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Top Romney Donor on Obama’s ‘Enemies List’: They’re Stalking My Kids (Video)

Romney donor Frank VanderSloot, one of the eight men detailed by the president’s “Truth Team” by the campaign, was on with Greta Van Susteren on Friday night.

Frank is discovering what it means to be on a president’s “enemies list.” The top Romney donor says that Obama lackeys are attacking him and starting rumors about him and his family. Vandersloot revealed in an interview on Fox News that his business practice is being hurt by the attacks from the Obama team.

He also told Greta that Team Obama supporters are stalking his children.

“There’s been a ton of electronic media… that have lodged all kind of innuendo in my direction, accused me of all kinds of bad things. People have called my children. They’ve been surfing their LinkedIn sites. They’ve been asking interviews of my kids.

It’s the Chicago way.

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  • Maximus_Legitimus

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I don’t have patience for his ilk.

  • Maximus_Legitimus


  • Maximus_Legitimus

    He’s improving his vocabulary and using new words each week. And soon he’ll have complete command of the English language, just like obama with the “Austrian language”…..funny.

  • Maximus_Legitimus

    Why waste words with this guy?
    obama gained his seat as an Illinois Senator by smearing his adversaries with personal information, some of it sealed by the courts, but then un-sealed by a court in California.
    obama uses the same approach with anyone that stands in his way. Look at the time and money spent going after every little detail of Governor Palin’s personal life.
    When obama can’t support his stance with facts, he obfuscates and misdirects and then batters his adversaries with personal information. Time after time obama has used this approach with much success.