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Michigan welfare recipients get hundreds for car repairs, clothing allowance

Michigan’s welfare recipients may get up to $900 from the state in car repairs every year, but the House of Representatives is trying to cut that to $500.

The car repair subsidies are part of a $6.4 million program the Department of Human Services has to help welfare recipients get a job and stay employed. Among many approved expenses, the program also includes up to $1,200 for welfare recipients to buy a car, and up to $500 for clothing allowance for job interviews and work.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” said Jim Chioda, a tea party activist from Holland. “This floors me. … They keep finding more and more. … When are we going to stop? They need money to go to the movies? It’s ridiculous.”

State Rep. Dave Agema, R-Grandville, said the car repair allowance dropping to $500 wasthe only subsidy that was reduced. Rep. Agema said he didn’t like the program, but cutting any more would have created an outcry from Democrats who think the program is necessary to get people off welfare.

David Akerly, spokesman for the Department of Human Services, referred comment to the legislators.

State Rep. Shanelle Jackson, D-Detroit, had her amendment to stop the cuts from taking place defeated.

Rep. Jackson said everyone agreed the goal was to get people off state assistance.

“It is very hard to get your car fixed, which is a tool you need to get to work so you can become truly self-sufficient,” Rep. Jackson said.

Belinda Szmytke, a tea party activist from Superior Township, said the state no longer has the money to pay for welfare recipients’ car repairs.

“It’s just one more thing we are throwing money at that we don’t have,” Szmytke said. “I’m frustrated by that.”

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  • Taxpayer1234

    My sister briefly went on welfare and Medicaid when she became pregnant.  She had one of Medicaid’s famous “drive-through deliveries,” where the docs wanted her out of the hospital within 23 hours of arrival. They wouldn’t give her pain meds because Medicaid wouldn’t pay for it.   And when she didn’t dilate fast enough to give birth under the 23-hour limit, the doc did it for her–with his hands. 

    She accepted one welfare check and then quit the system.  When I asked why, she said it was the most humiliating, demeaning experience she’d ever been through–worse than the “drive-through delivery”! So it makes me wonder just how little these career-welfare women think of themselves, that they’ll go through this month after month, year after year.

  • Confused

    Have you ever looked for yourself for anything related to informing yourself about any data / numbers relative to any interesting subject.  If you have not your request is insultingly disingenuous.  Try for yourself, we can trade email addresses and if you show any true interest in this effort I will supply you with a variety of URLs.

  • Melbo58

    I’m so glad YOU brought  up race:
    The curios case of JT Ready:
     “On Wednesday, authorities said Ready walked into a house in a suburb east of Phoenix and opened fire, killing four people, including his girlfriend and a toddler, before killing himself.”
           Along the way, the reports said, he took the lives of four other people, including a toddler. How typical of of the current modern day white terrorist criminals. My question , What must society do to rid ourselves  of the parasites, bigots and malcontents that pose such a clear and present danger to our democracy?
           You people are relics, time to go out to pasture.

  • Melbo58

     Would you include high priced and famous tricks, skanks and skezzers  like Bristol Palin in your “baby’s mammas” category? Oh wait, fools like you willingly pay for the tramps bling!

  • Melbo58

     You are a simpleton and a liar. And like most dullards and cretins, you have NO response to the man’s question. haha

  • Melbo58

    With total disgust I read these comments from T-bags that worship at the alter of the  dead beat scum punk Joe Walsh! I wonder how much of my hard earned tax dollars went to support his wife and his “offspring” because this dog like so many other red-staters FAIL to be a man about THEIR responsibilities. I say cut all the red states off of the Gov. tiddy. Welfare cut by 60% case closed job done. Who out there in God’s country is with me?

  • Dwayne Simpson

    There’s no such thing as cradle to grave welfare anymore. There’s a 96 month lifetime max for any applicant. It’s been that way since the Clinton welfare reform act. So your comments are false.

  • Dwayne Simpson

    If the mothers know the social of the fathers, they ARE tracked down. Even in cases of divorce. My best friend in Illinois was having nearly 80% of his paychecks garnished every week by the state due to the fact that his ex-wife wouldn’t get off welfare either. When DID she get a job? The week after their youngest child turned 18 and she was no longer receiving assistance or child support. Don’t always blame the father. Myself, I have full custody of my two oldest boys and have been for eight years, yet I have no received one DIME of support from their mother. Again, don’t pigeon-hole fathers as there are plenty of deadbeat moms out there

  • Ashley

    I live in Warren i’m 24 years old with a 3 year old little girl (yes i’m married for those of you who must concern yourself with that) I am currently receiving food assistance. My husband works his butt off to try and provide for myself and our little one but sometimes it’s just not enough so yes we applied for help what is so wrong with that? My car just recently broke down and we no longer have it so now my husband has to rely on the bus to get him to and from work but his job could be in jeopardy over this due to the fact that they are rarely on time. We do not have enough money to buy a car so if we ask for help with it that automatically makes us lazy, and bad people!?!? You run your mouths about people on welfare because you have good jobs nice cars and can afford things but what about those of us who are just hanging on by a thread? Do we really deserve the slander and hatred? Yes there are people who abuse the system but what about those of us who truly need it, we shouldn’t be put down or made to feel like we are not as good as other people. Get your acts together this conversation is a nicer way of adults being cyber bullies you get to put those less fortunate down and make them feel like dirt but you call it a debate. Shame on everyone who looks down on people who need help!