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Dan Savage and Carrie Prejean

A few years ago, beauty queen Carrie Prejean innocently answered a question about gay marriage with a polite “no.” She was viciously personally attacked by Miss USA pageant judge Perez Hilton, who posted a video of himself cursing at her.

Prejean was eventually stripped of her crown, and as for Perez Hilton? “I’d love to have him back,” pageant owner Donald Trump once said. “I mean, I’d love to have him back” — although he didn’t actually do it.

That was a seminal moment for American culture wars. Nobody could protect Prejean, while Hilton suffered no visible consequences for his grotesque violation of civilized norms of behavior.

That, of course, was in the entertainment business.

Still, we should not be that surprised that just three years later, sex columnist Dan Savage used an invitation to address a high school journalists conference to curse and swear at students who hold to traditional views of Christianity.

Savage is no marginal figure.

He visits the White House. His anti-bullying project has its own corner on President Obama’s website. He has a syndicated newspaper column, and a television show on MTV.

Prediction: None of that will change because he is taking a little media hit for inexcusably bad behavior in front of other people’s captive schoolchildren.

Savage, who apologized only for calling the students who walked out “pansy-assed” (pardon me), has only this to say in his own defense: “It wasn’t like I sneaked up on a Bible study class and commandeered the podium. I’m like the devil. You have to invite me in.”


Yes, of course. Normal standards of civilized behavior are apparently not required of Savage. Nothing he has done before, including denouncing norms of monogamy or boasting about spitting on the doorknob of a presidential candidate to make him sick, led the conference organizers to pause before inviting him to speak — none of that has led to anything for Savage but greater acclaim, money, power, prestige and applause.

Why in the world would he stop now, for goodness’ sake?

Savage has a clear vision for America: It will be a place where, in order to remain respectable citizens, Christians (and others with traditional moral views) will simply have to drop not only Leviticus, but Genesis, and oh by the way, Jesus’ own words in Matthew 19.

Christian moral understanding of sex, gender and marriage will simply have to change, Savage asserts. Why? Because he and others say so. To do otherwise is to be mean to him and other gay people. Our very existence, our identity as both good Christians and good citizens is an offense to him.

Once it was enough to accept norms of civility — to speak and treat each other with respect in spite of our important moral differences and disagreements. That was so 2003. Now gay leaders expect that those who disagree with them will be silent or face a wall of wrath.

The American people are not yet on board with this historic re-valuation of values. That’s clear from two new polls this week showing that the Marriage Amendment in North Carolina, despite being outspent and virtually orphaned by national conservative figures, is set to win by anywhere from 14 points to 20 points.

This is the same week when Rod Dreher wrote a blog post, “The Rout of the Right on Gay Marriage,” claiming, “I know my fellow social and religious conservatives don’t like to hear this, but Daniel McCarthy explains why we can’t win the gay marriage fight.”

Actually, Rod, I understand your pessimism, but please drop the “nobody likes to hear this, I’m being brave” pose. You are among a large number of conservative elites who want to declare the war over and get out of the way. Everyone looking at the wall of hatred coming our way wants to duck, including me.

But the American people have not yet gotten the memo.

The will to lose on gay marriage among conservative elites is palpable. But thankfully, the consequences of permitting marriage to be remade in the image of the Dan Savages of America are now equally clear. When Dan Savage’s side wins, support for gay sex and marriage will not be optional.

Even a schoolchild can see that.

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  • Ed_USA

    ” will simply have to drop not only Leviticus…”
    I believe that Savage’s point is that Christians have already dropped most of Leviticus as it suited them. They eat pigs, rabbits, shellfish, etc. They shave their beards. They wear clothes of mixed cloth. They don’t bring lambs to the priests when they have children. The list goes on.
    Savage only asks, if rather crudely, why Christians can’t see fit to add just one more part of Leviticus to the many that they’ve been ignoring for years. Seems like a fair question.

  • Conservthinker

    You are mistaken, Levicitus was for ancient Jews not Christians. The Apostle Paul clearly stated though that homosexuality was not acceptable to God. Like it or not it is there.
    People like Savage want Christians to change their beliefs to accept his life choice. The problem with Savage is that he is an obnoxious vulgar individual who trashes any one who does not agree with him.


  • Altosackbuteer

    Do you not see a basic difference between cultic rules and regulations, and matters pertaining to sexual morality?

    In any event, both the Old and New Testaments condemn homosexuality in no uncertain terms.

  • Altosackbuteer

    I wish conservatives would ignore Carrie Prejean.

    She is a young beauty contest participant, an activity which is intrinsically immodest.

    Modesty is a barrier behavior.  People who are outwardly modest are more likely to be morally modest. 

    Moreover, why would any serious person be interested in the opinion of a young, vapid beauty contest participant?

    And in any event, she imploded her own credibility with her explicitly obscene self-photographed text messages.

  • Leroy_Whitby

    Great article, great insight. Thank you. 

  • wearyconservative1946

    And the answer seems simple.  We’re aware that Jesus brought with him a new covenent for believers, then in  1st Cor. 6:9-10  the Apostle Paul  tells us clearly that certain iniquities  will prevent us from inheriting the Kingdom of Heaven. None of the things you mention are included,  but homosexuality most definitely is.  “… not be deceived.  Neither fornicators, nor idolators, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves,  nor coveters, nor drunks,  nor  revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the Kingdom of God.     

    Romans 1:27,  “…Likewise, also the men,  leaving the natural use of women, burned in their lust for one another,   men with men, committing what is shameful and receiving in  themselves the penalty for their error which was due.”  In verses 29-32,  Paul goes on.
    “…..being filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness,  maliciousness, full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil mindedness, back biters, haters of God, violent, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things,  disobedient to parents,  undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful,  who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death; not only do the same, but also approve of those who practice them”.  Still no mention of  Old Testament rules laws given to the Jewish people by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.    

  • chuckinva

    There is no secret to the gay strategy to declare themselves normal. They attack Christianity furiously and Conservatives. Liberal don’t believe that we are even entitled to our opinion. Thrust me when I say, they do NOT have the moral high ground on this issue. So what do they do, create a new normal.

    I don’t condemn their life style, but don’t shove it down my throat or teach it to my kids in school. You have gone beyond living in peace in our society to flaunting what others perceive as abnormal behavior.

  • wearyconservative1946

    Paul wasn’t second guessing Jesus, who was clearly referring to the ten commandments etched in stone by God Himself.

  • wearyconservative1946

    Nope, I hadn’t forgotten. just wanted to stay within reason on the length of my post.

  • wearyconservative1946

    I understand that and seldom  post Scripture on these boards, but as I understand God’s instructions,  we’re supposed to spread His word, then leave it alone and let each individual decide for him’ herself  whether or not to heed those words.  Anyway,  it does break my heart to witness the staggering number of souls that will be lost when the final trumpet sounds.

  • wearyconservative1946

    I took Alto’s post as using the word ‘cultic’ to describe a certain group of people;  in this case Jewish. And no, the choice isn’t ours.  The new covenant was set down by God and it’s entirely yours and my own choice as to whether or not we accept and live by the new rules.

    And that is MY last word or Mr. Whitby would be absolutely correct in pointing out God’s position on casting our pearls before swine. God’s comparison, not mine.

  • Stratosaurus

    The only thing which concerns Trump is making more money for Trump.  If it means feeding participants in his shows, businesses, or beauty pageants to the wolves, he doesn’t seem to have any problems doing that.

  • mrhuehls

     They have cast themselves adrift on the waves of social change in current culture. They will crash. The aftermath will cause no end of major social ills for which they have no anchor to correct.

  • TobiasSmollett

     Well you clearly hang out with a faster crowd than I, and I’m sure your experience seems compelling to you.  But it doesn’t tell me anything about the inner soul of gay people that isn’t true of the all humans. 

  • TobiasSmollett

     Stan — I’m hesitant to apply the over-used word “rights” in this context.  In any event, there are no special rights being demanded that others don’t have.  Here’s a partial list of legal and economic devices that are available to anyone, as long as you are not gay.

    Status as “next-of-kin” for hospital visits and medical decisions

    Right to make a decision about last rites

    Right to make a decision about the disposal of loved ones remains

    Immigration and residency for partners from other countries

    Automatic inheritance in the absence of a will

    Crime victims recovery benefits

    Domestic violence protection orders

    Judicial protections and immunity

    Public safety officers death benefits

    Spousal veterans benefits

    Social Security

    Joint parental rights of children

    Joint adoption


    Joint filing of tax returns

    Wrongful-death benefits for surviving partner and children

    Bereavement or sick leave to care for partner or children

    Child support

    Joint Insurance Plans

    Tax credits including: Child tax credit, Hope and lifetime learning credits

    Deferred Compensation for pension and IRAs

    Estate and gift tax benefits

    Joint housing for elderly

    Credit protection

    Medical care for survivors and dependents of certain veterans.