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Constitutional Concealed Carry Act of 2012 introduced

Pro-gun Senators John Thune (R-SD) and David Vitter (R-LA) recently introduced legislation to advance national reciprocity for gun owners who can legally carry concealed firearms in the state where they reside.
The Thune-Vitter bill was introduced with a huge show of support, with the following thirty Senators sponsoring or cosponsoring the legislation:

Ayotte (NH), Barrasso (WY), Boozman (AR), Burr (NC), Chambliss (GA), Coburn (OK), Cochran (MS), Cornyn (TX), Crapo (ID), DeMint (SC), Enzi (WY), Graham (SC), Grassley (IA), Hatch (UT), Inhofe (OK), Isakson (GA), Ron Johnson (WI), Lee (UT), Lugar (IN), McConnell (KY), Paul (KY), Portman (OH), Risch (ID), Rubio (FL), Sessions (AL), Thune (SD), Toomey (PA), Vitter (LA), Wicker (MS) Moran (KS) and Roberts (KS).

S. 2213, officially titled the Respecting States’ Rights and Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, treats concealed carry as a RIGHT belonging to the people – not as a privilege granted by the government.

“Rather than establish a national standard, our bill will ensure that law-abiding citizens are able to carry concealed firearms while at the same time respecting the laws of the respective states they visit,” said Sen. Thune.
The Thune-Vitter bill provides national recognition for concealed carry permit holders (who have obtained one from their home states), but it also recognizes the right to carry for residents of Constitutional Carry states (where no permit is required).
This is a huge win for gun owners! Constitutional Carry is currently the law in five states, and more than a dozen states are considering legislation to move in that direction.
A competing bill in the Senate, however, would keep even the most pro-gun states tied to a permitting system. 

S. 2188, sponsored by anti-gun Democrats Mark Begich (AK), Joe Manchin (WV) Jon Tester (MT) and Max Baucus (MT), offers reciprocity ONLY for permit holders—and thus it would prevent many gun owners, who can legally carry in their home states, from carrying firearms when they travel out-of-state. 

This compromise bill would deal a severe blow to the momentum that exists in passing Constitutional Carry at the state level.

Why are these Democrats pushing a weaker bill? After all, the Thune-Vitter bill received a large bipartisan majority vote in 2009, when Republicans held six fewer seats.  It would likely pass with more than sixty votes today.

It was clear from the outset that the Senate compromise bill was introduced for only one reason: to keep Harry Reid in power.

Senate Majority Leader Reid likes to pretend he supports gun rights.  So do a lot of other Senators, particularly so-called red state Democrats. Yet, many of them also voted for Eric Holder, Sonia Sotoma, Elena Kagan, and a host of other anti-gun Obama appointees. 

Reid and his Senate pals have stabbed gun owners in the back repeatedly. Now they’re looking for a way to win back support, which they need desperately in 2012 if Democrats are to stay in the majority in the Senate.

But gun owners should not be fooled; Reid and his cohorts are just pretending to be pro-gun, while at the same time undermining Constitutional Carry in the states. 

Ironically, three of the four supporters of the bill come from states where most residents can carry concealed without first having to prove their innocence to the government.

Alaska pioneered the recent Constitutional Carry movement, and permitless carry is allowed in almost all of Montana. Senators Begich, Baucus and Tester are telling their constituents that they can’t really be trusted to exercise their right to bear arms outside of their state of residence.

Showing such disdain for their own constituents will hardly “neutralize” the gun issue. 

The overwhelming show of support for the Thune-Vitter bill sends a loud and clear message to the Second Amendment pretenders in the Senate: gun ownership is a right, not a privilege.

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  • missmyelk

    No state?  You do understand if you read the second amendment and adhere to it as it is stated in the Constitution, then each and every gun law wrote federally and locally is in strict violation of the Constitution?  SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!  Semi auto bans, certain calibur bans,  Rifle style bans, carry bans, carry permits, automatic bans, any gun law wrote is an infringment of the second amendment and should be struck down by the SCOTUS period.  Same with laws on knife blade length and style…..The right of the people to keep and bear arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. 

  • missmyelk

    Why should we be the ones to leave, we are armed they are not? 

  • missmyelk

    You’re right that does include putting barry on the unemployed list, but at the same time it does not mean that we voters need to just vote blind for the GOP.  We need to be educating ourselves and insure we are getting the best man for the job.  Not the Obama like Romney, not the Crony fake Santorum, not the lets put a military base while 16 trillion in debt on the moon Newt….Ron Paul is the only one out there that has even proved he has read the Constitution not to mention knows what’s in it.

  • missmyelk

    HEAR HEAR!!!

  • AKgunguy

    except the current Regime!
    SCOTUS please get Heathcare decision right! Abolish the whole thing.

  • namsilopanna

    Just think whats going to happen if Mr. O gets another term . This time next year you will need to be looking to find some where to hide your guns. Some where to
    obtain your ammo and so on. It’s all about control ! It’s mostly the dems but there are some weak republicans as well . Sure I know it’s in the constitution , but my experience working all over the country and the world that there are many people and many politicians who want to see the gun laws and  the constitution concerning gun ownership changed  . I’ve had a  cwp from way back in the Clinton admin.  I’m not saying that it will happen , but with this admin. in office right now it’s hard to judge what will happen if the O man gets another term!!!

  • missmyelk

    Straight up Nam, if the O gets the Office again and the Dems retain the senate, there is only ONE choice for the real Americans.  It’s an unspeakable thing, but it is what our founding fathers told us to do in the face of tyranny.

  • Jordan

    That’s great! If only we COULD GET A CONCEALED WEAPONS PERMIT IN MAINE!!! That’s right folks. Something intentionally kept OUT of the media is you currently CANNOT get a CWP in over 135 jurisdicitons in the remote rugged and hunting state of MAINE!!
    Over 2000 people who’ve been applying since AUGUST of last year cannot recieve permits!! It’s infuriating to say the least. There’s been purposeful intention of the Maine media outlets to keep this out of National News, Guns&Patriots, Concealed Carry groups and even the NRA!!!!!
    The more people, media and NRA help the better!!! I have tried contacting my NRA members group and to NO avail! Where’s the HELP???
    Call the Weapons and Gaming department in Augusta, MAINE. Find out for yourself! This needs attention!!!!!