November!  They want you to forget that!

  • Heb

    1. Open a new file in your computer.
    2. Name it ‘Barack Obama’.
    3. Send it to the Recycle Bin.
    4. Empty the Recycle Bin.
    5. Your PC will ask you: ‘Do you really want to get rid of Barack Obama
    6. Firmly click ‘YES’
    7. Feel better?

  • geoffpace

     @goodtoberight ~ You have just explained the ultimate distraction that the globalists could throw at us. While we are out and about bad mouthing this “empty suit” disguised as a functioning commander-in-chief, these Luciferians are busily redesigning the world the way THEY see fit. Why do you think they are having all these meetings and trainings this month ? , i.e. Camp David, NATO summit, joint Russia-USA military exercises and then to cap it off the Bilderbergers are meeting in Virgina at the end of the month. They are closing in all around us. Get prepared brother for a catastrophic whirlwind of changes beginning this summer at the LATEST !

  • Mel Wahl

    I am a former high school mathematics teacher and I have said this many times since the last election ….  this was America’s version of a high school style student council election.  The “cool”guy just became the leader of the free world!  We are in trouble!

  • telephoneoperator

    Barak Obama was elected because the media fell in love with a black man who talked a good game and was not vetted because he was a black man. He was elected because the voters looked at his color rather than being concerned about how little we knew about him and disbelieved the little we did know about him ( his community activism and his listening to the hate speech of Rev Wright for 20 years) He was also elected because John McCain ran a terrible campaign. Now four years later the media is still in love with this black man and under his watch, America is going to hell in a hand basket. Wake up voters. If you really want to live a socialist life go to Europe and pick a country. 

  • gallop

    amateurs teach amateurs to be amateurs……look at the whitehouse west wing

  • Joseph Gandolfo

    Palin has MORE experience than Obama ever had.
    She ran a state successfully, and had the cojones to get rid of ineffective Republicans and Democrats in that state who didn’t perform.
    She made huge deals with multinational oil companies and got Alaskans tax checks mailed to them thanks to her astute negotiating skills.
    Obama was nothing more than “Al Sharpton” with a better suit..a community agitator who never worked a day in his life.
    As far as McCain goes…he is a war hero, albeit a bit too liberal for most Republicans, which is partly why he lost.
    OBummer won because he was a fresh face propped up by a blinded media and he was not properly vetted. 

  • DannieC

    Yep…I’d hate the bastard whether he was black or white….wouldn’t matter. Republicans are bad but Obama is the worst. The country has tipped too far and can’t be fixed…certainly not by the fool Obama who broke it in the first place. Romney can’t fix it either. We’re pretty much screwed going forward and it will only get worse.

  • Joseph Gandolfo

    Only morons bring up the race card….I would have voted for Condy Rice in a split second before OBUMMER!!!

  • Joseph Gandolfo

    where do you get those numbers? You make stuff up and think we’re stupid enough to believe you.
    Get educated before you say anything

  • 10Megatons

    I think a more appropriate title would have been “The Slimey Douchebag”

  • stonehaven

    He was elected president for one reason only…..he’s black, and we needed to pass him up the ladder by affirmative action.  Otherwise, if he had been white, he obviously had nothing going for him.

  • Pheni

    Palin was too stupid?  “There WERE more than liberals . . .”

  • dogloverfolks

    Obama is no Amateur. HE knows exactly what he’s doing. Bringing down our nation so we can have our ONE world government with the capital somewhere over in Europe. Probably the good-old-UN. One of the most corrupt organization on earth. Man are we stupid or what.
    Obama is going to need some kind of a crisis in order to get re-elected. He needs cars burning in the streets and I predict he’ll get it. Of course his hands will be clean. Can you say “Marshall Law”?

  • Tom2F

    I Can’t understand how easily you sat something you have no way of verifying. When Obama first appeared on the national scene, I was impressed with his appearance, his character (as presented) and his speaking ability.I could not agree with much of what he said, but thought the democrats had a winner coming up. Only after gaining an understanding of his “program” did I find him someone to avaid giving power. In my case at least, race is of no concern – character and program rule. Tom F.

  • Christopher Eric Morford

    McCain is still alive. And Palin continues to outshine her liberal foes in both intelligence and patriotism. We would have been far better off with them.

  • Christopher Eric Morford

    Ginny isn’t it time for you to french kiss your reverand Al Sharpton poster and wallow some more in your white guilt. Hey, I can make asinine assumptions too.

  • DJM3

    As Obama said “We ran the best marketing campaingn ever for a presidential candidate”

    I believe he has been set up for this and just like every other leftist idea, it is falling flat because there is only one way to success and that is capitalism.

  • Daniel Struve

    Listen, cult-leader Mitt is bad in his own way.  I remember how he promoted outsourcing not too long ago.  He doesn’t get it either, get your life jackets folks.

  • Sicario505

    The 50% of Americans who rely on government hand outs made this armature POTUS, because the rest of us working stiffs were busy trying to make ends meet, if we don’t get out and vote in Nov this clown will get four more years, and complete his socialist agenda.
    Vote November 6th to get this communist out of office.

  • Sicario505

    Democrats can’t be racist, only white republicans qualify.

  • Jason Vega

    the shouldve titled it “the imposter”  or perhaps “when all you have is two evil corporate puppets to chose from your going to choose an evil corporate puppet”

  • Princecarver

    Surely you are joking>

  • Dave Michael

    The article we should be commenting on is about the MSM ignoring this book.  I for one largely ignore the MSM and will buy the book specifically to keep it on the NYT Best Seller list. 
    Preferably kept at number one! Plus it seems like a fascinating read. 

  • Gail Pace

     You are an illiterate idiot with no knowledge of proper grammar and you are calling Sarah Palin “stupid” ?? Get off your fat ass , get an education and stop drinking the Marxist Kool-Aid

  • Sicario505

    I never met or heard of a US military man who died defending socialism.
    Our current military hopefully is no exception.

  • sirgareth

    Ill try to decipher your incoherent rantings and foul mouthed displays of your ignorance. 

    Lets try your example out.     Mexico,  where the average wage is 50 cents per hour could be fabulously wealthy if they raised the minimum wage to $100.00 per hour.    Tell us why anyone making such a statement would necessarily have an IQ lower than yours which is a tough act to follow. 

    Money is not the precursor of wealth, it is a representation of wealth.     People who generate wealth accumulate money while those who only consume wealth lose money.    Thus if you poured 100 trillion pesos into Mexico everyone would have lots of money but the country would still be dirt poor. Marxists don’t like this fundamental truth; it doesn’t seem “fair” to them.    They believe politicians will share someone else wealth with them but of course they are as naive and stupid as you are.  Has Obama shared any of his considerable loot with you?

    To further this example, lets assume these Mexicans are as stupid as you are (sorry you Mexicans, its only an example). Since they (like you) cant really contribute anything or make anything useful the Mexican government could use these newly minted trillions of pesos employing people as just as stupid as you are to dig holes in the sand to collect their 100 dollars per hour. If there were too many holes in the sand they could have them work to fill the holes they just dug…..according to your ignorant Marxist theory, life would become so great in Mexico they would have to put up a fence to keep idiots like you out.

  • Tom Paine

    Another hit piece written by a zionist jew. The enemy is defined.Jews, mormons, and the rest of the zionists need to be rounded up and eliminated. Bring on the final solution.

  • Princecarver

    Excuse me, but if 98% of white people had voted for any candidate other than BO I wouldn’t be suffering through this ignorance.  Non are so blind as those who will not see.  I feel pity you.

  • Gas_Passer

    In 1880, John Swinton, then the preeminent New York journalist, was the guest of honour at a banquet given him by the leaders of his craft.  He stated …………………………”The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press? Times haven’t changed!

  • Sicario505

    McCain knew Obama is a socialist. He had the information to expose Obama, and didn’t.
    Instead he spouted his ” my friends ” bullshit, and we are loosing America. He may be a war hero, but I never met a military man that didn’t fight for freedom….not socialism .

  • JohnWolf6547

     How long have you worked for Soros?

    Do you get paid well?
    Do you need a GED?
    Can you work from your parents basement?

  • Gas_Passer

    How did the United States get a president who is legally not qualified to get a job of cleaning the toilets in the White House?

  • blueangel69

    Bush’s terms in office were bad.  He said he felt he was doing the right things as he saw it.  I’m sure Obama basically feels the same way but he is factors worse than Bush.  We need to snap out of the spin and politics and realize we can do so much better than either one.  Bush was bad, whether he knew it or not, and Obama is horrible.

  • radiomankc admin

     Actually he now has THREE YEARS experience in direct foreign policy and battling the party that fights him at every turn.  Romney is a flip flopper who will do whatever the polls say he should do.  Don’t look for leadership from that one.

  • UAWmember4rep


  • UAWmember4rep


  • Princecarver

    BO is for blatant offence. The numbers have never meant less that they do now.

  • Packard Day

    I am not saying Barack Obama is dumb. I am merely suggesting that he ain’t nearly as smart as the MSM desperately wants to believe he is.

    Or, here’s an intellectual parlor game to play: Assume Barack Obama’s tenure as President of the prestigious Harvard Law Review was purely an affirmative action hire decision. The game is for the individual players to prove otherwise.

  • Princecarver

    Desward doesn’t get it and your explanation went way over his head. He presumes – no jobs, no wealth.  A more rational presumption would be – no wealth, no jobs.  I have a job for slaveraidr right now.  Go dig a hole.  Done?  Ok, now fill it back in.  There, that wasn’t so hard.  Pay?  Well, tell ya what.  You can have all the wealth it generated.  Happy now?

  • Doug Lynn

    You sound like a Nazi. Do you really think this is best way to sell 4 more Obama years?

  • Framblott

    Framblott here. 
    With this book we’ve arrived at only half the truth. He’s an amateur, yes, but one who is intent on vastly reducing the economic and military power of America for the benefit of the Third World. His fundamental political position: Fanon-ist anticolonialism combined with extreme white-hatred.

    As a youth Mr Obama’s two favorite books were The Autobiography of Malcolm X, and The Wretched of the Earth by Franz Fanon. Meld the thought of these two books with the utterances and activities of Frank Davis, Bill Ayers, L Farrakhan, Rev Wright & perhaps Al Mansour and we get a fair approximation of his fundamental political intentions.

  • bdavis33157

    Remember all the hype surrounding all the books on Bush?  You need any other reason to studiously AVOID the Democrat media – you really need to see ‘Dancing with the Stars’?  Every time you watch it, you help the Democrats – movies, radio the whole thing – AVOID IT ALL – it’s poison anyway.

    And will talk radio PLEASE stop talking up mainstream media? Enough already – we don’t have to hear about every moronic thing said by Chris Matthews or Ed Schultz – ignore them and maybe they will go away.

  • bdavis33157

     We get it – but I have a suggestion to everyone – get off your computer, call you local Republican representative and GET TO WORK! We do – spending enormous amounts of time – and money – working to get the Democrats out of office.

    GET GOING – blogging reaches practically no one, and those it does reach all think like you.

  • Doug Lynn

    He knows exactly what he is trying to do, but he is still an amateur. There is no doubt that some of the people around him are very clever in how that are deceiving the public and using all the power of the Presidency to change the rules. However, the man is so pitfully arrogant and experientially ignorant that he cannot get anything done through Congress unless the Dems control everything.

  • Jim

    Lon, I think the only one wearing panties here is you. Go get yourself a big grip on reality, it might help.

  • UAWmember4rep

    about ALL govt workers being lumped together as bad, and voting demo.
    I received the largesse of the GM-UAW bailout. But, it was wrong to shaft the bondholders, and give the UAW that stake (vote buying). I will vote against my pocketbook, because I believe BO/dems economic policies are wrong and purely political. They appeal to majority of voters. I am not the only one to vote right, to vote against my self interest. Thank God I am not the only one.

  • jlfliberty

     NOLA_41 – The private sector can handle all that Government does including law enforcement. You’re full of it, stop tooting your own horn.

  • jlfliberty

      NOLA_41 – The private sector can handle all that Government does
    including law enforcement. You’re full of it, stop tooting your own

  • Doug Lynn

    Agreed. With the MSM aggressively supporting the “cool” guy and with the constant fiscal foolishness flowing from every direction, it is tough for average voters to know the truth. As a result, most voters give up, IMHO, and vote for the “cool” guy or the guy promising the most free stuff figuring there is no significant difference between the candidates.

  • Luxomni

    I generally don’t do the  “grammar police” thing, but this time I’ll make an exception, as both words mean something and you really do need to use the correct one. It is martial law, as in military. The Marshal is a lesser law enforcement officer with specific enumerated powers. Martial is unlimited and unchecked by, “We, the People”.

  • Concerned4America

     There are not that many liberals. The stupid vote was the decider.

  • Gas_Passer

    I wonder if Mitt Romney, at one time in his life was a proud card-carrying member of a famous bathhouse called “Man’s Country”…would the mainstream media bury the story like they have done with Barack Hussein Obama’s days of trolling a bathhouse? 

  • Ginny Radtke

     Apparently you have nothing to say in defense of Palin  since you can only attack me on some perceived notion that my grammar is poor and my ass is fat.

  • JRRJ

    To all who support Obama, I would ask you do the following;

    Do your own research on Obama’s parents, grandparents, pastors, associates and ultimately everyone in his cabinet past and present. Then report back to the rest of us and tell us what you have learned about who Obama is, where he comes from and what kind of people he has CHOSEN to surround himself with.

  • Ginny Radtke

     Be careful Mike, you’ll be accused of calling thr race card.

  • Ignatius Ibsage

    do you wear one of those funny beanies?

  • Ignatius Ibsage

    should hillary throw joe biden under the bus and should (unlikely) the demo ticket win in november, you will find bill pulling obamas strings for the next four years. it’s bill’s last chance before early onset alzheimer’s takes him out.

  • Strongback

    After reading all these comments, if any and I mean any, had any basis in facts or logics instead of hatred and or ignorance, the country would have been far better than it is.  We shall all witness what the perceived white savior Romney would do. 

  • Guest

    Many of the answers to your questions are sealed. The were sealed by BO’s first executive order after taking the oath of office, thereby officially denying access to any information that can confirm or deny any and all allegations. It is worth noting that under Islamic law and Muslim faith, it of to lie if it is to further the goal and cause of Allah. Perhaps this explains the many lies the Pretender of the United States has lied publicly and repeatedly.

  • Guest

    …as has the NY Times become more like Moscow times.

  • Donnie_Smith

     Ding Ding …….We have a winner…Greyfox that was the perfect answer …Very well put..

  • GrandMe

    Light-bulbs.  Just remember…………incandescent light-bulbs.

    We trust too much in the honor and honesty of ALL elected officials. 

  • Paavo

     Why the reference to race?

    You see… most of want to live in a society where race isn’t an issue… but with Obama and Holder, we’ve regressed as a nation.

    Fact is… Obama is in way over his head. He defines The Peter Principle.

  • tpc4545

    we sorry teacher,we didn’t learn anything from you except getting fat, from watching you stuff your face,oink oink

  • tpc4545

    Wake up people,the government found that the 9/11 disaster was a perfect time to start stealing our rights, and walking all over the constitution.1st. was Bush and Cheney with the patriot act.Now they want to put drones in the sky to spy on American citizens,Obama try to pass a law to take our due process away from us.Now he playing around with our religious rights.This is only a few laws they are trying to pass or already passed. It’s just to bad the American citizens can’t put their hate to the side for once,and work together, to reunite the nation,before we have no rights left.

  • Paavo

    We have…ugh worked together (the right has bent over), and what do we have to show for it?
    EuroSocialism extraordinaire.

    Now we have an ocean of red slime due to do-gooder legislation and decades of Journ-O-listic malpractice… aka propaganda for socialists/democrats.

    No, no, no working together if it means the right has to give. It’s time to stuff the decades of toxic manure shoved down our throats back into the bottle it came from.

  • SoulStraw3

    Yep, you just knew this b***s*** would be coming down the pipe. How convenient that you fail to parse out from these statistics the public sector jobs, which have been viciously slashed by the tens of thousands in Republican-controlled states (got to keep those tax breaks for billionaire donors intact) and the private sector job GROWTH we have seen under our President. Remember, Job One for the Republicans is to keep the President from getting re-elected. If that means destroying our economy and the Middle Class – so be it.
    I don’t know where or why you racists think every single is an Obama-hating racist right-winger or somehow you can automatically tell the future that Obama’s gonna lose? CAN you tell the future? NO! All you can do is run your racist, ignorant mouth!
    The title of this video lies. Obama is a christian, not a Muslim. This crap appeals to the ignorant.
    I never thought that anything was “Indefensible” to a republican politician. Mitch would destroy the country even worse than the Bush gang had done already by 2008, in order to Win over president Obama. What I think is “Indefensible” these borderline treasonous antics of Mitch and Boner and “friends.” His economic policies saved the banks and the auto industry at a minimum which was thousands of jobs. He has done much for national security by killing important terrorist leaders and putting more in prison and deporting hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens. He is a free-trader globally. When he took office, the U.S. began losing jobs. In 3 years we have stopped the losses and added 3 million jobs and doubled the value of the stock market. If it were not for the financial crisis in 2008 we would be no different than the last two administrations and no one would see any difference.
    He has killed more people in Afghanistan and Pakistan than George Bush did, so that should make you happy. HE IS NOT A TRAITOR, you disgusting waste of life!
    How can he be racist with a white mother and rasied by white people im shocked he didnt become lke oj or some crap as far as that other crap it wouldve never happened if bush was in office in the first place
    To claim that President Obama is a “Big Government Socialist,” a “Marxist,” or a “Stealth Commie” may make for a good soundbite, but it’s an outright lie.
    Obama does NOT hate America and George Bush is STILL the worst President in History.
    POS! it’s no coincidence that such derogatory and meaningless epithets are used by racists. He isn’t anti-American, nor any of the other countless things you will hear. All of this talk about communism/socialism/Marxism, etc. is just fear-mongering and irrational rhetoric that is used to cloud the real issues at hand: Namely, some people don’t like the President for personal or subjective (because he’s black) No, its just that some people don’t like him because he’s black but they can’t say that so they make up lies about him instead to ruin his reputation!