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Fauxcahontas Update: Enter the REAL Cherokee


Now that Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren has stolen the title of America’s Most Famous Fake Indian from Ward Churchill, you might be wondering how real Cherokee feel about this wheezy academic fraud using their heritage to score herself some sweet “diversity” benefits.  It would appear they are not amused.

Blogger William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection, who was among the first to wonder why anybody should take Warren’s word for even her pathetic claim of 3 percent Indian blood without solid documentation, got in touch with genealogist Twila Barnes, who is 7/32 Cherokee and – very conspicuously unlike Warren – actually does stay active in Cherokee affairs. 

Barnes has her own blog, called Thoughts From Polly’s Granddaughter, and after dealing with a family emergency, she found the time to publish a scathing open letter to Warren.  Barnes’ missive should be read in full by clicking the link above, but here’s a particularly interesting passage:

We wonder why you believe you have the right to claim Cherokee ancestry and to call yourself a Native American when you have no evidence to support your claim.  While you cling to a family story and the inaccurate report that ONE document was found that supports your claim, we real Cherokee understand that those things mean nothing.

You see, we Cherokees have lots and lots and lots of documentation supporting our claims of ancestry.  Our Cherokee ancestors are found on every roll of the Cherokee Nation (30+ rolls!) dating back to before the remove and in all sorts of other documentation, including but not limited to claims against the US government for lost property; the Moravian missionary records; ration lists before and after the forced removal, etc… yet your ancestors are found in NONE of these records.

That’s a very pertinent point, which ties directly into the larger issue I believe the Warren story illuminates: our society places an increasing degree of emphasis on credentials, but many of those credentials are surprisingly easy to fake.  For some reason, our high-tech, information-saturated society can still be persuaded to tolerate absurdities like Warren’s vaporous affirmative action claims, or opposition to sensible voter ID laws.

The notion of having to pull out paperwork from 1840 to prove Warren is a “woman of color” (as she was, hilariously, described by Harvard Law’s news director in a 1997 Fordham Law Review article) is absurd on its face, but someone with an actual Cherokee great-great-great-grandmother shouldn’t really have much trouble producing such papers, because the Cherokee saga was very well-documented.

You would think someone at a major American university would have known that, or at the very least someone at Harvard Law would have meditated upon the concept of “burden of proof,” as Barnes needles in her letter.

After publishing her letter, Barnes discussed Warren in a radio interview: “It’s like she’s stepping on the backs of Cherokee people to get what it is that she wants.”  She’s working with other genealogists to produce a more authoritative report on Warren’s true family history.  Meanwhile, liberals keep insisting Warren deserves a pass: it’s “old news,” she was a good teacher at Harvard, there are more important issues to discuss in the Massachusetts Senate race. 

But Warren’s entire hard-Left philosophy is based on the idea that certain people benefit unfairly from communal resources, and must be punished.  That’s what made her famous, remember?  She gave a videotaped lecture insisting that Evil Rich People are unfairly profiting from the use of public resources, without which nobody could possibly achieve success in life.  Affirmative-action fraud sounds like the kind of thing that would make her boil with rage… if anyone lacking the proper political credentials got caught doing it.

Update: Another aspect of this scandal is that Warren initially tried to deny that she ever passed herself off as a Native American.  The documentation of her shameless lies keeps piling up.  Here’s a new piece to chew on: one of the “items of evidence” introduced in her increasingly desperate claims to Cherokee heritage was a 1984 cookbook entitled “Pow Wow Chow,” edited by her first cousin.  

The Boston Herald got its hands on a copy of this book, and discovered that Warren contributed several recipes.  Each of them is credited to “Elizabeth Warren, Cherokee.”  They sound rather tasty, and while I find myself doubting the authenticity of the “crab with tomato mayonnaise dressing,” I will humbly defer to the judgment of people like Twila Barnes on whether such dishes were traditionally served at Cherokee gatherings.

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  • Leroy_Whitby

    [W]hile I find myself doubting the authenticity of the “crab with tomato mayonnaise dressing,” I will humbly defer to the judgment of people like Twila Barnes on whether such dishes were traditionally served at Cherokee gatherings.

    The 3% tribe supports the actual Cherokee in their lack of amusement.

    Besides, everyone knows that true Cherokee prefer Worcestershire based sauces.

  • Mike_in_Wasilla

    Nothing new here. No big deal. This is the same old same old.  Liberalism is based on nothing but lies. This would embarrass any one of us, but it’s just another day in the life of a liberal.

  • GomeznSA

    John – if you don’t mind – a minor correction needs to be added to your final paragraph. It should read “Evil White and/or Conservative Rich People’.
    It becomes increasingly obvious that mz warren KNOWINGLY perpetrated fraud – both on the university and her ‘students’. The problem that is sort of subsurface is that it is also equally apparent that someone (or group) from the ‘u’ at the very least aided and abetted her fraud. Of course it was in the ‘best interests’ (ie claims of ‘diversity’ etc) of all concerned to do so both initially and over an extended period of time. Of course in a way that ‘validates’ her premise, after all, she could not have ‘succeeded’ without outside (and possibly even GOV’T) assistance……………………. 

  • sigp238

    Elizabeth Warrens dog is named ‘Tonto’. That should count for something.

  • Dustoff

     OMG……….. coffee just went everywhere.

  • John Hayward

    God help us all if she brings that dog to the White House for dinner.

  • Concerned4America

     Yes but it is about as “diverse” as John Wayne playing Geronimo in a movie. Some would say it goes beyond “representation” to insulting. I have known educated native Americans, if they had bothered to look they could have found one also.

  • Yirmin

    You would think someone at a major American university would have known that, or at the very least someone at Harvard Law would have meditated upon the concept of “burden of proof,” as Barnes needles in her letter
    And yet you would be wrong.  I know, because in early the early 1990′s I applied to Harvard Law School and mentioned in my application that I was Cherokee.  I received a letter requesting my roll number to prove that I was indeed a Cherokee.  The simple fact is the rolls were closed in the early 1900′s and anyone that understood Indians would have know that I would only have a BIA card and a membership card from the Cherokee Nation.  There was no roll number…. though it is interesting that they would not consider my application complete until I provided documentation to support my claim of being Cherokee… I still am left to wonder what documentation did Warren supply?

  • Liberal Soup N Crackers

    Yes, and during those cuddly moments she refers to her husband as Kimosabe.

  • Lionheart1159

    I’ve personally worked with 3 Harvard graduates in my career.  Two of the three were arrogant, lazy, and in my opinion, unremarkable.  The third of the three was quite smart and productive, but not even close to the elite minds at the company.  I believe that the Warren incident, although a single data point, is representative of the decline in the prestige and respect that the public has in a Harvard education.

  • Fred, Wa State

    “They sound rather tasty, and while I find myself doubting the authenticity of the “crab with tomato mayonnaise dressing,”

    I’m not familiar with the eating habits of the Cherokee, but the Paiutes of Eastern Oregon and Nevada preferred Crab Louies  on those hot high desert days.

  • GomeznSA

    Would that be dessert or appetizer? I guess it would depend on the size of the pooch and the number of other guests………………

  • GomeznSA

    How many time do I have to remind you NOT to be drinking coffee while reading these columns/comments???

  • Lionheart1159

    “As dinner” would be more appropriate.  Dog is a fine meal, served with tomato and mayonaise.

  • Dustoff

     Fred…. what in the heck is in you’re coffee.  (-:

  • Dustoff

     I just LOVE the torture of words.   (-:

  • GomeznSA

    Ah but don’t forget that the ‘Duke’ once played Genghis Khan (and that’s off the top of my head – probably played other ‘minorities’ as well, can’t think of others off hand).
    I think your last sentence is on target – I doubt they even tried to look or verify.

  • TenFace

     Great you just gave the liberals their new talking point, thanks a lot.  Now for the next two weeks liberals will tell me how stupid I am for not to accept Warrens claim based on her dog’s name.

  • Niniane

    It is getting disgusting that minority affirmative action has probably driven many to lie about their heritage. Why is it an important consideration as  to what the person is able to accomplish in life? As I think about it, I think everyone can declare themselves a minority. With my Scandinavian/Irish heritage, I certainly do not belong to a majority in this country. Why don’t I also qualify for affirmative action goodies?

    It is beyond time we get rid of this ethnic and racial preference. On a side note, there were more babies born to Latinos and blacks in this country than whites for the first time.

  • Michael T Lyster

    Oh, nonsense: you just hate her because she’s an Indian. Or, something. 

    Now, can’t we just get this behind us and talk about Evil Mormons Running For Office, and how bad old Bain fired somebody, once?

  • globalcrap

    It may be the dinner

  • Highlanderclan

    Yes, didn’t you know? 
    Harvard’s new history books show that crab with tomato mayonnaise dressing was a staple on the Trail of Tears when the Cherokee were taking muslims to Republican holding facilities in Cuba.
    Warren’s ancestors worked with obama’s Irish, Scottish, Kenyan, Mexican, Egyptian ancestors like Jesse James to show Republicans like George Washington how the South African constitution would be better than the one written by Washington and the other Grand Dragons of the Klan that founded this horrible country.

    At least that’s what Harvard’s history books say…

  • Melvin L

    Why does Harvard keep producing this utter crap. “Warren you TeePee is full of shit.”

  • DaneChile

    Ahhh, there´s your problem!  You applied as a student!! If you are a man, that was the Double Whammy.  You see, rules of entrance are different for academic staff – especially when Harvard could hit an infield double with a “Native American Woman of Color”.  And Warren has so much color it fairly drips off of her.

    In matters culinary, I (as a Cherokee, by gosh and by golly!) can state the Cherokee preferred Bear-naisse Sauce with their Roast Saddle of ´Coon and Half-rack of Muskrat.

  • W Tilghman Scott Jr.

    See….this proves that an education obtained at Havvvvvvvvvvard isn’t worth much at all. Long ago, this was a respected university – now, it rest on the laurels of generations past as their totally liberal teachings undermine the foundations once used to found the university. R.I.P. Harvard !

  • sunnyblues

    “Oh, what a evil web we weave when we practice to deceive.”  

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Hmm, isn’t Obama a distinguished Harvard grad? When did he ever worry about the truth?

  • BJ Grove

     I actually laughed for the first time in the current political arena.

  • BLH557

    You guys crack me up. That’s not easy; I’m a Chiropractor.

  • justinwachin

    Here’s an idea–cut off special privileges for people based on their race or ethnic origin. Ms. Warren has no more control over who her ancestors are than anyone else does. Why should she enjoy special benefits at the expense of other citizens? If we are truly equal we should be treated that way.

  • vietvetagstjkerry_1

     2War Abn Vet,  Garry Owen, 1st Cav Div (AM) 65-66 3rd Bde Welcome to your third war, and mine.  This is a war we cannot afford to lose, the war of politics and a battle to restore our nation to what the Founding Fathers envisioned a Constitutional Republic.  My youngest son was with the Cav in Iraq.

  • Concerned4America

     That was my point. I don’t know if the Duke played Geronimo but there were and still are a lot of minorities that are played by white actors.

  • VictorLandry

    She wants to be an Indian, so send her to a reservation and make her subsist on only government welfare. Then, see how quick she stops claiming to be an Indian.

  • Poor Wilber

    Warren, continues to float up sh!t creek without a paddle or canoe, and drowning.  

    Tomato-mayonniase dressing, really?

  • Elizabeth Riggs

     Why?? I had a cat named “Magnus,” and another named “Pywacket.” But that does not make me a witch!
    According to my father, he wasn’t an American Citizen until he was 6 years old – he said he was a half-breed. Well, objectively I can’t find any authoritarian sources to prove any descent from any tribe. So what? I was raised Anglo and so I AM Anglo. I enjoy the thought that I MIGHT be able to prove this someday, but realistically, I cannot.
    My husband, and I, and our Bombay cats, my wonderful service dog Emmy, our “groan” children and 11 grandchildren don’t need to prove anything about ourselves. We are who we are. And we ever shall be!

  • Elizabeth Riggs

     Yalies are even worse – trust me!

  • brucethompson22

    It’s a peace offering. instead of passing abound a “Peace pipe” they’ll pass around,    (for want of a better word), Hot  Dog d’oeuvre.. The name Hot Dog has taken on a new meaning it  the White House

  • Donwrightjr

    Some of the funniest and most enlightened comments I’ve read in a long, long time. Of course it might be funny to me because I’ve had too much “firewater”, which I don’t seem to be able to handle. Does that mean maybe I too can claim native american heritage and snag a Hahvid professorship?

  • Bob Sweeney

     “It Is Easier To Fool People Than To Convince People That They Have Been Fooled.”
    Mark Twain

  • wavedancer8465

     You guys were there before me. 18th ABN Corp. Ranger Det. to 101st, 82nd, 173rd.  67, 68, 70.  And now we continue.  If we could finally get the liberal Vets to understand the loss of our liberty just over our lifetime, then this particular 3rd war would hopefully end with more freedom for all. 

  • Stratosaurus

    Ya beat me to it, Gomez!  That was the first thing that popped into my head.  I doubt, and I mean SERIOUSLY doubt, that Genghis Khan was 6’4″ tall.  I’d almost bet that he wore the belt buckle John Ford gave him, with the large “D”.  He wore that when he played Rooster Cogburn in “True Grit” and “Rooster Cogburn”.  I believe he even wore it in “The Shootist”.  At least Khan’s attire would’ve hidden it.

  • smartgranny55

    I figure my Scandinavian is enough of an advantage that I don’t need to be a minority. 

  • Elizabeth Riggs

     My husband and I have been saying that for a long time. Race, ethnic, gender, handicap, etc., all are covered in the Constitution and as well as by every law there is on the books. The laws cover “citizens.” Every citizen, regardless of race, ethnic, gender, handicap, etc., is covered in the Constitution as well as in state and local municipal laws. There is no need to pass special laws. When we stop thinking that every “special interest” group needs to have laws written about them the sooner everyone will truly have equal opportunity – to succeed or fail. And THAT is really what this country is about and even the Civil Rights movement was about that.
    Any group that feels discriminated against can go through the legal process of a suit against those who are doing the discriminating. That’s the way we do things in the USA

  • madprof

     Are you taking a swipe at our president because he likes eating dog?

  • drdbiggs

     7 course meal for Elizabeth Warren is a 6 pack of beer & a puppy!

  • drdbiggs

    Don’t Re-Nig in 2012!

  • mullenski

    Warren’s bio says she is Cherokee.  Obama’s bio says he is Kenyan.
    Common denominator = Harvard.
    Theater of the absurd.

  •!/davidjkramer DavidKramer

    Beavis was overheard saying, while looking at Elizabeth Warren, TeePee for my bunghole.

  • 1tomritter1

    “She gave a videotaped lecture insisting that Evil Rich People are unfairly profiting from the use of public resources”

    Aren’t most of the rich Democrats?

  • zagnut64

    I was born in California, that makes me 100% Native American.