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Top Obama advisor endorses Romney for President


In an appearance on Fox News Sunday morning, top Obama advisor David Axelrod – last seen peeping out from under a rock and muttering that he’s hardly even heard of “CNN employee” Hilary Rosen – delivered a stunning endorsement of Mitt Romney for President.

Axelrod told Fox host Chris Wallace: “The choice in this election is between an economy that produces a growing middle class and that gives people a chance to get ahead and their kids a chance to get ahead and an economy that continues down the road we’re on.”

Wow.  Hope and Change, 2012 edition: Vote Mitt Romney!  And this is the guy who’s normally in charge of getting people’s divorce records leaked to the media so Obama can win dirty!

Team Romney welcomed Axelrod on board by uploading video of his endorsement to YouTube:

Axelrod will also receive a welcome package of valuable Romney campaign merchandise, including a roof-mounted dog carrier, and a set of Ann Romney’s signature limited-edition “Stay-at-Home Mom ” bunny slippers.

Obviously this was an epic slip of the tongue, but the way it exposes the intellectual poverty of the Obama 2012 campaign is fascinating.  Axelrod was trying to paint Obama as the figure of “hope and change,” as though the Oval Office has been vacant since 2009, and everything hasn’t gotten horribly worse since George Bush left office.  They really are going to expect America to forget the last four years completely, and give this failed President a mulligan. 

In other words, David Axelrod really did endorse Romney for President on Sunday.  His actual campaign strategy is even funnier than his gaffe.


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  • godfatherofblog

    We call that a freudian slip~!!! In the back of his mind Axelrod can not defend the indefensible and sub-consciously he can’t get him self to convince his audience of such a Bold face lie as Hope and Change~! This President and his policy’s are such a failure it is almost laughable to see his pundits try to sell a bold face lie~!!! Remember in November~!!!

  • azwayne

    The guy is on way too many drugs, DEA should be checking in depth. They are not to be for recreation. Can you believe taxpayers pay the wages of this socialist???

  • Joseph Quinn

    Obama and his administration, after 3 plus years, have utterly failed to seriously address our nations #1 problem.  Overspending by our Federal Government.  They continue to promise everyone more government to solve all issues and they totally ignore the issue of how much the government is spending.  They just have Timmy Giekner print more money down at the Fed.   They all need to be booted out of office and perhaps sent to jail for malfiesance. 

  • Jessica

    Would that the office had been vacant since 2009.  We would be better off today by volumes.

  • vonnise

    I am a senior on social security. Every day I send emails to my congressmen.  I am not swallowing the Kool-aid that the obama regime keeps trying to pour down my throat. I am not a zombie. I think for myself. I will be voting in November, but absolutely not for obummer. Whom ever is on the ticket  representing the opposite party will get my vote. They all have baggage, but none as bad as what is sitting in our oval office at this time. 

  • J

     No, they don’t erase it, they just try to convince you that it’s not there.

  • BrennusBains

    Forced turnover. Time for the GOP to go on offense and ask for Axelrod’s birth certificate. Rumor is that he comes from an Annunaki starship parked on the dark side of the moon.

  • extyrequeen

    right on….right on…i was forced to retrire after having a small and with the fuel prices and all the new regulations that presbo put in place no more making a profit and low and behold i closed the busines down and with that also lost my home to foreclosure…i had no choice but to retire….this is the change presbo wants for america…he wants everybody in america on goct. assistance….he is doing a great job too

  • maria

    I noticed that with the sucking in his cheeks and bending his throat down so he didn’t strangle himself. I was kind of funny.

  • MsMaryC

    I can’t!  Just another crime to add to the thousands this administration has chalked up!

  • jerry1944

    Why shouldnt he they both the same, romney and obambo,  Both wanted healthcare, and romney passed his gun laws  . Nope its 3rd party time  AGAIN     Why is it the gop turned  are was it just taken over by the mod..   We need a strong conservative party the beleaves in God.  But untill then i want be a sheep like union ppl

  • gnafuasusual

    No Mulligans. this is scrary when Axelgrease wants to endorse Romney. If Romney accepts that endorsement, what does that tell us?

  • oldpete76

    I don’t think it was a slip up, this guy is a pro and does not do anything without good reason. The only chance his boss has got for 4 more years is to devide the other party with it’s two camps, old establishment and Tea Party. Romney has the money and establishment backing, but only ho-hum support from the conservative base. This is a calculated move to split conservatives away from Romney now that it looks like he is the sure candidate.

  • Jeanne Fiorito

     really? Obama will wipe the floor with mitten

  • Jeanne Fiorito

     just like McCain endorsed Obama by mistake. You people have nothing to talk about. This is the best you can do?

  • Jeanne Fiorito

     yes, Bush did such a great job with all that free market stuff. How did that work for ya?

  • Jeanne Fiorito

     hee haw gal.

  • Jeanne Fiorito

     Obama has an 18 point lead. Mitten is showing his true colors. Obama will mop the floor with him/ Don’t believe me? See you back here after the election. It won’t even be close. Independents and latino’s will make the difference. Deal with it.

  • extyrequeen

    hey no a bush fan either but the fact is this pres. is a disaster for this country and hust ask yourself one question..are you better off now then you
    were 4 years ago? yeas bush ran up debt…but obama said in 2009 that he would cut the deficiet in half and also said this addministration would be the most transparent ever…all lies

  • RubyBlu

    Don’t think so!  But you are allowed your opinion.

  • godfatherofblog

    No but that is all it takes to defeat the likes of you Dweebs~We are saving our Power and our Big Guns for the Big Day~!!!

  • oldpete76

    We need only deal with the final results and that will not be ’til November. Don’t blow a gasket over it just yet, there is much time left.

  • Jim Watson

    Wow, thanks for the vote of confidence there Dave, now maybe you know how Biden feels!

  • Jim Watson

    King Barry won’t be using a teleprompter during any debate, he will be toast. Opps, I guess you’ll come back and say that was a racist comment…

  • htaylor

    Perhaps if you “hard core liberals” spent more time looking at the present and towards the future, and less time dwelling in the past, we’d all be a little better off now.

  • Melbo58

    Typical teabagger. Took your desiccated brain a whole three months to even vomit out nonsense. Please don’t shoot up a day care.

  • james4usa

    Search Axelrod this guy is steeped in Marxism.

  • Richard Ori

    Better than NO bama
    Obama is the worst disaster both economically and politically this country has ever had. You must be a single gal about 35-45 with no man looking for a surrogacy. Standard need a man story!

  • AlbertstheMan

    Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Axelrod’s mother worked for and wrote articles for a communist newspaper in NYC. Googe it!!

  • AlbertstheMan

    Practicing for his next “service” to Obongo!

  • AlbertstheMan

    Great cut & paste posting! Does a liboturd have any original thoughts or do you just listen to your handlers.

    Don’t get mad by the truth!

  • AlbertstheMan

    Are not teabaggers the liboturd base ie Faggots.

    Something to do with south of the border body parts slapping against lips during an oral presentation by a Faggot!!!