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State-by-state concealed carry laws: The good, the bad, and the ugly

From state to state across the nation, varied concealed carry laws that determine the legality of carrying and traveling with a weapon, are about as chaotic as a spinning tornado. Currently, each state in the union has some kind of menacing restriction placed on innocent Americans that concurrently and specifically violate the Second and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution. 

With no clear federal standard, many state authorities are imposing heavy-handed rules that penalize American citizens for exercising Second Amendment rights that, in the best circumstances, afford them the freedom to carry firearms wherever they go.

State authorities are arbitrarily picking and choosing which non-resident citizens have permission to carry a concealed weapon, if at all. Without uniformly defining reciprocity roles — each state having its own set of details, requirements and deals — makes traveling with firearms a time consuming, advanced chore requiring hours of intense research, dozens of phone calls, and weeks or sometimes months of wait time with no guaranteed results. 

This is why a federal standard is needed to make sure our Second Amendment rights remain intact; and proactive measures are necessary to battle the anti-firearm establishment that persistently seeks to undermine our constitutional right to carry weapons. 

Borrowing from the title of the 1966 Italian film starring American actor, Clint Eastwood, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, a story about gunfights, hangings, and buried Confederate gold; the following catalog of states’ concealed carry laws is the story of assumptions, gun control, and American liberty buried in the fold.

The Good: Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Oklahoma, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, South Carolina, Texas, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming

The states listed here have the least amount of leg work and restrictions posed to apply for a gun permit and the lowest amount of cost involved; they are issuing concealed carry permits without delay; or their state legislatures are moving legislation in the pro-Second Amendment direction. 

What stands out about Mississippi for the ‘good’ is that open or concealed carry in any motor vehicle is considered legal. Many states have very particular obstacles regarding how and where firearms are stored and identified in the motor vehicle. These states have appropriately been listed in the ‘bad’ or ‘ugly’ section.

States like South Carolina, North Dakota and Texas make the ‘good’ list for recognizing the ‘common law castle doctrine’ that a person’s home is his castle, and that the castle extends to one’s motor vehicle.

The state of Florida is part of the ‘good,’  with accolades because law enforcement officials do not handle the firearm licensing division, the Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services does, reaffirming the point that firearms are not illegal to begin with.

The Bad: Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Nevada, New Mexico, Iowa, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, Virginia

These are states that receive an ‘E’ for effort but an ‘N’ for not enough. States that place burden upon burden, condemnation upon condemnation, against innocent American citizens, for simply exercising their Second Amendment rights, fall into the ‘bad.’

Forcing limits on the amount of firearms we are permitted to purchase is a sign that government has overstepped their limit.  In 1993, for example, the Virginia General Assembly made it unlawful for any person who is not a licensed firearms dealer to purchase more than one handgun within a 30-day period. Similar offensive laws exist in New Mexico.

Other constitutional violations include the state of West Virginia and Nebraska, where firearms are not allowed in so many locations that it is an incredible wonder how citizens can lawfully protect themselves in a time of trouble if, legally, they cannot utilize their Second Amendment rights wherever they go.

Indiana and Louisiana officials have lost their minds with their unabated diatribe of dictatorship-like rules, just so individuals can hunt and trap legally. Functions such as bow and arrows and the use of rifles, pistols, shotguns, or archery ranges are regulated and micromanaged so closely in the state of Indiana that they have crossed the line in the sand and are buried 12 feet in sea water.

Laws show that carrying a firearm in a motor vehicle is illegal in states such as Utah and Nevada. While there is no law on the books that says we must notify law enforcement of legal possession while traveling in a car, officials strongly ‘recommend’ we notify law enforcement agencies if we are carrying and traveling with a lawful firearm. (Sounds Gestapo-like to me.)

Utah law says the police must assume that the mere possession of a handgun in a motor vehicle gives the officer leeway to take defensive action, which may result in arrest and adjudication for the so called assailant who may have done nothing wrong.

The Ugly: Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Illinois, Kentucky, Oregon, Ohio

Places like New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts make the ‘ugly’ list for being true to form; bastions of Northeast liberal gun control advocates. In New York, for instance, New York City third term billionaire, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has a considerable amount of influence in paying off others to depict the mere use of firearms as an evil, illegal and punishable act.

The ‘ugly’ category are for states such as Hawaii, Rhode Island, Connecticut  and Arkansas, that create tall obstacles for permit applicants, to include exaggerated fees for renewals, above and beyond qualification terms, in addition to motor vehicle travel constraints which cause otherwise interested parties to refrain from owning firearms at all.

Arkansas and Oregon is way out of the main stream when it designates carrying a weapon a Class A Misdemeanor.  In Arkansas a weapon can be a club or a knife, and Oregon does not recognize any other state’s concealed carry laws — not-a-one.

North Carolina makes the ‘ugly’ list because judges receive special treatment — they are permitted to carry lawful firearms into a court room, but no one else is. This decision says that the people, who are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, do not have the same rights as judicial arbitrators. Similarly, Montana law enforcement officials with proper identification receive special treatment too.

Our Constitution provides that union states have the power to handle business in the way their state legislature, people and constitution deem fit; however, the Fourteenth Amendment asserts that states cannot violate the Constitution in the process. 

Zealous and controlling anti-firearm politicians who often do as they please without consequence will gladly rejoice in the downfall of the Second Amendment if unsuspecting Americans sit back and do nothing.

Federal concealed carry legislation that complies with the Second Amendment is a tool at our disposal to a) compel lawmakers to adhere to the dutiful privilege we are entitled to enjoy; and b) advance the mindset that each state in the union ought to be a firearm friendly, 100% Second Amendment accepting, constitution honoring, American participant.

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  • Andrew

    Let’s clear some things up, here. I have traveled/lived in many different states. Specifically, I have spent a lot of time in IN, MI, and MO. I have a Lifetime CCW issued by Indiana. I conceal carry everyday and everywhere I go.

    Indiana allows you to get a lifetime permit for Concealed Carry without taking a class. You do pay a fee. You are allowed to carry pretty much anywhere, though. You can even OC if you have a permit. Don’t ding Indiana because our DNR doesn’t want people poaching/doing stupid things. IN does not allow deer hunting with rifles because IN is a flat state and this is for public safety, largely. You can use a shotgun with rifled slugs, though. Just not something that can broadcast 2+ miles away if you miss your target. These restrictions have nothing to do with someone carrying a handgun to protect themselves.

    Michigan, you MUST inform an officer/trooper you have a handgun in a traffic stop. Indiana, you do not. This needs to be mentioned.

    Missouri, where I currently live, has roadblocks to getting a permit, such as classes and fees, but they honor many permits of other states. You do not have to tell an officer/trooper you are armed BUT they put a symbol on your Driver’s License that tells the cop you have a CCW.

    There you go.

  • RolloverRiderPGR

     Must be nice to listen to that Ipod all day and never to the news or read a paper news paper! You MIGHT be surprised that NBC “Photoshopped” a few inches of video and CUT the back of his head out of their reports AND refused to make even a passing mention of the EMTs or hospital reports of Z’s injuries!
    The police report shows he was killed very close to Z’s car. That shows that this 6′ “gangsta”wanna be punk arse child” of yours wasn’t gunned down as The Idiot Brothers 2 (Jackson and Sharpton) want you to believe along with the lame stream media but followed this child killer BACK to his car!
    Ga ahead and believe the trash the news media feeds you along with the Idiot Brothers 2 and that punk arse wanna be group called the NBPP losers!

  • Shane Rivers

    I think the Zimmerman shoot was a legitimate case of self-defense.

    I also think you are an idiot.

  • Coldheartt

    Bratt54, you seem a bit upset about the case, altho it is a pity that someone died, I find some of your wording a bit of a concern, Trayvon was NOT a child, he was someones child, 17 yrs old with a pension for showing gang signs on public forums is NOT a child, if your going to look like a duck and sound like a duck and act like a duck….dont be surprised if your treated like a duck!
    No one knows who was right or wrong in this situation, but I’m inclined to believe Trayvon is as responsible for his death as Zimmerman.
    By the way…what does this have to do with the article on keeping and using our 2nd and 14th amendment rights?

  • 2ndadmen

    ok heres my point  I love my Country and my Family and its my right to carry a firearm and I have the same right to protect my home car and fmily as I did my country when you put a stop to or ban on or 2nd an 14th admenment what does that say Well I’ll tell you what it does say it tell the criminal eliment that can get larger an more powerful weapons then the police to go ahead an take what you want cause the pansey states that dont have the never to let honest tax paying citizens to arm there self for protection is at the utmost absurd logic ever placed and you librals who think that this world is still all peaches and cream wake up your dreaming

  • Joe Beararms

    I don’t see how you can lump NC in with states like CA, NY, NJ, MD and IL. NC has too many restrictions such as no carry in establishments where alcohol is served, even if the CCW holder is not consuming, but at least it’s a shall issue state.

    Perhaps states like CA, NY, NJ, MD, and IL and Washington DC need their own category.

  • Legalheat

    I applaud the attempt at writing an article that covers a rather complex subject matter, but there are many errors in this article. Utah, for example, has some of the best concealed carry laws in America. The vehicle prohibition you cite is incorrect. See the following references:

    Utah §76-10-505(1): unless otherwise authorized by law, a person may not carry a loaded firearm in or on a vehicle, unless: (i) the vehicle is in the person’s lawful possession; or (ii) the person is carrying the loaded firearm in a vehicle with the consent of the person lawfully in possession of the vehicle.
    Utah §34-45-103: a person may not establish, maintain, or enforce any policy or rule that has the effect of: (a) prohibiting any individual from transporting or storing a firearm in a motor vehicle on any property designated for motor vehicle parking, if: (i) the individual is legally permitted to transport, possess, purchase, receive, transfer, or store the firearm; (ii) the firearm is locked securely in the motor vehicle or in a locked container attached to the motor vehicle while the motor vehicle is not occupied; and (iii) the firearm is not in plain view from the outside of the motor vehicle.

  • Dr Silicon

    Especially IL – The “Head up A.. State” – We seem to be continuing the other 49 states are wrong mentality.   Thank you Chicago, #1 in retards (oops my wife hates that word) ok Dumb A.. Democrats.

  • Bitha


    he referred to himself as a “gangsta n” right there on his webpage that his family took down

    they were sooooo proud of him they sent him to live with his dad

     so if thats “noraml ” to you”gangsta n” 

    you get no respect no peace no justice









  • theo980

    I’d like to see the states that offer reciprocity cut off the states that don’t.  ie: Oregon will not honor anyones ccw but their ccw’s are honored in several states.  If they were cut off the citizens of Oregon would scream bloody murder and we’d probably see some reciprocity!

  • waljay

    I see that Sen. Diane Feinstien is again beating the anti firearm drum again in the name of Zimmerman.  It’s my understanding that Feinstien holds a Concealed Carry Permit in, of all places, California.  Someone should confirm this, and, if true, expose her as a hypocrite.  She’s screaming about the Zimmerman case.  Of course, she never has to worry about being assaulted on the street since her security detail would always be there.

  • Andrew

    Enjoying the comments so far. The comments of this article are reenforcing the point the article is making: There is no standard.

    We have in writing “The right of the people shall not be infringed”

    Yet, there are different degrees of infringement going on. State to state, even at the city level. You can be in compliance with Federal and State laws, yet violate a local statute unknown to you.

    Keep it going, let’s make this an issue for the Presidential election.

     Also: Kudos to Ms. Okyay for bringing up the Fourteenth Amendment. This goes overlooked often in this debate. And, this shouldn’t matter, but it does, kudos that this article is written by a lady. This is a political issue that women often are not represented in the debate, or traditionally hold an anti-gun view.

  • Bitha

    If you do it to one of us you do it to all of us is the cry of the hucksters


    then if one of you robs

    then all of you are guilty



  • bj.oneil

    We have two witnesses who said the saw Martin beating Zimmerman bloody and the pictures, but let’s not let the facts get in the way.

  • HC

    In NJ a BB gun is lumped in with firearms in the law…explain that one to me?

  • Bitha


    Common sense DICTATES that the good people be allowed to defend themselves


    Guns ownership is a law



    So the RIGHT to “abort” a fetus is law


  • Bitha


    do you know george Bush PERSONALLY??


  • Jack

    He was not a child. I wish the media would quit showing a picture of a 12 year old and show a current picture of him. He was over 6′ and very scary looking.

  • Daniel Wagner

     Couldn’t have said it better. Abortion is fine but defending your home against the kid who wasn’t aborted but grew up committing crimes to combat their poverty is not. There is something very wrong in America today, and it is due to liberal legislation giving our nation away one piece at a time.

  • Jack

    Where is the “outrage” over the black women who gunned down a white woman and stole her newborn in Houston Texa. Not a peep from the lameazzed media.

  • Jack

    Racist? How about the National Association to advance white people? Or, the new White Panther Party?

  • Daniel Wagner

     Yeah. I mean, I know how to do research, but I just can’t find current pictures of him. That should say something right there. If he was so innocent, then why scrub the web of his pictures. Do you know what that takes these days? It’s no simple thing…

  • sbubrick

    Nevada allows carry ( concealed or open carry of loaded handguns) in cars!

  • 2ndadmen

    To Bad your rude Bruce I never claimed to be an expert typest or grammer expert but I sure can see a fool when see one

  • Oldy2

    I have always considered my self a law abiding citizen and a patriot (USMC 1964-1968). Although I can no longer claim to be young, I have made a concious effort to stay with the times. It has not been easy! I am one who believes in the Constitution and of course the 2nd Admendment. That belief has caused me, had I been found out, to be considered a law breaker in no less than 30 states I have visited. I am also of the opinion, that my safety, security, and life and my family’s is my responsibility and no one else’s. For the critical perfect people on this thread, please forgive my less than perfect puntuation, spelling and capitilation(is this even a word?), I am a Texan living in Arkansas!  

  • OKCorral

    Greetings from the OKCorral:
    Too bad about your snide sense of civility Buddro.  Ever hear of the words prude or prig?  You seem to fit both catagories.  I’m well educated and where I come from my momma taught me to respect the content and not the cover.  Obviously, you were short on parentage and long on arrogance but then what can one expect from a left wing pedagogue.
    Old Gringo Ralph

  • tacfire50

    CORRECTION:  Johnathon Browning was NOT born is Utah, even though his ( & his son’s) museum is at the Union Pacific railroad depot in Ogden.  He first had a gun shop in historic Nauvoo, Ill and came West with the Latter-Day-Saints.  Interesting place – I highly recommend visiting there!  His more-famous son, John Moses Browning was given his 1st, of 128 patents (for a single-shot rifle), in 1879, right after returning from his missionary service to Georgia, for the LDS Church.  Having served in the military, used his firearms to save my life etc, & followed history/development of great firearms, I’m still a great fan of the Brownings for many reasons!

  • leadfoot320

    And you are so smart, you have to talk down to every body ?

  • leadfoot320


  • Robert Courtney

     we judge idiots like you by your arrogant  comments about other’s education levels.
    Luk at dis, I kin tipe und spiel enny ways I won’ts, and there’s nothing you can do about it.
    You are one PATHETIC human, needing to show your superiority by being the blogs unofficial spelling.comment police.
    You sir, are a MOron!

  • Capt Tee

     If you would have read the police report that was on the City of Sanford web site before the Special Prosecutor had anything removed that made it look Zimmerman’s arrest and prosecution was a political action, you would know that the police interviewed 6 people not counting Zimmerman, before they decided to release him and give him his gun back.  He said Martin attacked him when he was walking back to his SUV.  If any of the witnesses had told the police anything to contradict his story, they would not have released him.

    Judging this case on emotion is injustice!

    Martin may have still been a minor, but if Zimmerman did not shoot him, Trayvon would have been charged as an adult.

  • Capt Tee

    Do you think criticizing someones proper use of English [or typing ability] adds to the discussion of the topic at hand?

    They are just as bad as the vulgar flames they usually draw.

  • daddyhawg

    The second amendment is a s follows “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,
    the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Those like Schumer do not care about a “free state” as this would hinder their complete rule of the sheeple. The 2nd Amendment  specifically references the “right of the people” and not the state or federal government. What more is there to argue?

  • Professional Firefighter

    Not inappropriate to carry in a drinking establishment. I play Boy Scout, Protector, Designated Driver, for my wife and friends all the time. The key is I don’t consume alcohol. Regardless of the law it is never appropriate to carry while drinking alcohol or using medication that influences your judgement.

  • Mike Young

    All of Illinois residents should be ashamed of Illinois Legislatures, they are all Hypocrits. Illinoi9s legislatures like most state legislatures have a Detail of Armed Security keeping them safe and secure on a 24/7 basis, yet Illinois is the last holdout state that does not allow it’s citizens to lawfully carry a gun for their own protection or defense. These Hypocrits need to be removed from office, and we need to elect Pro-gun legislatures. 

  • jarhead1982

    They have the power to enforce the law Karl, and whomever we vote into political power then has the ability/right to craft such laws that so many roday exceed the as yet to politicians, boundaries being stretched beyond “shall not infringe” by legal manueverings, in the lame arse ploy that violence can be curbed by pieces of papers with words on them. .

    It will only be a matter of time before the eventual court rulings will force a nationwide pre-emption law as the US Constitution & BOR is indeed a limitation on government powers both STATE & FEDERAL, something about that 10th amendment eh! Afterall, the States did agree to abide by the US Constitution & BOR when they joined the Union that is the United States, which some polititicaans conveiniently forget.

  • hicusdicus

    I don’t know about the rest of the article but your comments on Arkansas are wrong. Knives were declassified as weapons in 2007. License fees are not out of line . I am going to have to assume the rest of your article may also  inaccurate. Schooling and gun handling are required by a licensed instructor.

  • NoodleDogg

    While I am very much pro-gun, there are too many inaccuracies in your editorial.  I live in Arkansas.  The cost of owning a gun is it’s purchase price.  I don’t have to register it–other than the infamous fed form. A concealed weapons permit requires taking a course  and background check, about $150 total. Most business people pay a whole lot  more than that just to practice their trade.  I sell real estate and pay hundreds of dollars each year for that privilege, plus being under the watchful eye of several state and federal regulatory agencies.  A gun has the potential to be a lethal and dangerous weapon as well as a source of food, income and pleasure.  Should gun ownership be regulated?  Should use of  a car be regulated?  Both can  kill and maim, ownership of both is universal and both can be expensive to own and maintain.  Personally, I am a bit old fashioned a believe the individual is responsible for his actions.  That means if I mis-use a gun or car or club or eat too much food, it is my choice, but it is also my obligation to suffer the consequences thereof.  Someone comes onto my turf and threatens me, my family my land then there will be a price for them to pay.  Excessive government interference in how we choose to live our lives is the problem, whether it be about guns, condition of my house or how I choose to educated my kids.

  • Conservative Women

    Thanks Andrew – R.

  • John Wood

     I believe you meant TENDENCY, not “tendancy.”

  • Poparhoid

    You place Alabama in the “bad” but don’t mention why the state is there. Would you please be more specific?  I am not aware of many restrictions in the state of Alabama. A pistol permit is a mere $20 in my county without any classes required. Are you speaking of State restrictions or maybe some of the worst County requirements in the state???

  • Bud

    Raquel you have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to Utah concealed carry. Utah is the most friendly state when it comes to packing in car or cities. Better look at the laws again.
    Utah Concealed Firearms Instructor

  • Chris from PA

    What about Pennsylvanias restriction on anyone who has had mental counseling or been admitted into a hospital for mental counseling (302)?

  • mondovibe

    a) compel lawmakers to adhere to the dutiful privilege we are entitled to enjoy; and b) advance the mindset that each state in the union ought to be a firearm friendly, 100% Second Amendment accepting, constitution honoring, American participant. “Enjoy” “Firearm Friendly” “Honoring” YIKES! As a parent of a teenager applying to colleges, now I have to be alert to conceal & carry on campuses combined w/stand your ground states. Not enjoyable, friendly or honorable!

  • Bill

    That’s what the northeast wants you to think. The truth is, we are well armed. Why just last week a kid shot up a school and killed 28 people with a Bushmaster that he borrowed from his mom.

    We won the first Civil war, and we’d win the second.

  • ConservativeJoe

    B Shea Phillips, I reside in New York State and I am subject to the most restrictive of all state gun laws, The Sullivan Law. Just over our eastern border is the state of Vermont that has NO concealed carry restrictions. Vermont does not require any law-abiding competent adult to submit any requests to carry any firearm. Trick question: which state has the highest gun related crime rate per capita? Oh, you guys are so clever! Vermont’s gun related crime rate is four times lower than New York’s gun related crime rate.
    The liberal anti-gun readers of this forum might point out that New York has a larger population of criminals so the comparison of crime rates between Vermont and New York is not fair.
    THAT’S THE POINT! Passing laws against guns is a misguided effort. Pass laws against the misuse of guns! Hold the criminal accountable for his actions; do not punish the law-abiding citizen that merely wants to enforce his Second Amendment right to bear arms.
    What are the anti-gun people arguing for? Well, they claim that they are trying to prevent crime. How do you stop a criminal from acquiring a gun on the Black Market? How do you stop a dangerous psychopath from using a gun or knife to kill people? The liberals know the answer but they will not admit it.
    Incarcerate the convicted criminal that uses a gun in a crime until he needs a cane to walk with. No one “accidentally” uses a gun to harm others.
    Commit the dangerously insane in a facility where they can not hurt themselves or others. These people can not control themselves.
    These are not new ideas but the A.C.L.U organization and other liberal civil rights people brought about “civilized” jail terms with “humane” parole schedules and released the dangerous psychopaths to “enjoy the rights that every other citizen enjoys”.
    Liberals are the real danger to people in our society. They seek a fantasy that results in harm to everybody in our society either directly through violence or indirectly through monetary costs to our society.
    The solution? Never elect a liberal to legislative positions that can pass laws. What, you were expecting a revelation in criminal or psychopathic treatments? Here’s an idea; consider a liberal candidate for an elective office as mentally defective. Then vote for the person that will represent your views. I would describe the views of the liberal voters here but that would be too easy; like shooting fish in a barrel. Oh, oh, does that make me sound too judgmental or violent?

  • Tutu

    I have to disagree with you on Alabama. I have had a CC permit for 12 years and it was very easy to obtain and renew. Your permit has your picture on it and the states that have reciprocity.

  • jjumpire21

    Why is it so hard to find a damn lawyer politician who not only can read but is able to understand the Constitution that he is suppose to uphold and defend.Jail them for treason and maybe they would learn to read.

  • jjumpire21

    I dunno.the massive broken nose,the witness said Martin had him on the ground beating his head into a curb.He was on drugs and he attacked Z. by witness.Are you going to riot if you don’t get your racist way?We are armed because of people like you.

  • jjumpire21

    Really,Blacks are not held accountable and they commit most of the crime,then whine cause they do most of the time.

  • jai

    WE judge your comment by your obvious delusions of superiority. Penchant/pension? Who cares?
    Do your homework. Find yourself a picture of Travon the darling young child pictured by your beloved media as a child was in actuality a 180 pound, tatooed drug using thug. He had a long record of violence, much of which is still hidden due to his chronological age.
    The day before he was killed he assaulted a bus driver whose employer prevented him from filing charges. Violence is useful only as defense. Only the judge and jury should determine if the “evidence” proves Zimmerman guilty. The media has no authority and should stay out of it.

  • Dizzy
  • Cj Getlikemelosers Smith

    Some of y’all are pathetic. Were talking about 2nd amendment rights, and the topic jumps to Travon and Zimmerman. Really. Can we as Americans stay on one topic for a change. Some people black and white are taking that way to personal.

  • Cj Getlikemelosers Smith

    Excuse me I forgot my ? Don’t want the grammer police to write me up.

  • David Wilson

    Bloomburg of NYC has a swarm of armed body guards surrounding him. Aside from being a mayor, he’s a billionaire. What do you think about the anti-gun mayor, or anti-gun anybody who thinks he/they needs protection, but you and I, a mere peasant doesn’t? How many private armed guards surround the estate of Bloomburg?

  • David Wilson

    Have you proof he didn’t assault Zimmerman? Is it one’s duty to prove proof of age before they defend themselves? Were you there?

  • Joe

    I cant find anything wrong with Ohios laws