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Top 10 reasons President Obama won’t be reelected

If you have any doubts that Obama will be sent packing from the White House in November, then cast your eyes at this list of reasons Barack Obama will be a one-term president.

1. Jobs, jobs, jobs

While the official unemployment rate has inched down to close to 8 percent, that number would be much higher if all the discouraged job hunters who stopped looking for work were included. Obama’s record as a job creator is dismal, because the basic tenets of his economic ideology are woefully misguided. Government doesn’t create jobs, it just gets in the way of companies that can.

2. Health care showdown

With the Supreme Court readying its decision on the president’s signature initiative, the Affordable Care Act will be front and center right as the campaign is heating up. No matter how the court rules, the nation will be reminded of the highly unpopular health care overhaul that was enacted with legislative bribes, using arcane congressional rules, and without a shred of bipartisanship.

3. Immigration showdown

The high court will also be issuing its decision on Arizona’s immigration law, SB 1070, which allows local police to check a person’s immigration status. With polls showing a strong majority of Americans favoring the legislation, Obama’s suit against the state is highly unpopular.

4. Dismal economy

The economy is not doing well, given the nation is in the midst of the weakest recovery on record and even that is petering out. With so-called Taxmageddon looming after the election when a host of tax hikes are automatically scheduled to take effect, an Obama victory would ensure a continued weak economy because he will gladly allow them to be enacted.

5. Big government run amok

From Obama’s fictional “Julia,” who can’t get through life without a raft of government programs, to his failed stimulus package, this president is all about crafting a big government solution to every problem. The American people are onto the community organizer spreading the wealth around. They would rather have economic freedom than a government handout.

6. Base depressed

The “hope and change” enthusiasm from 2008 is long gone as voter registration is lagging among the young and minorities. Without a fired-up base, Obama will be hard-pressed to match the turnout he enjoyed four years ago. Millions of voters expected this president to deliver more than high unemployment, a weak economy, and lackluster job creation.

7. GOP on fire

Despite a hard-fought primary, conservatives are beginning to coalesce behind Romney, knowing that the real issue is the defeat of Obama’s big government agenda. Because turnout is always the key in an election, the fact that conservatives will be fired up to remove Obama from office will make the difference.

8. Misguided energy policy

Obama canceled the Keystone XL pipeline, has kept vast amounts of U.S. energy resources off-limits for development, and, through the Environmental Protection Agency, is regulating the coal industry into oblivion. His energy policy is misguided by a devotion to the global warming alarmism cult. No wonder gas prices have soared since he took office.

9. Foreign policy misadventures

Obama is making a mess with his haphazard foreign policy, angering allies like Israel, resetting relations with Russia in the wrong direction, while doing nothing about Iran’s and North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. Obama has apologized for the country’s actions and handed over decision-making to international bodies. Where America was once respected around the world, it is increasingly being seen as a paper tiger.

10. Scandal-plagued administration

From the Fast and Furious gun-running debacle to the General Services Administration’s lavish Las Vegas conferences, from Secret Services officials’ romp with Colombian prostitutes to the politically driven decision to dump taxpayer’s money on green energy companies like the now-bankrupt Solyndra, this administration is increasingly taking on the look of a scandal-plagued enterprise.

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  • chuckinva

    While walking into to my voting place in 2008 a woman standing next to an African-American man stopped me an said “Mr. please don’t vote for John McCain, he will ruin the country.” I unloaded on her, but she said she was 50 feet away from the door. She was well coached. I want to see that same woman this November so that I can tell her just how ignorant I think she is.

    I believe there will be dirty tricks at this election. Voter fraud will be rampant. Voter intimidation will also likely to occur since Holder is there to protect them. So my point is that we need to keep a sharp lookout for vote tampering of any kinds in order to allow the REAL will of the people to be preserved.

  • Erick Blair

    I sincerely hope this writer is correct.  But I’m pretty certain he’s not.  This election is going to be about race  and “greed”.  If you vote against B. Hussein you’re a racist.  If you vote for Romney you are stupidly asking for  “vampire greed”.  It is a really ugly situation.

  • Altosackbuteer

    I’ve been saying it for over a year.  Øbama Øsama is FINISHED.  It’s stick-a-fork-in-him-time-’cause-he’s-all-DONE.  He’s Dead Man Walking, but is too dumb to lie down and make it real and official.  It’s OVER — tutto finito.

    The reason is that, like Yogi Berra’s deja vu, 2012 is like 1980 all over again.  In both cases, and incompetent, 1st-term Democrat, presiding over a bad economy AND A DOUBLING IN GASOLINE PRICES.

    For that ALONE, it’s ALL OVER for Øbama Øsama.  America has an automobile culture, and skyrocketing gasoline prices affect EVERYBODY.

  • mikey123

    If you are intimidated by this then you will vote for Obama people because you let other people determine who you are.. If you are a real American and not afraid of some socialist calling you names, and know that this ploy won’t work anymore, then you will vote for Romeny because he will bring back the country.

  • 1tomritter1

      I disagree.  Wait til he nominates Hillary as his VP.

    Why would Hillary run for VP?


    She knows that her name will almost assure Obama’s
    re-election.   If Romney wins, by
    contrast, she will be running against an incumbent in 2016.


    She also knows that as VP, she will have virtually no
    opposition in the 2016 primary.


    On the other hand, because she wants to run in 2016, Obama’s
    domestic cuts (which he will have to make) will be less draconian.

  • Crystal O’Dillon Plummer

    Right wing wet dreams – hilarious!

  • Dustoff

    Yet even the CBS polls prove you wrong.  

    HAHAHA at that one

  • Dustoff

     Don’t think so Tom.  It’s going to take more than Billiary.
    Besides the Syria mess that’s going on now, falls right into her lap. She wanted Assad, liked Assad, said he was a reformer. 

    But naaaa he’s just a killer like his father.

  • John Snyder

    Hillary as VP will assure Obamas reelection? Please… dont make me laugh.

  • mikey123

    Hey Hypenated last name (which is really lame, by the way) Why do you smarmy lefties laugh so much? Is it because you giggle when you know you are wrong?

  • Erick Blair

    I guess you missed my point.  Obliviously I’m voting for Romney.  I never suggested otherwise.  But I voted for McCain in 2008 and he got crushed.  I only have only one vote and so  do you.  If we are to believe the polls Obama is an absolute lock to win California, New York and Illinois.  If this is true he just has to win in Ohio and a handful of small states he won last time and it’s over.  Predictions are very hard, especially about the future, but I don’t see how he can lose.

    I’m not happy about it.

  • Linz

    Think………”2010 Elections”, and how the furor and outrage at Obama and his merry band of traitor’s antics has built since then. This is only May, and the swell of patroitism has just begun to surge.  Sure the primaries were tough, but now that we have a certain and viable candidate, maybe not conservative enough for some, that is NOT Obama, November will go into the “W” column for us.  Obama will go down like a cheap Columbian hooker on a guy with an earpiece in his ear.

  • globalcrap

    There is not enough roomon this page telling why O Bogus won’t get elected.

  • Dustoff


    Mc Cain was crushed because he didn’t fight.  Most of his speeches were down right junk.  So most of us just couldn’t get behind him.
    But at the same time. I admit. We could have has another Reagan and it would not have mattered. With everything at went wrong and it as blame Bush 7/24 on 99% of the MSN. You just couldn’t win. 

  • ronzogarbanzo

    MSM and its hired pollsters play a big role in maintaining the left`s political image as indomitable and its voter base unbeatable, when actually, they are still in the minority and not as big a threat as they might seem. Soon it`ll be time for all patriotic Americans and defenders of our Constitution to stand and be counted. Leftists are born losers, always have been, always will be.   Keep hope alive.

  • Jayhawk

    You already KNOW that the 0bama thugs will do anything and everything to STEAL the vote for their dictator wannabee.  We all must remain vigilant and ready for the thuggery that is coming our way as well.  I expect some REAL problems at voting places and as you said, the HOLDER Justice Department will do NOTHING to insure our rights and freedoms when it comes to Black Panther THUGS and SEIU THUGS and other UNION THUGS attempting to keep us away from the Polls.


     I will vote against Obama, I could care less about skin color.  I would vote against anyone who has done to this country what Obama has done.  And he isnt done yet people!  I believe that if he is re-elected we the people will see the rest of that ‘iceberg’.
    I am so hoping & praying that he wont be re-elected.

  • Jayhawk


  • Jayhawk

    McCain was a loser from the gitgo.  He was all impressed with his Media persona of “REACHING ACROSS THE ISLE.”  Accordingly, McCain ran a WIMPY campaing and NEVER fought 0bama on 0bama’s terms.  He was too weak and wimpy and he still IS.

  • AgTrotter

    Oh look, another one of the latent bra-burners. Lady, you would be much better served spending your time getting a new face and much less time attempting to be witty.

  • BenCartwright33

    The liberals will of course cry racism when Obama loses, but they’ll be wrong (again). This is a simple fact of life. If you’re hired to do a job, and you fail miserably at it, you are replaced. Kapeesh? And as I have said before, I would love to see one of Obama’s thugs try to bully me into voting for him.  Ha ha! Good luck with that.

  • Mike_in_Wasilla

    Never underestimate the ability of The Stupid Party to snatch defeat from the jaws of success.

  • Michael T Lyster

    True. He was Bob Dole revisited. The MSM set him up as the ideal Republican candidate, because he was a squish. I recall that it was surprisingly close until September 08, when the economy imploded. That killed his chances, period. But a strong candidate with strong ideas might’ve weathered it. Not so, Mr McCain.

    We need people volunteering to watch the polling places: cameras in hand.  No more New Panther episodes, this time.  Conservatives/Republicans took a while to catch on to the New Media and electronic era.  Democrats expect nothing of the kind, because: after all, we’re just an amalgam of doddering seniors and toothless racist hillbillies, yes? 
    This will absolutely be the nastiest election ever.  Get it in on video. Sunlight is an excellent disinfectant.

  • Michael T Lyster

    True: but there’s enough space to indicate why he may win:
    1. He is the MSM’s obsessive love object
    2. Unions and…others will do anything, ANYthing to bulk up his vote total.
    3. Dead voters prefer Obama 99:1.
    Hope I’m wrong.

  • Michael T Lyster

    Is it your shift today to troll for MediaMatters?
    Remember to come back onsite in midNovember, and publicly mourn your blistering loss. Because nothing tastes as sweet as the broken dreams of your opponent.

    November will be painful for you: in the Presidential election; in the Senate and House; in a smattering of state elections. You will weep. We will laugh. Watch for it.

  • Michael T Lyster

    Your first premise is inconceivable to our opposition. Fired for failing at a job?  Call the union steward! File a discrimination complaint! Blame failure on your coworkers, or the guy who had the position before you arrived! 
       Liberals have no concept of a connection between performance and retention. See, it just ‘feels’ wrong to fire someone incompetent, if y’know, like, you really like the guy and stuff, and it’s like not nice to take somebody’s paycheck away, and, like, it makes you look mean and stuff, and ‘cuz, like only Republicans fire people because, like, greed or something…


    Yep, they’ll find a way to screw it up……mainly by having mitt as the nominee. 

  • Victoria

    I dont think Hillary will run on a losing ticket!  She knows Obozo is a LOSER!!!

  • Victoria

    President Romney…………..Coming to America in November 2012………….to the WH in January 2013!!!!!

  • imokyrok

     The GOP waging war on women? Never ! The GOP loves women. The GOP respects women – unless they have the gall to have an opinion of course.


    You had better be careful what you wish for. 

  • rwoodward

     Just a reminder, McCain/Palin were beating him up until the coincidental stock market crash just before the 08 election. Don’t underestimate the dirty tricks Axelrod and his army of flying monkeys will pull out of their bag of tricks. The end always justifies the means, you bring a knife/we bring a gun, the best way to benefit from a crises is to create one yourself, dead people have voting rights too,

  • AgTrotter

    Edit: strange duplicate post.

  • Altosackbuteer

    The problem with your conspiracy theory is that it ignores who ran the government in 2008.  It was Bush II and the Republicans.  However nefarious and evil Axelrod & Co. may be, there was little they could have done in 2008 to cause the stock market to crash.

    But you’re quite right about Gramps & Palin — they in fact were riding high until the crash occurred.

    And those who say that Palin was not an asset, that Palin dragged Gramps down, are just ignoring reality.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Why would Hillary’s “good” name assure Øbama’s re-election.  That woman has HORRIFIC negatives.  Furthermore, she’s now so homely she can break mirrors.  Øbama won in 2008, in part, because he LOOKED GOOD and Gramps did not.

    Furthermore, if Hillary becomes the VP nominee, it means she was able to oust Biden.

    If the democrats oust him, it makes them look desperate, like they think they’re going to lose the election, and they’re desperately trying to stave off defeat by trying to create a miracle.

    The PERCEPTION that they’re desperate and think they’re going to lose will actually help create the REALITY that they will lose.  It will be a sort of reverse self-fulfilling prophecy.

    I kinda hope she DOES replace Biden.

    And — given the recent controversies about Øbama’s birthplace and possible lying on school application papers — I wouldn’t be altogether surprised if she isn’t plotting a coup d-etat and hopes to replace Øbama, right now, THIS year, and run directly against Mittens.

    Do stay tuned.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Also — she backed the disaster in Libya.

  • rebelyell4

    Reasons 6 and 7. Got news for this author. The conservative base hates Romney, not just dislikes him. Many in the conservative base are not happy with the way Romney was forced on us. Many feel as I do, Romney is a left headed wolf in right wing drag.

    We’re asking one main question. Is an enemy you know less dangerous than one who hides it like Romney does. In my humble opinion the republicans can stay unified against Obam for another four years. Yet if we have a president called Romney, they would be expected to to stand by his projects. Joining those republicans would be afraidy cat democrats, so what we would have is a LIBERAL who is just as bad as Obama, combined with a completely willing congress to play as he wants to.

    Granted, there will be shows for the right. In the end the left will get much more than the right and Romney is just the one to see to it. In other words, conservatives SEE this picture. That is enough to keep us home or looking for alternatives, like the Constitution parties or other independents.

    Liberals or progressives on the other hand, are always willing to go out and demonstrate. Anything to cause a stir. They will once agains do what is needed to support Obama. He will have them smoking from the ears just to get to the voting booth. The left in not lacking the courage as we who are conservative. We cannot have any courage in the face of an obvious fact. We were run over by the bus and the republican party driving it. No amount of bs is going to solve that problem.

    The right has nothing to gain and the left has everything to lose. They’ll be out en mass.

  • Altosackbuteer

    But she might well want to be ON the ticket, because if it does lose, it makes her the heir apparent for the nomination in 2016, just as VP George Herbert Hoover Bush Sr. became the heir apparent in 1988 when Ronald Reagan stepped down. 

  • political_proxy

    Don’t forget, Øbama is brilliant (j/k, he is of average intelligence at best). With that in mind he is sure to know that if re-elected POTUS w/ hilldog as VP is will die in office*. Results: hilldog will become POTUS 

    * many many people around the Clinton’s vanished or wound up dead.
    I remember Vince Foster – interested? Watch the clinton chronicles on youtube for further insight during Bill’s Arkansas days.

  • Altosackbuteer

    You watch.

    1) Mittens has an impeccable personal reputation.  Any number of women can and will relate to a man who has no whiff of sex scandal about him.

    2) Mittens is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS.

    It made a HELLUVA difference in MA in 2002, when Mittens became governor.

    That year, he ran against 4 other ballot-certified candidates.  All were middle-aged to elderly HOMELY females.  Shannon “Wide Body” O’Brien was the main (democratic) opponent — ’nuff said about HER.

    Mittens actually got MORE of the female vote than she did!

    Looks count.  It’s a big reason why Øbama Øsama beat Gramps in 2008 — he looked good; Gramps did not.

    Mittens will have ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS WITH THE WOMAN VOTE.  Unless he’s dumb enough to pick Santorum to be his VP.

    You liberals who say he will, you’re whistling in the dark.  You are SAYING it, hoping that SAYING it will somehow make it come true.

    Dream on, LOSERS.

  • political_proxy

    Corruption counts.

  • Altosackbuteer

    I have a lot of money riding in London at my online bookie parlor on Republican Control of both the Senate and the House.  I expect to do VERY well.

  • Altosackbuteer

    No — you’re right, Doctor.

    But Øbama Øsama is such a HIDEOUSLY BAD CANDIDATE, that the Republicans WILL win despite his best efforts to steal the election.

  • Altosackbuteer

    There IS always THAT…

  • Reagan_Smash

    You forgot “I got Osama bin Laden!” That seems to be the liberal talking point.

  • Reagan_Smash

    Come November – Soup of the Day? The tears of our ENEMIES!

  • globalcrap


  • Niniane

    I sure hope HE is right on this, but when I look at some of the people around me, they will vote for Obama because he is black, he is cool, he’s the guy you want to have a beer with, and he is the smartest man in the universe.

  • globalcrap

    The only word they know””rasicm” When O Bgus loses it will give them a chance to riot.

  • globalcrap

    Another welfare O Bogus A$$ WIPER VOTER .

  • Richard

    They can steal a million votes as the SEIU has contracts to maintain voting machines in many states.  With that said….it still won’t be enough…Obama IS burnt toast.  It’s the vengeance with him and all the soon to be other lame ducks in the Senate during the lame duck session that worries me.

  • Walter_Peterson

    Turnout is the key.

    Among both Democrats and Republicans, core voters seem less than enthusiastic.

    The election will hinge on who most decides to stay home, IMO.

  • sigp238

    We on the right may think that we could have done better than Romney we will still turn out for him come November, NOBAMA in 2012

  • Timothy Wayne Hutchinson

     yeah, I can’t wait to tea bag a tea bagger with his own nuts.

  • 1LonesomeDove1

    You DO realize what you just said, doncha?


  • Timothy Wayne Hutchinson

     Of course! What is better then getting a standing ovation at a tea party?

     Not being a Confederate retard!

  • 1LonesomeDove1

    Sure look like one.

  • rebelyell4

    Well….Not going to happen in this family. There’s something we should ALL carefully pay attention to. The original healthcare plans were not Hillary’s or Obama’s or even Kennedy’s. They came from the republicans. Romney has stated previously that if he had instituted the healthcare plan in Mass, he would have done it a lot differently, but he signed it.

    Guess what all that means to me? It is fairly simple; the healthcare plan will go forward in a republican fashion and we will end up with national healthcare. It’s just a fact. Mandary participation National Healthcare. Only the supreme court can save us from that debacle and they won’t. They will hedge their bets just well enough so that a form of national health care will still exist once it’s all over.

  • rebelyell4

    Being U-gly is an advantage. All ladies think of a good looking woman as a threat. She is no threat. She will run and they will win. There may well be a takeover by the Clintons through an impeachment or something, but she will run as VP. He may even step down or aside at some point over something. But she’ll get there.

    Now there is a woman scorned, I wouldn’t put anything past her.

  • Flayer

     I’m conservative and I like Romney. He proved to be the best candidate and I will heartily vote for him. We must keep the Senate and Congress as conservative as possible. This will help Romney and keep the GOP in check.

  • Flayer

     With whom? Did DeMint, Palin or any other more conservative candidate step up? No. We should be proud that we have such a good candidate as Romney, with his private sector successes, Olympic turn-around, as well as government experience as a governor. Plus no lefty can call him “dumb” because his academic credentials are undeniable (AND we have records to prove it!).

  • Flayer

     Ok, I’ll stop and think about it “carefully.” Let’s see…4 more years of Obama unleashed…or…a new president Romney.  Think…thinking…still thinking…
    Ok, I’ve decided! I prefer a President Romney.

  • 6141littlefox

    Mitt Romney is NOT a communist. For now, that’s good enough for many of us.

  • Flayer

     Mitt can claim to be a white Hispanic!

  • Flayer

     Because businesses exist solely to “provide jobs.”

    I had an argument with a lib physician friend of mine. He was berating “corporations” for firing people. I asked him if he went into medicine just so that some day he could fulfill his dream of running a private practice in which he can hire lots of people. He shut up after that.

  • Flayer

    I don’t think Obama wants to risk cutting crazy Joe Biden loose. He’s bad enough as vp but at least O and his camp can keep him on a short leash. Unleashed? Way too risky. Would be really entertaining, though. They’d have to spend most of their time “explaining” what ole’ Joe Biden just said or did.

  • AgTrotter

    “McCain/Palin were beating him up until the coincidental stock market crash just before the 08 election”

    Sorry, but Johnny Jet-crash lost the election when he voted “Yes” on TARP I. Had he voted “No”, we would not be suffering through the disaster that is the Man-Child.

  • Flayer

     Yes, we do want to get rid of Obama. So what?  Do you really love what he’s done? Be honest, now, if you dare.

  • Flayer

     Why does Intrade still have Obama up so high?

  • Flayer

     It seems liberal men were pretty “thrilled” by Obama’s looks and the crease in his pants…Perhaps the gay vote will really go to Romney on looks alone. In fact that would be a great campaign to target the “gay” vote. (“Whom would you rather sleep with – Obama or Romney”…and so forth.)

  • Flayer

    If “gramps” McCain looked old compared to Obama in the ’08 election, how do you think Hillary would stack up in the looks department against Romney in 4 years from now? She isn’t holding up too well now, so imagine her (if you dare) 4 hears hence.

  • Flayer

     Everybody is forgetting the Biden factor. If you were Obama or Hillary, would you want an unleashed Biden running around the country? They’d have to spend most of the campaign explaining crazy Joe’s ramblings and rantings. He wouldn’t know what to do with himself without a position in public office. Obama would have to promise him something big, like SCOTUS or something so that Joe wouldn’t ever have to be in the private sector. Think about that! Justice Biden.

  • Barbara J Ambrose

    I think you forgot that the Demorats controlled Congress for the last two years of Bush’s term. They did everything they could to push their socialist/communist agenda on our Country.

  • Flayer

     Libs NEVER have to answer or pay for their disastrous policies. They just flutter on to the next position.  Notice they never say, ” I was a ______ and in that position I accomplished and was successful doing ______. It’s always just, “I was this or that for so many years.”

  • Flayer

     No, it was Bush and the Democrats since 2006! Bush and the GOP were neutered in ’06 when Reid and Pelosi started running things (into the ground).

  • Flayer

     I plan to vote and I will DRAG my two sons to the voting booth upon threat of losing the use of our car, money, food, college tuition.

  • Flayer

     I’m voting for the “white Hispanic.” Ha ha.

  • Flayer

     Obama’s not a lock on Florida, however. When was the last time a Repub won IL, CA, and NY? It can and will be done.

  • Flayer

     Remember he put shackles on Palin. She was bringing in  tens of thousands to hear/see her but she wasn’t allowed to criticize Obama. Grrr. Makes me so mad to think about it.

  • Flayer

     I agree – I”m much more worried about the harm he can and will do on his way out the door. He’s very thin-skinned and Michelle is, well, I don’t want to say it, and won’t take kindly to defeat.

  • Firepower

    along with Dorn & Co.

    WILL bring out – and USE – the RADICAL’S HANDBOOK

  • Michael T Lyster

    Served with fava beans, and a dry Chianti…

  • Dave

     I am extremely worried about voter fraud this election year.  I don’t buy the idea their creating voters from cemeteries and instant Democrats crossing the Rio, won’t be enough.  Every vote counts this election year.  Holder won’t enforce the law.  Is it beyond the realm of possibility for the Republican party to ask the UN to….oh, never mind,  What the hell am I asking?  The UN is as corrupt as the Obama Administration. 

  • Richard

    Moose won’t be proud to be an American anymore.  And you don’t have to say what most of us think about the B…er…her.

  • HOO

    How about the fact that he’s nuts and Americans are gradually recognizing the extent of his madness?

  • Canadianlady

     I believe I read recently that the UN will be involved in these US elections.

  • Canadianlady

     It’s assumed that Mitt will campaign on many of the issues which were listed in the article.  He plays a huge role in the defeat of Obama.

  • Canadianlady

     No it wasn’t.  It was a Democrat congress.  Bush played fair, unlike Obama, and didn’t govern by executive order.

  • JRizk

    Actually, the Media caused the economic downturn starting in late 2007. They started spewing garbage about a recession and increased unemployment. Both were untrue at that time, but if it gets ‘reported’ over and over, business start getting nervous, lenders start holding onto their capital, etc.. If the media were to start talking about ‘a run on U.S. banks’, and keep talking about it, people will get scared about losing their money and there will be a ‘run on the banks’. Obama would not have been elected if the economy was still good and unemployment low. They knew that and so did the liberal media.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Voter fraud is a genuine fear, but Øbama Øsama is such a BAD candidate, he will lose despite his best efforts to steal the election.  Stealing only takes him so far.

  • Altosackbuteer

    But Bush and the Republicans controlled EXECUTIVE policy.

  • Altosackbuteer

    The Republicans STILL controlled EXECUTIVE policy.

  • Altosackbuteer

    That may be.  But Gramps was placed in a position where he had to vote Yes or No by the banking crisis.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Advantage: MITTENS.  By a light-year or so.

    Mittens has aged very gracefully.  Hillary has aged in DOG years.  And she looks like one, too.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Hmmm.  “If I were gay” — which I’m NOT — HOW would I swing in a race with Øbama / Mittens?

    I’ll tell you a story.  I worked at a Renaissance faire about 10 years ago as a musician.  The “town crier” was this drop-dead gorgeous fellow, with long hair down to his butt, and who could sing lilke an angel.  His job was to go around the faire singing operatic arias to women, who melted in delight and swooned as he sang sweet songs into their ears — and expected a $10 tip for his trouble.

    Nightly he had his pick of any of dozens of women to sleep with.

    He said to me like this: Gay guys are JUST like you and me.  The like EXACTLY what you and I like — young, hot, and skinny.

    If I were gay, I think I’d go with the yummy, skinny guy.  Øbama.

  • Altosackbuteer

    I dunno about Intrade.  My outfit is called Betfair.

    Currently, they have Øbama Øsama at 1.6 – 1 to be re-elected, and Mittens at around 2.8 – 1 to be elected.  In the past month, Øbama has been slowly RISING, and Mittens gradually, but steadily, FALLING.

    But why do they all favor Øbama?  Because most people still think Øbama will win.

    Don’t worry about that.  They thought the same thing about Jimmy Carter in 1980 too.

    Besides, most of Betfair’s customers are NOT American. (We can “thank” Gramps McCain for that, too.)  They are naive to the ebbs and flows of American politics.  Which is why I’ve been able to win money this year.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Not only that — if they cut Biden loose at THIS point, it makes the public think they’re afraid they’re gonna lose.  Dumping Biden would LOOK like an act of desperation.  And in politics, the APPEARANCE of a belief becomes the actual belief itself.

    In other words, if they dump Biden, it tells us they THINK they’re gonna lose, and this itself my CAUSE them to lose, becoming its own self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • Altosackbuteer

    And the IRONY is, it was actually Panetta and the Joint Chiefs who “got” ObL.  They’d wanted to pull the trigger for several days, but Øbama Øsama refused.  They had to wait until Øbama Øsama was on the golf course before THEY launched the mission in his name.  In effect, they usurped the President and committed a temporary coup d-etat.

    They “got” ObL not because of the President, but IN SPITE OF the President.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Even if the Supreme Court overthrows all of Øbamacare, and then we elect Mittens — there is still every chance that HE will enact some kind of me-too national health care of his own.

    According to the Boston Globe, it was HE who was the primary mover behind Romneycare in MA, NOT Teddy Bare or the (corrupt) Democratic state leadership.

    This is ONE reason why Mittens was NOT popular with genuine conservatives during the primary season.

  • JamesDrouin

    Why would “wishing for” getting rid of “the Worst President in US History” be a bad thing???


    not only that – but what if the dems get a 3rd party candidate at the last minute to take votes from Romey or whoever?

  • Flayer

    You are correct.  Didn’t Chucky Schumer make a comment about a bank in California being in trouble?  He started a small run on that bank, I think.  And of course, once again, there were NO repercussions.  If a company officer had done such a thing (unless he was an Obama bundler, that is) he’d be in prison.

  • AgTrotter

    My point was that Johnny Jet-crash didn’t lose because of some conspiracy as rwoodward implies; he lost because he voted the wrong way. Sometimes the simplest things really are to blame.

  • RobertO

    I hope Mr. Obama will find a  more rewarding career writing books about how great what he almost accomplished was.  However, it was candidate Obama that toured the country with great fanfare about how bad things were…..prologue becomes, well, prologue.  As for trouble at the pole, how about ya’ll go sign up to work for the election commission in your county.  Stop being armchair quarterbacks and get in the game!  Its only one day of your life and you likely get paid a nominal fee to serve in your own community as a way to honor those sacrifices made at Omaha beach, Tarawa, etc. 

    Also, get involved with your political agents, er uh leaders, and make monetary policy and other serious issues front and center for the campaign instead of what they did in HS or how much they support this or that non issue!

  • LivingRedInABlueState

    All who would vote against Obama MUST vote, but I can live with the libs staying home.

  • Altosackbuteer

    That’s as dumb as your scary prediction that L. Ron Ru Paul was ever going to become President.

  • Altosackbuteer

    As Ed Koch once said, explaining why the voters in her own district voted Bellowin’ Bella Abzug out of office, “To know her is not to love her.”

  • Altosackbuteer

    Which is why Øbama Øsama shot himself in the foot when he came out for gay marriage — ’cause before then, the evangelicals and Religious Right were dispirited at the prospects of a Mittens candidacy.

  • Altosackbuteer

    I take a somewhat broader view.  I think, once the banking crisis hit, it was the tipping point with too many voters.  They blamed Bush II for it.  Whcih meant, they blamed REPUBLICANS — and Gramps happened to be their nominee, and had to take the blame, whether or not it was his fault.

    I dunno that his Senate vote, lame as it may have been, had THAT much to do with it.

    The American People had Bush Fatigue after the banking crisis struck, and Gramps suffered as a result.

  • Flayer

    Everybody in the buisness community knew that the jig was up.  Tax cheat Charlie Rangell started rubbing his hands together and voicing his glee on all the taxes he was going to raise. Bush attempted to reform Fannie & Freddie but was blocked by Barney & Co. Bush tried to reform Social Sec by offering the CHOICE in opting for 1% to be put in your own retirement account, but that was spun as him trying to kill ss and privatize completely.  So yes, policy is set or laid out by the executive but if you have a virulently hateful Senat and House, anything you do is dead inthe water and will never even make it to the floor.
    I agree that Bush spent too much but this government makes him look like a tenderfoot. But mostly I never worried that Bush was going to act against the country because ofmhis disdain for it.  He and Laura always made me proud and even libs had to admit that when they met him in person, he was informed and in charge, completely opposite of howmthe press painted him.  Most storied about O are the opposite, that he seemed over his head or treated people like they were in a graduate seminar with him as facilitator.

  • Flayer

    Lol! You wrapped it up very well with few words. But should we REALLY be talking about Hillary’s looks as a qualification for POTUS? Perhaps what we really mean is that she looks tired and not up to the rigors of an extended campaign. The real problem is a typical lib one, that is that they judge each other by just having occupied a position, rather than by how well they did in the positions. She’s bungling her job now, I believe, but her boss is not helping clarify our policies, or lack thereof.

  • Flayer

    I think they ARE. desperate. Animals are never more dangerous than when cornered. What will O and his “civilian army” be up to when they realize the jig is up.

  • Flayer

    I’ll check it out! Another way of looking at is that there’s money to be made on the dreams and victims of the co sumers of the leftist press.

  • Flayer

    Well, I’m a straight woman and I can tell you that Obama leaves me cold – he is just too effeminate for me. And I would NEVER call O “yummy.”

  • Altosackbuteer

    If you want to check out Betfair, it’s as easy as going to www . betfair . com.

    However, DO be advised that it will be very difficult to establish an account with them from the United States.  You can thank Gramps McCain for this.  He sponsored a law outlawing online gambling, and as a result, Betfair will not take action from any American credit card or money from any American bank.

    Thanks for NOTHING, Gramps.  Thanks for masquerading as a “conservative.”  A REAL conservative would keep Big Goveernment out of people’s private affairs, — but not Gramps, who believes in the all-encompassing Nanny State.

    I get around it because I live in Poland and send them money via my Deutsche Bank account.

    To date, I’m up several hundreds of €€ this year.  Truth be told, I’m gonna take a bath in November, ’cause I put too much money on Newt Gingrich for President.  But I’m hoping to make that up by wagering on Republican Control of the Senate, which I think is a LOCK.  Republican Control of the House is offered only @ 1.4 – 1 — which means, if I wager € 10, I get back € 10 plus a € 4 profit.  It’s not great — but it’s a SURE THING too, and NOT a BAD way to increase my investment by 40% in a half-year.

    I also got action spread about who will be the Republican VP nominee; all I need is for any of 9 candidates to hit, and I win.

    And I got a LONG SHOT on HILLARY becoming the Democratic nominee.  Yes, it’s NOT likely to happen.  But I got 100 – 1 odds too, so a little bit of money goes a LONG way, if she does it.

    And she JUST – MIGHT – DO – IT.  The closer it comes to the convention, and the more the Dems look like sure losers, the more pressure there’ll be on Øbama Øsama to do what Light Bulb Johnson did in 1968 — quit.  And Hillary and the Clintonistas are still very powerful in that party.

    Gambling makes anything more fun to watch, be it politics, or football, or what have you.

    And the NICE thing with politics is that I believe that I have the edge, not the House, since I know far more about American politics than any typical Limey.

  • eewell

    People are realizing that affirmative action is a poor reason for putting an unfit man in the highest office of the land.

  • Flayer

    I live in CA so my votes count for very little.  I do have a brother who lives in Lux so perhaps I can team up with him.  It will make the race more interesting, not that I’m a big gambler or anything. And, yes, you are correct about knowing more about our electorate than the typical European.  I can’t tell you hiw many times I’ve had to explain the electoral college vs popular vote to them.  Only when I illustrate a EU that would elect a powerful president based only on popular votes does the (cf) bulb go off. They do not want their leadership to be from only Germany, or perhaps France.
    …speaking of which, did you see the Youtube of actor Will Smith on French tv being asked about a 75% tax rate? Very funny.

  • rdman_VietVet

     Obama is a reflection of the America-haters and politically-correct morons who elected him to POTUS…

  • poppakap

    But Executive Branch policy does not make legislation.  It was legislation, namely the Community Reinvestment Act that pushed banks into making countless billions in loans to unqualified home buyers that caused the financial meltdown.  This act started by a democrat dominated congress under Jimmy Carter (Democrat), and was put on steroids by a democrat dominated congress under  Bill Clinton (Democrat).  Finally, when Republicans tried to enact legislation to regulate the malfeasance @ Fanny & Freddy, democrats Bonny Fwank & Chris Dodd not only filibustered GOP efforts, they engaged in a wholesale PR campaign of misinformation designed to prevent oversight of the organizations that were pimping cheap loans to those who had no business owning a home.  That’s what caused the financial crash of 2008 leading to the current 4 year recession.  

    Here’s a suggestion: before you spout off about economics related topics, do a little research.  Otherwise, leave the conversation to the adults armed with facts and education.

  • poppakap

    Dude, cut and paste is not commentary.  Furthermore, you clearly have no concept of how the balance of powers works in our country, nor what the executive branch actually does.

  • poppakap

    Well done and said.

  • poppakap

    Let me guess, you’re a 5 year old who hijacked his mom’s keyboard?  Oh wait, your real name is Beavis and you just can’t help yourself from saying, “tea bagger.”  (Cue moronic laughing.)

    Meanwhile at little Timmy’s house, his friends are rolling on the floor: High five dude, you rock! huh huh huh huh huh.  You said tea bagger.  Huh huh huh huh huh.

  • Bernard

    I only hope so.  I am concerned about the Red State / Blue State split and the number of states where the election could go either way.

  • Altosackbuteer

    If you have a brother in Luxembourg, you should be all set.  Just have him set up the account, and send him whatever money he needs.  You CAN have a $$ account, as long as the money gets to Betfair from a bank outside the United States.  But you can also have a €€ account, and if your brother is in Luxembourg, that is the easiest thing to do.

    Once the account is set up, if your brother sends you the sign-in info — USERname and password — you can certainly manage it from the United States.

    For a long time, Romney was around 3.1 – 1 to win the presidency.  Lately he’s been slowly dropping, so that today, he’s around 2.8 – 1.

    Early on, I made a killing with Newt to win in SC, but I admit I gave a lot of that back by taking Newt in other contests but losing.  Jesus — I came THISCLOSE in AL and MS.  But when Mittens was looking to lose in MI, IL, and PA, I bet on him and did quite well., so I kinda made it back.

    I’m not yet pumping in a LOT of money into the presidential race or Control of (either house of) Congress, because the GOP VP nomination is getting most of my attention.  Also, those other events are too far away, and the odds not sufficiently high, to justify a LOT of money on them.

    Hopefully, I’ll clean up on the VP pick, and then I’ll plunge a lot on those other events, and hopefully by the end of the year, I’ll have won several thousands of €€.

    Do stay in touch and let me know how you’re doing.

  • pennpa

    In a fair election with intelligient educated voters, I think Romney would win in a landslide (300 plus electoral votes). But the reality of voting today is such that this may not happen. It might be very easy for an “organization” to pad voter registration in key counties in key states to swing the election.
    Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania (of Black Power infamy) could all be potential targets.

    A point to remember that the MSM has never investigated: In the 2000 election, the media called Florida for Al Gore within minutes of the polls closing on the East Coast. Most people might not know that the Florida panhandle (A PREDOMINATELY REPUBLICAN AREA) is one hour behind the East Coast time. If you compare the voter turnout and percentages R vs D  with historical records for the nine Florida counties affected, you will see that a substantial number of republican voters failed to turnout. Was this by choice? Just a co-incidence? Or did they hear the state called for Gore  and decide why bother voting. Manipulation?

  • Stratosaurus

    Hasn’t the phrase, “Anyone But Odildo!” made it to your section of the country?  Many people will vote for a rabid wombat over the current resident of the white outhouse.  Performance is proof, and Clueless Leader has proven time and time again that he cannot perform, and is NOT qualified.

  • Stratosaurus

    People seem to forget that it took sixteen hours of our illustrious emir’s waffling to make a decision, even with the entire team in place.  People seem to forget that his longtime confidant and aide, Valerie Jarrett, was against the operation from the start, and advised against it to the point of a near-tantrum.  Why the Chair of the White House Council on Women and Girls would be against the elimination of a person who was responsible for the deaths of thousands, not to mention supporting oppression, ownership, and mutilation of women, is a question that has yet to be asked.

  • confedgal

     But not for the reasons they need to be. They honestly think most Americans are racist homophobes who will cheat and steal to get Obama out of office. I don’t want the UN involved in our elections … I don’t even want the UN in our country.

  • confedgal

     It’s not the living dem base we have to worry about.

  • ritha11145

    Keep repeating that and maybe you will believe it.  You know that the Democrats were doing the same as they are doing now. Keeping everything the Republicans vote on, from passing, by rejecting or not even reading it. Their time is coming.,   We are rising up.

  • bflogal77

    Is it out of the realm of possibility, that he will be removed from office before the election, and Hilary is just waiting in the wings for her chance at the presidency?…afterall, they will need a Democratic candidate…and we all know Joe “the used car salesman” Biden isn’t it!

  • ritha11145

    You would lose. they would tell the truth and you couldn’t. We are very lucky we have the TEA partry. It will bring about the best that can be had.

  • claulas

    The more I see of Mitt, the more I like him.  Any of the candidates that were running against Obama would be a thousands times better for this country than Obama.  And Mitt is a million times better than McCain.  I don’t want to live in a socialist country with a behemoth bloated government growing bigger by the day and needing more and more tax dollars and borrowed money to keep it propped up. None of us would run our households like this. We would be sleeping on a park bench if we did. Mitt seems reasonable, too.  People fault him for changing his mind about things. I’m glad he does that!  Especially if he changes it for smaller government, less government intervention in citizens lives, less taxes, less debt, stronger military defense and will uphold the Constitution.  I’m really thankful he is pro-life.  I know he wasn’t at one time, but he is now.  Anytime somebody can turn from death to life, I give them a thumbs up.  I hope he picks a really good, conservative VP running mate.  

  • ritha11145

    Mitt Romney doesn’t associate with the fruit bowl either, and he knows the value of a dollar. 

  • ritha11145

    Real pitiful reasons. He didn’t get Osama Bin Laden. The seals did that, and President Bush had done a lot of the planning before he left office. The Narcisaistic idiot didn’t even want it done, but they over-rode him, and then   ( I )  took the credit, like he was the shooter. Just a lot of BS. as usual out of  his mouth. PS.  Look up what a narcissistic person is……

  • vietvetagstjkerry_1

    The NAACP has asked the Useless Nazis (UN) to monitor this years elections after some 32 states have enacted Voter ID Laws in and effort to prevent voter fraud. The UN has not indicated if they will do so as of yet, and I do not expect an answer from those idiots until September or October.

  • ritha11145

    People, we have got to watch the voting booths. Set up some groups with video near them to keep them legal. If the black panthers can do it, so can we. Don’t let the corrupt win.

  • vietvetagstjkerry_1

     Such trying to get either Trump or Ron Paul to run, that is my biggest fear also.

  • vietvetagstjkerry_1

     Actually Congress did hold hearings on that issue, and it was pointed out to the News Media that it was they who blew it in 2000, and in a not so suttle way either.


    Yes, both of those are my fears also. . .. and as you know – anything is a possibility with these crooks. . .

  • JCSahyan

    I don’t think it’s voter-fraud we need to worry about, Dave. I think, rather, that it’s repeats, at major urban polling places across the entire country, of the New Black Panther stuff that happened in Philly in ’08. Consider: The Emperor Palpatine regime has already made it clear there won’t be any negative consequences for such voter-intimidation, and that the Voting Rights Act, in their mind, doesn’t apply to protect the rights of white voters. So….Why would groups like the Panthers *NOT* do, on a much wider scale, what they did – and got away with doing – in Philadelphia in 2008? And if other folks – whites, and blacks who don’t support Obama – start escorting people into polling places, to protect them from intimidation, violence starts, and Emperor Palpatine can declare the election voided by widespread violence at the polls, declare martial law, and announce that he’s staying in office until a “genuine” election can be held, saying, like his cinematic model, “When this crisis is over, I will gladly lay down the power…etc.”

  • vietvetagstjkerry_1

    Yes and with 53,000 dead people found to be still on the Voting Rolls in Flordia, I wonder how many other states have that problem.

  • vietvetagstjkerry_1

     Not just that but his campaighn staff did their best to muzzle Palin.

  • SeaShel

    While any, or all, of the reasons given could and should keep this person from being re-elected if what I have read about the company which will be counting the votes, SCYTL located in SPAIN, it won’t matter how many votes he gets, because the count will be rigged and can not be challenged by ANYONE or GROUP, not even on a precinct level. It appears to be a done deal when he said in an open mike to Medvedev, “Tell Putin after MY ELECTION IN NOVEMBER I will have more flexibility!” No assumption, just a declaration. 

  • Canadianlady

     They have NO business getting involved in a US election; and, if more Americans knew about it, I think they’d be outraged and tell the UN to bugger off!

  • drofmanythings

    You are a progressive plant, right? I like Romney just fine, although I wanted Chris Christie or any conservative from Ohio. That state will be the key, and I hear they are turning red these days.

  • Jaclyn Barnes

       When I voted in 2008 in Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania!The exact same thing occurred with me when, I walked in.The person who takes your voter registration card,was talking about.What a wonderful President Obama was going to be!Also right in front of the polling place were,signs for Obama,Biden.That is extremely illegal!Also in other parts of Pennsylvania were the well,Black Panthers!Terrifying people and not letting them vote!So you are exactly right unfortunately about dirty tricks probably happening!

  • jimoaklanduniv

    Our Great Threat is that ole barry and his Union Thugs, Gangster cronies will FIX the election once again!   We MUST not let that happen.   A Republican MUST be at every polling place auditing the votes!  Vote OUT in Nov!!    ANYBODY BUT OBAMA!!   ABO!!

  • Thomas Stevens

    Obummer is going to try and steal the coming election but it just isn’t going to work,to many people in this country would like to see him swinging from a lamp post.As far  as the people who stand by
    him,and we will know who they are will be in the same boat Obummer’s in.We the People are going to make ourselves heard come November

  • Melvin E. Holliday

    The only job Obama should have after this election is making big ones into little ones. 

  • Drew Marzilli

    did I hear somewhere that the votes from the 2012 presidential election will be sent to spain to be counted.  WHY???  I am sure our abacus works better then theirs
    If you thought that the 2008 election had alot of fraud just wait until this one.

  • drrgp

    In a population where thought and clear-headed analysis are important for voters, these are all good reasons to believe in the possibility of Mr. Obama’s defeat in 2012.  Right now, however, the Las Vegas book heavily favours Obama’s re-election.  

  • Jan

     this is why I feel the news should NOT keep up to date on election day the standings.  This also affects the West Coast elections when they see how the East Coast has voted. TV and Internet has skewed the results

  • kjb199

    Regarding the Keystone XL pipeline to remove heavy oil from Canada: There is no possible way the opponents of this could be considered environmentalists, let alone sane.

    If America is able to remove this oil, it would be the world’s largest environmental clean-up job ever implemented. The record of success with projects like this always gives a better result to the land than any insane pseudo-environmentalist would want to admit. This project would result in the removal of heavy oil from the earth, where it creates a swampy marsh of tar, into the world’s oil supply, where it can be utilized for useful projects.

    In a sentence: The people wanting to clean up the tar sands are the true environmentalists; the luddites that want to leave it there are refusing to allow the clean-up of the mess.

  • Stratosaurus

    Then there’s the cliche about having a dog that ugly, prompting the owner to shave its rear and make it walk backwards….

  • Marla

    Get that bastard out of the white house !!!!no matter who we have to vote for!!! Send hin to Kenya with his kinfolks and where he belongs, We need a American as president !  what is wrong with Allen West? he is most definitely an American!!!!

  • LFRD


  • LFRD

    Ron Paul 2012 CaptainAhab !

  • LFRD

    Yeah–the “He black like me” attitude is sure in play here.

  • Jack Vlk

    NOTE;   The UN is not part of this country and has no authority what so ever in this country.  The UN is a joke of turd world countries that all hate the US and all they want is our money, etc.

    Try being an American and Honor the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.   The useless UN cannot override our Constitution.  They have NO AUTHORITY IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    MSgt Retired.

  • Bernardo

    Say, that’s a pretty good treatise about the falsehood of envirofreaks. Although the doomsdayers say oil resources are limited, new discoveries are constantly being made thanks to technology and lateral drilling. North Dakota has currently passed Alaska in petroleum output largely because the D.C. bozos put AK off limits to drilling as is the gulf. As for the coal industry,Oboy is dead set on it’s total shutdown which is so colossally stupid even a grade schooler can see how dumb that is. Oboy can kiss goodbye to any votes from Appalachia for sure as those miners have coal in their veins handed down from previous generations. The job losses would make Appalachia poorer than it already is. I anticipate loss of life from a lot of suicides which leaves Oboy and Lisa Jackson with blood on their hands.

  • suzy2

    Why is Congress even waiting for the election.  They should arrest and inprison Obama now.  They have plenty of criminal evidence.  If Obama wins by fraud, and we know it will be fraud, there will surly be a bloody war here in America among left and right. Does Obama really think we are going to stand for his dumb a  – a second time just because we have wimps in Congress?  I don’t think so.  Too many groups gathering for the occassion.  We will be prepared to fight., 



  • Breezeyguy

    Wow – you guys missed the most important thing:  #1:  Attack on Conscience.  Obama has required every American to fund the murder of unborn children and immoral pracitices like contraception.  Under the guise of “health care” he has institutionalized the prescription of carcinogenic (yes, the pill is a carcinogen you guys) drugs to impede a health function of the body (yes, fertility is healthy and sterility is not).  Oh, and yes the pill has abortifacient effects, so you are turning your wives into assembly-line murderers. 

    This has been played liek a “religious issue”, but it is not really. Even atheists and irreligious people have consciences. It is often their conscience that actually brings them to religion, as was the case with Dr Bernard Nathanson.

  • Rosco Jones

     Impeachment proceeding need to get started ASAP. I feel strongly that BHO will work things so he can declare martial law before the elections. If that happens, it will be too late.

  • Rosco Jones

     Allen West would be my first choice. I cannot think of another politician that is so pro American.

    Nov 2012
    BHO, “You’re just getting rid of me because I am Black.”
    The People: “No, we hired you because you are Black. We are firing you because you can’t do the job right.”

  • Rosco Jones

     Really? Do you know what the odds are?

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    May the Grace of God Bless America with the total repudiation of this Godless Marxist Ideologue and Islamist.  He is Public Enemy #1 with his selective enforcement of the Law and Application of the Constitution.  It would be best if we discovered and prove the truth about his lack of eligibility and thus the total nullification of every law, decree and order this Pathetic Loser signed while pretending to be president.
    Obama Must Go!  

  • Rosco Jones

     But corporations are people too, right? Hmm..
    But unions are people too, right? Hmm..  Hmm..
    Wall Streeters are people too. @#$%!
    Those in power make the rules.
    One person, one vote does not apply any more.

  • Rosco Jones

     You are very correct. The coverage of the polling before the final vote is given does influence the choice of those waiting to vote. Many people want to side with a winner. If they feel that one candidate is going to win, based upon the earlier voting, they are influenced to vote for whomever that may be.
    Ideally, no results should be reported before all polls are closed.

  • drrgp

    I do.  Fractional odds today are 4/7, meaning if you correctly bet $7 on Obama to win, you will win $4.  Put differently, you have to risk $7 for every $4 you stand to gain if Obama is reelected.

  • AmericanPatriot52

    But that would take a Congress with courage, which this Congress has shown it is lacking.  Do you actually think Pelosi, Reid and their ilk would get behind any attempt to impeach their savior?  Never happen, folks!

    I expect “something” to happen prior to the election that will provide Obama and Congress with a reason to declare martial law and suspend the election more than I think impeachment proceedings will ever happen. Hope I’m wrong or this country is toast!!!!

  • fedupMan

    Yes it is true the company is Scytl and is based in Spain. Votes will happen here in USA and all results will be SENT to Scytl servers and they will count and inform America of the results. Foreigners will oversee the nation’s entire vote-counting system.
    October 2010, the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics encouraged outside parties to try to find security holes in their online balloting infrastructure operated by Scytl. A group of University of Michigan students successfully hacked into the system, commandeered passwords, and doctored ballots.
    Google this yourself for details. When a recount is demanded who knows how it will be done.

  • fedupMan

    My question is will the MSMedia do it again? They were told NOT to do it the 1st time and they did it ANYWAY and suffered ZERO consequences. If they feel it will help “O” they will do it AGAIN.

  • Vinny Raineri

     I have a problem with you saying Santorum is bad for VP. He seems popular with the base.

  • suzy2

    Everyone contact Orly Taitz (lawyer)  for evidence of crimes (She will back you)  and go to their local police and file a citizens arrest for Barrack Obama for fraud of social security, forgery of documents, and posting a fraudulent document which is a felony and much more she has proof. If enough execution of filings surely Congress will get a spine.

  • fedupMan

    Never forget the army of food stamp ‘moochers’ (not the sick) that choose somehow never to work and raise generations on the public dime. Their legions are getting bigger every day.

  • suzy2

    Impeachment is too good for Obama.  Besides he is not an American.  We must prosecute Obama for his crimes and throw his vomit a–s in prison.  I remind America, the penalty for Treason in DEATH.  Well deserved!

  • fedupMan

    If you think “O” would be better for America than Romney you either need a new brain or you are a ObamaBot troll for ‘O’ zero. ALMOST ANYBODY IS BETTER THAN “O”
    This tidbit of truth is not funny but truthful. If don’t believe it google it yourself.
    Public debt ADDED by ALL 43 Presidents COMBINED from 1789 – 2009 is $6.3 Trillion over 220 years. All by himself Obama spent in 3.5 years $6.477 Trillion. For those of you who went to Obama School thats 62 times FASTER than the last 43 PRESIDENTS.
    Obama’s ballooning deficit is due not to declining revenues, but to runaway spending. The Bush tax cuts did not cause tax revenues to fall, but to rise. Since the final round of Bush tax cuts was enacted in 2003, federal revenues have actually increased by about 29 percent, from $1.9 trillion to $2.3 trillion. The problem is that Obama spending has increased more than twice as fast — a staggering 67 percent, from $2.2 trillion to $3.6 trillion. As a result, the deficit has more than tripled, from $378 billion to $1.3 trillion.

  • suzy2


  • Flayer

    Thanks – who are you putting money on for the VP? Just curious. There are so many good people to choose from. Just hope it isn’t a RINO (I lean pretty conservative).
    Will talk to my brother. He’s got an acct there, of course. Plus, I think my husband is a Brit (legal resident – green card).



    It did not pass it Kansas and the Governor just signed the Bill Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

  • ort

    Arrest the illegal alien who occupies the oval office and put him on trial for high crimes against the United States. When the trial is over, execute him. Do it by the book, so none of his welfare receiving sycophants can say it wasn’t done legally.

  • LFRD

    I saw a video on youtube the other day about Obama Bucks, that made me want to scream my head off.  They were in New York and all able to work but there for Obama Bucks.  Inferiating as hell too.  Yes, for sure growing and getting alot bigger.

  • Oldwardog2

    Race or ethnic background should never be an issue. All blood runs red in a foxhole. The only bias or prejudice that could be acceptable would be due to the lack of Character, Honor and Integrity of a dirt bag! No matter the color of a persons skin. I am fed up with all this politically correct crap! Our founding fathers where guided by a higher power when they put pen to paper and inked out the Constitution and our Bill of Rights! to misinterpret their intent is evidence of a lack of moral and ethical standing based on a fall from favor of a God that made this country great! History and the bible are no longer reviewed. Look what God did to His own chosen people when they turned their backs on Him. Do the people of this Nation think they are exempt from His wrath? I am the first to admit that I am far from being a good Christian, but I know Who I belong to, and am not ashamed to say God Help Us!

  • Rosco Jones

     Good odds for me. Almost double my $ if Romney wins. Go Mitt!
    Ex Vegas resident, You don’t often see a spread like that, almost 1/2 or 2/1. I’m going to monitor the odds and use as an election predictor.

  • cimiron

    yes they are being sent to Spain to be counted, I wrote to my congressman about it and he wrote back and told me the secretary of state said they were to be trusted, I wrote back and told him I didnt trust anyone on the o side

  • cimiron

    they are counting on a war here in our usa, so they can declare marshal law

  • Bruce M

    If he has the “nerve” to declare “Marshall Law” – then the country will go to war!! Who will the military back – or will theer be a coup d’état to get rid of Odummer!!!

  • darylasmith

    I agree—-I have always like Mitt and he probably would have been elected last time if we had chosen him instead of McCain.   Go Mitt!!

  • darylasmith

    Should be interesting….

  • Steve

    We may need some “white Panthers” as well to patrol the polling places…

  • Steve

    I don’t trust the SOS either!!

  • Steve

    Why isn’t he; and all of his minions, in jail now? 

  • Steve

    Sorry, but it may be too late already.  Obama will stop at nothing to be re-elected,
    and so far no one has attempted to slow him down.  Remember there are 80million
    gun owners in America……most would be more than willing to protect America
    against all enemies, foreing and domestic……

  • Steve

    I agree!!

  • Steve

    Hopefully the military will not fire on American citizens; but we can’t count on that.  BHO has had time to install his commanders at every level.
    If it comes to armed conflict we must expect losses….

  • James L. Edwards

    I like Allen West too, but right now the best we can hope for is Romney picking him as his Running Mate!  Do that and its OVER for OBUMBO and His Comunist Cohorts when it comes to Relection!!!!

  • Steve

    Obama and his regime has proven time and again they are liars and thieves.  I see no reason to believe they won’t attempt to steal this election too.  Look at Las Vegas and Harry Reid..
    The exit polls showed him losing big time; yet he’s still the “head Thief” in the Senate..

  • mcffoster

    I also wish Obama would have a serious accident and have a lifetime disability like finding himself 6 foot under the green grass.

    I also wish LTC. Allen West would run for president.  I definitely would vote for him.  He IS running for congress in the 16th district in Florida so I will have the opportunity to vote for him for our district.

  • mcffoster

    Suzy2, why don’t you really say whats on your mind.  LOL.

  • mcffoster

    I do believe you’re right.  Start buying up as much ammo. as you can afford NOW.

  • mcffoster

    You have to remember that George Soros, the BILLIONAIRE, is the one that is pushing the Obummer puppet strings with his money.  Remember, Obummer can’t intelligently, without a teleprompter, speak an entire sentence.  Another reason he always voted “present” on issues while in the senate.

  • suzy2

    Why, because they would probably come and arrest me.  Our laws are not set up for Americans, 0nly for racist and enemies to say what they want.

  • suzy2

    the war will eliminate martial law because Obama won’t be here to declare it.  It will be after the election and only if Obama wins by fraud.  This is my prediction

  • Jean Moffett

    Amen Oldwardog2!

  • rebelyell4

    Yup, all of the democratic programs could have been defunded by simple strokes of the pen by Bush. Obama is showing us how to do it right now by funding plans that havent even been voted on. Executive order could have been given to stop all that. Nothing happened. The dems and Bush worked together to seal the deal for Obama.

    Bush failed us miserably because he was not a true conservative to begin with. Obama may lose this election and we’ll be rid of a failed president but not his programs. Having Romney is a fake to the right and all the dems programs will not be defunded, they will move forward at a strong pace because Romney is also not a conservative.

    No matter how much he lies, he is a puppet of the left. He’s not even a rino, he’s just a puppet on a string like Obama.

    What really worries me is that Romney is only a failure 30% of the time. Obama is so bad, with a 100% failure rate, that Romney will do a much better job for the left.

  • Jean Moffett

    Soros caused the banking crash in England… do not underestimate them.  Do not forget the Banking Regulations was changed by Bill Clinton just before he left office. That opened the flood doors for the banks to do what they did. It was also the Democrats that insisted on & passed the equal housing leading up to this collapse. The Clinton’s are also Soro’s friends,. Also Barney Frank & Chris Dodd were the heads of the Banking Committee in Congress… remember Frank said Fanny Mae & Freddy Mac are fine… Maybe in his eyes ,,, the dems had control of congress for most of GW Bush’s Presidency!

  • SmokingReb

    Always wondered why they still are bitching so long and so loud.  Major difference this time and 2000, Fox News and internet.  The simple fact that Gore gave up with less than 500 vote spread and then took it back said a lot about Gore.  He gave up because ABC or AP called it for Bush, then pulled back.  That may of been a factor too?

  • rebelyell4

    Well; yeah, sorta what I said. Bush played fair because he wanted things to go on as they were. He did not want to stop anything. In Bush’s mind the plans were all well laid out and it a good thing.

    Bush didn’t play fair because he was an honest man, he played it the way he was told because they all come from the same mold. Romney is once again a new casting from the same puppet brigade.

    Non of us seem to ever get a hold of the strings from these puppets. What we need are a giant pair of scissors to cut off the puppeteers fingers.

  • rebelyell4

    Soros is just one face and name we know. Investigate who it is that controls the shipping and movement of all goods aroound the world the most, and you’ve found the enemy.

    Just think how much money is involved in shipping and I mean actual boats, trucks, trains. Goods sent all over the world. Just think about what those costs are and who is making the money from all of that unneccesary movement.

    Just think, if you drill here, refine here, and sell here, who’s going to ship it?

  • SmokingReb

    3 ideas.  Encourage absentee voting, have volunteers watch the count process and insist on guarding tally sheets.  In other words, if polling place A says X number of people voted and the tally sheets show a different #, suspend the difference pending verification.  Start now to adopt a truck stop in your area, make sure there are information sheets posted with absentee voting news, links to online national registration etc.  There are a couple of million truckers on the road every day, dealing with this administrations gas and energy policies.  Just saying

  • rebelyell4

    Obama deficit is due to several things. The first being that he’s not smart enough to use tp when he goes to the bathroom. He want everyone on welfare because a ruined nation is what he wishes for. The trouble is that he is so stupid he thinks a ruined America will see communism as an ally. He”s seriously mistaken about that.

    It is basic lack of GDP because folks are afraid to produce a real product with all the regulation going on. Like a turtle you throw rocks at. Their heads will stay down. They will not produce, hire or show anything good on paper. The economy stifles itself.

    Really quite natural. But for the record, Obama has not really raised any taxes. It’ is the fear that somehow he carries a big stick that is clouding the issues. Shake the fear, take him on and all of his departments and you’ll see shrinking violets all over the place.

    Even with Obama in place for 4 more years, we would have him cowering in a corner is the proper amount of pressure political, personal and legal were applied. He would be well controlled. Much more so that Romney. He is just as much and enemy, but how do the republicans stay on his case to do the right thing. They won’t.

    And that readers is the real problem. We will not be able to control Romney as well as we could Obama. Romney will leads us into things that loook good for a couple of years, till you realize he just gave all the illegals th rights of American citizens and has 30,000 drones circling over our houses just to check on things. Romney is a control freak in the same fashion as Obama and he’ll be better at it.

  • JCSahyan

    Oh, the Dems would *love* the absentee voting idea! Dead guys would be voting 8 or 9 times, under different names with different addresses. Oh, and how you gonna keep corruption out of the volunteer process?  “Suspend the difference pending verification,” you say; who’s gonna do the verifying? Remember the fun we had in Florida in ’08, with the vote-counting? And how long will it take? And…Emperor Palpatine remains in power until the “verification” is done…and redone…and checked…and rechecked….And he says “When this crisis is over, I will gladly lay down the power….”
    The kinds of things you’re suggesting don’t work, in the face of violence, actual or potential, genuine, physical, armed violence, I’m afraid.

  • SmokingReb

    Absentee voting lets people who are afraid to go to the polling place an option to vote. Absentee voting requires a State ID from the state you are registered to vote in. My experience, I’ve voted absentee in two different states, is you request a ballot which is mailed to you at the address listed on your State ID/Voter Registration by the County Board of Elections. After you vote, your ballot must be witnessed that the person named on the envelope is the person who marked the ballot. Your name and the witnesses name are on the envelope, which you then mail back in. You can then track online if your ballot has been received and counted. Is there opportunity to cheat? Yep. Is there opportunity in the polling place? Yep. The only real problems in the 2008 election was in Minn and Alaska, Minn was a farce. 2000 was the Florida farce, settled by the Supreme Court, which set a precedent I believe. Validation of provisional and questionable ballots is usually resolved in most states within 2 weeks, or within the time allotted for the Electoral Collage to cast and confirm the vote. As for corruption in the volunteers, I would be far more worried about the officials who are part of the system. That’s why volunteers are there in the first place, right?

    Subject: [heo] Re: Top 10 reasons President Obama won't be reelected

  • Canadianlady

     I’m not convinced Romney’s cut from the same cloth as Bush.  Remember, the Republicans hated him when he ran for the nomination four years ago, and they didn’t support him at the beginning of his current campaign.  I’m feeling optimism about Romney.  I believe he understands that America is on the wrong road. 

  • Guest

    Obama is a communist plant and must be charged with espionage and punished accordinally with his communist unconstitutional czars, which is the gallows.

  • Guest

    Bastard is correct. The offspring of a whoremonger and a whore-as recent evidence proves.

  • Guest

    He and his communist appointments belong on the gallows.

  • Guest

    Barry communist and his communist appointments belong on the gallows, along with all those who will still vote him a second term even though the truth has been revealed.

  • John Van Horn

    I do not like Obama either, but I definitely do not wish him dead — that would simply make him a marter.  Rather, we need to resoundingly beat him and all the other liberals running for re-election this November, to remove him, them, and most importantly, their misguided ideas.

  • JCSahyan

    Sorry I have to respond here. They won’t let me respond immediately after your last response to me.
    First, not so sure the volunteers would be quite so free of corruption as you suggest. Not monetary, but ideological corruption. Group A volunteers accuse Group B volunteers of…whatever…and “Right back atcha”. And we have to have an investigation, so we can’t certify the election…etc. You’re right, though, in this much; it’s not the volunteers but the officials who are most susceptible, and it’s the officials who, will ultimately have to get involved, and we wind up, I fear, with a catfight – again (except this time, we have a sitting President, and one who will do pretty much anything to keep from losing power.) I’m also not sure who’s gonna be doing the “encouraging” of absentee voting. In any case, I would give pretty long odds right now – on the order of, say, 11-5 – that there is no chance such a measure could be implemented widely enough to make a difference this time ’round. I could be wrong, but the American people are too lethargic, too staid, to buy into a change like this, so quicly.

  • Altosackbuteer

    In London, the odds are Øbama 1.6 – 1; Mittens 2.8 – 1.  Which in Øbama’s case means, wager $10, and if Øbama wins, you get back your $10 plus $6.  In Mittens’ case it’s bet $10, get it back plus $18.

    Let’s face it.  Øbama Øsama IS the incumbent, and that weighs heavily on the minds of punters.

    But don’t worry.  Lately, the betting lines have been slowly but steadily coming closer.

  • Altosackbuteer

    Ideally, ALL news of polling should be banned.  As you rightly point out, publication of poll results tends to become its own self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • Altosackbuteer


    Probably easieer to count the states withOUT this problem.

  • Altosackbuteer

    You said elsewhere, in a posting I no longer can reach, “Thanks
    - who are you putting money on for the VP? Just curious. There are so many good
    people to choose from. Just hope it isn’t a RINO (I lean pretty conservative).
    Will talk to my brother. He’s got an acct there, of course. Plus, I think my
    husband is a Brit (legal resident – green card). Cheers,Anne”
    My answer:
    I have wagered about € 67 to date.  About 55% is on Rubio.  In part, I have wagered this much on Rubio because my twin brother is dead certain he’ll be the nominee, and I’ve sort of piggybacked on him.  I’ve gotten on average better than 5 – 1 on Rubio (wager € 1, get it back plus € 4 more).
    As for the remainder, I have it spread out among almost 10 different candidates.
    I got JC Watts for € 4 at around 50 – 1.  I actually regret this; I hit a couple of buttons by mistake, and i don’t think he has a chance.
    I got Allen West for € 8 at around 130 – 1 odds — tremendous if Mittens actually does the right thing and picks him
    I got € 2 on Gingrich at 60 – 1.
    I got € 3 on Kasich at around 120 – 1.  Why not Kasich?  The reason there is a boomlet for Portman (who for some inexplicable reason is the current London favorite) is because he’s from Ohio and can help carry that state.  But Kasich is a FAR better public speaker, is better-known, has a more impressive record, and can SURELY help carry Ohio better than Portman.  For the short money, it’s well-invested.
    I got € 3 on Rick Perry at around 250 – 1.  He would be a helluva pick for Mittens.  He’d cinch the evangelicals for Mittens (who don’t like him because of Mormonism), and would cinch Texas and surround states.  It’s short money for a worthy pick, and if it pays out, I’ll do very well.
    I got € 4 on Jeb Bush @ 34 – 1.  Now, I LOATHE the Bushes.  I think this is a HORRIBLE pick and would just alienate the country, which has Bush Fatigue.  However, the party hacks all seem to love the Bushes, and Mittens leans heavily on them, so Jeb cannot at all be counted out.
    And I got € 2 on DeMint at 130 – 1.  There is a boomlet for dumping Biden on the democratic side and replacing him with Hillary Clinton.  This would be to help Øbama attract more of the women vote.  Mittens may anticipate this and pick his own female running mate first.  So I’m thinking about Ayotte (44 – 1) and Haley (42 – 1) and Martinez (29 -1).

  • Altosackbuteer

    There is talk of dumping Biden and replacing him with Hillary Clinton.  If the Dems do this, it shows they’re desperate and fear they’re gonna lose.

    But if they’re desperate, then surely it’s because of the man who is at the top of the ticket — Øbama Øsama — and not bumbling Biden.

    In THIS case, if they’re goiong to go to the trouble of replacing Biden, why not replace Øbama Øsama too?  Give themselves a fresh new start with Hillary?

    It’s surely a very long shot.  Probably won’t happen.  But just in case it does, I put € 10 on the possibility, and will win € 890 if it happens.

  • billwhit1357

    All soldiers take an oath to Protect and Defend the Constitution (not a President) from all Enemies, Foreign and Domestic.  Obama is the Domestic Enemy of our Constitution and if he tries Martial Law, our soldiers will turn on him and line him against a wall and execute him, period!  Only his brainless followers will try to follow him and they will end up the same.  Oh well, we could use a little cleansing of our society and ridding it of Obamatrons would greatly improve it.

  • Elmer Hinkson

    I also dislike Osama Bin Oboma but  I also wouldn’t like him dead, look at what we would end up with for pres. We just need to get EVERYONE out to vote. That I feel includes the Christian voter. We have set back and let the few rule the many, and I am very tired of seeing my country go down the tubes.

  • Koolkat62

    agree, Obama just seems way to cocky about being re-elected as though he knows something we don’t. Any other politician in a similar position would be doing political yoga trying to appeal to voters…

  • Dorris P


  • williamlsasman

    The list is right and I hope that it is true at Nov time. The people we have in Washington today are not to be trusted and everyone needs to be on their toes to the things that they will do and say to stay where their at.   The WH is full of   some pretty low type people.

  • confedgal

     I agree whole-heartedly. I would love to tell the UN to bugger off (I like the way ya’ll say that) and get the expletive out of our nation.

  • sanevsinsane

    With the election just six months away, the Chicago political thug machine is ramping up quickly.  The prez’s campaign has multi-millions of dollars.  The prez and his cronies will pull out all stops to get his sorry self re-elected.  Rest assured, this is the most important election in the history of our great country.  Things are going to get really ugly between now and Nov. 6. 

  • Ellis8118

     Very good suzy2. Now you can put your face back down in that puddle of drool from whence it came. ;o)

  • no_libs

    Good post. I agree.

    Heck, Romney’s dog is better than Obama, even in the cage on the roof!

  • no_libs

    Suzy, Suzy, Suzy, don’t wish ill of him.
    Just wish for him to return to Chicago.  : }

  • nitnot

    From your lips to God’s ears.

  • RINOVirus

    Lets see…where to begin…

    #1-The market sucks.  What else is new.  Everyone knew this recovery would be slow.  The situation is improving but very slowly.
    #2-At least right now you won’t get your insurance dropped because you had the gall to actually get sick.  Something had to be done.  For people who hate Big Government you love your bennies….especially Medicare.
    #3-I don’t like SB 1070 myself, but I at least understand it.  The federal government hasn’t been doing anything.  But then again no one seems to remember Reagan giving illegals amnesty either.
    #4-No kidding.  It’s what happens when trillions of dollars evaporates into nothingness.  Wanna avoid it?  Reinstate Glass Steagall.  But Wall Street is doing fine right now with the DOW almost back where it was before the crash.  Taxes are at the lowest point in history and it still isn’t good enough.  News flash:  it never will be.
    #5-What a joke.  Saint Reagan inflated the size of government and so did Bush Jr.  You all seem to be masters of projection. It’s a tired old tune dragged out every time a Democrat is in the White House along with the term Liberal when neither Clinton nor Obama have acted like one.
    #6-That’s not totally false.  People are disappointed.  But not disappointed to put their trust in the elitist ROMBOT 1000.
    #7-Are you serious?  People hate the Tea Party now.  People know they are just the tools of the Kochs, paid for heart and soul.  At the rallies you typically see more reporters than supporters.  How many of you are going to have to suppress your vomit reflex when you pull the lever for Romney?  Or has the indoctrination from Fox News totally converted you over.
    #8-Wanna know why oil prices are going up?  It’s called Peak Oil.  I might as well not even mentioned it, you people hate critical thinking, it’s a sign of “elitism”.
    #9-So what’s your solution to North Korea and Iran?  Oh right…another war….How do you wanna pay for this one?  Oh right we’ll just borrow more money like Bush and Reagan did.
    #10-If these scandals actually amounted to something you might have something.  It’s not Watergate. It’s just everytime the Obama Administratior does something wrong you jump on it like Rush Limbaugh on a dozen donuts.

    I’m shocked no one mentioned the debt which was inherited.  GO BUSH TAX CUTS.  Lets borrow more money from China to give to rich people.  The truth is this year the smart Republicans like Jindal and Cristie are sitting it out.  The smart guys are waiting on 2016 when the Bush legacy will be much longer in the rear view and there won’t be incumbent.

  • suzy2

    Watch what happens after November

  • suzy2

    Sorry, I wish what he deserves.  Think of all the milirary men killed without enough back up, think about Obama’s Treason to our country.  I WISH THE BASTARD DEAD

  • Jon

     Obama and his cohort rigged the last election. Remember Acorn?
    Remember deceased voters supposedly voted. The absentee ballots weren’t counted? This election will be no different. I’m going to vote anyway.I believe it has been years since my vote counted. It was reported . We need to get the voting machines owned and operated by a neutral company and overseen by a nonpartisan company who don’t take bribes.

  • Nic Godfrey

    Obama more than doubled the debt he “inherited”

  • Jon

    I don’t know one person who voted for him.  If you think it was due to race, the majority of the US population is White. The election was rigged.

  • Gary Mallast

     The thing that may let Obama win re-election is that in so many ways, Mitt Hussein Romneycare is a repeat of Obama.  Almost all of Obama’s negatives apply to Romney.  They are BOTH Harvard-educated, narcissistic, socialist, hyper-government elitists with strong ties to the leftist-run big banks and investment firms.

    About the only good thing that can be said for Romney over Obama is that Romney is undoubtedly no where near as neurotically narcissistic as Obama.   The downside to Romney is that he will do much more damage because many so-called Republicans will not oppose his idiocy because he is “OUR” President.

    As a Republican, if we are going to have a jerk for a President; I would rather he be a Democrat.

    “Laugh about it
    Shout about it
    When you’ve got to choose.
    Anyway you look at it
    You lose.”

    –Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, song “Mrs. Robinson”

  • Ellis8118

     When President Obama wins a second term, I would predict a complete catastrophic meltdown of suzy2. However, I believe we’re already witnessing that.

  • suzy2

    Oh give me a break, dummy!  You can not possibly support Obama after all the lies, damage and Treason Obama has done to this country.  Apparently you are part of the problem, an ignorant fool who really knows nothing about what is really happening.  If Obama wins, (which I doubt) and would only be by fraudulent votes, he will not be present long. The only reason he is still in office is due to wimps in congress and threats from Obama’s puppet masters.  I predict Obama will suddenly disapear.

  • Bill Penrose

    EXACTLY. I believe that this race baiting is going to start real trouble either a little before or a little after the election.  It will be started by reporters such as the moron on CNN.  I would vote for Allen West, or Condeleza Rice in a second, and it has nothing to do with race. obama is no good and it has nothing to do with what color he is. I wonder how so many people could have voted for a Chicago Democrat. He was and is a part of the Cook County machine. Anytime you are approached by a community organizer you will be talking with someone who is after someone else’s money.

  • mcffoster

    suzy2, I haven’t written anything that said that I supported Obummer in any way.  I dispise the bastard more than you do. 

    I never voted for him the first election and I would put your name down as a write in candidate before I would vote for him EVER.  So  don’t know what you think that I said that would even indicate otherwise.

    Over the last 3-1/2 years I have sent over a thousant e-mails to my e-mail list plus many messages to my members of congress . . . who being the spinless assholes they are won’t write up impeachment proceedings and vote him out of office and deport his ignorant ass back to Kenya.

  • mcffoster

    You have me confused with someone else.

    Gasoline prices are on the rise again and quickly.  Please join the Exxon/Mobil boycott.

    With YOUR help, my attainable goal is to replace
    every “corrupt” politician in Washington.

    Defectors are jumping ship!!

  • suzy2

    Sorry Mcffoster.  Maybe I did have you confused.  Thought I replied to one that was supporting Obama.

  • Rosco Jones

     Mitt was accused by the left of being “too wholesome”. I don’t know how he can get out of this one.

  • Rosco Jones

    “What happens in Vegas, should stay in Vegas”
    There is always things happening behind the scenes during elections.
    I really hope Mitt wins by a landslide, so there can be no doubt.

  • Progressive Republican

    Couldn’t help but notice the absence of THE most likely cause of Obama’s failure to win re-election: years of voter fraud on the part of the party of Guile, Obfuscation and Plutonomy with millions of eligible voters removed from voter’s rolls, unable to or philosophically unwilling to pay the new poll taxes/”voter I.D.” (like,say, the Amish?) or having their votes flipped as they were in 2008 and 2010. Ever notice how few claims there were of flipped votes FOR Dems?

  • Rick_Won

    Now this was a good answer to the race players.  Hope you don’t mind if I pass it around.

  • bigjack1

    You can sum it up with one word   ” Incompetent “.

  • oldguy199

    Go there and compare toCarter

  • Bill

    My opinion, for what it’s worth- A Romney victory isn’t in the cards. I think most Americans will have a tough time relating to a man that makes his fortune in the venture capital business, and has been shown to off-shore some of that fortune to protect it from US taxation. Add to that the five houses and the fact that his policies are not that different from the current President’s, and I think you’ll see a second Obama term.

  • Bill

    Good points. But is the average voter thinking as hard as you?

  • timothy c sullivan

    your point is meaningless what about all the other Questionable super rich guys who were elected as POTUS such as FDR,JFK,LBJ and going all way back to to G Washington all RICH…on the other hand Nixon and Eisenhower were not rich and were Republicans so your opinion is just that

  • Bill

    Care to wager? My bet is Obama will take a second term, despite the huge amount of money being spent by SuperPacs.

    Let’s say an imaginary $100 bet.

  • Chris Christie

    sure enough……and if people don’t think martial law isn’t
    a real thought I would think again….Obama isn’t going let something silly
    like an election (referendum on him) stop him and give up his throne

  • Jan Rausch Herriott

    I want to know who made the decision to have our votes counted in Spain by a company with ties to George Soros! How much more corrupt can you get?!?!?

  • Patti1947

    Hi everyone…… I’m so scared aout the upcoming election. Mitt Romney is a wonderul , intelligent, caring, family man, who would make a great President. Obama will do anything to get re-elected. There is even an ad that shows an african american woman telling people to vote for Obama because he got her a free cell phone. I found out that the government has purchased 2 and 1/2 million phones for people who cannot afford them, even giving them 250 minutes per month. This is a reson to vote for a president? Please pray Obama is shown the door on November 6th and Governor Romney gets the key to The White House otherwise this country is ruined forever.

  • Kitt Marshall

    AMEN!! to that…but why are you all “mincing” at saying what Moochelle is? She is a “typical black woman raised to think she’s white”. Clearly, she thinks being white is better. Look at her hair…is that Whoopi hair? I don’t think so. And she’s only been “proud to be an American” once? Come on, STOP being so politically correct!!

  • Flayer

    I think you didn’t catch my sarcasm. I was talking about once again being proud of our first lady if we are lucky enough to get Ann Romney. Personally I can’t stand Moochelle (and am sick to death of looking at those ugly armpits, as I’m sure are many world leaders: hey Michelle! wear some sleeves, for goodness sakes!). I went to college with women like her and they were pains in the a** then and still are. My senior partner was black and an absolutely fantastic woman who was brilliant, hard-working, and dragged me across the finish line. She spoke German fluently and lived for some time in Switzerland and refused to sit at the “black table” in the cafeteria, preferring instead to know and befriend as many different folks as possible. And her family was a G0d fearing middle class family from the border of the slums of East Oakland, CA. So Moochelle can buzz off for all I care, and she can call me a racist for all I care because I know that SHE and her ilk are the real racists, as I learned the hard way in college, living in the USA for the first time. They taught me what racism is, not anyone I knew growing up overseas.